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Chapter 7

Ohara Arc Part 6: One Year Plan

12th August 1500 SA.

Feeling a little nervous I recalled how it came to this situation.

1 year earlier:

It had been 2 and a half years since I arrived in this world. Initially, I was both scared and amazed at being in this world but when the amazement wore off, I felt alone.

Miss Mocha helped me in that regard. She was always there for me, giving me advice on any problem, be it small or big. Even Hocha saw me as her small brother and babies me. Initially, I was frustrated due to it but now I have come to like it, not that I will admit it ever. Otherwise, Hocha will never leave me alone.

Initially, I didn't want to bond with any people here as I knew it will only cause me pain when I lose them. Still, somehow some people managed to worm into my heart like Miss Mocha, Hocha, Dr. Hiro, and even Jack too. I tried to deny it but in the end, admitted defeat and started trying to find a way to protect them. I couldn't get strong in just 3 years to match a buster call without any proper guidance. And I know Akainu and Kuzan will be there.

They both were monsters in every literal way. Even if they would have been Vice Admirals, they still ate Logia fruits. I didn't even know how to train and unlock Haki other than observation Haki. Even then, I didn't want to take any chances. Jaguar D Saul was a Vice Admiral and Kuzan easily wiped the floor with him.

Still, I vowed to try, but I suspect I won't be that much powerful at the time to match them. Even after 2 and a half years of training, I was nowhere close to the power I wanted or rather needed. Oh, I was sure powerful but they would wipe the floor with me with just their pinky finger.

So in this type of situation, I turned to my mind instead of muscle. If I somehow saved them then I won't have any problems.

I just had an idea last week.

If I could convince Prof. Clover that I have Prophet dreams and could glimpse in the future. Maybe I could convince him not to pursue Poneglyphs. But on further thinking, I could see it was not possible. If he didn't pursue Poneglyphs then Robin would not get interested in them and she will not get into Straw Hats. It could change the timeline irrevocably so I discarded this plan and had to find another way.

'Still, first I have to convince him in the first place. Maybe I could tell him about Gold Roger and how he will become Pirate King, how he will be apprehended by Garp and how he will start a Pirate Era on his Execution Day' I mused

'Yes, this could work' I calculated the possibilities and determine the best and safe way to deal with the coming disaster. With this, I took off in the direction of the Library.

The library of Ohara was humungous. Usually, anyone can enter Library for a visit but getting a Library card is difficult. You will have to get your guardians' permission, you will have to prove that you can read and after that, a small fee was taken before giving a Library card. Still, as I was an orphan I didn't need to have Guardians' permission.

The library housed more than 20,000 books with every subject like biology, metallurgy, physics, chemistry, and some more. Not every book was good here; I learned it the hard way. Every book that has been published has 1 copy in here. Usually, whenever I had to learn something about any subject, I have to ask the scholars or Professor Clover. They recommend the book according to the subject to the best of their ability.

Then also sometimes they give the wrong recommendation so it's best if you ask a few of them and then decide according to the majority.

I also tried finding books about Devil fruit, Haki, and Rokushiki but I couldn't find anything. I suspected that these types of material were locked up in the secret part of the library or not even printed by the order of the World Government.

I couldn't just ask anybody about those subjects too. The first question will be where I learned their names? I can't just blurt out my secret to them.

While some children of my age were happily playing or reading some stories, I was combing through the survival books. I read anything related to seafaring, survival tactics and if I got a book about fighting that too but it was quite rare. But after 2 and a half years, I have read everything I could/ need.

I was so busy in my mind I didn't realize when I got there. After showing my ID card, I got in. I moved around the library as silently as I could, not wanting to disturb the peacefulness and quiet.

Unfortunately, I didn't find him anywhere. So I immediately start walking towards Prof. Clover's office. He is usually there when he is not in the library.

I knocked on the door.

A familiar voice bark out "Enter"

I opened the door slightly and leaned a bit in so that he could see I was there.

"Professor Clover, may I come in?" I asked politely when I saw him there.

"Yes! Alex, come in, come in" He replied jovially lifting his eyes from a book that he was reading and looking at me.

"Sir I wanted to discuss some things if you are not busy" I politely ask him.

"Sure my boy" he nodded and closed the book focusing on me.

"I…a…." I fake stuttered.

"Speak freely Alex" He encouraged me.

I took a deep breath and steeled my heart.

"Prof. some…times I have… dreams. Dreams that feel… very real. At first, I thought they were just that but recently I figure it out" here I stopped for a dramatic effect "You have to promise that you will not talk about it with anyone sir" I fearfully begged him.

Well, I was faking my fear but still, I was a little worried that this talk could go out. I didn't want my abilities to be known like Shyarly (Arlong's sister). That could create a lot of problems… I didn't want to deal with it.

'Man I would have got an Oscar for my acting' I mused internally on the outside I had a look of a scared child.

"Ok… I promise Alex, you can tell me anything. You don't have to worry about anything" He attempted to pacify me. Still, I could see he was a little rattled.

"Just a year ago I read about Gold Roger. Now I have dreamed of him being apprehended by Garp and his execution. He gave some speech about his treasure One Piece and started a Golden Pirate Era where pirate-"

He chuckled at my explanation and cut off before I could say much more "Oh Alex they are just dreams you don't have to worry about any pirate coming to Ohara. We don't have any treasure here that they will find any use of" He said lying through the teeth as I knew that one Poneglyph was just down there.

I was expecting this type of answer and was ready for counter proof. I didn't want to play this card so early but I didn't have a choice. I sighed and steeled my heart for whatever next is coming.

"You know at first I also dismissed them but how can you explain to me knowing that you are searching for Void Century. You even have a Poneglyph somewhere in the library" I said a little coolly.

He was properly shocked and stuttered out "Ho…w?"

I smiled bitterly at him, which probably came out as a grimace not that he could see and said "I wasn't certain but your reaction just confirmed it" with a pause "As I said, Professor Clover, I saw that in the dreams"

Suddenly his expression turned thunderous. He accused me of spying on them and now telling outlandish stories. I was seriously hurt that he thought I would be spying on him.

"Where did you get that knowledge?" He asked for the umpteenth time. I was seriously thinking that it was a really bad idea to come out in the open but it's not like I can reverse time. I cursed my past self for this blunder.

I sighed "I already told you, I saw it in my dream. You are also arguing with an elder from the 5 point star elders on the snail, telling him your theory about the Void Century. I don't know if you are right or not but he definitely ordered the marines to shoot you on the spot and they do. It is then that I wake up every time" I told him with little fake tears in my eyes in the end.

He obviously didn't believe me judging from his reaction. But I was past caring at this point. I was literally kicking myself for telling him anything. I should have let him be killed and this place burns to ashes. I should have just convinced others that were dear to relocate to another island. In the end, he told me to go but not before to keep shut about Poneglyphs, void century, and….. Well, everything.

I was already going to do that. He didn't have to tell me that. I had some common sense. But then again I did foolishly tell him about the future just now.

But just before going away, I said "I know you don't believe me but one day you will. I hope that it doesn't come true but I know it in my heart that it will happen nonetheless" here I took a pause and then continued "When I get proved right, only then we will talk" I said and with that, I left the office. I know, I was more than a bit dramatic but sometimes you need to be dramatic to get your point across.

Flashback end

After that meeting, I was so angry that I went to the Blacksmith shop and continued to pound the metal till evening. I only stopped when Smith stopped me in the evening while he was going home. I was thankful that he didn't enquire why I was angry or anything.

Even then, my anger didn't decrease. I even destroyed some boulders in my anger the next day. I didn't even notice that I was hurt.

"Ughumm" a voice cleared throat.

I came out of my musing when Professor Clover cleared his throat. I looked up to see him still serious.

"Talk," He said again

"What's there to talk about? I already told you about this last year" I said coolly.

I wasn't about to let him go that easily. I was still angry at him for the last year. The professor looked embarrassed. He sighed and stood up.

And then he bowed "I am sorry…" I cut him before he could say anything more.

"Professor what are you doing? Don't bow please" I requested.

I was really mortified to see him bowing in front of me. Sure I wanted his apology but not like this. A simple 'sorry' would have sufficed. (Only later in my years I saw his manipulation. He was trying to embarrass me to break the wall and a simple sorry wouldn't have done that. There would have some anger from me that a simple sorry wouldn't have sufficed)

"No Alex, what I did was very wrong," He said before bowing again "I am really sorry. Please forgive me" He said with his head still facing downwards

"Yes, I forgive you. Just stop bowing" I said quickly.

I sighed when he stopped bowing. It makes me really uncomfortable when someone is bowing in front of me. Well not everyone. I don't have any problem with making my enemies bow in front of me. My ex-girlfriend of previous life was actually on top of the list for now even if I have forgotten her face.

"Ask your questions Professor," I said to him after some silence.

"Thank you. Can you tell me about those dreams again" He asked. I nodded and told him

"World Government somehow captures Olivia lady. I don't know who she is but her capture somehow led them to believe that you are studying a Poneglyph and trying to uncover Void century to use some weapons. She is somehow able to escape with the help of a Vice-admiral. She also mentions that her whole colleagues are killed by the Marines on the order of the World government"

I distinctly heard him mutter "A-all"

I took a pause before continuing "They came to the island to check the rumors of you hiding and studying a Poneglyph. They find one and told the 5 Elder stars. This is where shit hits the fan. On orders of the 5 Elder stars, Cipher Poll called a buster call on the island killing everybody and destroying the island" I said somberly.

I didn't tell them about Saul because I wanted to keep him a secret.

He pales after hearing me. I wouldn't have believed but his face was ashen white.

"All… of… them… killed, Buster call... Are you sure?" He asked me

I grimly nodded.

After a pause, I continued "The ship, with which civilians are going, is burned down by a fanatic believer of Absolute Justice. He is a Vice Admiral judging by his coat. The bastard didn't want to take any chance that any archeological scholar somehow lives by boarding the ship even if they already checked" I said with some justified anger.

Here, I paused again. Professor didn't reprimand me for cussing. He was still coming to terms with this.

Taking a breath and sip of water I continued while Professor Clover remained there seated listening with rapt attention "The marines kill everyone and burn all the books. Some of you try to protect them by sending them into the water but after the bombings, nothing is left. You are also arguing with an elder on the snail, telling him your theory about the Void Century. I don't know if you are right or not but he definitely orders the cipher-pol to shoot you on the spot and they do. It is then that I woke up every time"

I finished it with an ominous line "In the end, Ohara is wiped off till nothing is left".

I knew I was bullshitting and even telling half-lies sometimes but it is very important for the continued survival of the many people. I looked up to see him quite shocked by my explanation. His face is all ashen white probably by imagining the scenario.

"Oh! My boy, I can't believe what you have gone through. And on top of that, I even accused you of…" He trailed off. A few tears dropped from his eyes probably from remembering it.

"Umm…. there is no problem Professor Clover. It's in the past. I have already forgiven you. It's all water under the bridge" I awkwardly said. Like I said I don't know what to do in the situation when the other person is crying. "Moreover we should think on how to prevent this tragedy," I said firmly

We spent some minutes in silence. I let him think about what he heard from me as I know that it can be a little much. After 5 minutes he opened his mouth to speak but thought better. He closed it and it was silence again.

In the end, I was feeling restlessness so I sighed and said "I have some ideas I can tell if you want"

He replied negatively "No you have done all you can. I will see from here onwards"

Seeing me speaking he raised his hand and continued "It will be better if we stopped the research altogether. I will even call the expedition to come back"

'What the fuck' were my thoughts. I wanted to save my precious people (god, I sounded like Naruto), not change the timeline.

But on further thinking, it may be for the best. Maybe Robin will not go through all those hardships for more than 2 decades, not that I was planning on leaving her alone.

With a relieved sigh, I just nodded and got up.

Just as I was about to leave, Professor Clover said "If you have these… dreams in the future, be sure to tell me"

I just raised my eyebrow at him in confusion. 'Why would he need to know' I pondered.

In the end, I just shrugged and nodded. Still, there was this uncomfortable feeling that something was wrong.

With that done, I exited the Library and went to my spot.

While going to my spot, I heard someone crying.

On one hand, I didn't want to nose around in anyone's business. On the other hand, I didn't want to leave anyone behind. What if someone is hurt?

So, in the end, I jogged in the direction from where the sound was coming.

I reached there to find a crying black-haired girl walking on a stump. She sat down on the stump and continued to cry.

Now, I didn't know what to do. I definitely didn't want anything to do with a crying girl. In fact, I didn't know what I could even do for her. I was really bad in these types of situations even in my previous life.

In the end, I decided to bring help. I ran back to the house at full speed. I was there in a minute with my speed and familiarity with the land.

I was happy to find Hocha there. Unfortunately, my first choice, Mocha wasn't there. Seeing as Hocha wasn't doing anything, I decided she would do.

"Hey, Hocha! Come with me" I said grabbing her hand and started dragging her with me.

"Where are we going Alex. It better be no prank. I don't want to leave my work to see a prank." She threatened as she jogged with me.

I didn't answer back. She was running slow so I just picked her up ignoring her blush and sped up. In no time, I was back. The place wasn't that far from the library. It was practically a 2-minute walk from there on foot at normal speed for any common person.

I shushed Hocha when she looked like she was going to give me an earful. I just pointed her to the crying girl's direction. Seeing that she understood my intention and walked up to her.

They talked a little bit and in no time, the girl stopped crying.

I have to say that Hocha was really good with kids. She had to be considering she spent more than enough time in her childhood helping Mocha taking care of them. She also knew the girl.

I was just going to walk away when I stopped.

I heard the girl's name.

She was Nico Robin.

Apparently, she was crying because her Aunt beat her up when she tried to wear her cousin's dress.

I couldn't take it after hearing about her aunt's cruelty. I cursed my own powerlessness. I thought about pranking her but I know her types. She would blame it all on Robin. And I didn't want that. And even if I made myself known to her after pranking her, she could try and take out her frustrations on poor Robin.


Next Day

After my talk with Prof. Clover, that day, I felt as if the weight has been lifted from my shoulders. For the first time in years, I could take breathe properly.

Still, it didn't mean that I would stop training thinking that all will be well.

In fact, I decided to train more vigorously. The one thing Oda always tried to show was no matter how tough fucker you were; there will always be another more powerful, meaner, tougher son of a bitch out there. And with my luck, I will be opposing him.

My next target was to learn Geppo without any buffs.

I would need to buy leg weights to learn them though. I already designed a prototype. They were made as shoes which in turn were made of tungsten. Side by side I also designed a couple of bands for my thighs and legs, 2 each for a limb and 4 in total. Similarly, I also designed a glove made of tungsten and 2 bands each for a single hand.

I already asked my mentor to let me use the forge. He agreed.

All in all, it will only cost me my time and the cost of the Tungsten I will use. It will take some time but I will be able to make them in a week if everything goes according to the plan.

It was noon when I exited the forge. I took a day off today but I didn't know what to do so I started walking to my spot.

It was then I realized that someone was following me. At first, I thought it was another thief. I also somehow got the flashback of a group of children following me similarly 3 years before. It was time when they tried to take off my mask. It was also the first time I beat them for it.

So, I used a silent Soru to disappear and climbed the tree to see who was following me and how to deal with them.

But after glancing down, I was surprised.

It was Robin who was actually following me.

Last night, Hocha let it slip that she told Robin that I was the one who found her crying there and got Hocha. I didn't need to be a scientist to understand that she was trying to make us friends. Mocha also hinted that I should at least talk with her.

I already decided to become her friend but didn't know how to do that. This actually simplifies the matter exponentially.

I was amused by her lackluster stealth but then again for her age, she was quite good at silencing her footsteps. If it had been someone else, they wouldn't have noticed her following. Only due to my senses did, I noticed.

I decided to have some fun. I quietly climbed down the tree and reappeared some distance away from her. I acted as if there was something interesting on the ground.

I then waited until she would notice me. It didn't take much time for her to notice me. I then 'lost' interest in whatever was on the ground.

Then, I started running (read jogging). I saw from the corner of my eyes as she kept it up with me. I had to give it to her. She was persistent.

I again disappeared from her view and hid behind a tree. I saw her stop when she couldn't find me. With a burst of Soru, I silently stood behind her. Just as she turned, I surprised her by saying "Boo".

"Waah" She screamed in surprise, almost falling forward but I caught her by the neck of her shirt. Her scream echoed all around us. I have no doubt that even some villagers that were near the forest would have heard it.

I was quite amused by her reaction."Hahahaha, you should be more careful. What if you fall and hurt yourself" I said as I put her down. Her face went bright red.

After that, she shook out of her stupor and gave a small bow and said "Thank you for your help"

I stared at her for a few seconds making her look a little uncomfortable.

"Umm…?" She tried to ask but I beat her to it.

"So you thank the guy that almost made you fall by surprising you?"

She looked confused for a second before remembering what happened. "Well… I… umm…" Her face went redder as she tries to think of something to say.

"Hahaha, I'm just messing with you" She relaxed a little after hearing me only to blush again when I asked my next question.

"So why were you following me?" I asked her arching an eyebrow.

"Umm…..well….err" She tried to say but she was really embarrassed. Suddenly her stomach yelped. Her cheeks were pink before but now her whole face was red. If I concentrated enough, I could even see some steam rising out of her ears.

I tried to control my laugh. I really did but in the end couldn't do it. Her eyes swelled up a little. I instantly stopped.

"Hey… Hey! don't cry. Look I was not laughing at you. I was laughing at…..err myself. Yeah, I was laughing at myself" I said to make her stop crying.

She looked at me to see if I was lying. Before she could uncover the truth I took her hand in my hand and said "Let's get you some food. Follow me" and with that, I started walking to my first spot.

After 10 minutes trek, we were there. It was good that I made a path to get down otherwise she might have not been able to get down without using her Devil Fruit powers which she definitely didn't want to show me.

"Just wait here for a few minutes. I will be back in 5 minutes. In the meantime why don't you make yourself comfortable?" I said in a soft voice to make her feel home. With that done, I dived in the water.

I didn't take off my clothes as it would have been embarrassing for both of us. Moreover, call me paranoid but I didn't want her to see my extra features yet. I quickly shifted some skin to make my hand and legs webbed just as I entered the water and swam to my new spot. I picked up the pan and net and brought them with me.

Just in a minute, I also caught a dozen fish with the net. It had been some time since I hunted fish in this area so the number of fish has reached an acceptable level. The number of fishes around my spot was started to get thin.

Once I had caught enough fish, I got out of the water. Thankfully she was still there when I got back. I took out my pan and started cooking. I didn't think she would be able to digest bones so I took out the bones from the fish. I also started to small talk while my food was cooking.

"So what's your name? My name is Alex. I am 7 years old and live in the orphanage with Mocha Oba-chan" I asked

"R-Robin. I am 5 y-years old. I live w-with m-my aunt and uncle" She stuttered out. Damn, I had my work cut out if she was this shy. Still, it will be good for her to grow some backbone.

"It's a cute name Robin-chan" I teased her, to which she spluttered and become red.

"Err…yes," She replied like she was unsure of what to reply. Then again maybe she hasn't interacted much with other children.

"Hmm. Oh look it's just ready" I said and poured in a bowl for her to eat.

"It's a bit hot, so be sure to cool it down. See, like this" I showed her by eating so that she eats it and doesn't doubt me. Still, she didn't take the bowl.

"Come on Robin-chan, you look like a twig. It's very important to eat food" I encouraged her. She blushed but still took the bowl from me.

In no time she started eating. When she finished I even poured some more without asking. I don't know how much she was eating at her house but seeing her gulping food, I had little doubt that she was getting much food at all.

Truthfully I had half a mind to just go to her house and beat her aunt black and blue for torturing her. But I controlled myself with the utmost will. No need to do that just now. I will just have Robin beat her. It would be poetic and the best revenge.

"So Robin, You didn't tell me why you were following me?" I ask once again.

Her face turned even redder as she stumbles to answer. "W-well, I-I…" She again started stuttering. I knew she was just curious but it was great to tease her. I needed some amusement, and lo behold, she provided it. Thinking for a bit, I got an idea.

"I see that's what you're here for." I nodded sagely.

"W-What?" she asks afraid that she been caught, which she already did.

"You wanted to train with me and get strong," I say it like it's the most obvious answer.

I know she was quite good in canon, but she could be better with me training her. And with me already destroying the timeline, it would be good for her. It isn't like she was otherwise occupied. Her mother will be back in some time and till then I could at least give her some company to fend away her loneliness.

Oh! God, it sounded worse then I intended.

I mentally gagged.

"What?" she said this time more confused.

"You mean you didn't come here because you wanted to train with me?" I asked trying to sound confused.

She finally caught on and thought that I misunderstand "A-ah, yes. I wanted to train with you. I-I want to become strong too." She said while trying to hide her embarrassment.

Her lying skill was so bad that I had to use all my willpower to not laugh at her.

"Great! Come on then." I grab her hand and dragged her along to train with me.

If I can use this chance to give her a confidence boost then it'll be even better. If she still decides to become an archeologist, then at least she will have some training.

"Now that we are fed, lets exercise. It's your first day so just do a set of 10. Ok. Now let me show you how it is done. You start your set after seeing them all. Ok," I said and started before she could reply.

She looked unsure but I just went with a roll. I don't know how to make her friend so I decided to just feed her and make her strong. It's the least I could do for her after knowing her situation and still ignoring it.

"First we stretch so that our body is warmed up for the exercise," I said showing her stretches. She quietly did them with me.

I didn't want to scare her so we only stretched for 5 minutes before taking a break.

"Next we start exercises"

I told her the benefits of each and every exercise. It kept her focused and didn't make things awkward. When I was done with a set of 10, I asked her to do it. I didn't do anymore as it would have taken time. Moreover, I don't like to stop my training in between. When she forgot any, I showed her that again.

When she completed her exercises, I had her do stretches again.

By the time she was done, she was breathing loudly.

"You have a long way to go, Robin, if you are just tired after a set of measly 10. Now watch me"

She became more and more surprised when I continued even after 100. By the time I was done with my current set of 225, she was able to control herself. But I already saw her jaw hanging open while I was in the 150s.

"See that's your end goal. If you follow my lead, maybe you will be able to reach my level in the next decade. Now watch and learn" I said a little bit arrogantly.

She continued to watch while I did my routine training. After a few hours, I was done with my 30 sets. She tried to do some in between but I forbid her. She may be able to do today but she will be sore tomorrow if she pushed her body too far. I even told her the same thing.

"…. And if you continue to add 1 exercise every other day, you will simply increase your body strength and muscle at the end of the year. The most important thing is to be consistent and eat healthily" I finished my lecture with that.

When I was done, I again went to fishing. This time, I also added previous fish bones. I already used all the vegetables while making her food. I didn't have more but still, it was good enough to satisfy my hunger.

I offered Robin but she refused. She was probably still full.

When we were going back, I said "Just come here any time between morning and afternoon. I am here on most days. You are still a beginner so you have a lot of time for doing your training"

She nodded and we separated when we reached the village.

I felt happy that I was able to help her even a little bit.


She didn't come on the next day so I thought that maybe I went a bit overboard. Still, I was planning on reaching her out to see if there was any other way I could help her.

But she surprised me by coming the day after. It was good that I decided to do training in my old spot for a few days so that the fish around the area of my new spot increases.

I didn't ask her why she didn't come the day before. I was happy that she came.

Thankfully, I also saved some food for me but I heated it up and gave it to her. After all, I don't need that much time to hunt more fish.

She quietly ate her food. She even did her exercises without asking. But the most important thing was that she had a small smile on her face the entire time.

This was the start of a beautiful relationship.

5 months later

15th January 1501 SA/ 1 GPA

This age was also starting to get called Great Pirate Age 1. I only got to know this as Ohara was a hub of knowledge.

Shiki attacked the Marineford just like canon and was even captured just like the canon. There was a whole page worth of article in the newspaper. It wasn't hard to find out as people talked about it for weeks until Gold Roger's execution which then became the new gossip.

The days blurred into weeks and weeks into months. The date of Roger's execution came and went.

On 30th September 1500 SA, Roger was executed. I would be lying if the thought of going there and seeing itself didn't cross my mind. But I was realistic enough to know that going there would be very hazardous to my health. I wasn't very strong. Sure, I could defeat a dozen low-level thugs but that's it. And that place would be crawling with the future big names. Moria, Doflamingo, Dragon, Mihawk, Shanks were just a few that were shown to be there in canon.

There were many things I wanted to do and many locations, I wanted to see. But I knew, I will only be able to do if I am strong enough. I am not going away from the island until I am strong enough to face at least a pirate worth 50 million berries.

East Blue may be weak but West Blue isn't. Just according to some rumors, the average bounty of West Blue is 10 million berries. It is 5 times more than East blue and 20 years before. So, I knew there was a high chance of dying in West blue if I decided to go as I was now.

Anyway, the execution was broadcasted in the whole world to show the might of the World Government. It was funny that they probably thought this will stop the piracy but it only increased after that. It had to be the most interesting affair in my time here.

The execution was broadcasted on the transponder snail which we thankfully had.

While transponder snails weren't the most expensive things, they weren't cheap either. Most families don't buy one if they can help it. The small communities like Ohara where the population numbers less than 500, 2, or 3 transponder snails are more than enough.

It was like the 90's back in my world where only the rick had the need and means to buy the phone.


The broadcasting started 1 hour prior to the execution.

The World Government didn't care about the money spent on showing this event. They lent a Transponder snail to every minor settlement, they could. Seeing as we had a Transponder Snail of our own, the people also decided to listen.

The town square was the place where the transponder snail was placed. A pair of megaphones were also placed there so everyone could listen in.

For an hour, I wasted my time listening to nothing but the commentator who was praising the marines and Garp for catching Roger. Truthfully I was bored but I still stood there. To pass my time, I walked a little further away and did some routine exercises, when I couldn't hear more of the propaganda.

After an hour, I was distracted from all the muttering coming from the crowd. It told me that something is happening and considering what it was, I was sure what was happening. I stood up and walked to the place. I looked around to see that the place was really crowded.

The sound from megaphones was easily reaching me so I just stood there and listened to the commentator telling about it.

He told how Gold Roger was brought by his 2 executioners.

When all the 3 reached on the top level (according to the commentator), the executioners made him sit. But before they could execute him, a voice asked "Hey pirate king. Where did you bury your treasure?"

I could hear the voice over the commentator.

The crowd started murmuring. The commentator went silent after repeating that question, waiting for Roger to reply.

"Hoh! You want my treasure" He asked.

I could practically feel the smile slowly appearing on his face. One of the executioners ordered him to stop but he continued.

"You can have it. I left it all, there" Before he could say more, the executioners executed him. I heard the squelching sound of something piercing the skin.

For a few moments, everyone and everything was still. Out of sudden, we could hear, lots of shouting overlapping whatever the commentator was saying.

Flashback Ends

I got goosebumps on my hand and legs just thinking about it. I was reminded of the mortality in this world. After it, my exercises became more brutal.

Still, in these 5 months, nothing much has changed.

I could now do easily 30 sets of 250. In fact, I just reached that level 1 and a half months before I predicted as I reached that mark about 2 weeks ago.

I even gave myself I treat by hunting a ton of lobsters before eating them to celebrate reaching three fourth way to the milestone of '10,000' mark. Hocha, Mocha, and Robin definitely appreciated the Lobsters.

I first thought of wearing weights after reaching the '10,000' mark but I couldn't control myself.

After reaching the three-fourth way, I started to wear weights on me at all times. The weights were all made of tungsten to be extra heavy. At first, I simply tried only leg weights but I realized that it will only help my legs so I started wearing all of them.

My shoes and glove made of lead; and 2 bands on every limb. All in all their weight came was 4.5 Kilograms, about one-tenth of my weight. They were all re-adjustable. I could easily increase their weights by adding the bands on top of it.

Nobody even realized that I was wearing them as I only wore them under my clothes, not even Robin.

Due to the weights, I significantly reduced the number of exercises and number of rounds of the Island, I ran, which saved quite a bit of my time too.

My attacks, on the other hand, progressed only a little.

My Iron Tail, Iron Claws, and Head Spike attacks were only a little better than before.

Thankfully, I have gotten some serious progress in Shigan.

My Shigan was able to pierce a boulder completely, the other day. Once I have made sure that I can do the same with every finger, I will start on the Iron cube. I have complete faith that I will be able to destroy an Iron Cube with Shigan before I leave this island.

My Monster Point Shigan could also leave deep dents in the Iron Cube now, though I am still not satisfied with it completely. Once, I am satisfied, I will start practicing on the Steel blocks.

But that's it.

My progress in the Rokushiki ended here.

I still couldn't crack Geppo.

But despite that, I continued to train my legs by running.

I know Sanji was able to use Geppo after running so long. But then again he had already trained his legs from the start under the tutelage of his mentor Zeff. I just hope that I can soon use it without using any buffs before I leave the Island.

I was also able to produce and use Electro Touch for the 4th time consecutively in a day, a few days ago.

I also added some features in my staff for emergency use, fearing a pirate attack. As piracy increased quite a bit according to the newspapers, I started training harder. I feared that something could happen to my loved ones. And yes, Robin is also one of them.

Speaking of Robin, her training has been more productive than mine.

In these 5 months, Robin has continued to come and train with me. I could already see the difference in her between now and then. She filled out and looked like a healthy girl instead of looking like a twig.

Now she could do 10 sets of 15, which was quite good in my opinion. I thought she wouldn't get past 100 but she surprised me by increasing her exercises 1, every day. There were a few days when she didn't come.

Still little by little, she is getting stronger and that's all that matters. She is after all only a little girl. In time, she could get really strong. She has also started to get her confidence back due to all the training.

But the most important thing was she started to smile more. She already started going to Library before even meeting me so we sometimes went there together. I didn't have any interest in becoming an archeologist or learn the language of Poneglyphs. I only went there to read some novels when I feel like taking a break from the training.

I only did my exercises around Robin at first. But little by little I showed her my running regimen. I even showed her one of my techniques, Soru. She started to run around after seeing that though she couldn't even complete half-round of the island. But it's the thought that counts.

I didn't show her my extra features as it was not the right time. We were not that comfortable with each other.

Still, I was happy that my friendship with Robin was going well. Moreover, it also helped me. I didn't realize but I was feeling lonely for these past years. I realized that I was just going through the motions. There was not much passion in my training. Even Mocha and Hocha commented on my new attitude, saying that I have started to laugh a little more.

The same could not be said about the island people. Just after a month, people got to know that Robin was spending her time with me. Not that it was hard to find. We did start going to the Library together a few weeks after that she started training with me.

Now I knew that they disliked her but I didn't know they disliked her that much.

At first, some people told me to leave her alone as she was bad news. I just ignored them.

But later, they started to badmouth her, calling her freak and devil. Now I am a very calm person, but that word 'freak' made me lose my temper as it reminded me of my features.

So, I told them what I thought of them. I think I used every bad word out there against him. Even sailors would have blushed hearing me.

Now people knew, I was not one to be trifled with seeing my strength. Moreover, I don't think they even thought of getting physical. But it seemed that their children had no brains. They started with name-calling which I ignored.

I shouldn't have.

I shouldn't have calmly told them to not name call Robin and me.

There was a disadvantage to my new attitude. They thought they could just do anything and I wouldn't retaliate. When they tried getting physical, I retaliated.

I wouldn't have even beaten them but they called Robin a freak which they knew, I hated. So I beat them black and blue. They were begging and crying when I let them.

You can guess what happened next.

Their parents came.

And when they came, I even told them to their face that I would beat them again if I found they tried anything against Robin. Miss Mocha was appalled that I would use such language or beat up children but she at least understood when I explained my reasoning.

I would have lost respect for her if she had just listened to their every word without any proof. After my discussion with her, she even told them off after giving me permission to beat them and their children if they do something like that again, in front of them. My respect for her soared after that incident. The parents were quite flabbergasted hearing that though they went away without creating any further problem.

This all happened just 2 days ago. I don't think Robin even knows about that though she was confused when adults refused to look in her direction while children ran away from her in fear.

I also learned that Robin will be 6 years old this February 6th. This in turn made me realize that I had at least 2 more years to get out of this island if somehow the timeline continues like the canon, despite my meddling, as Robin was 8 years old when the incident occurred.

Though I have trained, I hadn't been in a fight since I got here. Those scuffles with children don't count. But I got my wish just yesterday.

Just yesterday, after 3 and a half months of Roger's speech, we got our first pirate attack in the last 4 years. Normally pirates don't attack Ohara as it is known for its knowledge and no pirate worth his salt likes to read. But these pirates didn't get the memo.


I and Robin were just coming from our training. I decided to cut my training short today as my gut told me that something was wrong. I didn't even catch any fish to sell.

We just reached the village when I learned why. The first thing I noticed was wrong was a scream. I turned to look there to find a man running in the direction of the village square.

"Pirates, Pirates" He yelled at top of his voice.

I wasn't the only one surprised about it. People were beginning to panic too.

On one hand, I wanted to leave the people be. They did not need my help and truthfully I was in no mood to help them after seeing their attitude towards me and Robin for the last 4 months. But I knew that it would be good for me to at least fight them.

They could injure or god forbid kills someone who is dear to me. I can't say that they are my friends but they are more than acquaintances. I don't want any guilty feeling in future thinking and kicking myself for not doing something. This isn't me being a hero. This is just me being a decent human being.

"Robin! Go and hide. And don't come back until it is safe" I ordered Robin at once.

"But….?" Before she could say anything I cut her and ordered again in a more firm tone "Now Robin. I will see you there in a bit. Go" I said

To assure her I even smiled in the end. She nodded and ran back to the forest.

Similarly, people were running like a headless chicken in a panic now. Some were at least smart enough to get the children and hide them away.

I jumped up and hid on a rooftop. I wasn't foolish enough to think that I could try the frontal assault and survive. I wasn't even sure that I would survive but I had to try. If the pirate has eaten logia or even any other Devil Fruit, I am fucked. Otherwise, I have a fighting chance.

After a few moments, people quieted down. It was like they were bracing themselves for the attack.

I was flabbergasted. Nobody had a weapon in their hands. I even checked my surrounding to see if someone had the same idea as me but I couldn't see anybody. I was happy to see the blacksmith and carpenters coming but that turned out to be a disappointment as even they didn't have any weapons.

I could even see Professor Clover with a few scholars there, No doubt to try the diplomatic approach. Yeah! like that would ever work with the pirate hell-bent on raiding.

I didn't have to wait for the pirates as they came quickly.

They were a small group of pirates: About a dozen. They were all filthy. They looked like they hadn't had a wash in weeks. But I could still recognize the captain as he was the toughest, meanest, and the biggest son of a bitch. He was about 2 meters tall and had the belly of a girth to match his height. I was just waiting for him to deliver his villainous speech.

And true to my thoughts, he started speaking.

"Ho! Look Rober' they are already 'ere to give us all their things. Now you may not know who I am so lemme tell you. I am Black Sword Pirate worth 1 million berries and I am here to take your treasure. So be good and empty your pockets and put your berries and jewelry in this pouch" he said and signaled his minion who took out a big pouch and rested it on the ground.

'Ok, that is a small-time pirate. I could do it after all these years of training' I reminded myself. With that learned, I decided against removing my weights. If he had been more than 5 million berries, I would have removed them in a heartbeat.

To my surprise, people even started following his orders without any protest. I was disgusted that they would just bend backward to satisfy them. In fact, I was even thinking of letting them do it but they did a mistake.

They tried to capture a teenage girl, Hocha.

But before they could capture her, Miss Mocha came in between. But pirates being pirates, they captured Miss Mocha.

They were saying that they would be very happy with a girl on board and will fetch a good market price. My blood was literally boiling. Both of them were crying but nobody lifted a finger to help them. Professor Clover was holding back struggling Hocha and also trying to make pirates see some sense. But the pirates only laughed at his face.

With a jolt, I realized why there was no mention of Miss Mocha in the canon despite being so strong and amazing character. She probably died here in saving her sister or maybe got captured only to be used as a sex slave and later sold to some scum.

I had enough.

I picked up a stone and flung it towards the captain who was holding her. I took out my Bo staff from my back and instantly I was running and jumping through the roof towards them. I didn't use Soru as there wasn't enough space or even ground to cover ten steps. Rooftops were not that long but I could still run really fast. I just hope that nobody has Devil Fruit power. Then again they would have had higher bounty if that was the case.

By the time I reached rooftop's end, I heard the sound "Squelch", the rock connected with his head and he went down. I practiced quite a bit in my earlier days when I didn't have anything to do. So, I knew it would hit the mark.

The pirates were also starting to quiet down when they saw their captain falling to the ground. They were confused and I was going to take advantage of that confusion. In between this Miss Mocha also went back as her captor was on the ground bleeding. At least she had enough common sense.

First, I went against the pirates who had guns as they could be harmful to me or any bystander. I don't think my skin is durable enough for bullets yet. I don't even know Tekkai.

They were thankfully only 3 of them who had the guns and they were near each other which made my job easy. The other pirates had the swords which I can fend off easily. I was sure that I would land on one of them. And I was right. I landed just a hand away from the near one.

I tried to strike the first one on the head with my Bo staff while I was landing. But my aim was little off so instead, I struck his shoulder. I heard a wet crunch like sound though it was downed by the scream of the said pirate. But I ignored it in the heat of the moment of the battle. I only knew his shoulder was gone and he would be unable to use his gun.

I didn't make any sound or give away my attack like a fool. As only a fool would announce the attack in the uneven odds.

So they were still confused but I knew that it would not be long before they came out of their shock. So I went forward and hit the 2nd pirate in the middle. The staff connected to his stomach and the hand with which he was holding the gun. By the time he landed backward, he was unconscious.

By now the other pirates had started to notice my presence. But I wasn't going to stop. I rotated my body and hit the last one in the shoulder with all my strength.

'Squelch' came the sound of his bone cracking. He instantly cried out and dropped his gun. Now I could see that others were advancing on me so I backed away fast to create some space between us. Moreover, I felt that pirates wielding swords were a lower threat. And just rushing in would only get me injured so that's why I increased the distance between us.

My heart was beating quite loud from the adrenaline. My body was also shivering from all the adrenaline. If you could see closely, they would have found my staff was shaking because my hands were shaking. After all, it was my first battle in the last 4 years. I tried to calm my breath and found little success.

Still, I continued to observe the pirates. The captain was still out cold as were all 3 pirates who had the gun. I don't know how much time, the captain will remain as such but I have no intention of finding out.

I completed 3 out of 4 missions: I was able to free Miss Mocha. I successfully handled the pirates having guns so now they can't kill me or someone else by a lucky shot. I also completed the mission for them to focus on me instead of the other people.

Now all that was remaining was to handle the rest.

The pirates were still advancing on me charging with their swords although their roaring was really irritating me. I opened my Bo staff in 2 parts by rotating the front part. Now I had 2 big batons of little more than 2 and a half feet long. I was very happy now, that I added this little mechanism while designing my weapon.

After taking a deep breath to calm my erratically beating heart, I charged at them with a roar of my own.

I dodged the first blow and hit the first pirate with my right Baton in the hand while simultaneously blocking the second one's swing with my left Baton. The second one tried to pressure me but I hit him in the head with my right Baton which was free. Thankfully, my reach was enough to hit him in the head.

I dodged the swing of the third by sitting down. His sword missed my head by just a hair's breadth.

'Damn that could have seriously injured me if it had connected' I thought panicking.

With a little bit angry, I move forward and hit him on the side with both my Batons. His scream was really satisfying.

Knowing the other 2 pirates are just in his back, I kick him with all my strength. He went flying and connected with the other 2 and all 3 went down. But it looked like it didn't do much as I only took a breadth when they both started to move again. The one I sent flying was out cold.

I wasn't going to give them time to launch an attack on me so I ran towards them and jumped. Thankfully, they weren't very smart as they looked up instead of moving away. I hit them on their heads with my batons. Though I controlled my strength, still I have no doubt that both of them will feel headaches for the rest of their lives.

"Now stay down," I said just for being cool.

I turned around to see everyone staring at me like I was crazy. Truthfully it made me a little embarrassed. Still, I wasn't going to show that.

"What," I asked them with a deadpan.

"On your back" A girl screamed which I later realized was Hocha. My danger sense also kicked at the same time.

I instantly rolled away without any hesitation. A sword passed through the place I occupied just a second ago. It was good that I dodged otherwise it would have left a really deep scar.

I looked up to see the captain with his sword although he was still bleeding from his head. Truthfully it only made him scarier and meaner.

"You know only cowards attack from behind but then again you are a pirate. I can't expect anything less from you" I took a dig at him.

His face was getting red by each word. In fact, he looked tomato in the end.

"I will kill you" He roared and charged at me wildly.

Why! I mean why every pirate and even marines scream of killing when there are so many ways to make a person feel pain.

I dodged the first swing of his sword but I underestimated him. (C'mon give me a break. It was my first battle). His foot connected to my stomach and I was sent flying away.

Truthfully, it hurt a little but not so much as to hinder me in any form. The best it would become a bruise. It wouldn't even become a bruise. With the help of Life return, I could just make it disappear by eating some food.

My pride, on the other hand, took a hit.

'I shouldn't have underestimated him' I mused though there was no blood leaking out of my mouth which I could flashily swipe away.

Still, I decided to stop underestimating him from then and give my all. I wasn't going to hold back so much when I could get killed.

What? You thought I was going all out.

Bitch, please.

Even after wearing weights, I was holding back. I was only using one-third of my strength and speed in my attacks. I could have killed them with my full power. At first, I was thinking of using less speed too but I wasn't going to take any chance with my limbs. Moreover, I have a little mantra 'It is better to dodge than to block'.

But for him, I will increase my speed a little bit though my strength is quite enough. After all, you don't use canons to kill a fly.

It's also the reason why I trained my body so much. With all the training, I was able to control my speed and strength with just a thought. My life return training also helped me in achieving it quickly and efficiently.

"Tahaahaha You shouldn't have tried to be a hero brat. Now you are going to get killed" He said with an evil laugh.

"Hahahahah" I couldn't help but laugh. It started as slow but increased in intensity after a few seconds. The way he said this even after seeing how I defeated all his subordinates. I really couldn't stop my laugh. To any outsider, it may have looked like I snapped.

'Well maybe he didn't see it as he was out cold' a thought occurred to me which stopped my laughing. I shook my head and charged at him with a roar. I wasn't a person who would talk during the battle. Even laughing was out of character.

I again dodged his swing. He tried to kick me again but as I was using my extra speed, I dodged that and hit him in the hand with both batons. He instantly cried out and dropped his sword. But I wasn't going to give him any chance so I hit him on the sides of his leg. That way he won't be kicking me now. I tuned out his screaming as it was getting irritating.

In the end, I jumped and hit him in the head to stop his noise. He and I dropped down at the same time and by that time he was instantly out cold.

I joined both of my batons to make my staff. I took a deep breath to control my beating heart. It looked like a long battle but the whole battle happened in less than 2 minutes.

When I turned around the people were still staring at me. This time I was very irritated.


And done!

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