Banjo and Kazooie were enjoying a nice breezy day in Spiral Mountain when suddenly a portal appeared above them, the bear and bird looking up in confusion as they were unsure what it could be. Suddenly to their surprise, Sailor Moon came falling from the portal, screaming as she flailed her arms.

"Ahh! Help me!" Sailor Moon exclaimed as she had no idea where she was teleported to.

"Hey, doesn't that girl look familiar?" Banjo questioned as he rubbed his chin.

Kazooie shook her head as she shrugged. "I dunno. If she does, then she's probably not important."

A loud thud shook the meadow as Banjo and Kazooie rushed to the crater that Sailor Moon made, with the sailor scout groaning as she rubbed her back in pain.

"Ugh... curse that evil Barrel! When I get my hands on her, I'll-" Sailor Moon started as she then interrupted herself, noticing the animal duo looking at her. "O-oh, can I help you?"

Banjo and Kazooie exchanged unsure glances with each other as they faced Moon, who dusted herself off as she nervously wrapped her arms behind the back of her head.

"Well this day just got awkward." Kazooie blurted out while sticking out of Banjo's backpack so profoundly.

"Oh, I didn't know your pet bird could talk!" Moon exclaimed as she was in awe.

Banjo tried his best to hold back an angered Kazooie from pecking Moon. "Err, she's not a pet. She's my best friend."

"Wow, I never heard of a bear becoming friends with a bird!"

"And I don't recall a sailor looking like a pretty anime girl."

Moon had a confused expression on her face, with Banjo strangling Kazooie as a way to make her apologize.

"She gets like that with everyone, you get used to it."

"I don't know, you seem to have a choke hold on her."

"Trust me, you get used to having his hands around your neck when you go out enough in this backpack."