Banjo and Kazooie were dealing with Mr. Patch in the tent at Witchyworld as they were flying in the air, with Mr. Patch firing beach balls as they got hit by one of the colorful spheres. The bear and bird then fell down onto the green grass, with several mines popping up on the grass instead of the usual red punching gloves.

"Gu-huh!?" Banjo exclaimed as he scratched his head in confusion. "What's with these mines?"

"Yeah." Kazooie added as she stuck out of the backpack while nodding her feathery head. "I thought these were suppose to be gloves that punched us."

"I figured that we should change up our battle." Mr. Patch spoke after clearing his throat while still being enormous. "And given that this is suppose to be a crossover, I decided to try out something out of this game."

Banjo and Kazooie eyed each other as the red Breegull bird fired out a grenade egg at one of the mines, causing them all to explode as the grass got lit on fire, which of course spread its flames to the animal duo while Mr. Patch continued walking as he was not affected by the intense flames.