Episode 4: Jackpot!

Acmetropolis Casino...

A grandeur place open to everyone to try their luck out in winning big. Inside, many people are seen slotting with the slot machines as the screen computerizes the numbers randomly until they stop and it depends on the result on how much they win or lose. Some are playing poker with advanced cards and poker chips in various shapes and numbers and others are seen at the roulette where an energy ball is bounced out of the centre and will randomly bounce around while the roulette spins and stops for the ball to continue bouncing randomly until it lands on a number and there's even a game of crap for the people to bet their quasarilium chips, strips and bars and roll the dice to get the result. (And yes, make the whole gambling thing advanced like in every aspect in the show)

The casino also has facilities like a pool room, card room and lots of rooms for the guests to stay in for the night at least. Yup, all are having a good time at least with some winning big and some...well, better luck next time.


"Yeaaaahaw! Let's sweep up the sweepstakes and get the first prize!" A mechanical, hovering horse ridden by none other than Ophiuchus Sam hovered by along with another one ridden by his partner who appears to be new here. "He's my partner! Black Jack Pokeracque!" Ophiuchus Sam introduced as his partner who's riding on a mechanical hovering horse drew out 5 cards from his arm guard and shot them out like shuriken. Each of them struck a slot machine and, "IOOM!"

This is just the beginning of mass destruction as everyone at the casino fled for their lives even trying to take their winnings with them but, "Your luck has run out for I have come to win 'massive' amounts of values!" From the entrance, the gravikinetic Massive showed up and, "Now half of you hit the floor and the other half of you reach for the skies!" Those that were sent up in the air dropped their winnings. "That's right, I've raised the stakes and won first prize!" Massive then took out a large sack and using his powers, he sent all the dropped winnings into the sack. "You know the drill cowboy dudes!" He called out to Ophiuchus Sam and Black Jack Pokeracque. They got the message and rode around shooting their energy weapons blowing up slot machines and driving the people out of the casino. All Massive does is use his powers to steal all the goods and put them in the large sack.

Once done, "We cleaned up the place partner!" Black Jack Pokeracque told Ophiuchus Sam as they laughed and hi-5 each other. "Oh yes! 300000 million quazarlinium looted in a day! Now let's get outta here!" Massive ordered as the villains escaped but right after Massive collapsed the entire building with his powers reducing it to rubble.


It now cuts to the scene where the villains were last seen was in footage and in HQ, the Loonatics along with Zadavia and Optimatus who had made their appearance in person are all watching this. "This is the 4th time they robbed a casino!" Ace exclaimed. "Yes, they've been stealing and destroying casinos for 3 days straight." said Zadavia. "As always, Massive and his accomplices just wants to get rich." said Tech. "They have to be stopped at all cost because if this drags on, all the casinos will be in debt." said Zadavia.

"Okay, we need to make a move fast before they hit the next casino." Ace briefed the team. "Tech, check the map to get intel on all the locations of the casinos in Acmetropolis!"

"On it chief!" Tech worked on the computer and data has been uploaded. "The crossed out ones are the ones Massive and his accomplices had already attacked including the one today." He briefed. "As of now, the nearest casino from the recently attacked one is in Chinatown."

"The Golden Lotus!" Tidal exclaimed. "Wow, smart of you to know the name of the casino." Duck complimented her flirtatiously by trying to put his arm around her shoulders until Lexi shoved him. "Ugh! Quit it!"

"Anyway." Tech continued on. "Easy for me to say that the villains would attack a casino a day at night time because at this timing, the casinos will be mostly packed so its expected that they'll hit the place tomorrow."

"Ooh! Ooh! Rahbush!" Slam stated. "Rubbish?" Duck asked. "Nope. Slam suggested that we surprise them through an ambush! When they attack the casino, we make our move on them!" said Ace. "Excellent idea Slam!" Tech praised him. "Now, let's jet for tomorrow night!" Ace ordered.

(Yellow Triangle)

The next night at the Golden Lotus, "Team 1 is in position." Ace reported as he and Lexi are in formal wear in Ace's case, a black tux and Lexi's, a pink evening dress. Plus, they're watching a card game from a distance. "Team 2 is in position." Duck reported as he and Tidal are also in formal wear in Duck's case, a white tux and Tidal's, a purple evening dress. Plus, they're sitting at 2 of the slot machines. "I hope I can win something at least." Duck thought as he cranked up the machine to begin. It randomized for seconds and stopped. "Bummer." He groaned. "Better luck next time." said Tidal.

At the same time, "Team 3 is in position." Stealth reported as he and Slam are at some bar serving drinks to the customers and are dressed as waiters. "And Team 4 is in position." Tech reported as he and Rev also dressed as waiters are pushing a cart full of food and drink. "You got the toys that we used in our first encounter against Massive?" Ace asked. "Stored underneath unnoticed." Tech replied as he served a customer fried dumplings. Rev looked around as people placed bets, tried their luck in the machines and card games are raising the stakes. "Wow! I would imagine myself being quick and swift enough to bet and win awesome rewards easily!"

"Focus Rev. I need you to back me up while I use this new gadget designed to detect gravitational power." Yes, Tech has some device to do so in order to detect Massive's expected presence.

As the teams waited on, a rumbling sound shook the place. "He's here." Ace told all the teams as they are all on high alert and ready.


"Listen up people! This is a robbery! Drop everything! Leave everything and get out of this casino right now! I don't ask twice!" Massive sure knows how to make an entrance as security prepared to stop him. "Better not test my patience!" He used his powers and the guards became heavy and slammed to the ground with their weapons. Ophiuchus and Black Jack entered the scene and fired their energy weapons which is enough for the crowd to run for their lives. "Ha! Ha! Ha! That's right! Run! Run! Run for your pitiful lives!" Massive taunted when he looked to his front and, "Long time no see Massive."

"The Loonatics? Ha! It's been 2 seasons since we clashed in person!"

"Wait, what?" Duck was confused but, "Never mind, me and my associates won't lose to the likes of you!" Massive stated. "Yeah...that's why Sam has a new lackey right?" Ace asked. "Lackey? You're stupid rabbit! He's my partner!" Ophiuchus stated as, "So they the ones that kicked your butt?"

"Yeah partner!" Black Jack could see that as, "Nice to meet ya all! Here's my name card!" He drew a card and shot it at them but Ace drew his Guardian Strike Sword and deflected the card as it shot onto a wall instead. "A razor sharp card? Cheap trick." Ace described with a smirk. Black Jack was pissed. "Cheap huh? I'll give you an expensive one!" He drew another card. "Pick a card." But it was revealed he drew a deck of cards as he unveiled them all. "Any card!" He then launched them all in a barrage attack! Slam came prepared as he generated tornadoes from his hands and blew away all the razor cards and knocked Black Jack and his hovering mechanical horse off.

"Aw dang it! I just got the paintjob done!" He complained as Massive cracked his knuckles. "It's about time I make my move but first, a little boost." He took something and it shocked Stealth. "A dark crystal!"

"WHAT?" All exclaimed. "So that's what it really looks like in appearance." said Tech. "Oh? One of you know of this huh? Well, now you should also know what happens if I do this!" Massive smashed it with his large hands and large quantities of dark energy surrounded him and boosted him. "YEAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"

"Is it just me or is he growing in size?" Tidal exclaimed.

"And it looks like he's double his original size!" Lexi stated and once done, "Aw yeah! I'm twice my height and stature! The real fight begins now Loonatics!" Massive clapped his hands and a massive gravitational shockwave was generated pushing back the Loonatics as they crashed onto the wall. He then unleashed the power of gravity as he lifted some debris and hurled them at the heroes! "Scatter!" Ace shouted as all scattered and quantum quacked out of the way.

Duck soon quacked in. "You got to be kidding me! Why is he able to use his powers without ease?" A card then landed in front of him. "Oh it's just a poker card." But it exploded. "IOOM!"

"Mother..." Duck groaned as Black Jack launched more cards creating more explosions while Ophiuchus opened fired more lasers. "Eat hot lasers!"

"Fine then, eat mine!" Ace fired his laser vision as Ophichus powered up and fired a focused laser beam as both energies clashed. "Gotcha!" Black Jack shot a card which struck right in front of Ace and, "SPLAT!"

"Adhesive liquid? That guy doesn't use cheap tricks..." Tech thought as he magnetized a slot machine and hurled it at Massive but it had no effect. "Man, my body's denser than ever! This dark crystal given to me by The Source was worth it!" Massive exclaimed as he used his powers on Tech and slammed on the ground. "Drat! That big guy can sure make things even heavier than before!" Duck exclaimed. "And I sure can make things even lighter than before! Let's see if ducks can fly!" Massive used his powers on Duck and Tidal and they were sent up to the ceiling. "I'm definitely even lighter than a duck feather." said Tidal. "What about a tail feather?" He asked. "That one too." She agreed.

While this was happening, Ace used his laser vision and heated the adhesion liquid dry enough for him to break free. "VEEOW!" From the air, Ophiuchus opened fired more lasers but Stealth zipped in and blocked his shots. He then transformed his Ninja Power Sword into a double ended naginata as he spun it into a disc blocking more lasers. Ace then powered up his Guardian Strike Sword and decided to do the same trick except, "Is it just me or is mine glowing unlike yours."

"Sufferin Succotash. I think you unlocked something in your weapon. Better give it a spin!" Stealth told Ace as he threw his spinning naginata that sliced Ophiuchus's mechanical horse into half. "DANG IT!" He shouted but Black Jack saved him as he shot more cards in which these types ricochet around the casino. Stealth recalled his weapon in time to block them all. "NOW!"

Ace smiled and unleashed an energy disc that spun and sliced Black Jack's ride into half. "NO FAIR!" He and Ophiuchus fell and Rev caught them and slammed them onto a wall knocking them out. "Too easy if you ask me."

Ace then launched more energy discs hitting Massive hard giving Tech the chance to destabilize Duck and Tidal off the weight. "About time we do our combo attack!" said Duck as Tidal formed a ball of water in front of Duck and using his powers, "Aqua Dense!" He shouted shooting the blast with Tidal guiding the energized water onto Massive. "OOF!" Massive stumbled down shaking the place. "It seems our last encounter was as different as this one." He stated as he stood up. "But I've had enough fun for the night! Time for some collateral damage!" Massive stomped the ground hard releasing a more powerful gravitational shockwave as the entire casino started to collapse. "Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Now to claim my prize!" He used his powers to gather all the valuables and Ophiuchus and Black Jack as he placed the loot in a large sack and left the casino with his cohorts. "I don't like the looks of this place now." Duck then quantum quacked to everyone's location and soon enough, "Thanks for the saving Duck!"

"In the nick of time." He gestured to the destroyed casino that has finally collapsed to the ground into nothing but rubble as, "Since he was empowered with the dark crystal, it seems Massive's powers grew and he can even enlarge himself." said Lexi. "Not to mention he stole 400000 million quazarlinium in a go." said Tech. "And there are only 2 casinos left! How are we gonna stop him from all the looting?!" Rev sped talked and Slam just shrugged his shoulders. "We need more than that stabilizer thing to null his powers." said Ace. "Definitely, I tried to use it on him but the shockwaves generated were too powerful." said Tech. "In the end, this is all that's left." He showed everybody the pieces of the gyro stabilizer. "Ouch. It's like as if it entered some field of laser beams to be sliced up." Lexi described.

"Field..." Tech thought and eureka. "I got a plan but I need time to work on it and set it up!"

"Great! But why do you need time?" Ace asked. "Let's just say that my plan may involve letting those villains loose for a while." Tech replied. "Now that plan of yours is stupid! Let the bad guys do what they want while you carry out the plan? What good can this be?!" Duck demanded to know.

That's when their arm bands lighted up as the Loonatics flashed it out as the beams joined in revealing the holographic face of Zadavia. "It's true that letting the villains loose is a cost to the plan but if this plan has to work-"

"Yeah. Let the bad guys have their fun and when they make their move, it's all over." said Ace. "Only 2 casinos remain and Massive and his cohorts are to strike one of them the next night." Zadavia stated. "Let them try. Or, make it easy for them to the point they'll be complacent enough to kill 2 birds with one stone." Tech stated along. "You're saying that once they hit the first one, they'll also hit the second one and that's where your plan comes into action?" Stealth asked. "Exactly. This is where their winning streak ends."

(Green Triangle)

The next night as Zadavia predicted, Massive and his cohorts attacked one of the 2 remaining casinos. "Whoa! Nobody's here!" Black Jack exclaimed. "Yee-Haw! Quick shoot, smash and grab and we'll be done in less than half an hour!" Ophiuchus cheered. "Suspicious." Massive was at first doubtful on how easy it is. "Oh well. You know the drill boys!" Without ado, Ophiuchus and Black Jack blew up the machines and ransacked the entire casino making it easy for Massive to loot everything into the large sack with his powers.

It really took them only 10 minutes as, "Ha! Ha! Ha! 500000 million quazarlinium in 10 minutes!" Massive exclaimed laughing as, "The night is still ongoing. Not yet late night and stuff." Ophiuchus stated. "Good point. Only one casino and it's none other than the Mondo Bowl Casino, the largest and richest casino ever! And it's right beside the World Dome where they play those basherball games and stuff." Black Jack added. Massive did some thinking for a moment. Then, "How about we take a short break and bring the loot back. Then later on during the late night, we hit the final casino and we're done with this planet!"

"Yeah! We knew you'll suggest that!" Ophiuchus cheered. "And I'm kinda hungry. Let's grab a bite first before we get the job done." Black Jack suggested. "My thoughts exactly. Because I need 'massive' amounts of bites to energize myself before the final heist."

So with that, the group left right after Massive destroyed the casino. "Oh look! A puddle of water! Let me look at my face!" Black Jack looked at it for a second and, "Wait up!"

But once they're gone, the puddle of water took shape and Tidal made her appearance. Through her comms, "Just as expected, they're planning to rob the Mondo Bowl Casino later."

"How predictable. Okay Tidal, great work and meet us there, Tech's got everything ready and he's setting it up now."

"Gotcha Lexi."

(Blue Triangle)

Now it's literally late night and on the rim of the World Dome, Duck is keeping watch as Tidal showed up via a water pillar she formed and stood on. Stepping on the rim, "Let's hope what you heard is as expected." Duck spoke to her. "And here they come." Tidal pointed out as Duck used his scanner and saw them. Through comms, "Yo guys, here they come!"

"Alright Duck, you and Tidal get back inside the casino pronto and make sure they don't see you." Duck got the message as he held Tidal's hand and he quantum quacked himself and her out of sight.

Now on the streets, "Something tells me because we've been looting the casinos, no one dares to go to the remaining ones!" Black Jack assumed. "Probably." Ophiuchus agreed with his partner as they arrived. "Ah...I bet there's 'massive' amounts of quazarlinium to loot! Our ultimate first prize!" Massive used his powers to rip the front door apart throwing it aside. Once done, the trio entered the casino only to see darkness.

"Also empty...like the previous one..." Massive noticed.


"WHAT THE!?" All 3 looked behind to see reinforced doors being shut until they see nothing but darkness. "Don't tell me-"

"That's right Massive. It's a trap and we got you guys trapped like rats." The lights are switched on revealing the Loonatics. "Not bad. But know this, rats always find a way out regardless!" Massive grew in size first and used his powers to lift the machines and try to slam the Loonatics. The battle has already began as Ophiuchus and Black Jack opened fired. "I got more cards with ya names written on them!" Black Jack shouted as he spun around releasing barrages of cards. Ace and Stealth blocked the cards and leap away as a slot machine nearby slammed them.

"Oh yeah! I'm playing 'Whack a Loonatic!" Massive amused himself by using the slot machines to try to slam any Loonatic he sees. Lexi then found an opening and brain blasted him on the side causing him to drop the slot machines. "That tickles." He stated as he noticed a table that has some poker chips. "Chip on this!" He lifted the chips with his powers and shot them at Lexi. However, Tidal summoned a wall of water sending the poker chips in for a flow. Then, "VEEOW!"

"Gotcha!" Ophiuchus opened fired but Lexi countered it with another brain blast. "You saved my neck and I saved yours."

"Nice." Tidal exclaimed as the girls hi-5 each other when, "This ain't over yet!" Ophiuchus and Black Jack stick together and readied themselves. "You guys need to first look behind." Lexi told them. "Not a chance bunny girl!" Black Jack replied. "She's serious about it." Tidal added. "No way! We-re not gonna-"

The next thing it happened, Slam who was behind them grabbed them and took them for a spin. "YAAAAAAH!" They screamed in horror as Slam went around slamming and spinning the duo until they're defeated. He placed them lying by the wall as Tech upon seeing this went to them and cuffed the villains. Rev then sped to him. "How much longer is this plan of yours going to work and activate at the same time!?" He sped talked. "Yeah. I have this indicator here." Tech showed the device to Rev and Slam. "When the green flashes, it's ready and I'll make my move to depower Massive. His hubris will lead to his downfall."

Then, Massive clapped his hands and stomped the ground unleashing powerful gravitational waves sending machines, tables and gambling items towards the Loonatics. Tech used his magnetic powers to catch the slot machines while Slam bashed onto the tables and spawned tornadoes to catch all the gambling items. "This is getting boring. But, if you want it that way, I'll randomly lighten your load or make it a burden!" Massive got into weight mode. "Half of you hit the floor!" He pinned Tech, Rev, Slam and Stealth down. "Dang it! I can't even lift my sword!" Stealth exclaimed. "And the other half kiss the ceiling!" He sent Ace, Lexi, Duck and Tidal up. "I'd rather kiss somethin else to the ceiling." said Ace. "Who?" Lexi asked but all she got is an embarassed Ace who turned aside so that she won't look at his red face but also, Duck and Tidal saw it. "Cool. I bet I can blackmail that rabbit for my own amusement!" Duck thought.

Down there, "ERAH...ERAH..." Slam may be strong but weight is so down to earth and he's not even budging at all. Massive then decided to amuse himself. "Here I come! The giant is gonna do some stomping!" He walked towards Slam first. Then, "BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!"

"Green light!" Tech slowly tried to reach out his indicator. It was a struggle but, "Now the trap has sprung!"

Back to Massive, "After I stomp the first 4 flat like pancakes, the next 4 shall gain weight and become squashed! After that, all that's left is to loot the entire place and-" All of a sudden, some device was activated from the ceiling and it released a strange wave of energy and the next thing it happened, all the Loonatics no longer feel the weight and are on their feet once again.

"WHAT? HOW?!" Now he noticed it as he found himself shrinking down to his normal size. "What did you do!?"

"Levelled the playing field." Tech replied. "Oh, I almost forgot." He pressed a button and a trapdoor opened below Massive and he fell through it. Tech pressed another button and a cage was activated trapping Massive inside as it rose up to ground level before the Loonatics. "I don't know what tricks you pulled but Massive ain't gonna get busted but you all!" He tried to rip the cage apart with his powers but nothing happened. "Sorry Massive, my toy is releasing this energy wave that's stabilizing gravity. In other words, we're not in space and gravity can't affect us and your powers are nullified by it." Tech explained. "That trap sure busted him good Tech! Oh yeah! We hit the jackpot!" Ace exclaimed giving him the thumbs up. "Yeah! Now luck ain't on his side anymore! Instead, he has started a losing streak!" Lexi spoke. Slam then spun to them bringing the knocked out Ophiuchus and Black Jack. "Alright guys, now all we have to do is-"

All of a sudden, "Did that portal just opened up over there and out of no where?! Tis must be some dimensional alien invasion or something!?" Rev sped talked but instead, something came out and, "PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!"

"Smokebombs!" Stealth exclaimed and from the portal, some figure came out and fired his triple barrelled rotary plasma rifle at the device destroying it. As a result, Massive can now use his powers and he ripped the cage apart. Through the smoke, "Get your subordinates and let's get outta here Massive!"

"Why are we running?"

"You rather fall into the hands of the Loonatics or fight them another day?" Say no more as Massive used his powers to lift Ophiuchus and Black Jack to him. Once done, they joined the figure into the portal and it closed itself.

As the smoke cleared, "What just happened?" Tidal asked. "Oh no." Slam pointed at the ripped cage. "Whatever just happened allowed Massive and his boys to escape!" Ace exclaimed. "Look at the bright side Ace, at least we stopped them from robbing this casino." said Lexi. "Although it comes at a price that the others were looted and left in debts." said Stealth. "Also, we need to report this to Zadavia and Optimatus."

(White Triangle)

"It's clearly unknown who orchestrated the escape of the villains but still, you did what you can do." Optimatus spoke first. "In the meantime, Mr Leghorn who was revealed to be the owner of the Mondo Bowl Casino has generously donated some of his funds to the other looted casinos giving them the chance to rebuild themselves at least." Zadavia spoke on. "Also, he has offered the 8 of you VIP passes to his casino as a way of thanking you all for preventing the villains from looting it."

"Thanks Zadavis but just to let you know, we actually aren't into the betting and stuff. Let him keep them for other uses." Ace suggested. "Verywell then. Zadavia out."

Once done, "Ace! You wasted an opportunity to win big!" Duck exclaimed and he's sad. "Relax Duck, we won big at least." Ace assured. "Except it's a massive win." Lexi joked in as all laughed and decided to head to the game room to relax but, "Hold on, I just remembered something."

"What is it Ace?" Lexi asked. "Massive mentioned somethin vital. Yeah...he mentioned that the dark crystal he got was from something called...The Source." Ace recalled. "Yeah...one thing's for sure...who, what and where is the Source?" Tech added in. "And also, all the quazarlinium they stole, where are they?" Stealth added as concern is building up but, "Ah never mind! We'll find out soon enough and I could use a game of darts!" Rev sped talked. All can agree and use a break.

Unknown HQ...


"No need to apologize Massive, you did what you have to do. And also, you have exceeded what we needed. Now go." Queen Grannicus ordered as Massive, Ophiuchus Sam and Black Jack Pokeracque left. After that, "They sure stole billions of quazarlinium."

"Indeed Hacktor. With the vast amount of resources acquired thanks to him, we are one step to execute my ultimate plan." Then, Saggitarius Stomper showed up. "My queen. I have excellent news. I did as you instructed and during their casino heists, I successfully acquired these." He took out something from beneath his trench coat, blueprints. He handed to her and she looked through while Hacktor nodded at him as a sign that he can leave which he did in loyalty.

After that, "Perfect! Hacktor, we can begin Phase 1 of my ultimate plan starting now."

"I take it you have a few phases in it?" He asked. "Indeed. Phase by phase, my ultimate plan will slowly be in place until the time comes." Queen Grannicus assured. "It is just as planned."


Name: Black Jack Pokeracque

Species: Human

Descendant: Blacque Jacque Shellacque

Occupation: Villain

Abilities: Decks of cards used for combat. Various card types include explosive, razor sharp, adhesive and many more to be revealed.

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