Where Donnie first hears of April and their first meeting.

Deep underground, a lab was lit dimly. The light created deep shadows, hiding machines and blood stains. Only one table was lit, and this one was where the turtle worked at now.

Wearing a black apron and black rubber gloves, Donatello made a careful cut in the upper right arm muscle of the mutant strapped to the table. It had been a rabbit mutant and had been dead for about five minutes. He aimed his words at the recorder next to him. "Subject's mutation appears to have to shift the muscular system in order to add speed-"

"Wow. Still talking to yourself Don?"

Karai appeared from the shadows like she had been formed by them. Donatello rolled his eyes. "I'm in the middle of a scientific investigation. Do you have a reason for interrupting my dissection?"

She nodded. "Seems old Splinter and your brothers have some new allies." He ignored the pang in his heart at the mention of his brothers, pausing the recording. Karai threw some pictures at him. Donatello pulled off his gloves to hold them. Some of the five pictures held his brothers, but the focus was on two humans.

One of them was a male, some of him wearing a skull mask while the others showed him barefaced with a bandana over his dark hair. He looked like a junkie and were those hockey sticks? Donatello rolled his eyes, not bothering to look at the other. "So they've allied themselves with humans. Is there a real reason you're bothering me?" Without a word, Karai pointed at the other human.

He glanced at her. Female, looked Indian, dark hair pulled back in a ponytail, in her late teens like the male. Then his eye landed on something. A fan was strapped to her waist, but in her gloved hand she held a familiar staff. Now noticing that detail, Donatello saw the goggles perched on top of her head.

They had given her his stuff. They had given her his staff.

"Who is she?"

Karai smirked, obviously relishing this. "His name is Casey Jones. Hers is April O'Neil."

He glared down at the picture. "April..."