AN: So I originally wasn't going to post this but some people seemed curious about it. I'm also going to have to take a little time not posting for the final chapter so a little compensation outside the norm seemed nice to do. I might also do a series of omakes if people are up for it. Actually now that I'm thinking about it that's a really good idea. I get to come back to the characters, amuse you all with one of the best parts of this story, and it's fun to make omakes. Not all of them will be great but some of them will at least. Yeah I'm going to be doing some of those I think.

Just to be sure you all do realize this is a lemon, right? It's not even a very controversial one. Just don't be rude about it. If you're sensitive to stuff like this and don't want to read it don't. For those of you that do let your perverted side run free, as seems to be the online norm these days, enjoy. I think it's pretty good myself but I don't think it's anything special. I just tried to not do ridiculous stuff like 'And then he stuck his thirty inch schlong into her fiery snatch. Her triple D sized breasts bounced majestically as the fifty other girls in this guy's harem watched with absolute love in their eyes.' Sure that smutty word porn is okay but I'm here to write a story. Not porn. This is, to me, like an omake basically. Just a different breed of it.

Anyways, enjoy.



Lyra pushed him down onto the bed and pulled his trousers down. "Huh?" she was a little confused when she saw he wasn't hard. "Wait, do you-"

"I use my semblance to keep blood from flowing there when I'm aroused practically by reflex now." He explained as he rose. Lyra gained an understanding expression.

"I thought you were just… little." She said embarrassedly. Dexter gave a faux insulted look.

"And I thought you were a pervert who gets off on fighting." Lyra froze. "I have a keen sense of smell. You didn't really take a shower when we first sparred. Or when I kicked your ass the other few times." Lyra seemed to have short circuited.

Dexter kissed her again to bring her back to lucidity. She looked at him with a massive blush after he finished. She also smelled absolutely delicious in her nether regions. Strongly too. "I really don't mind." He said. Lyra didn't hesitate before pushing him on the bed and getting on top of him.

Dexter didn't have much time to speak before she pulled aside her panties and impaled herself on him. He breathed in sharply. The feelings were sharper than he imagined. Lyra sighed in relief as she rolled her hips. Dexter groaned at the feelings from her snatch. Why was he not doing this before?

Lyra traced a hand down his pecs as she rode him and leaned in for another kiss. She gazed lovingly and hotly into his eyes. Dexter took an experimentive thrust upwards and found that he quite liked that. He tried a few more and Lyra seemed to enjoy it as well with how she was smiling and breathing a bit more heavily.

The two stayed like that for just a little while as Lyra rode him and Dexter thrusted upwards when he could, developing a steady rhythym. Eventually, though, the pose got stale and Dexter took the initiative to change it. Neither of them were much the slow and steady type anyways. He turned her over and quickly removed her nightgown and kicked his pants off.

Lyra gasped as he tried taking the dominant role this time. He found that he liked it more than the submissive role that he had been using before. He didn't spend his time just bluntly thrusting though. He measured for the best angle that made her moan just right or gasp a little harder than the others. Finally he found just the right spot and she cried out and gripped onto him hard as she clenched.

Dexter's eyes widened and he felt her snatch move in a fantastic way. He thrusted just a little more on that spot and the cries increased in volume. He lost focus for a moment and his body lost control. He pulled out and came on her waist and she panted hotly. Had she came? The look of some bliss said that yes. She had.

Lyra looked at his semen on her waist and she stood up. "That was… really good for a first time. How did you hold for so long though? I was at my limit for a few minutes there. And I'm even more experienced than you!" Dexter smiled and kissed her.


She scowled. "That's actually fair game. Well done. You lost concentration?" Dexter nodded and she smiled. "Good. I want you to lose concentration more. Just this time… inside?" Dexter's eyes widened.

"You're sure?" She nodded.

"I'm confident we'll be married. I love you." Something in Dexter perked up and he quickly kissed her harshly. She moaned as he worked harder this time than before.

Lyra pushed him upwards and leaned back herself. Dexter got onto his knees and positioned himself in front of her. He entered more quickly than last time and she yelped at the speed. He didn't slow down the pace. He focused on finding that right spot again and stuck there. This time, though…

Dexter eyed Lyra's clitoris. He experimentally flicked it and a small gasp escaped Lyra. "Oh that's good!" Dexter smiled and rubbed it between two of his fingers as he thrusted into her. Continuing to experiment he pulled her upwards and grabbed onto her breast. Her eyes widened as he groped her.

Lyra leaned into Dexter and kissed him again and Dexter was hard pressed to grope, rub, kiss, and thrust just right all at once. Sex was hard work… Lyra leaned out and looked heatedly into his eyes.

This time Lyra decided to change positions and she got onto her hands and knees. Dexter smiled as he impaled her once more. She missed a breath as he thrusted in. He went a little faster than usual this time and enjoyed the sound of her ass as he thrusted against it.

After a few minutes of this Lyra was close so he decided to go out with a bang. He pulled her upwards and pushed her down onto her stomach again. Her breasts rubbed against the blanket and she moaned at the new stimulation.

Dexter growled and caressed her head and cupped her breasts as he plowed her onto the bed. He eventually hit a sensitive spot and Lyra gasped out "Dexter!" as she came a second time. Dexter came as well but he didn't stop thrusting this time. If anything he went faster as he moved from caressing to pinching her nipple with one hand and grabbing her ass with the other.

A few seconds of this and Lyra relaxed and Dexter stayed in her for a moment. "Wow." Lyra said in between pants. "Where'd you learn that?" Dexter nibbled her neck and she giggled.

"Just now. I wasn't sure if any of that would work. Also, your heart rate increases when I hit the right spot."

Lyra smiled brilliantly and pulled off of him. A feeling of small satisfaction was felt in Dexter as a string of white left with him. "You came a lot… Semblance again?" Dexter kissed her tenderly this time, which was answer enough. Lyra sighed and pulled him down to the covers, which were mostly untouched besides a few damp places.

"Mmmmm." Lyra smiled and hummed as she cuddled into Dexter's chest. "I like you dominant. You're good at it." Dexter kissed her one more time and closed his eyes.

"I like it as well… perhaps we should do this more often." Lyra laughed softly into his chest.

"Yeah. We're doing this again. Do you know how nice that was? Besides, You're still inexperienced. You need practice." Dexter smiled and fell to sleep as Lyra did.

"I love you too…" he said softly. How strange that he could say that.