Alright guys and gals here it is! Allow me to introduce the Darling in the FranXX: Insurrection. For those of you coming from DitF: Homecoming, welcome back! Those that are joining for the first time here, glad to have you! Now to set a couple ground rules for this story from the beginning. This is a reader insert story, meaning that you yourself are a character in said story if that isn't what you are looking for you or are accustomed to you many not understand the POV through which most of it will be told or some of the various insert symbols.

Second, this story, while about your journey, will be told through several points of view. Generally it will be told from your eyes but there will be times it is told through others, for story progression, or in a third person manner. I will do my best to specify how the scene is being viewed at all time but bear with me if I happen to miss one. It's usually pretty easy to tell after a paragraph or two anyway.

Third, you as a reader WILL have knowledge that you as a character will not. It will be important to remember this as things progress.

That is all I currently have for housekeeping but if something comes up as we go I will address it as needed. Reviews, comments, and criticisms are appreciated, though I do prefer the constructive variety. Other than that I think we are good to go and you are probably tired of listening to me talk. So without any further adieu, I give you Darling in the FranXX: Insurrection. A reader x Ichigo story of love, loss, and the price that must be paid for freedom.

Blanket Disclaimer: Darling in the FranXX and its respective characters and elements belong to studios Trigger and A1/Cloverworks. Everything else belongs to me.

Cosmos Aerial Fortress – Low Earth Orbit

Lamark Club

"So, Dr. Franxx's test team managed to successfully defend their plantation," Tarsier muses. "I would hardly call that success," Gorilla rumbles. "Target Beta would have destroyed both plantations if Strelitzia had not been present." "We did get some interesting data though," Lemur adds pulling it up on the screen before them.

"Yes," the Vice Chairman replies. "It seems our girl's silly search for a man is finally over." "Yes, yes," Marmoset dismisses him with a wave of her hand. "I'm much more intrigued by Code 015's performance. We haven't seen any parasite other than Code 002 who has been able to maintain control of a stampeding Franxx for so long."

On screen a recording of Delphinium tears through the Klaxosaur horde in her stampede configuration, a wolf with fangs and claws that glow red with magma energy. "It is likely the result of circumstance, nothing more," Lemur muses. "After all the girl was experiencing an extreme amount of stress."

"The loss of Code 056 was unfortunate but ultimately irrelevant," Gorilla concludes. "What will be done now?" Baboon asks. "Code 015 has proved to be a much more powerful parasite than we had previously expected. Is it perhaps the result of the doctor's unusual methods?"

"That remains to be seen," the Vice Chairman declares. "Should she be recalled?" Tarsier asks. "Given this new data a position within the 9's might be more appropriate." "No," Papa replies silencing the room. "Werner has already submitted Code 056's replacement." An image appears on the central holo-display, a boy with (H/C) hair and a blank stare in his (E/C) eyes.

"Him?" Lemur asks. "I thought his entire batch was disposed of." "The doctor kept some as a special project," Baboon replies. "Werner certainly goes too far in his methods!" Gorilla declares, slamming his fist into the armrest of his chair. "They were deemed failures and were to be removed. It is bad enough he meddles where he doesn't belong, but now he wants to introduce one into his test team? Preposterous."

"I will allow it," Papa announces drawing everyone's attention. "As of today, Plantation 13 is being declared a Special Surveillance Subject. We will see if Werner's gamble pays off."

Plantation 13 Defense HQ

"Doctor," Hachi says to the old man on the other end of the line. "With the loss of Code 056 we are now short a stamen. What shoul-" "You worry too much," Dr. Franxx replies with a dismissive wave. "I have already arranged for a replacement."

A document appears in Hachi's inbox. He opens it to find a dossier on the new parasite. "Doctor, what is this?" Hachi says aloud as he skims the document. "He has no code?" "He was a washout," the scientist answers viewing the same document on his end. "That would explain the amount of maintenance he underwent," Hachi comments.

"He was another project of mine," Dr. Franxx continues. "His entire batch was subpar and I wanted to find the reason." "So, you are sending me a parasite that is not capable?" Hachi asks his superior with the slightest amount of annoyance.

"He will be more than capable," the man replies stroking his beard. "What you should be worried about is Code 015. Has she improved?" "Not yet," Hachi responds. "She still refuses to leave Mistilteinn and barely eats. The other parasites have expressed concern for her to Nana. If something isn't done she may-"

"Her new partner will be arriving within the next twelve hours," Dr. Franxx cuts him off. "By the end of the week I expect you to send them on the vacation I mentioned." "Doctor, I fail to see how," Hachi begins. "Perhaps if you'd let me finish you would," the old man snaps.

"As I was saying, the vacation mixed with her new partner should be enough to give the girl purpose again. She shone during the kissing with Plantation 26 and I do not intend to let a parasite of her ability simply waste away. The effect may not be immediate, but it will happen. Code 015 will come around."

"If anything comes up notify me immediately," Dr. Franxx concludes and the display winks out, the call ended. Hachi sighs. The loss of Code 056 had greatly affected the squad, and Code 015's mental collapse had certainly not helped. But, the doctor believed that adding this codeless parasite would be enough to return things to normal. He sincerely hoped the old man was right.