April had been an idiot.

A goddamn, stupid idiot.

She was supposed to be the brain of the group. Yet she had walked into this encounter with blind eyes.

It was supposed to be a regular patrol. Casey and Raph had teamed up for the west while Leo took the east. Mikey took the south and April had taken the north. There was a plan for when it was over to have a cannonball day and she was honestly excited. There was nothing like flying through the air to splash down in cool water.

Her hammer slammed through another bot's head. She quickly turned to catch another through the eye. Only five more. "You're losing your touch Donnie." she called out before kicking and slamming another to the ground. "At least make it hard on me."

Laughter filled the air, coming from everywhere. April couldn't figure out where he had hidden himself. "I wish I could, O'Neil, but you keep wasting my supplies." She could imagine him resting his chin on his hand, pupils dilated as he watched her. In a weird way, this was foreplay for their relationship.

Last robot. It went down easily.

"Then make better robots. I could probably make a better one in my sleep." Her hammer returned to its regular bo staff form. April reached and slipped her goggles over her eyes. Where was he?

A soft noise alerted her of the danger.

The two tech bo staffs slammed together. Hers was purple, his black. He wore a black belt, a matching sash all edged in purple. The sash held a white footprint, over his heart. His mask was black with purple edging as well. April grunted as he thrusted forward, breaking the standstill. Their weapons clashed against, her taking the chance to launch a kick at him.

He dodged easily, swiping at her. She dodged it, bouncing away from him.

They circled each other, April feeling like she was at boxing practice again. "You're getting good." Donatello said, and was that a note of pride in his voice? He launched at her, she dodging and her back hitting a wall. His hand gripped her chin.

"But not good enough."

He leaned forward. April felt her cheeks heat up...


Raph and Casey, both of their faces showing their rage, was sprinting across the rooftops. Donnie groaned, releasing her chin. "That's my cue." By the time backup arrived, he was gone.

"You okay?" Casey asked, resting his hand on her shoulder.

April nodded. "I'm fine. Let's go. Cannonball day, remember?"

The two exchanged glances before shrugging. "If you're sure, sure." Raph said. "Let's go." He and Casey made a running headstart for the next roof. She felt a smile form at the two, before it faded. She glanced in the direction Donnie had left.


April and Casey have both been trained by Splinter, but April also takes boxing, ballet, and gymnastics classes on the side. She still has her fan, she just has to reuse a lot of the stuff Donnie left so she also learned how to use a bo staff.

She prefers the staff.