Of course it was in an empty storage center.

It was like a cliche conveniently empty warehouse fight in those B-list movies Casey and Ralph liked to watching. (While not making out apparently.) But she didn't really care what those two were up to.

Right now, she was more focused on the massive amount of Foot robots.

Leo was using the portal sword to fight some dark haired girl that he called Karai while Mikey used the fire spirit to melt the robots he was fighting. The smell of metal and burning cloth was clear in the air. Casey and Ralph were fighting back to back, making metal and screws fly everywhere. April was using her staff to fight, trying her best to ignore that her shoe was untied. The bo staff she used was a lesser model of the brothers' brother's Donnie's one- he hadn't added the rockets that was apparently on the one he used. But who cared? It was useful in this battle.

She wasn't even sure how this battle even got started. They were patrolling when out of nowhere they had attacked. Karai had immediately gone for Leo while the robots had gone for them.

"Red, watch out!"

That line was also cliche and April would've commented on it if she wasn't dodging the sparking Foot robot that was aimed for her head. She dodged, wincing as it slammed into one of the storage containers. It exploded, setting whatever inside on fire. She moved to dodge a piece of what looked like burning wood, tripping over her shoelaces.

Damn Converse.

She raised herself on one knee. A shadow fell over her. She opened her mouth to utter a greeting as she looked up to Leo-

It wasn't Leo.

He held a bo staff like hers, dark black and silver so shiny April could see herself in it. It matched the odd shell he wore, probably over his real shell. His clothes were clean, unlike the wear and tear of the Hamatos. They were all black, edged in purple. The only other color was the white footprint on his sash, over his heart. His eyes were cold as he studied her.

It was silent.

Mikey was the first to speak. "Donnie..."


This was Donnie.

He spoke first. "You must be April."

Then he struck.

She dodged his blow, rolling and springing to her feet to strike back. Their staffs clanged together, sparks flying out. He pulled away to aim a kick at her. April dodged to dodge another blow. The rest of the battle had stopped to watch them spar. Donnie growled when she hit his shoulder hard, creating a small dent in the shell. They parted to stalk around each other. "You just started." he noted.

"Yeah. I've been busy trying to figure out the stuff you left behind."

He shrugged. "Eh, guilty as charged."

Then he charged.

She was ready, their staffs clanging together once again.

The battle seemed to restart once again. Leo and Karai slammed at each other as the boys fought robots. Donnie and April didn't pay them any mind, lost in the world of their own fight.

Leo and Raph both held back during duels, trying to be honorable. Casey and Mikey believed in fair fights.

April didn't believe in honor or fair fights. And it soon became quite clear that Donnie didn't believe in them either. He turned his staff into a rocket powered hammer and sent it to her head. She dodged, feeling the heat on her cheeks. She couldn't help but let out a flutter of a laugh, blood rushing to her cheeks. This...this was awesome.

Well, not awesome.

A headrush.

Yeah, good word.

Then she saw, over Donnie's shoulder, Karai jump over Leo to knock Casey to the ground. She raised her sword over her head...


Later, they would say that her eyes lit up in blue the same time Leo's sword did. A huge portal appeared over Karai and Casey like the one under a nearby moving truck. The two let out yells and quickly moved out of the way of the truck. Ralph grabbed the boy's shirt and yanked him close. The truck fell front over bed and slammed into another storage unit.

The explosion lit up the night.

Donnie and April watched a tire moved past them.

"How...how in the world did you do that?" he finally managed out. April blinked and shrugged helplessly.

The fight soon ended, Leo yanking April with him. Karai and Donnie watched them leave. The former stared at the latter, who was extremely quiet and starry eyed. "Are you okay?"

"I need a sample of her blood."