Everyone was gathered in the royal dining room. They each had a bowl of ice cream.

Tobey's ice cream was strawberry with chocolate because it reminded him of the time that he had ice cream with Word Girl. Their first date and they didn't know it.

Becky's ice cream was a lemon raspberry.

It would seem that everyone had ice cream that reminded them of something they liked.

Mephisto had a charcoal flavored ice cream because it represented the love he had in his heart for his sister or even himself. He didn't love a lot of things.

T.J. had a rockin road ice cream because he just really loved chocolate flavored anything.

Jackie had green tea flavored ice cream because she enjoyed the cool flavor of it.

Rex had blueberry flavored ice cream because he liked blueberries.

Violet had cotton candy wonderland flavored ice cream because it reminded her of unicorns.

Scoops had old fashioned butter pecan flavored ice cream because he enjoyed a good classic.

It was a bit of an ice cream social of sorts.

Everyone was talking amongst themselves. Mephisto tapped his spoon against the glass sundae cup to get everyone's attention.

"I want to thank everyone for coming to this. I will now ask the first question. If you don't want to answer you don't have to. The questions will just be basic things so I won't be asking any inappropriate questions. Question 1: How long have you known Becky?"

Everyone thought this over.

"I've known Becky my whole life." Said T.J. "Her friends were always nice to me and I've known them as long as she has known them."

"Well, I've only known Becky since the start of our Sophomore year of high school." Said Jackie. "It was a bit complicated at first but eventually we got along I suppose. Come to think of it we did butt heads a lot in the first one. I'm glad we became friends because I wouldn't have met the love of my life otherwise." She entwined her fingers with Rex and gave his hand a squeeze.

"I've know Becky ever since our mothers arranged for us to have a playdate. I didn't think I would enjoy myself. Little did I know it would change my life forever." Tobey looked at her with adoration. Becky blushed.

"To be completely honest, I thought you were a bit annoying at first Tobey. You were always going on about your crush on Word Girl and it wasn't until I realised I had a crush on you that I was jealous of myself. You had a crush on my alter ego but not on me. I'm glad Jackie came along and made us realize that we had feelings for each other. Also, I know you well enough to tell when you're a robot." She smiled at him in pure romantic bliss.

Mephisto clenched his fist under the table. How he wished he could have someone to share that kind of relationship with. He also wondered what was it about his robot that made her question who he was.

"It was probably the eyes." Said T.J. out loud.

"What?" Asked Becky in response.

"What?" Said Scoops, not getting what he was responding to.

Everyone else asked what in a sort of chorus. It made them immediately start to laugh.

"I've know Becky ever since we took the same art class and she complimented my artwork."Said Violet. "I was feeling a bit down but her compliment cheeted me right up and we have been friends ever since. I'm glad I could be here for you as your life changes so drastically." Violet smiled and Becky returned the smile.

"I've know Becky ever since the start of our sophomore year of high school." Said Jackie. "I'll never forget how we met as we bumped into each other on the first day of school."

"It's amazing how much can change in the span of a few years." Said Becky as she smiled at her friend.

"I've known Becky ever since we were in photography club together. Come to think of it...I remember her being in several clubs and activities but she was pretty bad at most of them. No offense." Said Scoops as he pondered this.

"None taken." Said Becky truthfully.

"What you would always excel at was any club or activity that had to do with words. Like the way Rex excels at any club or activity to do with math. I don't know how I never noticed it before."

"Noticed what?" Asked Mephisto in confusion.

"Noticed that only Word Girl would be really good at anything to do with words. Or how Kid Math would be great with anything math related. Or how Jackie is great at making people green with envy. Come to think of it...how come your skin was never green?"

"I make people green with envy. It wouldn't make sense if I made myself green with Envy." Said Jackie with a bit of annoyance.

Rex looked at her.

"I'm sure he didn't mean it in a bad way." Rex reassured her.

"I met Becky when I decided to come to Earth and to her home town. I met her as Kid Math and was quickly able to deduce her secret identity. She was the one who introduced me to this lovely young lady." He smirked and kissed Jackie on the cheek.

Jackie blushed and giggled. Something she thought she would never do.

"Alright. It sounds like you guys have a whole lot of history. Question number 2 is for all the couples here. How long have you been together? Sorry T.J." He looked apologetic.

"Well..come to think of it..we became couples at around the same time. Some of us took longer to get together than others." Becky said with a small smile.

"I will admit if it wasn't for our friends practically locking us into a room together I never would have confessed my feelings to you." Admitted Tobey.

Everyone murmured in agreement.

"Mmmm." Mephisto took another spoonful of ice cream. "Ok...so this question is for the heroes..."
Question number three...how and when did you figure out each others secret identities?"

"Well...I learned that Jackie was Envy when she flat out told me about it. To be honest I never would have noticed if she hadn't told me." Said Rex as he placed a hand on his chin in thought.

(Thinking back on it I don't think I ever wrote a chapter or sequence where Jackie tells Rex that she is Envy. Or him telling her that he is Kid Math. I really need to start getting these plot points consistent and stop adding more. It is starting to get hard to keep up with all of plots that are supposed to be going on. On that note, I don't remember if there ever was an episode where Becky remembers meeting anyone for the first time except for Tobey of course. It was established that she already knew all these people. This is just what I'm writing about them meeting. They might have known each other for longer than that but it's hard to tell.)

"It was hard for her to admit it but I always had a feeling in my gut that Becky was Word Girl but she always would find a way to be in two places at once and I almost believed her. I admit that stalking her and admitting to being a creepy stalker. I regret that and I'm glad we could move past it. She came to love me back on her own. It just took a little Envy for her to bring us together." He winked at Jackie who winked back.

Mephisto was a bit confused because he really didn't know about Envy bringing them together in that way but he supposed he might have missed that part when he was constantly spying on her from another planet.

"That's so romantic you guys." Said Mephisto as he ate some more of his tasty charcoal flavored ice cream which was as dark as his heart. "Question 3 this one is for you T.J. how did you feel when you found out your sister...our sister was Word Girl?"

"Well..I was a bit taken aback. She was my childhood crush but those feelings disappeared when I learned who she really was. Looking back on it, I feel gross for ever crushing on her and I'm embarrassed by that part of my life. I am still the president of her fan club on Earth. But I have left my vice president in charge while I'm gone. Now that I think about it I should probably check up on him soon. I may not think of her romantically anymore but I'm still her biggest fan."

"Aww. Come here." Becky walked over to him and held out her arms for a hug.

T.J. hugged her gently.

Mephisto wanted to join in the hug too but he felt like this was a private sibling moment and he would be intruding if he did.

He wondered what his life would have been like if he hadn't tricked Becky into getting on that spaceship in the first place when they were younger.

T.J. immediately let go of Becky and began running over to Mephisto.

"Hey..Mephisto..." He said through clenched teeth. "I suddenly remembered something that I needed to talk with you about in a private room...right now." He said in an angry tone.

Mephisto did not know about his powers.

They walked out into the hallway where they were sure they would not be disturbed.

"What is it that you wanted to talk about and that you were so mad about?" Mephisto asked in a casual manner.

"Ever since we came to this planet I knew there was something a little off about you but I never knew what it was...until... I read your thoughts in the room back there."

Mephisto stared at him like he was crazy.

"What did my thoughts say exactly?" Asked Mephisto while feeling confused and annoyed.

The rest of the group had stopped eating their ice cream and were leaning against the door. They were generally just eavesdropping.

"I know just how Becky ended up on Earth. You tricked her into hiding on Captain Huggy Face's spaceship while playing a game of hide and seek because you were envious of her being better than you. She was always your parents favorite."

Mephisto just scoffed and played it off like nothing happened.

"How would you have powers? You're not a super."

T.J. thought this over and he realized that he just told Mephisto that he had powers while on this planet.

"You are correct." He playfully punched his arm. "This was my terrible attempt at making a joke and you fell for it."

Mephisto scoffed and walked back into the room to be with everyone else.

Everyone mingled for the remainder of the evening.


A single finger moved and a heart beat just a little bit faster. Someone was waking up but not fully conscious.

To be continued...

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