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Touched by Death – Chapter 37 (Celtic Knot)

Harry had not been pleased when he saw that Marcus' robes were covered in blood. But he didn't get mad, he was more relieved. He didn't need Marcus to say that he was going to kill that toad of a woman. He knew that the moment he found out what she did to his friends, especially him, Umbridge had signed her death warrant.

"She's dead?" Harry asked, leaning against the wall.

Marcus grimly nodded, not liking the feel of blood that was sticking to him.

"Good," Harry commented.

Marcus' eyebrows rose in surprise, "Good? You're not mad?"

Harry gave a soft smile, "I'm actually relieved. That woman has been torture and I believe she somehow wormed into that position of hers without anyone noticing. But this way, I will never have to worry about her again. And I know that sometimes the tasks you are assigned, you have to deal with eliminating certain individuals."

Marcus gave a small smile and let Harry cup his cheek.

Harry grimaced at the feel of blood touching his hand, especially at the reminder of who's blood it was.

"You didn't do this to just kill her because you wanted to. You did it to defend my honor and maybe by extension, my friends. And I know that Sirius will be just as proud. But you really do need to wash off that blood," Harry said, before vanishing the blood off his hand.

Marcus smirked at that, though he couldn't blame him. He did get some of the warm blood on his hand.

"Does that mean you're going to help me?" Marcus growled.

Harry got that look of lust in his green eyes. He was still aroused from that hard kiss earlier. But there was no way he was going to kiss Marcus while he was covered in blood. He wrinkled his nose at the thought.

"You need to burn those robes," Harry mumbled out loud.

Marcus laughed at that as he walked towards his private bathroom. Knowing him, he would probably cast his robes with Fiendfyre. He wanted all those traces vanished away. He had an itch to reach and touch Harry, but Harry's glare stopped him. Keeping the reminder clear that he was still covered in blood.

Harry laughed when Marcus grumbled under his breath. "Then you shouldn't have gotten covered in blood, shouldn't you?"

Marcus rolled his eyes but didn't say a word. It was pointless to try to argue about this right now. Plus, he was starting to feel gross since the blood was drying to his robes and skin.

Harry wound up following Marcus into the bathroom, he didn't really think Marcus needed any help. But he couldn't resist the temptation of seeing Marcus nude in the bathroom. And maybe a small part of him wanted to get clean when he had gotten some of the blood on his hand. He'd let Marcus take control over the shower, but he was taking the bath.

"Shower," Harry commented, not looking at Marcus yet.

Marcus snorted but let the water start to warm up. He had basically already ripped the robes from his body and set a nonverbal Fiendfyre to the articles of clothing. He kept it controlled and the let the flames die away when they ate up the bloodied clothing.

Harry gave a glance and felt his breath get caught in his throat.

Marcus just smirked when he heard the sharp intake of breath from his betrothed. Knowing exactly what was affecting him.

Harry felt like his eyes were glued to the athletic form of his boyfriend. He had seen him semi-nude before. But not like this. He had been aroused from earlier, but this seemed to make him even harder. And he was only looking at Marcus' backside. He knew what Marcus looked like from the front, especially his cock. Where there hadn't been any penetration yet, that didn't mean they didn't do another stuff. And from the looks of things, it would definitely be progressing to penetration. Especially if Harry had anything to say about it. He wanted Marcus so badly it hurt.

Harry felt his face flush when Marcus glanced back to look at him. There was heat in his eyes. But that smirk on his face said it all. It had deep meaning. A meaning that Harry understood, this night was going to be interesting. And not just because Marcus had killed Umbridge not even a few hours ago.

Marcus used that moment to use his personal shower and get all the blood off. While Harry sunk low into the tub filled with hot water.

Harry could feel his muscles relaxing from the water, slowly working through the tension he'd worked up since the start of his 5th year. His eyes still strayed to where Marcus was getting cleaned up, getting an eyeful of the Slytherin while he could.

Marcus definitely didn't mind the attention, soaking it up for all he was worth. But still focusing on getting all the blood off. When he finally stepped out of the shower, his eyes met Harry's.

"You going to make room for me? Or are you going to take over my bath?" Marcus teased.

Harry snorted, but didn't move. The bath could fit five people or more if they wanted, not that they would.

Marcus walked from his shower and stepped into the bath, crowding Harry into his arms.

Harry gladly accepted Marcus' lips on his own. His own hands roaming Marcus' chest while enjoying the closeness. He was very aware that the both of them were nude.

"Are you sure about this?" Marcus asked.

Harry felt his heart melt at the concern in Marcus' voice. "I've never been more sure of anything in my life. I want this. I want you."

"You will always have me," Marcus whispered against Harry's lips.

Harry closed the bridge between them once more, pressing closer, molding his body to Marcus'. Letting out a low moan when his cock brushed against Marcus' body.

The water was still hot, and he knew that it wouldn't go cold. The benefits of being in the magical world. And it seemed to aid the pleasure from that single contact.

Marcus ran his hands up and down Harry's body, wanting to touch every part of him. His lips breaking from Harry's and wandering to his neck. He wanted to hear more moans from the Gryffindor as he attacked his neck with bites and sucks. He didn't think there would ever be a day he would get tired of having Harry in his life. He was thoroughly addicted to the Gryffindor and his presence in his life.

Marcus let a hand wander into the hot water and wrap around Harry's cock.

"Oh fuck…" Harry moaned, leaning into the hot touch.

Marcus slowly stroked Harry, enough to get him harder, not enough to make him cum.

Harry made a small whine in the back of his throat when Marcus removed his hand.


The Slytherin snorted, "there will be more to come," he growled in Harry's ear.

The small Gryffindor shivered in delight.

Marcus stroked Harry's legs that were hidden in the water. Fingers grazing his cock but not griping it like before.

Harry huffed in frustration.

"The water should have loosened you up some, let's see," Marcus mumbled.

Harry's face flashed red but smiled all the same.

Marcus slowly had Harry rest against the wall of the tub, spreading his legs to get more access to what they wanted. He let his fingers wander to underneath Harry's cock to find what he was looking for.

Harry moaned when he felt a finger pressing against his entrance. It never went in, just circled for a minute or two.

Then he felt pressure as a finger slowly pushed inside him. Harry gave a sharp breath when he first felt the intrusion.

That had made Marcus pause in his movements and look at Harry in the eyes. He didn't move again until Harry gave a firm nod.

"Just wasn't expecting that, is all," Harry grinned sheepishly. He could admit to himself that it definitely felt weird. It wasn't like he was accustomed to fingering himself. He knew he could have, but he wanted to save this for Marcus alone.

Marcus gave him a fond smile as his finger pushed deeper until it was knuckle deep.

Harry let out a deep moan when Marcus' finger briefly brushed over a certain spot inside him.

Marcus smirked at the slightly glazed eye look Harry was giving him. He knew exactly what he had brushed over and planned for Harry to feel that even more.

"Feel good?" Marcus had to ask.

Harry half glared at Marcus, as if saying, 'what do you think?'

"That's nothing compared to what I'm going to do to you," Marcus promised.

Harry had a pleased smile, though he wasn't sure how Marcus could top what he was feeling right now. He already felt like he was going to come from that alone. It was a scary and arousing thought on what was to come.

Marcus pressed his finger even deeper, as far as it would go. Straying away from Harry's prostate for now. He would have more time to make his betrothed see everything possible soon. This was more about prepping him for something bigger and pleasurable. That was when Marcus added a second finger. And he knew that Harry would feel the stretch. So, if Marcus decided to brush over Harry's prostate once more to distract him, well that was for him to know and Harry to figure it out.

Marcus was surprised and pleased at the same time when Harry started to meet the thrusts. He hadn't expected the Gryffindor to get into it just yet, it was a good surprise. He had his fingers scissored to help stretch Harry. And soon enough he took Harry being prepared enough to take a third finger.

Harry actually moaned at that.

Marcus was still scissoring his fingers to stretch Harry even more. He was going to need it to take his cock.

"Ready?" Marcus asked, as if the restraint hurt him.

Harry quickly nodded, not bothering to use words.

Marcus snorted when Harry whined when he removed his fingers. He took hold of the Gryffindor's legs and pressed them forward towards his chest. It gave him more access and a looksee at Harry's entrance.

Marcus gripped his cock firmly and stroked it twice. He leaned forward and pressed his cock against Harry's entrance.

Harry hissed when Marcus started to push past the first ring of muscle.

Marcus gave a low groan deep in his throat, he could feel the intense tightness of Harry. It was an indescribable feeling. It was squeezing his cock in all the best places. He still continued to slowly push further and further until he was balls deep inside.

Harry was breathing harshly as he tried to gain control of his emotions. The main one was want and the need for Marcus to move. He felt so turned on with just the fact that Marcus was finally inside him. He felt so full where Marcus' cock was inside his ass. He could feel it slightly brushing against that special spot and felt frustrated that he couldn't feel that familiar pleasure. He loved the feel when he was stretched, though it did slightly hurt when Marcus entered him.

That was when Marcus slowly eased three-fourths out before slamming back in.

Harry howled in pleasure as Marcus hit his prostate dead on. He couldn't quite describe what it felt like, only that he wanted Marcus to do it again and again.

"Fuck! Again," Harry begged.

Marcus' eyes grew dark when Harry begged him. He didn't have much restraint to begin with and the plea seemed to strip away any that he had. His hands firmly gripped Harry's thighs harder. He let the pace start out sort of slow, before picking up pace ever so slightly.

"Fuck!" Harry groaned out when he felt Marcus pick up speed. He had never wanted to jerk off so badly, but they were busy trying to hold onto Marcus. Since the tub was too slippery to get an actual grip hold.

That seemed to inspire Marcus to go even faster. Wanting, no needing to make Harry cum, hopefully before himself. Not even caring that water was probably splashing onto the floor.

Harry's head was thrown back as moan after moan slipped past his lips. He couldn't recall ever feeling this much pleasure in his short life. And Marcus was apparently set on hitting every button imaginable. Even ones that he never knew about.

Which was bringing him closer and closer to the brink. He didn't think he would be able to hold back much longer. Which he assumed was Marcus intention. That was when he let out an unplanned scream when he finally released.

The water in the bath wasn't very deep, so when he sagged, there wasn't a risk of drowning. No doubt most of the water had been splashed out of the bath and instantly dried upon hitting the floor. He felt exhausted, but that didn't' stop from Marcus from still thrusting inside him.

Harry felt his eyes roll to the back of his eyes in pleasure. He was positive that Marcus may even get him hard again before he came himself.

And that was when he felt it, it didn't matter that he was already in water. He could feel the cum that was released into his ass before Marcus pulled out.

Marcus cradled Harry into his arms, kissing him softly.

"I love you," Marcus said, brushing Harry's hair out of his eyes.

"Love you, too," Harry's words were soft, feeling worn out but energized from what they just did. He had lost count on how long he'd been waiting for this. But Marcus had always been adamant that they wait till he was fifteen.

Marcus smiled, "lets get you cleaned up."

Marcus had fully expected the Ministry to be outraged by the death of one of their own. But he knew, just like the goblins, they wouldn't seek retribution for his actions. Though he may have had a hand in leaking out how and why the witch had been killed.

That was when most of the public had been in outrage that a witch like that had access to their children. The Ministry would probably be investigating for months to find out how the woman managed to get the position and how she was able to get her hands on a Blood Quill.

Marcus had been surprised to see that Minister Bones even approached him to issue a formal apology. And to reassure him that she would be looking into this matter and she wished him good fortunes on his future bonding to Harry.

The Slytherin knew it may take a while for this matter to blow over. But he kept firm with the Goblins and didn't allow anyone to go after him for his actions. He saw them as just, as did the Goblin Nation. Though it did help that this matter had been deemed a goblin sanctioned affair. That prevented wizard interference no matter how much the Ministry hated it.

Sirius had even given his praise on his handiwork once he found out about it. Though that had been courtesy of Harry. Sirius had felt a bit disappointed that he wasn't able to enact his own form of revenge for the pain that his godson suffered.

Marcus had been all too happy to share details on what happened to the witch. Sirius had been surprised to know that a Warrior Goblin just handed him his sword when asked. It made him realize how much the goblins really did see Marcus as one of their own. He had just assumed it was because he was an employee of Gringotts. Not looking into it further that Marcus was viewed as one of their own. It shocked him, but he was thankful for it all the same. He did wonder if that extended to himself as well. It was obvious that this was extended to his godson, he was Marcus' betrothed. He would assume it would be, since Marcus is his heir and he doubted that would ever change.

Despite that this happened, there really wasn't much that happened that held any importance. Minister Bones did appoint one of the higher-level Aurors as a temporary professor until such occupation could be found. Minister Bones had been corresponding with the Hogwarts Headmistress, Minerva McGonagall. They both believed with Dark Lord dead for good, the curse that plagued the school was gone forever. Gone with the non-existing Dark Lord.

Marcus still remained at Hogwarts, still working through the Room of Requirement and getting rid of any cursed objects he could. He was glad that the toad woman was dead, because this was Harry's O.W.L.s year. It would determine if Harry was to remain in the Healer program. He had no doubt that Harry would excel on his tests. Just like he knew that Dean, Neville, and Seamus would do just as well.

And as every day passed, the closer and closer it got to the day of their bonding.

Marcus and Harry decided they wanted a Yule Handfasting. Something that Sirius had agreed to. They had almost decided to wait until after Harry's 6th year. But quickly determined that having a Yule bonding in the middle of Harry's 6th year would be best. It wasn't All Hallows Eve when the veil was almost nonexistent, but magic could be felt almost as strongly. There were some details they needed to plan out, but those can be easily worked out.

They had already approached Headmistress McGonagall about being the officiant for the bonding. The elder woman had been shocked to be asked, but she wasn't hesitant to accept the honor.

Sirius had even suggested to have a spiral seating arrangement, an idea that Marcus and Harry agreed on. Though there was still some debate on the place for the bonding, but they still had a year to worry about that. And they didn't doubt that Sirius would have some places he would recommend.

It finally was decided that they would hold the bonding in Ireland. Sirius had recommended one of the places that James and Lily had almost got bonded at. Sirius had loved the country with all the magical energy it provided. And could understand why Lily and James had decided on Ireland.

Sirius gave both Marcus and Harry some suggestions on places to look at. And it would take a few months before they finally decided on somewhere.

Harry had fallen in love with the place, the feel of magic was strong as were the element of water.

"Torc Waterfall," Sirius commented with a smile on his face. He had a proud look on his face.

Marcus had a firm arm around Harry's waist, "you couldn't have found a more magical place, Sirius."

Marcus knew it wouldn't be hard to plan the rest with Sirius after they found the ideal bonding place. He could feel the wards pulsing, though that could do more with his experience as a Curse Breaker.

And before they both knew it, the months quickly changed into December. The month of Yule.

Harry couldn't help but find the sight gorgeous.

The water from the waterfall was glistening in the moonlight. They arranged the setup in a spiral formation instead of there being a straight aisle.

Marcus was already dressed into a formal set of robes that held the Black crest. He had chosen a deep set of green robes to represent his house and his union to Harry.

Harry would then walk in with Sirius on his arm, in dark red robes. They were to represent the Gryffindor's own house and the passion they would share.

Typically, the robes would have been shown meaning on values they held. But both Marcus and Harry wanted to show that their houses at Hogwarts didn't mean nothing compared to what they felt for one another.

Minerva McGonagall gave a warm smile as Sirius walked Harry into the water. They were all barefoot, to prevent any magical flow that may be disrupted. The robes were already charmed so they stayed dry through the ceremony.

Sirius stood by Harry's side as his godson grasped Marcus' wrists almost like an infinity knot. Both wizards were facing each other as Minerva cleared her throat.

"Family and beloved friends, we thank you all for joining us on this beautiful Yule to bear witness to the bonding of one Marcus Cahir Black and one Harrison James Potter. Just like in years before, we hope to see the protection and warmth they have both shared since the day they met. And watch as protection and love are closely weaved together in however many years they have together."

Minerva look straight at Harry and Marcus and began the vows for the Handfasting.

"Will you both share in each other's pain and seek to alleviate it?" she asked.

"We will."

McGonagall nodded, "will you both share in one another's laughter and look for the brightness and the positives?"

"We will."

"Will you both share in each other's burdens so that your spirits may grow in this union? And share in one another's dreams?"

"We will."

"Will you both take the heat of anger and use it to temper the strength of this union? And honor each other as an equal in this bonding?"

"We will," Marcus and Harry replied.

"And so, the binding is made. I will now ask you to seal these vows by giving and receiving of rings. Each ring symbolizes the precious metal that came from the earth that was heated and purified. Something raw and pure shaped into beauty that both your love will share."

Sirius then came forth, as Harry and Marcus had asked for him to keep hold of the rings. They had decided to use the ones from their own family, from Potter and Black alike. Marcus had chosen one that held emeralds as Celtic Knots swirled around the ring. Where Harry had found one with rearing Griffins with an emerald in the center

McGonagall turned to Sirius, as if giving a 'go ahead' look.

Sirius took his cue for bringing out the first cord and laid it over Harry and Marcus' joined hands.

Minerva watched as the red cord was placed, "You are bound by red, symbolic of fire, so that your union may be passionate and forever burning."

Sirius then laid the second cord over their hands.

"You are bound by green, a symbol of new beginnings and blessed by mother magic so that your bonding will be nourishing and healing," McGonagall's voice was strong.

Sirius then laid the next cord, a mix of dark and light blue.

"You are bound by blue, a symbol of trust and that you may honor your vows from this day forward."

Sirius had two more cords in his hand as he placed the next one.

"You are bound by silver, a symbol of clouds that you may overcome every storm in your lives and be filled with wisdom."

Sirius then placed the final cord over Marcus and Harry's joined hands.

"You are bound by white, a symbol of new beginnings as you both may venture out together in this world anew."

Minerva then looked over at Sirius and gave a firm nod.

Sirius then walked forward to where the cords were hanging below Harry and Marcus' hands. He grabbed the ten pieces, five in each hand. He twisted them twice before bringing one set closer to the top and passed it under the ribbons laying on top. And shuffled the bonds so they were more closely tied. He then passed that same set between Marcus and Harry's hands before they rested in Harry's open palm.

Sirius then took a few steps back before nodding at Minerva.

"As this knot is tied, so are your lives now bound. Woven into this cord, imbued into its very fibers, are all the hopes of your friends, family, and of yourselves for your new life together. With the fashioning of this knot, do we tie all the desires, love, and happiness wished here in this place of magical prosperity and for your lives to be as long as the love shall last. With this in mind, I will ask for you to both take a step back as this knot is tied, binding the both of you together," Minerva smiled as she spoke.

Everyone watched as Marcus and Harry took a step back and watched as the knot tied itself into an infinity knot. Harry kept the bonds knotted in his hands, wanting to keep hold of it.

"By this knot, I seal your bonding with a kiss. You may kiss your bonded," Minerva said.

With the knot clutched tightly in Harry's palm, he was pulled forward and his lips claimed.

Marcus had one hand around Harry's waist, the other by his neck. He pulled his now bonded into a deep, searing kiss. Claiming all that he could with a wide-spread audience.

Harry had to take a few deep breaths once they broke apart. That didn't stop from the wide grin on his face.

"It is my honor and pleasure to present to you, Mr. Marcus Cahir Black-Potter and Mr. Harrison James Black-Potter. I bless your bonding with Mother Magic and wish you both all the happiness in the world."

The entire audience burst into cheers. The bonding ceremony had managed to be a big turnout, most of them were friends and family of Harry and Marcus. A lot of their professors were there. Professor Snape, Professor Flitwick, Madam Pomfrey, Professor Sprout, etc… Then there was also most of Slytherin house they had become friends with, some from Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. Terence was there with Neville, Seamus, and Dean. And you couldn't have told the Fred and George no without them going anyways. But both Harry and Marcus were glad they could make it. Percy was there as well, along with his two older brothers, Bill and Charlie. And Harry and Marcus had been shocked to see that Viktor, along with his betrothed could make it. They had requested from Gringotts about an international portkey, but they didn't think he would be able to make it, with his career in Quidditch and all. There were several students they recognized from Bulgaria that was there. It definitely had been a big turnout; one they were happy to experience.

With hands clasped together, they both couldn't wait to see what the future would hold for them. They would still live with Sirius; the house was big enough for all of them. And there could be plans if Harry and Marcus decided to get a house of their own. Marcus was already deep within his career and would only go up from there. He had even planned on taking some short-term international missions in the future after Harry graduated. And Harry only had a year left of his education left, as did Neville, Seamus, and Dean.

Neville had already been talking about going to see the world and expend the world in Herbology before taking a steady position as a professor.

Dean had been looking more into being a magical architect, putting his artistic talents to great use. He was already looking at international contracts, which he was excited to get started on. Not before promising that he would visit as often as he could.

Seamus had decided to go more into engineering without having to set his eyebrows on fire. Harry wasn't exactly sure what he was doing. Maybe something as a Pyrotechnician, he knew he would do well at it. He had even heard Fred and George asking for his expertise when they were creating their fireworks and pranks.

Harry was just happy that all of his close friends were doing well with their careers as he was as well. He hoped that maybe one day that he would take over Madam Pomfrey's job as the years went on. But he was in no hurry for the years to rush on by, especially with Marcus forever at his side.

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