"Kazooie, watch out for those explosives!" Banjo exclaimed as he and Kazooie were separated, with the duo running around a minefield full of explosions as Mr. Patch was floating in the air while in place by several ropes holding him still. "They're more dangerous than they look!"

"Okay, we get it! This so fricking boring... it's stupid." Kazooie complained as she flapped her feathery wings in the air, getting sick of firing various eggs to make the explosions go off. "Why couldn't we get a better story...?"

"You 2 really don't realize how easy it is to win this 1 match, do you?" Mr. Patch chuckled as he then proceeded to accidentally cough up some more of his colorful beach balls due to having all of them stored in his balloon dinosaur body. "...and I need to learn how to keep those balls inside of me, innuendo unintended!"

Banjo and Kazooie wouldn't realize that their newer fight with Mr. Patch required the duo to think differently, as neither of them wanted to explode from contact with a mine just waiting to go off, with even the red punching gloves emerging from the ground not being so lucky as they got caught in the exploding madness that occurred as a result.