After waking up and getting the morning routine out of the way it was finally time for Becky to show Nadine and David around earth. She secretly hoped that Bob wouldn't be charged with kidnapping her when they got back. She was just a child who wandered into a random space ship and caused the pilot to crash land onto earth. It could have been a lot worse for both of them.

"So.." Becky asked Nadine and David as they strolled around the local park and finally say down on a park bench. "What was it like being in the royal guard?" She asked them as she thought about what to show them because in reality the author hadn't thought about that at all.

As they chatted amicably about their time in the royal guard the guy who warns people about crimes taking place ran by.

"Heeeelp Rhyme and Reason are robbing the bank again!" He then looked around in confusion. "This isn't the police station."

"No, that's two blocks to your left then go one block right." Answered Becky politely even though this was becoming annoying.

"Oh thanks. Heeeelp!" He ran off in the indicated direction.

"Oh no! Sounds like Rhyme and Reason are at it again." Becky pressed two fingers to her chest and said her famous catchphrase. "Wooooord up!" She said as she transformed into Word Girl.

"Sorry to cut this short guys but I need to go stop a crime this early in the morning. It's not even noon." Said Word Girl as she scooped up Bob and prepared to go right the butcher.

"Should we go with?" Asked Nadine, not really knowing what they should do.

"If you want to but I got to hurry." She zoomed off and her chums were not far behind her.

Word Girl dramatically opened the door to the bank and stood in the doorway. "Stop right there Rhyme and Reason!" She said with her hands on her hips.

"Ah Word Girl, you're just in time to fail!" Said Reason.

"Yeah, and we'll hit you with a storm of hail!" Said Rhyme causing a hail storm to suddenly materialise in the bank. Everyone else ducked under desks or other furniture to avoid getting hit.

"Halt!" Said David as he held out his shield in front of Word Girl and shielded her from the hail assault. "You will not harm the princess of Lexicon! Do not worry princess, we will protect you!" (I feel I should write more about the royal guard to better explain what it is they carry on them at all times)

"Guys, I don't need protection!" Word Girl wailed. She didn't exactly tell them that this is the kind of thing she faced on a daily basis. She wasn't in any immediate danger.

*Yeah, we don't need protection* Chirped Captain Huggy Face as he adjusted his suit.

"Silence, traitor! You will not give orders to us!" Said Nadine in a harsh tone that made Huggy whimper.

While they were arguing about how to address Huggy Rhyme and Reason were silently making a getaway.

"Shhh!" Said the Reason as they both slowly crept towards the door. Waiting for them outside was Envy and Kid Math who were wondering why Word Girl hadn't stopped them yet.

They would sometimes fight crime together but for the most part were really only backup in case Word Girl needed help. If she did require help she would call them up on her belt communicator. Ever since they became a team they had to upgrade all their equipment to be able to communicate better.

But all of that would most likely change when she would go back to Lexicon to take the throne.

Luckily, Envy and Kid Math were able to defeat Rhyme and Reason without the help of Word Girl or Captain Huggy Face. This felt a bit weird to them because they were so used to doing all the crime fighting with them. For plot convenience Scoops just happened to be nearby.

"Scoops Ming here with the daily rag. So tell me, how does it feel to have defeated not just one but two villains without the help of Word Girl or Captain Huggy Face?" He asked the two superheroes as they waited for the cops to show up.

"To be honest it feels...weird but like a different kind of weird. I just hope that whatever thing it was that kept her from helping us gets resolved." Said Envy honestly feeling a little left out of the plot because for once the story wasn't going to be about her.

"Well it is true that this series started with me moving here and the second fanfic was of me finding my long lost family. But I do like helping out a friend." Said Envy as she smiled for the camera as she posed with Kid Math.

"It's only the first chapter but we have a long way to go. I can't wait for the rest of this story. Long lost princesses, planets being taken over by an evil mastermind. It's gonna be great. You guys are gonna love it. Too bad it's gonna be the last fanfic to this series." Said Kid Math as they continued posing.

To be continued..

Well kid math graciously informed us this was only the first chapter. If you have read this fanfic then you have read my other ones. Look, I want to continue this but as someone pointed out to me my last two fanfics have several grammar and spelling errors that I need to fix. I'm honestly torn between continuing writing more here and going back to fix my mistakes. You will know when a chapter has been fixed when I add the date at the bottom of the page. This would be so much easier if it were one fanfic to fix but it's two. I will work hard and do my best to edit those two stories and write this one. I also realized that Jackie's last two cousins we had yet to meet in the story Gluttony and Sloth didn't get as many chapters as the rest of the sins. Perhaps that whole fanfic should be edited to better grasp each sin. What do you guys think? Did I do each sin justice? Also...should all of Becky's friends and or family be able to go to Lexicon with her? This isn't going to take place in the summer. Summer has just ended and it is time for everyone to go to college. I just want this one to be more family inclusive seeing as how in the last one we cut back and forth between what Becky and her friends were doing and the rest of the Botsford family. But then again the cuts were able to portray different things going on in different places. I'll have to really think about that one. Either way I will see you in the next chapter. Thank you for reading my Word Girl fanfic.