Chapter 210: The Undead

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In the Big Apple…

Tadashi thrummed his fingers against the bulky handle of the ceramic mug filled with steaming coffee, considering the question Dana had posed to him. They were sitting in a local coffee shop, decompressing after that encounter in the club.

Did we do the right thing?

He had questioned it several times while Stewart begrudgingly signed over his million-dollar venture to Tadashi. The evidence against the man was staggering. Without the testimony of his victims, the man could have walked according to his legal counsel. It was the best he could do right now. Tadashi made sure to give him no choice but to sign. Even with this loss, Stewart would still have the money to maintain his lavish lifestyle, something Tadashi planned to change in the long run. By going this route, they would immediately cut off Stewart's main resource to hurt anyone else in the future.

"That's all we could do without crossing the line," Tadashi answered solemnly. They left Stewart, knowing he had a target on his back. If he ever fucked up again, Tadashi planned to take more drastic measures. He already had Scott's team on payroll to keep tabs on his activities and interfere on an as-needed basis. The security team was also responsible for keeping Reino and his ghouls in check while they were part of KMR. It was a two-year contract Scott was eager to sign. The money would allow Scott to expand his business and stay up to date on the latest training and technology.

Dana nodded in understanding. She was aware of the circumstances that led to Tadashi's decision. Hopefully, threatening him would be enough to keep him in line.

"You did the industry a great favor, Tadashi. Thank you," Koki smiled in gratitude.

"No thanks is necessary. My motives were purely selfish. If that singer had not messed with my Kyoko, those men would still be harassing innocent young girls," Tadashi shook his head dejectedly.

"No matter the reason, thank you," Koki replied. "You could have chosen to leave things alone, but you didn't."

Tadashi nodded, "then you're welcome."

"So, you gave him a week to get his affairs in order," Dana chirped, turning the conversation to business.

"It also gives me time for my lawyers to file the paperwork. I had them start today once I received Koki's call. All that was missing was the signed contract," Tadashi replied.

"Wow, you work fast," Dana replied, impressed.

"I was overly confident that he would sign it," Tadashi admitted.

"I will have a business proposal for you by the end of the week. I need to review the company's existing employees and the other artists under contract. I promise to fulfill your wishes regarding Vie Ghoul. They'll learn to respect women once I'm through with them," Dana declared passionately, making the men chuckle.

"Is Christmas Eve still the expected date?" Dana questioned, jotting notes on a napkin.

"Yes, unless Koki has some reservations?" Tadashi asked, turning to the man.

"None here," Koki waved off. "Will it be enough time for you, Dana?"

"It would take some hard work, but I have just the people in mind to make it happen," Dana countered.

"Oh, and I mean Christmas Eve, Tokyo time. They are a day ahead of us," Tadashi clarified, then took another sip of his coffee. He watched Dana make striking motions on the napkin with her pen and write again.

"Got it. I'll also have to add travel time," Dana commented.

"Thanks for letting your right-hand woman go. I'm sure I wouldn't have been able to pull this off without Dana taking the helm," Tadashi confessed with relief. He wasn't lying. Dana was a Godsend that saved him time and paperwork from putting out a job advertisement for the position. Even if the record company operated differently, working for DEA and representing artists had exposed her to this part of the industry. She had an impressive resume and a master's degree in business from an Ivy League university. Dana also interned at several reputable companies in the city before settling on the agency, where she worked for the past five years. The few hours he spent with her were enough to convince him he had made the right decision.

"It was time for her to move on to bigger and better things. Your offer couldn't have come at a better time. It's also a win-win for me. I have a few clients to send your way once your studios are up and running," Koki replied.

"No pressure!" Dana joked, making them laugh again. "Thank you both for all the praise. I will do my best not to let either of you down."

"That's all I can ask for," Tadashi replied. "Please don't hesitate to contact me for anything."

"Thank you," she smiled at the offer. Once KMR was official, Tadashi would have to establish a weekly meeting with Dana and any executives they deemed appropriate for the company. Eventually, he would take a less hands-on approach and leave it to Dana to run; by then, a quarterly meeting would suffice unless something happened that required his immediate attention.

"Tadashi, I saw that viral video of your daughter singing in LA. She was incredible. Will she be coming to New York anytime soon to see the company of her namesake?" Dana asked curiously.

"Well, you see," Tadashi rubbed the back of his neck nervously.

"She doesn't know, does she?" Koki guessed, making Tadashi wince and shake his head in denial.

"It's good I haven't sent my daily email to Maria yet. I would have spilled about the deal to tell her about my day," Koki confessed. "Do you want it to remain quiet?"

"Wait! I'm confused. Your daughter doesn't know that you bought a record label for her," Dana asked, surprised by the revelation.

Tadashi shook his head. Despite the revenge part, it would become a good investment if managed well. If Kyoko wanted to record a song or become the CEO one day, it was hers for the taking.

"Please omit that part of your day from your email for now. I plan on telling her, but what exactly do I say? 'Hey, I bought the company of your stalker so I could exact revenge on him for ever hurting you.'"

Koki shrugged, and Dana exclaimed, "Yes! That's exactly what you tell her. Tell her the truth. Too many times the truth is withheld to spare a loved one's feelings. It only causes needless misunderstandings. It hurts more when they find out the truth from someone else. Stewart was a bad man. He hurt a lot of innocent young women in this industry. She'll understand, and I'll bet money she would be extremely proud to have you as her father."

"You think so?" Tadashi asked tentatively. Dana's logic made perfect sense. He didn't want to hurt his daughter ever again. If she ends up angry at him for doing it, Tadashi would just have to beg her forgiveness.

"Now on to more important things. I need to add you to my Christmas card list. Do you have a mailing address in Tokyo already? I would like to make sure the card gets sent to the right place."

Tadashi raised a brow, "Are you serious?"

"She takes her Christmas seriously," Koki confirmed. "She never fails to send one and personalize it. The staff appreciated the gesture."

"And I plan to continue the tradition at KMR though I'm cutting it close with all the changes. Since Christmas Eve is off the table, I'll have to pick an earlier date for the company party and hire an event planner. I hope all the good ones aren't booked already." Dana ducked her head and began scribbling furiously on her napkin.

Tadashi's current company hosted several events throughout the year, but he was never involved in the planning. Like the other executives, he just showed up, mingled with employees, and never thought about the work that went into coordinating such an event. With this huge change, it would be a great way to build up morale within the company.

"Would it be possible for you to make an appearance Tadashi? I was thinking of the Sunday before Christmas, then making the Monday after a late start day or giving the employees the option of taking personal leave. It would be just for the first year since it's so last minute."

"Last minute?" Tadashi questioned, perplexed by her urgency. It was still October. She had almost two months of planning.

"Yes," Dana laughed. "All the good venues are usually booked probably a year in advance. Then there are caterers, entertainment, door prizes, and much more to consider. I think by having it on a Sunday, we would be able to catch a break this late in the year."

"Wow! I had no idea how intense party planning could be. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help besides signing a check. I trust you would make this wonderful for our people."

"Thank you. I'll do my best to ensure everyone has a good time," Dana smiled and went back to writing on her third napkin.

There seemed to be a lot of details that needed to be considered. It suddenly struck Tadashi that the girls would be throwing a similar event on Christmas Eve for their Grateful party.

"Do you know if the girls hired an event planner," Tadashi asked Koki, sitting up straighter with worry. He recalled the lavish event that Kyoko shared in a few pictures and was proud that she and Maria were responsible for such a remarkable turnout.

"My father helped with expenses and hiring staff last year, but the girls planned the event. I heard your daughter was in charge of the menu and trained the hired professionals to execute it to her preferences. Eltra was chomping at the bit to pull her under his wing, mesmerized by her multiple talents."

Tadashi beamed proudly, hearing Koki's compliments.

"Okay, what are you guys talking about? Your daughters are party planners too? Isn't Maria, like eight years old? When I was eight, I'm pretty sure I was still eating dirt," Dana commented, engaging in the conversation and making the men laugh.

"I'm pretty sure I was doing the same thing at that age," Koki added. Tadashi chuckled, choosing not to think about his past.

"To answer your question, Dana, our daughters decided last year to host a party to thank everyone they are grateful for instead of celebrating their birthdays. They plan to do the same again this year."

Dana gasped. "How thoughtful. They both sound like remarkable young women already. I'm excited to meet them someday. What are the girls' interests? I'd like to get them birthday gifts. Koki has been very secretive about Maria. I know next to nothing about her."

Koki's smile matched Tadashi's as they thought about their daughters.

"My Maria likes creepy things. Halloween is her favorite holiday if that helps. She has the bad habit of terrorizing people, mainly mean old ladies, with bugs." That tidbit of information had them all laughing, drawing stares from the other diners.

"She's going to be nine, but she's more mature than I ever was at that age," Koki continued, then suddenly grew sad, quieting Tadashi and Dana with his mood. Tadashi heard a little about the strained relationship Koki had with his daughter after the loss of his wife, Maria's mother. Their reconnection was still very new, something Tadashi could relate to. He was happy that Koki was doing his best with Maria. Maybe one day he would decide to be with her full time too.

"And what about Kyoko?" Dana asked, once again, being the mediator to keep the mood from going to dark places.

Tadashi lit up as he began gushing about his daughter's love for everything fairytale. Kyoko would be angry with him if he let the guilt of what he did to miss out on the last seventeen years of her life take root. He had his sights set on the future. Tadashi planned to never miss another big event in his daughter's life again. Well, at least until old age claimed him and passed on to the afterlife.

They spent another half hour talking about what they knew about their daughters while they had a captive audience. Eventually, the group departed with Tadashi going his separate way while typing a message to his daughter to set up a video call date at her earliest convenience. He had something important to confess.

In the Land of the Rising Sun…

Kyoko sneezed once, twice, and thrice. On the third one, the inside of her elbow was quickly replaced with a handkerchief to suppress the onslaught of allergens affecting her at the moment. It seemed that the third time was a charm and her sneezing stopped.

"I hope you aren't getting sick, Kyoko-san," Gina whispered beside her. "That's prone to happen after coming back from a trip. Make sure to get plenty of vitamin C."

"Ehhhh!" Kyoko loud whispered. The back of her hand shot to her forehead to check her temperature. It was impossible to tell, but she didn't feel sick.

"Or someone is most likely talking about you?" Hanami chimed in quietly.

"You're probably right because I feel fine," Kyoko groaned.

"We'll try not to keep you up too late tonight so you can rest," Gina smiled and Kyoko perked up.

She was on top of the world with excitement when the final bell rang, signaling the end of the school day. She bounced up from her seat and bowed to their teacher with the rest of her classmates.

"I'm going to turn in our class forms," Gina announced. "Remember to set your alarms tonight for ten. I'll email everyone the link so we can video chat as soon as I get home. Don't forget. If we're going to do this, we might as well go all out and get the gold."

"Yes!" Kyoko squealed, pumping her fist in the air and bouncing on the balls of her feet.

"Okay, how many energy drinks has she had?" Gen whined when she grabbed hold of his sleeve, bursting with joy.

Kyoko laughed. Now that he mentioned it, she might have had a few. It had become difficult after lunch for her to stay awake on her own and had to rely on caffeine to get her through the last subjects of the day. She wondered if Ren was struggling as well. Then again, he tended to run on a few hours of sleep anyway, a bad habit Kyoko hoped she could help him break. She had responded to a missed message from him right before lunch ended but was unable to check it since. Kyoko decided to wait until she was in the car to try again.

Maru took his job as the designated fan mail carrier seriously and helped Kyoko carry the loaded bags outside. Ignoring the other students chattering and taking pictures of them, Kyoko spotted Linh's car parked on the curb. From what she could see through the windshield, Linh did not look happy with whoever she was talking to as she spotted Kyoko approaching the car. Her manager immediately ended the call and stepped out.

"Hi Kyoko-san," Linh greeted, darting her gaze to Maru walking beside her.

"Good afternoon, Linh-san. This is my classmate Maru-san," Kyoko said in return. "He offered to help carry my fan mail from some of the students."

"Thank you for the help, Maru-san," Linh nodded in appreciation.

"It's no problem," he replied.

"If it's troublesome, I can talk to the principal about it," Linh offered, turning to Kyoko.

"Oh, it's okay. Maru-san already sorted it out," Kyoko explained and followed Linh to the back of the car to store the bags. When everything was packed away, Kyoko thanked Maru for his help and entered the car.

"How are you holding up? I got you an energy drink and some snacks if you're hungry. You must be tired."

"I'm okay," Kyoko began to answer, but a yawn interrupted her response.

"Recline the seat and take a power nap," Linh suggested laughing softly.

"Wow, that just hit me," Kyoko blushed, covering another yawn.

"It will take some time for your internal clock to adjust," Linh said, merging into the street and beginning the trek to their first and final destination. She wasn't sure how Linh managed it, but Kyoko had a light day, or at least as light as expected of someone who would be watching auditions. The thought of critiquing a fellow actor with her inexperience made her nervous. She couldn't believe a newbie like her would be placed in such an important position.

"Are the auditions being held at the agency," Kyoko inquired as they took the usual route to LME.

"Yes, in the auditorium, but Takarada-san has something important to talk to you about first," Linh replied, displeasure dripping from her voice at the mention of their boss.

"The president?" Kyoko frowned. Linh nodded, her lips pursed together. "Do you know what it's about?" Something must have just come up because he didn't mention anything to her on the bus ride home.

"I do, but I'm not allowed to say. He needs to tell you himself," Linh sighed, gripping the steering wheel harder.

"Is it bad?" Kyoko asked anxiously.

"That would depend on you. I will back you up on whatever you decide."

"Thank you, Linh-san. I appreciate your support."

They continued the drive in silence, Kyoko deep in thought and wondering what the president could say to her. Eventually, she took out her phone, discovering Ren had replied to her message. Not sure if she would be awake when he got home, she took the time to tell him about her day back at school. By the time she hit the send button, they were pulling into the parking lot of LME that would take them through the employee's side entrance.

The corridor was empty as they headed toward the front with the elevators. Kyoko was glad she didn't have to interact with anybody; however, as soon as they made it to the lobby that changed. There were several clusters of employees milling about the area drawing their attention to something or someone that she couldn't see. When they spotted Kyoko with Linh, everyone began greeting her, wishing her well, and complimenting her new look. The majority were genuinely kind to her, while a few women were only interested in her boyfriend's whereabouts.

She politely answered their questions, making steady progress toward the wall with the elevators. Before she could make it to her destination, the voice of someone she least expected to be there called out to her.

"Oi, Kyoko!"

Kyoko's eyes widened at the sound of her name. Her small battalion of grudges got into formation, preparing to do battle and protect their mistress. Shotaro! He was the last person she expected to see today.

What the hell is he doing here? And why is he calling my name so familiarly in front of my co-workers?

Kyoko plastered a polite smile on her face when all she wanted to do was strangle the bastard. He was bound to be up to no good. The people around her parted, like deja vu from this morning, to let through a smug-looking Sho. It was difficult restraining herself to keep from punching him in the face. This was her territory. What did he want?

"Fuwa-san," Kyoko greeted, waiting for him to join her. Kyoko rolled her eyes as he took his sweet time swaggering toward her, stopping to flirt with the pretty office ladies.

Kyoko huffed and moved to press the elevator button to go up to Lory's office instead of dealing with his nonsense.

"Kyoko, wait," Sho grabbed her wrist, a collective gasp escaping from everyone around them.

"Shotar..." Kyoko gritted. He had the nerve to use his other hand to cover her mouth.

"You can't say that name in public," he hissed, closing the gap between them.

"What are you doing," she jumped back and out of his grip. Kyoko used the back of her hand to swipe her mouth, wanting nothing more than to bleach her face.

Is he insane? Did he forget where we are and who he is?

The whispers began immediately. Those present began speculating about her relationship with the singer. Sho's appearance and the casual way he interacted with her were all the buzz. She needed to drag him away from prying eyes, but even that would look too suspicious.

"Fuwa-san," Linh stepped in front of Kyoko protectively, her hackles raised. "Please refrain…"

"Kyoko-san, Le-san," Ruto's voice called out of nowhere, interrupting the scolding Linh was preparing to give Sho and scaring the daylights out of him. An unmanly scream escaped the singer and he had the gall to hide behind Kyoko and Linh.

Kyoko sighed and shook her head, disappointed by his reaction. He was normally better about hiding his true nature in front of other people; however, if it wasn't for the familiar calm voice behind the rotting flesh and tattered clothing of the zombie standing before her, Kyoko would have screamed too. She could only guess that today's theme revolved around Halloween by his costume.

Kyoko glanced around the agency and saw the area had been decorated in orange and black streamers with spiders, bats, witches, and more hoovering around. She smiled, wondering if Maria was enjoying herself.

"Takarada-sama is expecting you," Ruto said and narrowed his yellow eyes at Sho. "And Fuwa-san."

"Me," her childhood friend pointed to himself and stepped cautiously from behind Kyoko.

Linh huffed and moved, stabbing at the button of the elevator to go up to the president's office.

"Sho!" Shoko exclaimed, racing toward them as the elevator opened. Ruto kindly held it open for her to join them.

"Thank…you," Shoko whispered through her labored breathing.

"You're welcome, Shoko-san," Ruto replied, letting the doors close.

"Ahhhh," Shoko gasped, finally getting a good look at Ruto in his costume. Kyoko held back a giggle when Shoko moved closer to Sho for protection. If only she knew how unreliable Sho was when it came to the undead.

"Kyoko-chan, I'm so sorry," Shoko apologized.

Kyoko smiled kindly at Sho's manager, then glared at Sho and hissed, "Unbelievable. Why are you even here?"

"He was wor—" Shoko defended, but Sho stepped in.

"Didn't you hear that guy? I have a meeting with Takarada-san," he shrugged nonchalantly and gave his manager a look. Kyoko had no clue what the silent exchange meant, but it was enough to keep Shoko quiet.

"Shotaro!" Kyoko gritted her teeth. "If I get in trouble because of you, you're dead meat."

"I didn't do anything. Besides, I'm going to be..." The elevator chimed, signaling their arrival on the top floor and cutting off Sho's words.

The doors slid open for them to get out, and Zombie Ruto led them to the large mahogany doors at the end of the corridor.

"Ugh, is there a fire?" Sho asked nervously, noticing the smoke seeping out from the cracks of the doors.

"There is no fire," Ruto replied without further explanation. He reached for the handle and pulled one side open. A puff of smoke came wafting out of the open doorway coupled with the sound of eerie music. Kyoko stepped through the dark threshold and stopped when a blood-curdling scream pierced the air.

"What the hell?" Sho's voice was an octave higher than usual, betraying his fear as he clung to Kyoko's arm.

"Will you get off me?" She shrugged her arm until he released it.

"What? You never complained before," Sho mumbled and stuck close.

"You're still such a scaredy cat," Kyoko mocked, but she was secretly happy knowing he was still a wuss about it. What would his fans think if they knew? She groaned, realizing he could spin this weakness and get a woman to cling to him if he was brave enough. He could never do it in school, but he might bear it to keep his reputation intact.

"The president is waiting for you on the other side," Ruto instructed and shut the door behind them.

As soon as the door clicked, the room came alive. The smoke on the ground glowed, and the creepy sounds of the woods at night echoed around them. The howling wind, growling wolves, ravens' caws, and the occasional terrorizing scream really set the mood. It was dark, but the glowing path illuminated the area enough for them to see what lay ahead. The whole elaborate setup could have been part of a movie set. Kyoko would expect no less from her eccentric boss.

Sho banged on the door and jiggled the knob, but it wouldn't budge. Kyoko ground her teeth, annoyed by the president's games. Noticing their managers did not come in with them, Kyoko was now trapped alone with Sho. She spun on her heel and began following the lights toward the makeshift front door.

"Wait for me," Sho shouted and hurried after her. They entered cautiously, moving from one room to another, decorated to resemble a historic Victorian mansion. Each room held a spooky surprise that Kyoko was becoming desensitized to their tricks.

They ran into witches, evil spirits, and people wearing costumes from popular horror thrillers popped out at just the precise moment to scare the crap out of Sho…and her, if she was being honest. The guy had resorted to hiding his face in Kyoko's back like a disgusting leech. Kyoko had given up six rooms ago to push him away from her. It was bringing back memories from when they were kids and decided to enter a haunted house for the first time. They learned that Sho was petrified by fake monsters and ghosts jumping at him. It seems not much had changed. He swore Kyoko never to tell a soul, living or dead, about his embarrassing experience.

Kyoko forgot how big the room could appear when her boss was feeling just a little bit extra. This theme had to take the cake by far. Feeling like they'd been in this house of horror for hours, they finally reached a plain brown door. Thinking it was the end, Sho rushed forward and pushed it open, only to be met with another dark area, confirming that it wasn't over. He hesitated and shamelessly waited for Kyoko to go first.

"Ridiculous," she hissed, annoyed by her childhood friend as the path took them through a haunted graveyard. Smoke covered the ground again, so they had to pick their way around headstones. Halfway through the spooky cemetery, Kyoko was yanked back by Sho. Since he was clinging to her, he shrieked directly into her ear, making it ring with pain. Reaching her boiling point, Kyoko was about to let him have it when her foot caught on something. She couldn't budge a millimeter. She looked down and spotted bony hands with deteriorating skin tangled around her foot. A glance at Sho told her he was trapped too, the hands of the undead wrapping around his legs. Deep moans began to fill the space around them. Kyoko watched in horror as shapes began unfurling from the smoky ground.

"Z-z-zombies!" Sho croaked through his fear.

Kyoko watched in slow motion as Sho's face went pale, his eyes rolled to the back of his head, and his body began to slump. Thankfully, the zombie nearest him broke character and caught him before he could hit the floor.

"Well…that's never happened before," the zombie grinned and laid Sho on the floor. "We might need a medic," he called out into the darkness. The lights came on, and the sound effects stopped while people in costume gathered around. Kyoko had to pull her foot out of her shoe to get out of the hand still grasping it. She reached down and pried her shoe out of the bony fingers, replacing it on her foot.

"Bahhhhh, what a mood killer!" A voice boasted, coming up from behind Kyoko.

She looked up to find her boss looking ridiculous in a costume that she could only guess was the King of Zombies dressed in what once appeared to be a black velour suit with a rusted crown teetering on his makeup-enhanced balding head.

"Okay, okay, give Fuwa-kun some room," Lory demanded. "Everyone take a break…and if I see one picture or video of this on social media or any other news outlet, I know who to come after," Lory warned the group surrounding them.

"Sho! What happened," Shoko exclaimed, trailing after Ruto carrying a black case. Her steps stalled as she took in Lory's shocking appearance, giving a wide berth to the Zombie King. She moved to stand next to Kyoko and looked at her expectantly. Linh was not too far behind.

"He um… fainted," Kyoko answered Shoko.

"Fainted? Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I think the zombies were his breaking point."

"Zombies?" Shoko frowned, looking around the area.

Sho began to moan after Ruto waved a packet of smelling salts beneath his nose. He came to, screaming about zombies and jolting into a sitting position.

"Seriously?" Shoko groaned and pinched the bridge of her nose.

"They were very realistic," Sho defended himself weakly as his body relaxed.

"He has been afraid of haunted houses since he was young," Kyoko declared. "He wouldn't even dare set foot in one at school, not even for a girl."

"Shut up," Sho sulked, folding his arms over his chest, unable to deny her accusation.

"If you're through fooling around," Linh snapped at Lory, "shall we get on with the point?"

"Of course," Lory nodded, his yellow eyes gleaming with amusement at Linh's tone. They followed Lory through the remaining part of the cemetery to find his usual sitting area in his office. After taking their seats with Ruto passing out beverages, Lory became serious.

"I asked you here because I have news regarding your debut role, Morimoto-kun," Lory addressed Kyoko, earning a scoff from Sho.

"Something wrong, Fuwa-kun?" Lory inquired, his attention now on the singer.

"No, sir," Fuwa smirked, shaking his head. "Please continue."

"Why is he here anyway, if you don't mind me asking, sir," Kyoko interjected before Lory could speak again.

"I'm getting to that. As I was saying, I asked you here to tell you some news," Lory stalled, returning his attention to Kyoko.

Kyoko nodded, squirming in her seat as she waited for him to continue. She glanced at the others around her. Shoko stared down at her hands, wringing her fingers. Sho was still smirking, but that wasn't unusual. It would have been weirder if he wasn't. Linh's expression was unreadable. Given her behavior regarding Lory today, Kyoko could only conclude that she was angry for some reason.

"You see, we had a few auditions while you were overseas."

Kyoko nodded. Seiji had kept her abreast of the auditions.

"Fuwa-kun surprised us by auditioning. We decided to cast him as your next-door neighbor in your debut film," Lory stated.

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