The Dragon Reborn - Prologue: Beginnings

"He came like the wind, like the wind touched everything, and like the wind was gone" - Loial, Son of Arent, Son of Halan

"...and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives..."

Trelawney's voice trailed off slowly as Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry frowned in thought as the seeress slowly came back to her senses. His mind raced in the possible consequences of the prophecy as he shoved a facade of pleasure onto his features and he grinned at the woman, blue eyes twinkling as they so often did.

"It pleases me to say you have the job, Ms. Trelawney, or should I say professor?"


Lily Potter, previously Lily Evans, lay on a hospital bed, nurses bustling around her as she fought to give birth to her second child, having given birth to her firstborn, Charlus, hours earlier, on the cusp of midnight, but it was now August, and dawn was breaking out over the hospital, and as the rays shone through the window one of the nurses raised her arms, a small, bloodied bundle in her within, surprisingly quiet compared to the loud wailing of his older brother. As Lily looked at her youngest and smiled in pure joy, she slowly drifted off to sleep as she cradled her two children.


In a small shack near the town of Little Hangleton, an individual lay in bed due to an incurable sickness, and he was mad more oft than not. But it was at the same time as the birth of Harry Potter that his mad rambling stopped, and his voice took on a raspy quality.

"He comes! He who is of the blood but is not comes! He Who Comes With The Dawn! He is Reborn, and it will be by his sacrifice that the world is saved. His blood shall open the way, and his body will be the bridge. He shall break the world and forge it anew in his vision. Four times shall he be marked, twice to live and twice to die. With his coming shall the world be broken, The Dragon Reborn Comes, He Who Comes With The Dawn!"

And with his prophecy given, his body gave out, and Marvolo Gaunt died.


It was funny, James Potter thought, that two twins could look so different. His firstborn and heir, Charlus, named after James' father, was already very similar to him in looks. A shock of black hair rested upon his head, although he had his mother's beautiful emerald eyes. And then there was Harry, the younger twin, smaller than his brother, and more pale by far, which made his red hair stand out all the more, but it was the boy's eyes that gained his attention. Piercing grey eyes that seemed to look inside his very soul took in everything with an almost lazy way of observation.

James Potter sat with his two boys, and looked upon his wife, resting upon the hospital bed she had given birth on, red hair framing her beautiful features, and smiled in happiness.


James' body lay broken and slumped on the floor, victim to a stunner from the dark lord after a valiant struggle. Voldemort was taking no chances with this night, the death of the one prophesied to end him would create his final horcrux and secure his immortality. Quite fitting, in his eyes. He strode up the stairs, robe billowing around him but not impairing him in any way, and as he crested the flight of stairs he encountered the mudblood that Severus was enamored with.

"Step aside woman, and I shall let you live, I am only here for the child of prophecy"

"You will not get either of my children while I am able to stop you"

Voldemort sneered at that, his features twisting into a visage that showed how superior he believed himself to be. "Do you really think you could stop me? Lord Voldemort himself?" he scoffed at the perceived slight against his ego. "You couldn't defeat me on my worst day, now step aside"


Voldemort sighed, and raised his wand of yew and phoenix feather.


He was a man of his word after all, and Severus was a most faithful servant. He walked over her body, careful not to step on the woman, and then he was in the nursery, two cots sat next to the far wall, names engraved on the side of each one.

Harry James Potter

Charlus Ignotus Potter

The child named Harry was born in August, he had been informed, as opposed to Charlus' birth day of July 31st, but the boys eyes held something within them, something entirely alien to him. He pushed the thought aside, there were more pressing issues to deal with, he decided. He raised the sword of Godric Gryffindor, his final horcrux, the final artifact of the founders, pointed his wand at the eldest Potter child, and unleashed the infamous killing curse.

"Avada Kedavra"

And as green light jetted from the tip of his wand, Voldemort knew something had gone wrong. Unknown to him, the state of his splintered soul, combined with the protective magic provided by Lily's sacrifice, though not as powerful as if she had died, was enough to cause his soul to completely fracture, lowering the power of his killing curse, and resulting in the breakdown of his physical form as well. A small sliver of his soul was shaved off, and attached itself to the forehead of the young Charlus Potter. The piercing grey eyes of the redheaded child saw it all, and though he could not comprehend what happened, he saw it all.

AN: So here's the prologue to my new story, bit over the place, but it all takes place in the order that its written, with the second, third and fourth scene taking place at the same time. This will be a Wheel of Time crossover, but not too much, just a few things brought over. There will be some AU to both series so don't go in expecting everything to be the exact same. Anyway, cheers for reading, and I promise the next chapter will be more structured so to speak.