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Clap clap clap.

"Omega, so glad you finally decided to join us," the silky smooth voice of Nine Alpha purrs. "I was beginning to think you'd perished after all."

The dry air is clouded by particles of sand and soot, a result of Apololysta's violent entrance through part of the bastion's now destroyed third wall.

"Bold words for an impudent fool staring down his own demise," the reigning Klaxosaur monarch snarls through bared fangs. With a twist of her hand the ring of blades behind her cease their orbit and point themselves at the assembly of FranXX opposite her.

"My honor as a warrior and as royalty demands that you be given a chance to surrender. However, I vehemently hope you do not."

M9 Prime throws back its shoulders and laughs, an action quickly mimicked by the other members of his unit.

"Five against one, and you are demanding our surrender?" rings out Alpha's infuriating holier-than-thou voice. "Come now princess, your dogs are dead, your stamen lives on borrowed time, and your army is naught but dust and atoms. No amount of bravado will save you from meeting your end here."

Anger flashes through your connection as Alpha insults not just Terra but also those that have valiantly fallen to get her here.

"I may be on death's door, but that doesn't mean I can't drag you down to hell with me," you spit back in reply.

M9 Prime lurches forward as a cry echoes across the landscape.


The FranXX's stamen is able to keep his pistil somewhat in check despite her outburst, as the unit remains in formation. However, he isn't successful in muting her continued cries.

"Omega, my love, if you are to take someone, take me! We can go anywhere together, do anything together. If it is the two of us–"

Psi's ravings abruptly stop as Alpha disables M9 Prime's external communicators. One thing that could be agreed upon by both parties, perhaps the only thing, was that Psi was an obsessive lunatic and that listening to her for more than a few sentences might rot the brain of anyone nearby.

"I've never met someone so dedicated to another," Terra whispers to you. "It is terrifying."

You grimace, not wanting to think about it. "I believe 'dependent' is more accurate. Apparently I was vital to maintaining her mental state. Without me… well, you see how she is."

"You have no qualms about killing her?" the monarch asks, steeling herself for the conflict to come.

"None whatsoever, I just want her gone," you reply.

During your brief exchange with Terra, the Nines have fanned out into a semi-circle around Apocolysta. Beta and Gamma have taken the left flank while the duos of Delta and Epsilon as well as Sigma and Tau have taken up the right. M9 Prime waits directly opposite you with a spear in hand, the only member of the team to wield a traditional weapon.

In the past your encounters with Alpha and Beta have left you with an understanding of their weaponry and capabilities, but you've yet to clash with Gamma or Delta and Epsilon.

Gamma's FranXX is a goliath of a mech, standing a head and a half taller than everyone else, Apocolysta included. Broad shoulders, burly arms, and legs nearly as thick as the chest of a standard FranXX make it obvious he's a physical fighter. Still, the lack of a visible weapon is somewhat concerning.

The FranXX piloted by Delta and Epsilon is more straightforward. It's larger than your typical unit and brawny, but not dwarfed by Gamma. Her weapon of choice is a large hammer, which wouldn't be intimidating were it not for the exhaust cloud visible behind the head. Adding a propulsion system to the already augmented strength of her mech would make for a dangerous opponent.

"Who's first?" you whisper, still not sure yourself of which might be the most dangerous opponent.

Apocolysta's response comes after a moment of consideration. "The large one, then the one with the maul. Their toys cannot pierce my hide but they may crush my body. Direct us, that I might divert my attention to controlling the blades."

When Terra finishes speaking you can feel the load of Apocolysta grow heavier. She has given you full control over the Klaxosaur, allowing you to have a true one-on-one with Gamma while she is free to focus all of her attention on controlling the blades. It hadn't been necessary in the past, but the army of standard FranXX serving as her opponents back then had been laughable compared to who she faces now.

It takes a moment for you to acclimate to the strain of commanding the power contained within Apocolysta by yourself. Every fiber of her being oozes with strength. Even without the ability to force solo engagements between the members of the Nines with her telepathic swords, she would surely be strong enough to overpower them.

Gamma is to be the first to face this might.

Apocolysta slowly raises her hand to the larger sword sheathed in the vertical position on her back. The weapon seems to thrum with energy as she closes her grip around the hilt and gently slides it free.

Forged from the purest of Klaxosaur steel using elements found deep within the earth, it has been eons since the blade has been drawn. In that time nothing had warranted the use of such an artifact, the Königinsklinge, the Queen's Blade. It had been passed down from matriarch to matriarch of the Klaxo-sapiens for generations, until the day it had been taken up by its final wielder.

You are prepared?

"I am," you think in reply.

A jolt courses through you and the swords break orbit, slicing through your vision on their way to their targets. You don't see if they reach them or if, by the grace of whatever gods existed, Terra had managed to kill the other Nines flat out. Instead, your focus is firmly on Gamma's titan FranXX as you barrel toward it.

The fight is nearly over before it begins, but the Nines just manage to guard their chest in time to save themselves from being cleaved in half at the neck. Electricity surges through the FranXX's gauntlets, activating a magnetic field, which in turn solidifies the ferrofluid coursing within into a barrier.

Despite saving their lives for the time being, Gamma is still forced to a knee as alarms blare in the cockpit warning him of the imminent rupture of his state-of-the-art suit. Apocolysta presses further still, creating a disturbance in the cracked earth where the FranXX's knees are becoming embedded.

In an act of desperation to free himself Gamma overpressurizes the fluid, forcing the rupture himself while also sending a stream of the superheated metal toward the unsuspecting Apocolysta. The molten mixture smears across her visor, causing you to direct the Klaxosaur back in surprise. Ultimately the spew has no effect whatsoever on Apocolysta herself, but the human reaction of her pilot allows Gamma to escape. While the momentum is still in a state of flux he looks to capitalize, planting his left leg and delivering a solid roundhouse kick to the midsection of the Klaxosaur monarch.

A howl of pain rings out. When the titan returns to view it is once again splayed across the ground, the leg with which the kick had been delivered crumpled up like wadded paper. In the case of an unstoppable force versus an immovable object, Apocolysta's construction had proven to be far superior to anything APE had been able to create for their precious Nines.

Even as the pain suppressors kick in, Gamma is unable to do more than crawl away from Apocolysta. His leg is mangled to the point of dysfunction making escape impossible, and he has no further ability to put up a defense, let alone a fight.

"They... will... kill you…" he utters a hollow threat as a final show of defiance before throwing another punch.

The gauntlet crumples against the rock-solid core of the Klaxosaur monarch, resulting in another cry of pain. Through great effort while nursing his broken arm, Gamma props himself up to look his death in the eye like a warrior.

Standing over the defeated FranXX, Apocolysta places the tip of the Königinsklinge against his chest. She speaks in a voice that is a strange mix of Terra's with undertones of your own.

"I'm certain they believe that just as much as you do. Unfortunately, that doesn't make it true. Goodbye, Gamma."

A single precise thrust and it is done. Apocolysta turns away from the corpse without a second thought.

One down and four to go.

Apocolysta takes an involuntary step forward as something slams into her from behind. In less than a second, two more impacts can be felt and a wave of heat washes over her back.

The one with the rifle.

Terra provides the answer to your question before you even have the chance to ask. Beta has promoted himself to being your next target with his actions.

Agility is the blue-haired Nine's claim to fame. His FranXX boasts a grappling hook for reaching high places from which to employ his crack shooting skills with the rifle. In addition he has several thrusters, allowing for quick maneuvering or slipping behind enemies to fan the hammer of his revolver and fill them full of holes at close range.

Unfortunately for him, the cannons mounted on the ramparts of the fortress had been unable to penetrate Apocolysta's armor. Likewise the railguns had found her too tough a nut to crack. What hope did his small caliber rifle have against her?

You spot Beta dashing across the rampart, moving from station to station as one of the telekinetically controlled swords gives chase.

"I've got him," you say aloud so Terra knows that she may leave this particular foe to you. She gives no response but the feeling of acknowledgement comes across your mental link.

Beta initially seems confused when the blade ceases its pursuit, but when he sights in and finds Apocolysta staring directly at him it becomes clear why. Gamma has fallen and he is now the one being hunted.

"So that's how it is to be, Omega?" he shouts from a position behind cover while reloading his weapons.

Apocolysta gracefully flips from her location at the foot of the rampart to land nearby.

"This will be quick, which is more than you deserve," the mixed voice of your Klaxosaur replies.

Firing wildly as Apocolysta charges, the Nine desperately attempts to put distance between himself and certain death. Most of his shots find their marks but do little more than ricochet into the distance.

In order to save himself from being impaled it becomes necessary for Beta to sacrifice his prized rifle to Apocolysta's Königinsklinge. The firearm is cut cleanly in half by the sword of queens before exploding brilliantly. This unexpected ball of fire is enough to distract you and allows Beta to execute a combat roll, then dive over the edge.

Using his upgraded visor and HUD, Beta can see through the smoke and fires all six shots from his revolver. The first shot hits its mark and splatters a tar-like compound across the face of his opponent.

Shots two and three are enhanced with chlorine trifluoride and a liquid nitrogen mixture, meant to ignite and flash freeze anything they should come into contact with respectively. Both land on opposing shoulders before delivering their payloads. Fire erupts on Apocolysta's right while her left is encased in ice.

Round four carries with it a highly acidic chemical mixture capable of eating through the plating of a Dauntless heavy mech in seconds, which slams into Apocolysta's midsection. Immediately the plate begins to sizzle but no damage appears to have been done. Time will tell if the corrosive agent will be capable of anything more than cosmetic damage.

The final two shots find their marks as well with one having been packed with a miniature high explosive charge and the other an armor piercing depleted uranium casing, but both prove ineffective. Conventional arms have thus far been unable to bring Apocolysta low and these rounds prove no different.

Scraping the tar from Apocolysta's visor you implore Terra for some assistance with the fire burning on your shoulder. Delphinium had taught you the dangers of chlorine trifluoride in her battle against Psi, especially when left unchecked. Using her psionic power, your partner quenches the flames while you jerk the left shoulder of your Klaxosaur to break free of the ice crystals that have formed. The sizzling on Apocolysta's midsection has stopped already, as acid proves too weak to overcome Klaxosaur steel.

"Now that's just cheating," Beta chides from below, flicking his wrist as the cylinder slides home to complete his magazine change.

With an expression befitting of her lacking amusement Apocolysta declares, "I tire of you."

"I'm afraid that's just too–" Beta's sarcastic reply is cut short by a flash that enters his vision and then blood filling his lungs. The Königinsklinge pins his FranXX to the ground with the blade buried hilt deep.

"How?" the dying man asks, but the figure standing over him offers no answer. Instead she plants her heel on his chest beside the blade and pulls it free. If piercing his heart hadn't been enough then collapsing his chest cavity to free her weapon surely did the job.

Death takes the second member of the elite squad. With each loss their odds of victory grow bleeker, even though the possibility really only existed in their minds to begin with.

As the battle has raged on, Terra has lost several of her swords. Controlling the weapons against unskilled opponents was much simpler than fighting against the Nines. Other enemies could be quickly overpowered or outsped and dispatched. However even in this scenario of two blades per Nine, the elites had thus far proven capable of defending themselves. A pair of blades had even been damaged by Delta and Gamma's hammer. One was bent beyond use, a sign that even Apocolysta herself should be wary of the weapon, and the other knocked over the rampart and out of Terra's effective psionic range for coordinating the remaining blades.

Apocolysta's third target is the grim reaper-esque FranXX piloted by Sigma and Tau. Sadly, the robe worn by the FranXX to complete its motif has been shredded in the conflict. All that remains are tatters blowing in the wind.

"You know, Omega, you can still make the right choice," Sigma offers as Tau flourishes the scythe. "You know, we would accept you with open arms. You know, the past would be in the past and all could be forgiven."

A snort escapes the Klaxosaur's lips.

"If you believe they would allow me to live after everything I've done then you're as delusional as Psi. The same goes for you thinking I would ever turn my back on the rebellion I helped start. I promised my dying wife I'd see this through, and I will."

The dejected voice of Tau fills the air, sadness apparent even in her broken speech, "We… tried…"

With the final words spoken the fighting begins.

Apcolysta wastes no time in hitting fast and hitting hard. Her lightning speed is one of her greatest assets and she uses it to the fullest. Before Sigma or Tau realizes it, she is already behind them and the Königinsklinge is plunged into their back.

The blade misses all vital organs thanks to a last second twitch by the Nines, but it still severs several major tendons on its way out. This ends up mattering less when the sword is withdrawn in a vertical slicing motion, removing a limb entirely.

Tau is spared from death by shock thanks to the FranXX's built-in pain suppression system. It instantly fills her bloodstream with a powerful chemical cocktail to stabilize her vitals that would've killed any normal parasite. The loss of magma fuel, her lifeblood, is also prevented as flow is shunted to a redundant circuit keeping her from bleeding out. In fact, were it not for the arm being unresponsive to commands she wouldn't have known it was gone at all, thanks to the mixture of her FranXX's subsystems and her own training.

However, with only a single arm it becomes nearly impossible for Tau to wield the scythe effectively. She is placed squarely on the defensive as a result, but even that is a losing battle.

Sparks fly as the Königinsklinge glides along the shaft of the scythe. Sigma succeeds in deflecting the blow but not without sacrificing one of Tau's fingers in the process.

More painkillers flood the small girl's veins and she begins to smile as the euphoria overtakes her. Fighting was such an invigorating experience and she loved every second of it. Every wound simply brought her close to her goals, a glorious death on the battlefield or crushing whatever stood in her way.

Tau's wish is granted a moment later. The Königinsklinge carves through her spine with so little resistance it might as well have not been present. Her severed head, carried by the momentum, soars across the combat zone before splattering against the rampart. It slowly slides to the base, leaving a trail of magma fuel sizzling in its wake. A smile is painted on her visor, before it winks out for the last time.

At last Apocolysta faces her final two adversaries. Alpha and Psi's FranXX brandishes their spear looking battered but confident. Beside them, Delta and Epsilon are similarly beaten but a helmet hides their face from view.

Terra has recalled her swords, now numbering three in total. The blades have resumed their orbit behind Apocolysta, though now they are more spaced out to accommodate for the missing members.

It is the Klaxosaur monarch's turn to speak with pride when she asks, "Do you still believe that victory is within your grasp, human?"

"You've done well, princess, Omega. Even I must admit that," Alpha's haggard voice betrays the facade he is trying to maintain.

On your command, Apocolysta levels the Königinsklinge at Psi's chest.

"Admit defeat and I'll at least kill you quickly."

"Tsk, tsk. No, I don't think I will, it is still two against one after all," he replies with a weak chuckle.

Psi is still miraculously quiet, which must be thanks to Alpha. Though you certainly won't complain about not needing to listen to her maddening ravings.

A minute twist of Apocolysta's wrist sends the trio of blades orbiting her racing toward her final opponents. Two target Alpha and Psi while the third is swatted out of the air by Delta.

Apocolysta is on Delta in an instant, giving her precious little room to maneuver. This makes wielding the maul quite the challenge and places her on the defensive. However, she cannot rely on her plates to protect her. Heavy armor means nothing in the face of Klaxosaur steel, as Gamma's corpse proves.

Despite this, the Königinsklinge isn't what worries Epsilon. It is that Apocolysta has discarded the weapon in favor of brandishing her claws instead. Footage has taught him they are more than capable of anything the blade might be, making them equally, if not more, dangerous.

After several tense seconds of back and forth, an opening appears and Apocolysta seizes it. Before she can sink her talons into Delta a heated chain encircles her wrist and yanks it off course. The Klaxosaur rolls with the momentum and back to her feet, then pulls back on the chain only for it to snap. This saves Alpha and Psi from a close encounter but renders the chain whip worthless as a result.

With Apocolysta distracted momentarily Delta and Epsilon line up and execute a perfect swing, aided by a full burn from the thrusters situated on the reverse side of the maul's head. It catches the unexpecting warrior in the small of her back and sends her rolling head over heels into the rampart. This marks the first successful blow the Nines have landed against her in the entire encounter.

Alpha smiles, sensing that the tide has begun to turn. Without her toy swords Apocolysta was only one combatant, even if she were the superior one.

The young man is correct that the tide has turned, but unfortunately it is in fact even further against him.

Terra lets out a roar of anger and Apocolysta claws her way to her feet. She thrusts both hands forward and begins to slowly raise them.

Delta and Gamma's FranXX gradually lifts off the barren ground until it is hovering. Within the cockpit her pilots try desperately to get the unit moving but find they are locked in place by Terra's power. Then the hissing begins.

It starts out faint but grows louder as seconds pass. Soon the sound of crunching metal begins and pain assaults Delta from all angles. To those watching from outside it is clear what is occurring. Using her telekinetic grip, Terra is crushing the FranXX into a neat cube.

Delta perishes first when the sensory overload and sympathetic connection between herself and the FranXX proves to be too much. Unable to free himself or escape from certain death, Epsilon can only cry out in abject horror as the walls of the cockpit close in around him.

Within thirty seconds it is done. A perfect cube floats where Delta and Epsilon's FranXX had been. The only signs of what it had once been are the drops of magma fuel seeping out from within and the faceplate adorning one of the sides.

Alpha and Psi have time to feel neither fear nor panic as the cube is hurled at them. It strikes their FranXX in the chest at top speed, sending them back toward the ruins of Cosmos' central dome. The pair crashes through the wall and into the blackness of the facility, disappearing from sight.

Apocolysta follows, looking to finish what she has started. Her vision is perfect despite the lack of light and immediately she spots the wreckage of Alpha and Psi's FranXX. The cockpit is open however.

"They have fled," Apocolysta states after getting a good look inside.

"Can you track them?" you ask, not wanting to let Alpha or Psi escape to cause problems another day.

Terra is silent for a moment as she extends her consciousness to the surrounding area. "They are desperate and afraid, looking to their gods for salvation."

"The council chamber," you whisper. Severing your connection you swing your feet over the rail and prepare to stand. "We have to follow them."

The moment you put much weight on your legs you can feel your knees buckle under you. But before you can fall, Terra is there to catch you. Two tendrils wrap around your lower back and midsection to stabilize you and she braces to act as a support.

"Your bravery will see you ruined someday," she says with a smile. "But I shall not let it be this one. Come, we finish this together."


It is a struggle making it through the ruins of Cosmos Station. Immediately after disconnecting from Apocolysta a wave of exhaustion unlike any you'd ever felt overcame you and you'd nearly passed out on the spot. Shortly after, involuntary convulsions began and a nosebleed had followed.

Were it not for Terra to support you there is no way you could have made it alone. The uneven ground and wreckage-laden passageways that have been bathed a crimson hue by the partially active emergency lighting are difficult to traverse, even with your partner's assistance. On several occasions she is forced to set you aside to clear a path or lean you against a wall to use her power. At one point she even carries you in her arms to jump over a chasm, though she does promise to avoid mentioning that detail in future recollections of this day.

"They have reached their gods' sanctum," Terra informs you as you round a corner. She explains her reason for knowing a moment later, "I have not felt their presences move for some time."

The long hallway she is leading you down ends in a pair of massive doors that have been torn from their hinges. Splinters of the fine oak litter the broken tile but there is no light visible within.

"They are waiting for us?" you ask, unsure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

"They–" Terra suddenly tosses you aside, resulting in a very uncomfortable landing against the jagged wall before you slump to the ground.

A figure had charged out of a side passage previously unseen by yourself and Terra and is now locked in combat with her. The Klaxosaur Princess is smaller than her foe and easily dodges the jabs thrown her way, reprising with several good hits of her own.

The scuffle only lasts for a matter of fifteen or so seconds before Terra gains the upper hand, jumping up and executing a spinning kick that sends her opponent into a nearby wall. They howl in pain as a large iron spike, previously part of a support column, impales them.

Now illuminated by the emergency lighting it becomes clear who the assailant had been. Her hair has been burned down to her scalp in some places while remaining nearly untouched in others, but the locks of blue aren't enough to cover the balded spots. Her face shows some signs of scarring that even APE's most advanced medicine couldn't repair. But her eyes would give her away even if everything else about her were to change, as there is a hunger in them that never fades.

"Where… is… my… Omega?" Psi grunts, trying to pull herself along the spike.

Terra doubles down and drives her tendrils into Psi's shoulders and thighs, pushing the woman to the base of the skewer. She is doomed now, but still she struggles with only one thing in mind.

"Why would I ever bring him near you?" Indifference laden with a hint of venom makes up Terra's tone. One of her tendrils slithers over her shoulder, stopping with the point centrally located on Psi's forehead.

Having now forced yourself to your feet, you step into the light saying, "Terra, don't."

The monarch glances over her shoulder to see your expression for herself. Then she withdraws her tendrils from Psi and steps aside.

"O… meg... a," Psi whispers weakly.

You shuffle forward to stand beside her. Taking her hand you gently guide it to your cheek.

"That's right Psi, I'm your Omega."

An echo of a smile appears on her face even as blood drips from her mouth. The young woman extends her arms and pulls you close to her. Her heartbeat is growing weak as your head rests against her chest.

"My… Omeg… ah…" she echoes. "Knew… I'd… find you…"

You push back but allow her arms to remain wrapped around your neck.

"It's time to go now Psi," you whisper softly, trying your best to sound caring despite all the trouble she has caused you. "You got what you were looking for."

Psi closes her eyes and leans back. Her arms fall away and rest at her sides. She leaves behind a small smile as she passes on from this life to the next. Along with a final phrase.

"I… did…"

Time passes, but you aren't certain how long until Terra speaks.

"I am uncertain she was deserving of such compassion. Yet, still you showed it. I respect your decision."

You give a last look at Psi before facing Terra. "She was my partner once, even if I don't remember it. And everything she did was for love, surely there's something noble in that."

Your partner gives a silent nod, then turns to look into the Lamark Club through its shattered doors. "He is waiting for you."

"I know," you say, feeling far calmer about the situation than you had ever expected to be. "I'm going in. Whatever happens, don't let him walk out of that room alive."

A wistful but still understanding smile crosses Terra's face. "Do not make it necessary for me to enter. Your daughters still need their father. And… I must admit I would miss the company."

Laughter escapes your lips, hurting immensely in your present condition but still raising your spirits nonetheless.

"You've gotten soft, princess."

"Perhaps, perhaps you're delusional, commander," she answers, motioning for you to go ahead.

You shamble through the door, stopping only to withdraw a knife secured in your boot.

The Lamark Club has been damaged beyond recognition. The chairs used by the council have been strewn across the great hall save for one. In it, illuminated by the beam of a single active floodlight, sits the corpse of APE's true leader.

Standing below, staring silently up at the figure is the greatest foe you've ever faced.

"You did this," Alpha's voice is barely audible, and his shoulders tremble as tears stream down his face. He turns to face you. "You did this, Omega! You took everything from me!"

"Only fair that I return the favor," you spit back at him, still limping forward, and gesture to the blade in your hand. "You see this knife? This is the knife you used to make me kill my own wife. I've kept it since that day. Her blood still stains the blade. I'm going to wash it away, Alpha. I'm going to use yours to cleanse this blade and my soul, and then I can die in peace."

The young man balls his fists in barely contained rage. "I will kill you Omega, then I will kill your daughters, and that sister of yours, and anyone you've ever spoken to."

"Then do it," you taunt him as you come nearly within striking distance.

Alpha lunges, and at that moment your injuries seem to fade away. They are replaced with a strength greater than anything you had possessed until now. It is as if all of your life had been preparing you for this moment.

You sidestep, grab him by the collar, and slam Alpha into the base of Papa's chair. His head cracks against the marble, leaving a dent in the stone. The heavy impact, combined with his fatigue from the earlier fight, sends stars across his vision and concusses him heavily. Before he realizes what's going on you move in front of him, pinning him to the throne.

"Promise me three things and I might let you live," you growl through gritted teeth.

"Oh, certainly," Alpha replies, in a mocking tone.

"I want our freedom."

Sarcasm still exudes from the Nine as he says, "And you shall have it."

"I want for the rebels and Klaxosaurs to be left alone."

"All of the solitude you could want and more."

"Last, promise me anything I want."

Alpha smiles madly, answering in a sing-song voice. "Everything."

Alpha gasps as the knife pierces his chest.

"I want my Ichigo back, you son of a bitch!"

In that moment the strength that had filled you fades and you slump to the floor beside your rival. Alpha has taken hold of the knife and stares at it with a hint of shock in his eyes. "You really did it Omega, you really killed me."

The Nine begins to laugh and continues to do so until his head rolls back and the light leaves his eyes.

"I promised I would," you chuckle as your vision begins to fade. Looking up at the spotlight you can almost see someone beckoning to you. "Ichigo... I'm coming home, my love."


After waiting for close to ten minutes Terra enters the Lamark Club. She steps over the corpse of a man in a white lab coat she recognizes but pays no mind. What she is looking for is propped up against the base of the throne of her greatest enemy.

She kneels beside the man who had piloted Apocolysta with her and places a hand on his temple. A pulse, faint, but still present can be found. She gingerly lifts him into her arms and begins walking out of the chamber.

"I swore I would not let you perish today."

And I'm back. As many of you likely will surmise this is the final chapter of Insurrection. We aren't done, however, as there will still be an epilogue to further wrap up a few things. I'm sure you all have questions about a whole host of things that pertain to tying up the alternate universe of DitF so we'll get as many of those dealt with as we can during the epilogue. Until then!