"Does anyone else feel like we have been dormant for the past 9 months or so?" Asked TJ as he re-shelved a book he had been reading. Everyone decided to hang out in the library on this day.

"Now that you mention it." Said Violet as she placed her hand on her chin in thought. "It almost feels as if the author decided to abandon this project in favor of something or someone else."

"But why would she do that? I thought she liked writing all about us and our whacky adventures." Said Jackie as she frowned.

"Guys, we should stop breaking the fourth wall and focus on where Becky went." Said Tobey who had spoken up for the first time in this chapter.

"Should we alert someone?" Asked Rex with concern on his face.

"Nah. She'll turn up eventually. She's the main character. The author wouldn't kill her off like that." Said Jackie once again breaking the fourth wall.

Just then. Becky walked into the library as if nothing happened.

"Hey guys." Said Becky as she pulled up a chair and joined the group. Everyone stared at her in confusion.

"Where were you, young lady?" TJ asked in a tone that mocked their father.

"I was...walking around and got lost." Said Becky in a nervous tone of voice.

Everyone looked at each other with disapproving looks and then back at her.

"Becky, darling you're going to have to do better than that. I know you and I can tell when you're lying." Said Tobey in a concerned tone as he placed a hand on top of hers. "You can trust us. We're your friends and family."

Becky looked down at their hands and then back at everyone again. She sighed before quickly thinking.

"Ok but we can't tell my twin who's name I forgot." She said as if she hadn't forgotten the name of her brother that is supposed to be the evil twin in this family and the reason for them coming to Lexicon in the first place.

"How do you forget your own brother's name?" Asked Scoops.

"It's been a long few months." Said Becky.

(Several minutes later)

After explaining to her friend group where she had been everyone was a lot calmer.

"Wait, why is there even a group of rebels to begin with? Is your brother really that bad at leading a whole planet?" Asked Jackie with bewilderment.

Huh... you would think with all of the characters on this show there would be one with thesaurus powers or something. Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's get this story back on track shall we? Also I started writing this chapter and I completely forgot what I even named her brother. You would think that the author would remember what it was she named her own OC but apparently I do not. The reason for me not posting? Got a girlfriend, she cheated on me. It made me depressed to the point I barely wanted to do anything. I got over her. I'm sorry it took so long.

"You remember that plot line at the beginning of this story where Becky was supposed to take the throne from her evil uncle and that was suddenly changed to evil twin who is a genius with robots for absolutely no reason at all? Well we remember that plot and you could have just said he was an evil twin in the first place." Said Rex trying to remember the plot of this story and where exactly it was even going.

"Honestly, it feels like the author was trying to cram in as much Hamlet references in there as possible." Said Tobey, not taking his eyes off of the book that he was reading.

"What about the part where Captain Huggy Face is supposed to go on trial for the supposed kidnapping of the princess of Lexicon, huh?" Asked Scoops. "Are we ever going to get to the chapter where this trial happens?" He slammed his hands on the empty table space in front of him to be as dramatic as possible.

"So, let me get this straight...the whole reason why your twin brother Mephisto is even like this is because he suffered abuse at the hands of your birth parents who are abusing just because they can be?" Asked TJ as soon as Becky told them everything she had learned while at the rebel base.

"Why are there even rebels on this planet? Is the things that your brother did really that bad?" Asked Violet, who did not quite understand why this was an issue to begin with. To be honest I my self am not quite sure what they are rebelling against as I have not listed the atrocious things Mephisto has done to the people of Lexicon.

"If we're lucky we can see that trial of whether or not Captain Huggy Face is innocent or not in this chapter or the next." Said Becky as she addressed the group as well as the audience.

"Well that can be arranged with the right defense attorney." Said a strange man in a blue suit that walked into the room. He had spiky black hair and a badge on the lapel of his suit.

Everyone looked at him in confusion. They had no clue who this stranger was that was walking in on them as they were talking amongst themselves in what they thought was a private meeting.

"Not to sound rude but, who are you?" Asked Jackie as she and the group all turned to look at this strange man.

"I'm Phoenix Wright, defense attorney. I'm here to defend one Captain Huggy Face...in an upcoming trial the next day." Said Phoenix.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let me get this straight. You, some random man we have never met before is going to be defending my friend CHF?" Asked Becky directly to Phoenix.

"That's right." Said Phoenix looking a little sheepish. "I'm guessing you're princess Becky. Am I right?"

"Yes. Yes I am." Said Becky in a matter of fact tone. "But Mr. Wright...who was it that hired you and why are you dressed in Earth attire?"

"Because I'm from Earth?" Said Phoenix in confused tone of voice. "And the person who hired me was someone named Mephisto."

Suddenly, Mephisto himself walked into the room as if saying his name would summon him.

"I hired the best defense attorney in all of Earth." He said to represent him." Said Mephisto as he looked proud of himself.

"No offence, but if he's the best defense attorney in all of Earth how come we've never heard of him before?" Asked Scoops as he pulled out his little notepad to take notes.

"Well I'm actually from Japan and truth be told I don't speak any English but with this little device that your friend Mephisto gave me I am able to communicate with you all and understand everyone in any language. Anyway, the trial is tomorrow and I need to talk to you, Princess. I need to get your side of the story if we're going to win this case."

Everyone else in the group took that as their cue to leave.

"Should we really trust this stranger to be alone with Becky?" Asked TJ in a tone of concern.

"If it makes you feel better I shall stay behind as a sort of emotional support." Said Tobey as he turned around to go sit with his beloved.


Ok so I know it's not normal for me to crank out 2 chapters in one day but I feel like I owe you guys. The ones that are still here and reading this. I plan to finally end it within the next few chapters. Finally. See you in the next chapter.