Waking Up in a New Land?

SummaryFlorence Potter woke up in 1918, after Voldemort's spell hit her and finds herself not only in a different country, but in a different time altogether. But being here isn't as strange to her as it should be, in fact it felt more like home than she ever felt in her own time. What will happen, when she finds two men, who seem to know her and vice versa, even though she'd never met them before. Between falling in love with Edward and two vampires, Damon and Stefan, who claim to be her brothers, regaining the memories of her past and eventually realizing that she was never a Potter, but a Salvatore, would she ever be able to find out how she ended up in the future?

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Florence knew something was wrong, even before she opened her eyes.

She looked around and realized that she didn't know where she was. The last thing she remembered was facing Voldemort in the Forbidden forest and she'd closed her eyes as soon as the green light came barreling towards her. She didn't know how long its been, she opened her eyes only to close them again. It was extremely bright and there were noises all around. She found herself lying on something hard and realized, that she was lying on a road. Her head was spinning and she groaned.

"Miss? Miss, are you alright?" she heard a male voice and her eyes snapped open, as she looked at the male in front of her and gasped.

The first thing her mind came up with was that she was dead. Cedric was standing in front of her, but as she looked closer, she realized that it wasn't Cedric. This boy had bronze colored hair, his face was the same, but his eyes were green and the boy wasn't British. Second, was how was he here in the forbidden forest? But as soon as her brain started working, she realized that she wasn't in a forest anymore, but on a very busy street. The next thing she did was searched for her wand and her bag, which were thankfully, lying just beside her and she snatched it with a speed, which startled the boy and his eyes widened.

"Who are you?" she asked as she looked at him, wand still in hand.

The boy looked at her skeptically and then answered, "My name is Edward Masen."

Florence frowned. Was he a muggle, but how could that be? Just an hour ago she was at Hogwarts. Where did he come from? Or more specifically, where exactly was she? Because she was sure this wasn't Scotland or even London for that matter.

"Are you alright, Miss?" he asked again.

She didn't reply, but asked, "Where am I?"

The look on his face turned serious and he looked alarmed. "I think you hit your head. It is a miracle you are not hurt. One second you weren't there and in the other, you were in the middle of the road and almost collided with my car. Where did you come from?" He fired and he looked at her, like was searching for injuries.

She almost hit a car? Why couldn't she remember that? And how was she here, wherever this was? Then she noticed his clothes and her brows furrowed. Why was he wearing vintage clothes? As she looked around, she saw that everyone was wearing the same vintage clothes as him, men and women both. She felt like she was in one of those classic American novels that Hermione loved. There were horsecars! Something was definitely wrong!

He seemed like a muggle, so she hastily stuffed her wand in her bag and looked at the boy, Edward, who was looking at her uncomfortably now, but her focus was on something else.

"Do you have today's newspaper?" she asked.

He watched her steadily for a moment, before nodding. He stood up from where he was kneeling next to her and went to his car. A car which was vintage as well! He came back with the paper and gave it to her.

She didn't see anything other than the heading, which read-

CHICAGO, Thursday, May 2nd, 1918

The blood drained from her face as she looked at the paper and then at Edward. She felt like she was going to puke, but she took a deep breath and asked him, "We are in America?"

He looked at her apprehensively, but nodded once again.

She was not only in a different country, but she was in a different time. A time where no one she knew, was born yet. She drew in a deep breath and then another. Nothing worked. This could only have happened to her and with that thought, she started laughing.

Edward looked at her with panic on his face.

Yes. It was a reason to panic, alright. Everything was wrong! Very wrong indeed!

She felt dizzy, but this time the darkness was welcomed and she gave into it.




She was playing with her brothers, who always used to entertain her no matter what. She remembered that they loved her unconditionally. She and her twin brother were 11, while their elder brother was 18. Her twin had brown hair, while she and her elder brother, both shared black curly hair and fair skin with olive undertone. But while he had piercing blue eyes, she and her twin had the same forest green eyes. She was wearing a dress, while her brothers were wearing shirts with suspenders, waist coats, hats and leather laced boots.

She was close to both of them, but especially with the elder one. He used to support her and was always there for her, even though she did things which no-one else could do. Strange things, but he never told it to anyone and was always there for her; unlike their mother, who told her not to reveal it to anyone and only the evilest of the people could do strange things.

Both, she and her twin were hiding, while playing hide and seek, when someone grabbed her. She turned around and saw a man and she shouted. She knew her brother would save her from the man, but the man held her tight as she called her brother again and then everything faded.

End of Dream



Florence woke up with a gasp. She had always had that dream. Ever since she could remember, but nothing more than the two people who were her brothers, which was impossible. She was an only child and moreover in the dream, she was in a time which held no real relevance to her. She pushed whatever it was aside for now and found herself lying on a soft mattress. Probably the softest one she had ever slept on, if she was correct. She opened her eyes and sat up with a jolt as she studied her surroundings carefully. She was in a room which was unfamiliar to her, but it was one of the largest rooms she had been in. It was intimate, serene and had a huge window on one side of the room. The bed linens were luxurious and a generous amount of fabric was used on the window, which matched the headboard. The furniture in the room was made of wood.

The last thing she remember was the green light and then waking up on the streets in America in 1918. How was that even possible? And exactly, where was she? She blindly reached for the nightstand and put her glasses on. Then she searched for her wand, which wasn't there and her dread increased. But then she remembered that she had hastily stuffed her wand in her bag, when she realized that she was surrounded by muggles. She looked around and saw her bag lying on one of the chairs and sighed with relief.

Now, she just had to find where she was, but before she could think or act upon it, the door-knob turned and she froze in place. The door opened and a middle-aged woman stepped inside. She was a beautiful woman and had the same bronze hair and striking green eyes as Edward's, so she must be his mother, Florence thought. Again, she saw how the lady was dressed and groaned internally. She closed her eyes and allowed herself a moment of panic. What was she going to do?

"Good Morning, my dear. How are you?" The lady asked as she smiled.

"I'm fine. Thank You." Then she cleared her throat and asked, "Um… I am sorry, but where am I and who are you?"

"I am Elizabeth Masen. My son, Edward almost hit you with his car. It's a good thing that you are not injured." She said as she looked back at Edward, who was standing near the door and was shifting uncomfortably.

Edward blushed, color flooded his cheeks as he turned towards Florence and said, "I apologize, Miss. It wasn't my intent to harm you in any way."

"Its alright. I am fine, so no harm done." She said as she smiled at him.

"I'm sorry to ask this and I must seem insensitive, but I couldn't help but wonder, how you came to be on the middle of a road, Miss? By your clothing and the mannerism of talking, it doesn't seem like you are from this part of the world." he asked looking at her curiously.

She looked down and saw that she was still wearing her faded jeans and Ron's old hoodie, which were dirty and heat flooded throughout her body with embarrassment. She looked up and saw both of them staring at her, waiting for her response. What could she tell them, which wouldn't send her to a mental asylum? She closed her eyes and decided to tell them half-truth, which should also make it easy for her to remember.

"My name is Florence Lily Potter. I was born in London, to Lily and James Potter. My parents were killed, when I was fifteen months old and I was sent to live with the last living relatives of my mother. They were abusive and I was nothing more than a slave to them, so I ran away at the first chance I got and I came here." She finished.

There was silence for some time, and when she looked at the occupants of the room, she saw the Elizabeth staring at her with pity and horror, while Edward was turning red with anger.

"Oh poor, dear! You can stay here with us until you find what you are looking for. Perhaps, you'll even like it here." Elizabeth said with a smile.

"I cannot possibly intrude upon you like this, Mrs. Masen." She replied.

"Nonsense! You can stay here as long as you like and no more arguing on that." Elizabeth told her in a firm, but sweet voice. Out of the corner of her eyes she saw Edward rolling his eyes at his mother fondly.

Florence didn't know how to reply to the lady. She reminded her of Mrs. Weasley and her throat clogged as she thought of her and everyone else, who didn't know where she had vanished. She felt a tear flowing down her cheek and hastily wiped it away, then cleared her throat and said, "I… There aren't enough words to thank you, Mrs. Masen." She was feeling overwhelmed and cursed herself for crying.

"Don't worry about it, my dear. And its Elizabeth. Mrs. Masen makes me sound old." She said, and Florence couldn't help, but smile at her.

Mrs. Masen was looking at her with a soft smile, while Edward was staring at her; when she caught him looking, she raised an eyebrow at him, at which he turned red again and she couldn't help but smirk at that.

"Meet us down at breakfast whenever you are ready, dear." Elizabeth told her, then she turned towards her son said with a smirk, "Come, Edward. You can continue your staring down as well." And with those words, Elizabeth left.

She saw as Edward eyes grew large as he stared at her and then rushed out of the room.

'Her life just turned really interesting.' And with that thought, she got out of bed to get ready for a new life!

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