Loonatics Unleashed: Domination Crisis

I finally rewatched all the episodes getting the hang of it. Catching up with what I've missed back in these good, old days.

So, my own version of the story will be a sequel to both Season 2 of the show and from my story, 'Alternate Choice'. Yes, it's considered Season 3 of my story

Note: Loonatics Unleashed belongs to their creators. I only own my OCs

Episode 1: Smells Like Team Spirit

Unknown HQ...

Darkness. One can only see darkness.

"Pierre Le Pew. Step forth!" A voice boomed from the darkness.


Lights are switched on one by one. It revealed Queen Grannicus sitting on a throne and a light was switched on and then, Pierre Le Lew steppd forth.

"You summoned me le queen?" He spoke in his French accent.

"Yes. Tell me about your encounter with the Loonatics." She ordered.

"Ah, this one encounter. I run ze Max Arena for my gladiatorial fights. I convinced one of ze Loonatics to fight in ze arena so that I can gain more profit but his associates interfered and not only stopped me but shut down le main business!" Pierre explained.

"I see. Let me ask you. You wish to reopen you business?"

"Yes! Yes! I will reopen it on ze desolation of Acmetropolis!"

"And will you do anything to achieve that?"

"I swear le loyalty to aid you in defeating ze Loonatics! If I desire power, I shall have it even at ze cost of myself!"

"Then you shall have it!" Queen Grannicus took out something from a compartment on the armrest of her throne.

"This dark crystal shall give you what you want. Take it. Let it do it's work on you!"

Pierre stepped forth and took the dark crystal. He smashed it with his hand and large quantities of dark energy overwhelmed him, consumed him and...







When it was done, the light above him was turned off. "Now, you have been reborn with power! Go! Use it against the Loonatics and fulfil what you desire!" The queen ordered.

"It shall be done le queen." A monstrous voice replied from the darkness.

Acmetropolis. Loonatics HQ...

In the training room, Ace went to see Tech. "Hey Tech. How's our new rookie?"

"You mean Stealth Vester? Well, see for yourself." Tech replied as Ace took a peek.

There at the training room, Stealth was seeing moving swiftly and avoiding numerous melee and range attacks by the virtual ninja bots. "As you can see, he's incredibly mobile at evading all kinds of attacks and agile in delivering close combat." Tech described as Stealth delivered karate chops and kicks at the vulnerable parts of the virtual ninja bots as they phased out one by one. By the time he's done, 5 of them phased in and fired their laser guns at him. Swiftly, he drew his Ninja Power Sword and blocked all the lasers deflecting them.

"His katana shure can deflect all da lasers." said Ace.

"I studied his weapon and it turns out it's made of reflectium." said Tech as Rev sped up and spoke fast to them. "Reflectium is a rare metal that any energy based projectiles like lasers, plasmas, rays of light, etc hits the metal, it deflects the projectiles off causing backfire or ricocheting combo!"

"Yeah. I was gonna explain that Rev." said Tech as they watched Stealth cut down the last of the virtual ninja bots. "Hey Tech! Give me a better challenge!"

"Okay. You asked for it." Tech pressed a button and a 4 armed ninja bot twice it's size from the normal ones was phased in. It charged and clashed with it's 4 katanas and despite Stealth's abilities to evade all it's swift attacks, "POW!"

"Oof!" He was knocked down. "That was hard. Fine, I'll just up my game!" Stealth's eyes glowed white and his weapons started glowing. "Could it be..." Tech noticed and soon enough, "That cat turned his katana into a naginata!" Ace exclaimed. "That was rare and awesome! It's like he has power to transform his main weapon into other types of weapons!" Rev exclaimed real fast. "In other words, Stealth has something called, 'Weapon Transmutation." Tech put the pieces of Rev's sentence together as back there, Stealth charged, jumped in the air and, "SHING!"

All stared at the scene. Then, the robot fell apart in half and phased out.

"I have to say, excellent job out there!" Ace called out. Stealth smiled giving him the thumbs up when the alarm rang. "Sounds like we got an incoming transmission." said Ace as the group left the training room.

Soon enough...

The Loonatics gathered at the meeting room as Danger Duck quacked in. "First!" He boasted as a holographic projection was activated and the face of Zadavia was revealed.

"Loonatics. The Acmetropolis Research Facility is being robbed by an unknown assailant. Security has tried but failed to stop him. You must do your parts and prevent this." Zadavia briefed.

"A facility raid? Don't worry Zadavia, we'll take care of it!" said Duck. Slam agreed nodding his head. "I must warn you one thing. Do not underestimate your adversary. Zadavia out."

After that, "Hmmm...first mission of the day." said Stealth.

"You bet your fur Stealth. Let's jet!" Ace declared.

(Yellow Triangle)

A platform opened up and the Loonatics wearing jetpacks took off. "Here's your jetpack Stealth! Designed with maximum speed, manoeuvrability with full thrusters and flexibility when taking it to the air!" Rev gave it to him. "Thanks. But I already have my own." Stealth still keeps his gear even after being restored. Now, he's wearing his own jetpack and took off. "I did expect that and wait for me!" Rev quickly took flight.

(Red Triangle)

At the research facitiy, the 7 Loonatics touched ground as already, smoke is coming out from the place. "Okay...where's the robber?" asked Duck.

"Right here!" A voice can be heard as a figure emerged from the facility. "Bonjour Loonatics! We meet again!"

"Only one adversary of ours speaks with that French accent..." Tech deduced. "And that's none other than-"

"Pierre Le Pew." All said together. "Uh...who is he?" asked Stealth.

"Long story Stealth." said Ace as, "Alright you former French illegal fight host, surrender or feel the wrath of Danger Duck!" Duck ordered preparing his power orbs. Then, he showed up from the smoke and all gasped.

Before, he was human. Now, "He looks like a mutated monster skunk wearing only ripped boxer shorts." Ace described. "More like a mutated wereskunk." Tech described further. "Not to mention he smells worse than his cologne." said Lexi covering her nose from the smell.

"And now that I've drawn you here, it's time to show you how I've become more powerful! Enough to make you feel and smell bad!" Pierre declared as he leapt in the air and landed on the ground as the Loonatics scattered to avoid his impact. "If it's a fight he wants, we'll give him that! Guardian Strike Sword!" Ace activated his main weapon as it fired a blast of energy but Pierre jumped out of the way, "I got you!" Stealth jumped in the air from behind transforming his Ninja Power Sword into a double ended spear but Pierre was aware and grabbed him. "Sufferin Succotash!" He grumbled as Pierre slammed him to the ground.

"Ha! Ha! Ha! This is amazing! I feel so powered up!" Pierre laughed as Lexi fired her brain blast which direct hit him. "Useless!" He called out. "Well then, I think you should see how useful this is." In the air, Tech has a quad cannon weapon armed ready to fire and already, "Target acquired."

But then, Stealth got up and grabbed his spear and clashed with the wereskunk. "Grrr...I can't get a clear shot at him!" Tech exclaimed as Stealth and Pierre clashed until he was picked up and flung to Tech. "BAM!" Both collided and fell down as Duck reappeared in the air powering his orbs. "What goes up will come down and-"

But from the collision just now, Tech's Quad Cannon Weapon hit the ground and fired, "VEEOW!"

"AAAAAAAAAH!" Duck got blasted and crashed onto the ground. "You're gonna pay my tail feather bills genius!" He called out to Tech as Slam spun forward and punched him hard knocking him off. "Blalargh...Ha!" (I dunno how to write his quotes...)

"Not good enough. Time for you all to witness le power!" Pierre pointed his tail at the research facility and something spewed out of it.

"Oh no! Phosphoric acid!" Tech exclaimed as the wall of the facility corroded into nothing but a wasted pile of melted materials. "My tail sure is full of surprises." said Pierre admiring it. "It packs a lot of stench!" The tail then spewed different types of acid as the Loonatics jumped around to avoid them. Some of the acid melted onto structures and plant life as one of them melted a tree into melted wood and another melted a vehicle into molten metal.

"This guy is so acidic!" Lexi exclaimed firing another brain blast but somehow, "Gotcha!" Stealth sneak attacked in front of the wereskunk and, "VEEOW!"

"Stealth! You just got in the way of my attack!" Lexi called. "Ah shut up and keep fighting!" Stealth replied rudely as he clash on with Pierre Le Lew as, "Let me help you!"

"Thank Ace but he's mine!"

"C'mon Stealth! You can't take on yourself and I could use some action!" Ace joined the fight as they clashed together but Pierre grabbed their weapons and tossed them away!

"Uh-oh." Ace thought as he got ready to use some martial arts but Stealth just sped to the villain and clashed. "No one can stop me! I have grown stronger!"

"And smellier!" From above, Danger Duck teleported in the air and launched his orbs. But during the fight, Stealth did a spin kick kicking the wereskunk and kicking the orbs off!

One orb struck Rev when sped to the rear to flank Pierre and the other landed on Tech when he regained himself and aimed with the quad cannon. "Seriously?" Tech shouted at Stealth as, "Sounds like he prefers to work solo." said Lexi as she dodged an attack as Pierre switched targets.

He tried to slam Lexi but Slam spun forward and delivered a barrage of punches while spinning, "You're going to pay for that." Pierre slapped him away and then, "Target locked." Tech fired a shot but, "HYAH!" Not noticing that Tech fired his cannon, Stealth jumped in to fight without notice and, "KSH!"

"OW!" Stealth felt it as, "Seriously? Stealth! I'm trying to get a clear shot!" Tech called out angrily. "Well go and find somewhere else to paint your target!" Stealth replied rudely as he transformed his spear into a double ended scythe. Ace then jumped in to strike but instead, Stealth did the striking and every time Ace tried to make his move, Stealth somehow took over. "You can't just take him on yourself!"

"My way! And my fight!" Stealth sure is hot headed during combat as Rev sped to him and grabbed him. "Simple advice I shall give you is to seriously let us do the fighting also?!"

"POW!" Pierre seized the chance and slammed down the duo. "You piece of rooster! You just ruined my fight!"

"My fight? My fight? It's everyone's fight you know!" He just ignored the road runner by throwing him off as Pierre smiled deviously at what he saw.

The battles goes on as Lexi fired another brain blast but same result as always from Stealth which pissed her off. Every time a Loonatic engaged Pierre, Stealth gets in doing all the fighting as finally, "It was fun Loonatics. But I must get going with le supplies. Here's a special token of le appreciation!" His tail went up straight and, "PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSH!"

A green, stinkcloud was emitted and all the Loonatics got caught by it.

"Au Revoir Losertics!"

"WHAT A STINK!" Duck panicked and coughed as all quickly scrambled out. The green stinkcloud didn't last long as it soon was vaporized but there was a side effect from it.

"Ew! I smell bad! And my uniform too! Ugh!" Lexi complained.

"Common thing is, all the guys have smelly armpits but it's really worse." said Duck smelling it and then, he turned green and threw up on the street which caused a chain reaction as Slam puked next followed by Rev.

"This smell is terrible! I need a shower! Back to HQ!" Ace ordered.

(Yellow Triangle)

Back at HQ, "Well, Pierre stole some equipment, stank us with a stinkcloud and worse, our new member is taking all the credit without letting us have it!" Tech complained.

"This guy gets in our way every time we fight the villain and it makes me mad that I want to peck his tail!" Rev sped talk in anger.

"Oh please. He caused the mission for this." Duck added as Lexi came out angry. "Angry about that puddy tad?" He asked.

"Not only that! I took a shower for 2 hours and I can't the smell off! Even my uniform has it!"

"So we're gonna be Stinkatics for the rest of our lives! Oh great! We're gonna be ridiculed by all of Acmetropolis!" Duck started to cry as Ace noticed that Stealth is just standing out looking at the view as the foul smell is emitting from his body. Ace then decided to speak to him. "Stealth. On your first mission, you were first, uncooperative, second, brash and finally, leaving us out during battle, what do you have to say for all this?"

Instead, Stealth glared at Ace as he left the room. "Blarh Rah?" Slam looked confused as he "Maybe we should do a vote on whether he gets kicked out of the team or-"

"We have no time for this Duck. Tech, get ready for some chemistry and see if you can come up with something to cleanse us from this permanent smell."

"Alright Ace. See what I can do but first, everyone. Wear these on your noses." All wore nose pegs that covered their noses. At least they won't have to worry about smelling each other and themselves.


Ace decided to look for Stealth and soon found him in the game room staring aimlessly.

"Hey pal. I was thinking uh..." Stealth turned to Ace as he spoke on, "What makes you want to do the fighting yourself?"

Still glaring but soon, he sighed. "Fine. I was just used to it. Fighting solo. Without needing aid. I feel like doing all this solo is a big achievement I had earned and I feel more strength in fighting solo." Stealth replied. "Ninjas often work alone. In Blanc, I was trained solo for some time and after that, I ventured out myself."

"I see..." Ace thought. "Curiosity kills the cat but I just thought of something. When did you-"

"Another time." Stealth replied. Ace silenced himself first. Then, "Fighting solo is one thing Stealth but working as a team is another, bigger achievement you can achieve. You're a skilled fighter. I can give you that and I know you were used to working alone in Blanc but here in Acmetropolis, we work as a team! I know for sure, even you can do this!" Ace prep talked Stealth. "It'll be hard for you to adjust in this new environment and in this team but who knows? You'll see."

Then, the alarm rang. Ace and Stealth nodded at each other and headed to the meeting room. There, they met the others as all glared at Stealth while Ace gave him a nose peg. Then for the first time, Optimatus appeared. "Hey Zadavia's bro!" Duck greeted.

"Yeah...alright, my sister has something urgent to inform you. The wereskunk Pierre Le Lew made use of the stolen components to construct some sort of time bomb in the Acmetropolis Park."

"All he does is build a bomb in the park?" Lexi asked. "There's more to it, intel reveals that the bomb has large quantities of foul, green, acidic coolant in it." Optimatus revealed.

"Sufferin Succotash! He plans to detonate the bomb and not only stench the city but melt it into a wasteland!" Stealth exclaimed.

"That is why he must be stopped. But be careful, the park has wilted into wasteland due to his stench. Tread carefully. Optimatus out."

"Now that Stealth cracked the code of the bomb. I got an idea on how we can get rid of the bomb. However, I'll stay behind with some chemistry. The rest of you go out and play smelly with this wereskunk." Tech suggested. All smiled in agreement as they left the meeting room.

(Green Triangle)

Outside the park, the police had just surrounded the place since the smell is too strong and they can't tolerate in. No one even dares to enter the park. "This place reeks!" An officer exclaimed. "Yeah. Worse than my workout at the gym. I smell like a pair of dirty socks." Another officer exclaimed. They laughed about when the Loonatics flew into the park. "Whoa..." They exclaimed.

Inside the park...

The Loonatics removed the nose pegs. "We smell bad but in this area, I think we can get used to it." said Ace. "Rev. Locate da wereskunk." Rev made use of his psychic GPS and soon enough, a hologram revealed his location. "Easy for me to say that our target is simply at the centre oft he park finishing his work." Rev sped talked.

"Good. Time to give this wereskunk a bubble bath!" said Lexi as the group headed out.

(Pink Triangle)

"Almost done..." Pierre is at work and, "Yes!" He worked on the controls of the bomb and put the timer to 5 minutes. "It's all I need to melt ze city into a wasteland! All will smell bad and melt to death! All plants and structure will melt into acid! And soon, I will rebuild my arena on this desolated wasteland and nothing can stop me! MWA-HA-HA-HA!"

"Good plan."

"Thank you." But Pierre stopped and turned around to see the Loonatics. "Sacre bleu! How did you find me?"

"What's up skunk. Never heard of GPS?"

Then, "He just started detonation!" Lexi noticed the timer on the bomb "And you're too late to stop it and me!" Pierre got his tail ready and spewed acid. "Acid burns anything organic and inorganic and for a bird like me, I will not be burned into a naked road runner!" Rev sped talk while speeding around avoiding the acid.

"Guardian Strike Sword!" Ace charged through avoiding the puddles as Pierre launched a glob from his mouth. "Heh. Never thought he can do that." Ace exclaimed as he leapt away from the glob that splattered the ground scattering more acid around the area. "I can do this all day Loonatics! 4 minutes left!" Pierre pounced onto Ace but Stealth kicked him off and transformed his Ninja Power Sword into twin nunchuks. "Chuck on this buddy!" Stealth clashed solo as, "Oh great. I bet he's doing it again." said an annoyed Lexi.

Stealth clashed on as he leapt away to the left side of the enemy and threw 6 shurikens but Pierre spewed acid and his shurikens melted. After that, Duck quacked in front and launched his power orbs but somehow, Stealth kicked Pierre and his orbs hit the bomb.

"Wrong target and Stealth, don't you go and take all the credit yourself by going solo!" Duck called out.

"Well one thing's for sure from your attack duck, the bomb can't be destroyed!" Ace noticed. Lexi was surprised to hear this as she fired her brain blast at the bomb but it took no damage at all. "Gee, how is this French villain one step ahead of us?"

"Simple my pretty adversary. I just stole the right materials to build ze bomb! And now, you can't stop the detonation! 3 more minutes and all shall bathe in acid!" Pierre declared.

"Not until we clean up your mess!" Ace charged and clashed with his sword. He delivered swift attacks but the wereskunk was not affected. "Fool. You think your puny weapon can scar me?" He grabbed Ace and slammed him on the ground several times and threw him aside.

"ACE!" All shouted. Slam got into his tornado maximizer mode as he spun and punched Pierre but one kick sent him flying and, "BAM!"

"Ow I just got crushed by the big guy who got KO aka knockout!" Rev sped talk.

"Only 2 minutes left. Tick, Tock, BOOM!" Pierre sneered. "My plan is flawless!"

"Well then, let's find some flaws in it!" A voice called out. All looked to see Tech fly down in his jetpack. "About time Tech." Ace spoke up.

"Yeah. You wanna hear the bad news or good news?" The coyote asked as Slam stood up and he and Rev clashed with Pierre while Stealth continues his solo mode by trying to shoot the bomb with his laser gun

"Bad news foist." Ace replied. "Well...I can't find a way to get rid of the smell." Tech replied.

"WHAT? So my hair's gonna stink for the rest of my life!?" Lexi panicked.

"Skip to the good news." Ace suggested. "Okay, I have something that can turn the tables on the bomb. Inject this syringe into the glass case where the acidic coolant is resulting in a spike planted on the bomb." Tech took put a syringe which has blue liquid coolant in it when, "WATCH OUT! Rev shouted as Slam who was picked up by Pierre was thrown to the group.


"The syringe!" Tech exclaimed as some of the coolant was injected out and more acid was spewed. "We got no time for this! The bomb has reached the last minute countdown!" Tech shouted.

The fight is hard and it gets worse and foul. Stealth just got thrown aside and noticed the syringe. Taking it, he examined it as Duck quacked in.

"Duck! Get me to the bomb!"

"Wait hold your paws, you want me to take you to the bomb?"

"What if I hold on to you, can you quack to the location along with me?"

"Well...I always quack to one location to the other by myself and I have never-"

"Just give it a shot!"

"Fine!" Stealth held onto his arm and Duck quacked out.

Then, he quacked in near the bomb and, "Whoa, I never thought I can bring you here." He stated. Stealth took the syringe which has the remaining liquid coolant and got ready.

And back to the fight, "It's all over! 10 seconds and Acmetropplis will become, Acidtropolis!" Pierre laughed. "No! We're too late!" Lexi shouted.

"Au Revoir Loonatics." Pierre greeted as the countdown reaches to the end...












"Sacre Bleu! What is this blue gas?!" Pierre was confused as he turned to the Loonatics as Duck quacked in with Stealth who has the empty syringe.

"IMPOSSIBLE! What did you do?!" Pierre shouted.

"Well, the opposite of acid is alkaline and dirty to clean." Tech stated as the gas was diffused and soon enough, "Hey! The smell is gone!" Lexi noticed.

"Finally! No more smelly fur and costumes!" said Ace.

"Blargh, Blargh Blarh!" Slam cheered as then, "And I thought you don't have a cure for the stench Tech."

"Actually Ace, I lied about that part. I did find a cure by mixing alkaline with shampoo, soap and detergent. Took me a few modifications to get the right cure to not only cleanse us but to reverse the effects of the bomb." Tech explained.

"Why you rascals! You may have stopped me but I will still destroy you and your precious city!" Pierre shouted as he unleashed his powers but, "Huh? Le smell? Le acid? Le powers!? Why?! Nothing is coming out!? Even le body smells nothing!?"

"Sorry pal. Your defeat is inevitable. Ace! Lexi! Shoot him! Duck and Tech, flank him and the rest of you, hit everything you've got!" Stealth ordered.

"Now you're talking with the team!" said Ace as he and Lexi fired their optic and brain blasts hitting Pierre square on the body. Duck quacked from behind with Tech and launched some power orbs as Tech activated his quad cannon and fired a shot. "Direct flanking hit!" He cheered as Slam rammed the villain from the left and Rev sped to the right and delivered some barrage kicks.

And finally, "This, ends, NOW!" Stealth struck Pierre's face with his nunchuks and he fell on the ground defeated. "Too bad the cure cleansed his smell. That's why he can't use his powers to stink us back thus rendering him vulnerable." said Tech.

"And now Pierre, there's a nice, dirty cell waiting for you." said Ace.

(Yellow Triangle)

"While Pierre rots dirty in his cell, you have done well all of you." Zadavia briefed them in the meeting room. "It is clearly unknown how this human became a wereskunk but let's put it aside for now." She then continued on. "And Stealth Vester, on your first mission, you have done an incredible job. Zadavia out."

After that, Stealth stood up and walked away. "You okay buddy?" Ace asked.

"I did not do an incredible job." He replied as he faced the team. "I am sorry for doing all the fighting and standing in your way. It's just...I need time. Time to adjust to the new way."

"We know." said Lexi. "Ace told us about your past. Not the part when you're a cyborg supervillain."

"Now that Lexi mentioned, the day when Optimatus restored you, those dark energies emitted out of your body. Where did they come from?" Tech asked.

"A story for another time." Stealth replied.

"You know something Stealth? You actually did an incredible job out there." Ace stated. "You helped Tech to rig the bomb, had Duck quack you to it and the best part, you actually had achieved teamwork."

"And not to mention that since Duck can quack us to any place, I don't mind heading somewhere by having him quack me to the place." said Lexi.

"On the contrary, I am not gonna be used as a living teleporter!" said Duck firmly. "Blarh Rah Rah Pizza!"

"No Slam! I'm not gonna quack you to the pizza place!" said Duck but Slam just grabbed onto him hoping he can quantum quack him there.

After that, "Alright guys. Who wants to vote for Stealth staying on this team all the way!" Ace asked. All raised their hands in the air as Stealth smiled. Long way to go but he'll get used to the new environment and change.

Unknown HQ...

"Pierre Le Lew was so close to desolating Acmetropolis." said Queen Grannicus as she sat on her throne and drank some tea. On her right, a silhouetted figure asked, "What about your ultimate, domination plan?"

"Ah yes. This plan of mine will be flawless. We need time to make preparations and keep it a secret."

"Shall we execute the plan now my queen?"

"Of course. I will handle this ultimate plan. For you, you are to go to earth and meet up with a certain gang that I had recently contacted. They have a plan that will guarantee Acmetropolis' desolation thus completing what Pierre was so close to do. I will also contact you in case I need something vital for the ultimate plan from this wretched city."

"I will not fail my queen."

"Once everything is ready, the Domination League will rule the entire universe! AHAHAHAHA!"


1. Pierre Le Lew

Species: Human(Former), Wereskunk(Current)

Occupation: Former Head of the Max Arena(Former), Supervillain(Current)

Powers and Abilities

-Cane for various functions(Former)

-Enhanced Strength: Pierre has great strength to lift heavy objects and go toe-to-toe with the Loonatics

-Enhanced Durability: Pierre can endure attacks ranged, melee or close combat

-Acid Spewing Tail: The skunk tail can spew various acids like Hydrochloric Acid and Phosphorous Acid

-Acidic Blast: His mouth can launch globs of acid of any kind

-Foul Stench Emission: His body emits a foul smell that can stench the area around him.

2. Stealth Vester (Formerly Sylth Vester)

Species: Cat

Occupation: Supervillain(Former), Loonatic(Current)

Powers and Abilities

-Peak Human Agility and Mobility: Stealth has incredible speed and mobility like a Ninja Master

-Ninja Arts Mastery: Stealth mastered various ninja arts and jitzus involving moves and shurikens

-Sixth Sense: He can sense the presence of enemies and other perils around him

-Weapon Transmutation: His main weapon is his Ninja Power Sword which he channels his power to transform the katana into various melee weapons of his choice

And there you have it! First chapter aka first episode of my own version of Season 3! I'm still working on the speech pattern on certain characters like Slam for instance.

And every time I end a chapter, I write a profile on certain characters. Canon and OC

Anyways, hope it's a decent job and the next episode is coming soon.