Becky was young again. Around 3 years old and was on Lexicon. She walked down the hallways that were new to her yet felt a little different.

"Princess, Prince?" Called the head of the royal nannies, Mrs. Meanie. "Where are you?" She called out again.

Becky and Mephisto were hiding behind the curtains and giggling to themselves. They thought they were so clever and were good at hiding.

"It's time for your lessons. We simply must work on your vocabulary skills. They need improvement. Especially you Mephisto."

Mephisto frowned. He hated it when people would tell him that he needed to improve. He already thought he was good at vocabulary.

"Where could they be hiding?" Asked Miss Bliss, one of the other nannies called out. Mephisto liked her the best. She always gave him a cookie if he did well in his studies. Becky also liked recieving cookies.

Becky kept giggling and Miss Bliss pulled back the curtain to reveal Becky and Mephisto. The royal twins.

"What are you two doing back there?" Asked Miss Bliss in a playful tone.

"We were playing hide from royal duties today." Answered Becky without hesitation.

"We don't wanna go to lessons today." Said Mephisto.

"Your highnesses, you know your father would be very upset if you didn't attend your lessons today. He just wants what us best for you."

"But lessons are booooring." Said Mephisto.

"Yeah, so boring." Agreed Rebecca. "Besides, we are already on a high level of intelligence. We don't need lessons."

"Prince Mephisto, will you do it for a cookie?" She said, pulling out a plain sugar cookie from her pocket and holding it above Mephisto's head.

His eyes followed the cookie as it moved this way and that. She knew she had him hooked when he sighed in determination.


Becky was having trouble falling asleep so she was awake and talking to Tobey who was once again with her in her bed.

"You know this has been on my mind since I got here." Said Tobey.

"What is it Tobey?" Asked Becky as she placed a hand on his shoulder.

"How can you be the ruler of a whole planet? It doesn't make sense? I mean on Earth we have royals too but they only govern one country not the whole planet. does Mephisto have time for anything much less sleep if he has a whole planet to run? What did your ancestors do to make them and their descendants the rulers of a whole planet? Do different time zones exist and if so in what ways are the different or similar to the ones on Earth? Lastly, I feel that Mephisto is only having you take these classes as a way to pass time. If you weren't pregnant he would probably would have you take the throne as soon as you stepped foot on this planet. Did the people even know that you were gone? Do paparazzi exist on this planet? Does everyone from every part of this planet know you have returned? Does anyone know what happened to your parents? Are they dead? If so, where are their gravestones? If not then are they missing...or being held for ransom?"

Becky sighed. "Tobey...I hear your questions but perhaps we can ask him tomorrow morning. I just want to sleep." She lay back on the pillows and soon fell fast asleep.

Tobey placed his glasses on the bedside table and fell asleep not long after.

The next day...

Tobey and Becky were having breakfast with Mephisto alone. They didn't want their friends there to bombard him with so many questions.

After hearing all of these questions Mephisto had an answer for them.

"While we are the royal family of this planet we do not oversee everything. We have Dukes and Duchesses as well as Marquees. People that make up the royal court. They rule over their own divisions of Lexicon and report back to me. The reports used to arrive via letters in days of old but in modern times we have upgraded to emails. The people of Lexicon knew about you and your disappearance since the day you first dissapeared. Our father put out a reward for your safe return but that never happened and he fell into a depression. I would say more about our parents but given your current state any stress would be bad for the baby." Mephisto said calmly.

Becky scoffed at this.

"What do you mean I am
not strong enough for what you have to say? I am going to be fine." She said in a slightly angry tone.

Tobey placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Perhaps he is right. Any stress would be bad for the baby."

Becky shoved his hand off her.

"Both of you are treating me like a small child. I can handle any news you have on what happened to our parents." She snapped.

" need to calm down." Mephisto tried to place a hand on her other shoulder.

Becky burst into tears and left the breakfast table.

Mephisto sighed as he rubbed his temples in irritation.

"Perhaps you should go after her." He told Tobey in a slightly annoyed tone.

"Perhaps we should give her some time to cool off." Said Tobey in the same tone.

"Do not be daft, punk. She is clearly having pregnancy hormones and won't want to be left alone." Said Mephisto now super annoyed at his soon to be brother in law.

"Ok, first of all..." Tobey began but was cut off by someone knocking on the door.

Jackie popped in the room after knocking a bit.

"Hey guys, we just saw Becky run past here while crying. What did you do to make her so upset?" She asked in concern for her friend.

"Nothing bad. She just asked if I knew anything about our parents and said that it would be too shocking for her and to think of the baby." Said Mephisto in defense of himself.

Jackie knew this meant something bad must have happened to them.

"Wait...if you did not want to tell her what happened to your parents it must have been something bad. Are they...dead?" She asked the question in a high pitched tone.

Mephisto's eyes went wide when he realized why Becky might have been so upset.

"Oh dear. Ok..I can see why she might have been so upset. No, they are not dead. They are only in a coma and have been asleep for the past 13 years. They entered this state of unconsciousness when a couple of years had passed after Becky dissapeared and they hadn't found her. They would rather almost die than keep ruling with their remaining child." Mephisto looked hurt when he said this.

From looking at his facial expression Tobey and Jackie understood that Mephisto might hold some resentment towards his twin sister. Even though their parents were now married and they were legal adults Tobey would probably be upset if his mother favored Jackie over him. Tobey and Jackie were both strangers to sibling jealousy because they had both grown up as only children.

After hearing how Mephisto really felt about his own twin Tobey suddenly didn't feel that hungry anymore.

"I am finished with breakfast and I am off to find my swertheart." Said Tobey as he got up from the table and pushed his chair in.

"I will go with you." Said Jackie as she followed him out. She just did not want to be left alone with Mephisto.

As they walked away they began talking. "Did you see the way his face looked when he was talking about their parents?" Asked Jackie. "He looked so upset and mad."

"He definitely holds some sort of malice towards Becky for being the favorite child." Said Tobey. "If he lived with us on Earth I can see him as being another kid villain. Sort of like the male version of Word Girl but he would cause problems for everyone."

"I for one am glad to no longer be a villain." Said Jackie. "Working as a team was awesome. I wonder how they are handling villainy back home?"


"Hahahaha...I am The Collector. I am coming to collect all of your valuables. Said The Collector. A new villain that was just rolling through town.

Dr. Two Brains rolled his eyes as some other fellow former villains helped out in the fight.

*Was this what Word Girl had to go through every time one us attacked the city?* He thought.

*This is so annoying. I want to be at home with my wife. Not here fighting another random villain. Perhaps this is me atoning for my sins.*

Back to the main plot

Becky was in the royal gardens and weeping on a bench near a fountain.

"Well aren't you a sight for sore eyes, princess?" She heard someone say from behind her. She turned around and was face to face with a group of people that had on all black clothing.

"Can I help you?" She asked as she wiped the tears from her face.

"Come with us and we won't hurt you." Said one of the members of this group.

Becky internally panicked but on the outside she was still calm.

"If I scream someone will hear me and come looking for me." Said Becky in a calm voice. She did not think she would have to encounter any other dangers here on Lexicon. Other than Mephisto. She hated being a damsel in distress but she had no other options.

"Please do not scream your highness. We do not want to cause problems here." Said another member of the group.

Becky inhaled deeply but before she could let out any sound she felt a pinch on her neck and everything went dark.

To be continued...right now. I owe you guys a much longer chapter for continuing to read this.

Becky awoke in a strange room. She tried to remember what brought her here and she remembered being knocked out. She instantly became concerned for her unborn child and stared down at her stomach.

"Your baby is safe highness. Glad to see you are awake." Said one of the members of this group.

"Who are you and why have you brought me here?" Asked Becky in confusion.

"We are just a simple group of rebels that oppose the Lexiconian monarchy. Your brother has been running this planet into the ground with what he has done and it is time you learned how you really ended up on Earth and what happened to your parents."

Becky raised an eyebrow. "No offense but that sounds a bit made up." She raised a hand to let her continue.

"Hear me out, I can believe the part where Mephisto is actually a villain but how would you know how I ended up on Earth or what happened to my parents?"

He bowed and then stood up.

"How rude of me. I forgot to introduce myself. I am Alberto. I am one of the scientists that helped build the sleep chambers that hold your parents and I am one of the only few people that know where it is located. I also helped build that memory machine that I know you might have seen."

To be continued...

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