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Chapter 1


Water, water everywhere;

Not a drop to drink,

Water, water everywhere;

Not a drop to drink,

I barely remember the class in which 'The Rime of Ancient Mariner' was taught. But these lines somehow stuck in my brain. A small chuckle left my lips at a thought.

'Haha- Fuck'

Damn it hurts to even laugh.

It was ironic.

It fits my situation perfectly.

Hmm… Maybe… Maybe these lines are not correct.

My memory has been getting a little foggy due to my current situation. One could only control his sanity after so much torture.

I tried to remember… something… anything but this stanza was the only thing, swimming in my mind, while my boat drifted along the currents.

I was barely hanging on my sanity by a thread – this I was sure of.

If I don't get rescued soon, I think I will be able to live much by myself, all alone.

Right, left, front, back – all there was endless water surrounding me. I couldn't even differentiate between sky and ocean now. The sky was looking like a fucking water body to me now. To me, it looked like I was surrounded by just was blue void separated by a line which was the horizon.

I don't know how many days have passed till my ship sunk.

'Or did I?' I wondered.

'Yes, yes I did' I remember.

I tried to move.

Even moving my body hurt, but I ignored it and willed my body to move. Now, I am quite good at ignoring the pain after so much time getting used to it.

'I marked the number of days on my boat but sometimes I forget that. Let's see where it was. Aha! Here it is' I thought.

Just at the backside of the boat, I could see lines drawn by scratching the boat which marked the days. I counted the lines which numbered total 52. It took me some time to even count as I had to repeat some times. So you could understand how much I was out of my mind.

'52 Days' I thought in astonishment. Was it just 52 days? It felt like an eternity. It may be more than that. I usually mark it every day but for the last few days, I was unable to lift my hand for this useless exercise. I was trying to preserve my energy wherever I could.

I don't understand.

Was my will only this strong?

I remember that more than a few sailors have been able to live more than that by themselves before getting rescued. The highest was alone for 122 days... I think.

Then again, they were soldiers. I am just a common man.

'Damn I have been on this boat for at least 2 months' I thought bitterly.

By now my parents must have thought I died in that explosion.

'Well at least they got my life insurance' I hoped.

But fortunately or unfortunately (I can't decide but I am highly leaning towards the latter), I survived that explosion. Unluckily I was outside on the deck wallowing in self-pity (It would have been 3rd anniversary of my relationship with my girlfriend but we broke up when I found her cheating on me), when the explosion occurred.

I can't fault her for cheating on me. I was usually away from her half the time in a year. I could see all the signs but I guess I was just lying to me, convincing myself that nothing was wrong.

Still, she should have told me instead of going behind my back.

I was almost over her but suddenly I remembered the date of the anniversary. Well, truthfully I didn't remember. My mobile generated a notification. I guess it struck a chord somewhere within me.

Anyway, I was on a 6-month journey on the ship.

That was my 4th Voyage. I was a low officer but the pay was very good so I didn't have any problems. Going to different places and meeting different people was always fun but it was also getting repetitive. It was actually one of the reasons I agreed to leave this job at my girlfriend's behest and try something else. But when I get to know about her cheating, I changed my mind and went back to it.

It was the 5th month onboard the ship. We were going back home, after a few stops. We were just 50 miles away from the Bermuda Triangle when the explosion occurred. Sometimes I really found my situation hilarious. I was cursed by my girlfriend to 'spend my remaining life wishing for death' and it happened. And the bitch is probably enjoying her time now while I am here struggling to stay alive.

I still remember that fateful day.

It was the 1st of February 2022. I was done with my duties for the day. I was partying with my crewmates when my mobile vibrated. After seeing the reminder, I remembered how she and I became a couple just 2 weeks before Valentine's day, on this day about 3 years back in 2019. The pandemic next year only brought us closer.

My mood became off after seeing that notification.

Feeling restless and sad after seeing the notification, I decided to go on deck for a little bit of peace and quiet.

I was thinking about my breakup with my girlfriend when the explosion occurred at the end of the ship. I came out of my consciousness after some time. It took more time for my ears to stop ringing. Somehow I was able to spot an emergency boat and some supplies after the explosion despite my head ringing like a bell.

The breakup quickly left my mind.

I quickly made my way there and boarded it. The first thing I checked was if I had any injuries, so that it may not hinder me afterward. I didn't know if anyone other than me survived or not but I remained intact from the explosion except the ringing in my ears which was going away a little slowly for my taste.

When the ship started drowning, I cut the wires and rowed the boat away from the drowning ship, instead of sitting there waiting for anyone to come.

I tried to find any other survivors afterward but couldn't find any even after searching for an hour. I had hoped that at least someone would have survived but I knew there was very little chance of someone surviving that explosion. After all, the explosion occurred around the same place where the party was going on.

After taking whatever I could find useful from the shipwreck like a handheld VHF radio, a whistle, some signal lights and flare, medical kit, solar blanket, knives, sunscreen, and binoculars, I then started rowing the boat to avoid sharks. They are more dangerous around a shipwreck because they are attracted to the blood from injured people.

I was in a conundrum, I could take the long way around the Bermuda triangle and find land or I risk it and enter Bermuda Triangle. Other mates laughed at me when I talked about the Bermuda triangle. They thought that it was just a myth. But I always thought it was true. So you can see why I was so hesitant to enter it.

At last, I decided to risk it.

And it was the worst mistake of my life.

My rations were wiped on the 15th day despite rationing them. Next was drinking water, I collected from the shipwreck. Pain from hunger and thirst has become a companion by now. The first 10 days were quite difficult. Sometimes I was crying, sometimes panicking and sometimes just resigned. Still, I preserved. I don't know if it was a good thing or bad. If I had died sooner then maybe I wouldn't have to live like this.

Death is a hundred times better than living like this – In my opinion. But then again I didn't kill myself hoping for surviving despite the bleak situation. I am somewhat a coward like that. Despite wishing to die, I have been unable to kill myself.

I have only been able to survive by eating raw fish I usually caught with a makeshift spear. The first time I ate a raw fish, I had to will myself not to puke.

I also think I ate my fill of the fish for a whole life-time in these last 2 months. If I didn't eat any more fish for the rest of my life, I would certainly be grateful. (I didn't know then but the majority of my diet would be aquatic meat for rest of my life)

Taking a shit was also a problem but only for the first few days. After that, I didn't eat enough to worry about how to take a shit.

Bones on my hands and legs; Ribs on my chest were clearly visible. Rarely any meat was left on my body. It was just skin and bones now. Whenever I would see my reflection in the water, I would feel pity for me.

I couldn't speak. In fact, I think I forgot how my voice even sounded. Thankfully, I am coherent enough to remember to not drink seawater even if I have been thirsty for the last 2 days. I was quite thankful for Navy training I underwent where they taught me all the guidelines one has to follow in this type of situation.

But still, the training couldn't have prepared me for the real-life situation fully. It is one thing to know and totally another thing to experience.

I even tried drinking the blood of some birds I caught as a substitute of water but only after puking for 10th time, I was able to adjust to it. For a second I thought that the bird meant that the land was somewhere near but it turned out to be a false alarm.

I made a tarpaulin to collect fresh water from the rain but my luck was bad. There had been no rain in last month. It rained only one time on the 25th day. The last drop of water I drank was 2 days ago despite rationing it. Also, I haven't seen a bird in the last week so I was literally on the verge of dying.


2 weeks later

I was losing hope of ever seeing land or getting rescued. Day by day my will to live was crumbling. At this point, I was ready to welcome my death with open arms. At least in death, there was no pain, no hunger. I was tired of seeing nothing but open water. I think I even saw an alien ship just last week. Maybe it was a hallucination, maybe it wasn't, I don't know. I didn't think over it much, after all, I was going to be dead soon.

At last, I have decided to kill myself. I was tired of all the torture I had gone through in these last 2 and a half months, especially the last 2 weeks.

I had to drink seawater to live when the thirst became unbearable. Thankfully, I caught 2 birds after that which helped me live for the last 2 weeks.

I slid from my boat and welcomed the feeling of cool water. In my pain, I didn't even think why my boat stopped moving in the middle of the ocean, why water was so still for the last few days, or why there was a worm-hole just below the boat. I smiled for the first time in the last few months knowing there will be no pain in death.

I didn't know how much time had passed, while I was unconscious but waking up and feeling water all around me will get any person moving.

I moved my arms and legs, swimming towards the land, I saw.

In my haste, I didn't even question how my limbs were working or how I could swim so fast or even noticed that I could even breathe underwater. I just sped towards the shore I saw. You could say it was an instinctive feeling to just get there.

Rough, gritty sand brushed over my hands and feet when I reached there.

I was so out of it that I didn't even realize why the ground looked nearer, why my body felt smaller.

I looked up to see where I was. It was just a small beach with the cliff just some meters further. Truthfully it wasn't even a beach. Just some land downside of the cliff where water didn't reach. I was surrounded by a cliff. It looked like someone cut the mountain's corner though I didn't know the reason. The only way further was going up.

I looked up to see how big the cliff was but the sun blinded me. I wanted to just collapse right there but the hot scorching sun also forced me to move further. I did not want to get blisters but judging by how hot my feet felt the sand, I had no doubt that I would get them if I spend more time here.

With great effort, I stood upright and waded onto dry land until I reached in shade made by the cliff. I flopped to the ground with a thud. Feeling the cool earth on my feet was heavenly. It was more heavenly than getting orgasm from fucking your girlfriend after a long frustrating 6 months of duty on board.

Just as I reached there, I started crying, I don't know why but with every tear I felt lighter as if the weight was lifted from my shoulder. I cried and screamed but for the first time in months, it was not because of frustration but because of happiness and joy.

Then I remembered my previous predicament, but I was not able to ponder on it as my body gave out from fatigue (I think) just then and blackness overtook my vision.

'The doctor of the island (Dr. Hiro) was taking his daily morning stroll listening to birds chirping before going for his duty. The little things of nature always made him happy. Today he took a long route. He was remembering how 33 Scholars boarded the ship just last week to god knows where. The situation smelled of something but he couldn't discern it.

Before he could think more about it, something shook him out of his thoughts. Suddenly he heard a voice shouting and screaming. He ran over to the cliff from where the sound was coming from and looked down to see a small boy shouting and screaming before falling unconscious. It was very anticlimactic.

Feeling a little worried, he climbed down from the cliff and sprinted there. There he found him lying on the floor. He was not as young as he used to be, but he was still able to lift the boy and take him home to treat him. Climbing back was a little difficult with the boy but he was able to do it.

It was good that the sun has just started to rise so nobody saw him or the boy.

Finding out something unexpected on the boy, he was perplexed about how to proceed. In the end, he decided to consult with his old friend and take advice from him. His advice has been always good and never have they ever led astray him.

His friend was also quite surprised to see the boy though he was able to tell him and satisfy his curiosity. Still to think even his friend was left speechless after seeing the boy and had to consult his books for the proper answer. Then again the boy appeared to be special.





Little by little I came back to the living.

For a few seconds, I was not sure where I was.

Then I remembered my previous situation or would torture be a better word for it. I was happy that I was able to come back to the land. I was happy that I would be able to see my family again. I was happy for so many reasons.

Still, I could feel something was different.

My body felt much lighter. I felt I could move faster than before. Initially, I thought that it was because of reduced weight due to malnourishment but I was not feeling lethargic at all.

Not wishing to open my eyes in case it was a dream, I remained there lying on the bed with my eyes closed praying that it's not some type of joke made up by my mind in my death. A little part of my mind whispered that I was probably in a coma and this must be some sort of hallucination, which I admitted, could be the case.

After a few minutes, I admitted defeat and opened my eyes to inspect my body to satisfy my curiosity. My mom used to say that my curiosity will get me in big trouble one day.

I opened my eyes and instantly shut them due to the brightness of the room. Next time I opened them slowly to adjust my eyes to the light.

I could see I was in a big room but I was instantly confused. To my shock when I moved my hand to adjust my specs, I didn't find them. I could see clearly but without my specs. This convinced me that I was in some type of dream. My eyes couldn't miraculously just heal after my 2 months ordeal. In fact, they should have been further degraded.

The next thing I saw was my own body. I was not in a big room, instead, I WAS SMALL. I could tell from the size of the bed. There is no bed in the world which is more than double my body size and I was 6 feet long so I would know. I instantly freaked out as every normal person would.

'How could it be?' I pondered worryingly but then I remembered it was a dream. 'Maybe I am saved and now I am really in coma' I hoped internally. I even thought that the bed was maybe a big one.

I tried to stand up but fell down because of the imbalance. It hurt when I fell down. Its reason became apparent after a few seconds when I felt my extra appendage: a tail.

'I could also feel pain so this means, it isn't a dream' I panicky wondered.

'Did someone experiment on me, while I was unconscious?' I wondered on the verge of freaking out.

Before I could follow that trail of thought, the door opened and 2 people came in (Probably to check as I made some sounds when I hit the floor). That made me focus on them instead of freaking out.

The first one looked to be in his 40's or 50's, wearing one of the most flamboyant pink robes that I have ever seen. His long grey hair and feminine face made me think he was she (I later got to know he was a 'he' not a 'she').

The 2nd man was of the same age as the first, maybe a little older. His head was shaved on top; his green hair adjusted jutting on the sides and the back top, combined with a large beard, all in the shape of leaves. He wore a red and white striped shirt with a large belt at his waist, pants, and a blue-black jacket.

'Are they cosplaying' I wondered with a sweet drop on seeing them.

Still, I was instantly wary of them, thinking that they did something to my body. I did not want to fight some psychos when I was clearly vulnerable. When they came with 3 feet distance I backed away and positioned myself in a fighting stance.

"Who are you? Where am I? If you think you can take me on, prepare yourself. I am not going to go down so easy" I said out loud. They instantly stopped and raised their hands showing they were unarmed but I wasn't going to take any chances. I was smaller than them so they could easily overpower me. It was best if I maintain some distance from them just in case. I looked around but couldn't see anything that could be used as a weapon against them.

It looked like they understood my intentions as they shared a look and sighed.

They said something but I was unable to understand the language. It sounded like Japanese or maybe Chinese, I don't know. I never did get around learning any of those languages.

'Did I went in the wrong direction and crossed America' I wondered. A small part of my brain which yearned for companionship after 2 months of loneliness rebelled and provided that 'maybe they rescued me from some crazy scientist and that's why I was free instead of being in a cage or some laboratory' but the larger part of my mind was still wary after my ordeal and what I found after waking up.

Still, I remembered that I was able to swim to a piece of land before passing out.

After a decision, I tried to explain to them my situation by signaling with my hands.

"I… ship… boom… all… dead," I said

They looked sad and with pitying eyes when I told them about the ship and explosion. A few tears gathered in my eyes at remembering the last 2 and half months' ordeal.

There was an awkward silence for a few minutes. After that, I indicated my hand down to the ground and tried to question 'Where am I?'

They smiled at me and said 'OHARA'.

Suddenly I realized that I am not on some remote island but on some other planet/dimension and that too on Ohara. I could now easily recognize the cosplaying man as Prof. Clover. I could also see a big ass tree from the window just beside me when I looked at it.

I was a big 'One piece' fan but I never wanted to live in that type of world. I mean who would want to live in a world where pirates were an everyday occurrence, slavery was legal for few richest and pathetic scumbags of the world and moreover they controlled the Government of the World, which was the biggest Hypocrite but also quite powerful organization.

Before I could even panic, I fainted from the sensitive information overload.


I know the date of the explosion is of the future and quite a bit later when I first started the story. It is because I wanted to rewrite the story. I didn't want to create another story so I decided to revamp it. I also wanted some extra knowledge of One Piece to be known to MC.

The story doesn't change one bit. I just added some extra details and dialogues as I felt they were less.

Biography of MC:

Age: 4 Years old

Height: 3'10 Feet

Weight: 20 Kg (Due to malnourishment)