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VEGA immediately noted upon their arrival in this new dimension that the current gravity was negligible. It seemed that this time, the tether system had chosen to deposit both the Slayer and the hellhound in the vast vacuum of space, as it had done so many times before. As the hellhound spun freely and attempted to cease its motion, VEGA turned the sensors of the Praetor Suit to the starry ambience, scanning or any possible match to determine their current location.

His results were inconclusive, even with the vast expanse of star charts he himself had generated from their multiple visits to alternate dimensions and universes. As a result, VEGA concluded that they had not arrived in any region of space that could be considered an alternate version of a universe they'd visited before, and his hypothesis was proven correct as he noted the closest celestial body to their current location was a planet, though it was over 400,000 kilometers away. From what VEGA could discern from visual scans alone, he could see that the planet possessed quite a few different climate zones, and a few other scans returned to find that life most likely existed upon its surface. Further examination discovered that a single moon remained in close orbit to the planet itself, and despite the distance from the moon, VEGA could tell based on its orbital path that it was relatively small compared to the moon of the earth that he and the Slayer originated from.

Even further still, VEGA noted with curiosity that a large space station sat in orbit of the moon itself, the man-made structure taking the shape of a large "H" from what VEGA could see.

Despite all that VEGA was able to discern about the planet and its moon, he was still unable to perform any deeper scans beyond what he could visually see, meaning that if there were anything unnatural occurring on its surface, he would never know. Attempting to reach the planet in a timely fashion in order to more thoroughly examine it was impossible without some kind of outside assistance, as the fastest method they could utilize would be the Slayer firing one of his weapons continuously in the direction opposite to the planet, which would effectively case him to build up speed until he entered the planet's atmosphere.

Running calculations at a speed that only VEGA was capable, the A.I. deduced that to achieve the fastest results, the gauss cannon would be the weapon of choice, though even if the Slayer continuously fired the weapon up until the point he entered the planet's atmosphere, the duration of the journey would still approximate to almost a week of travel.

Running risk calculations next, VEGA weighed the possibility of the planet undergoing some form of calamity that would require the Slayer's assistance against the time it would take to arrive, and despite running numerous scenarios and trials, the A.I. continued to arrive at the conclusion that the time they would lose did not merit further investigation of the world. It was with that that VEGA finally spoke to the Doom Slayer, who was also investigating the far away planet.

"The planet you see before you is approximately 432,512 kilometers away. Though I am unable to accurately investigate for anomalies, it is my belief that we move on to the next dimension, as the amount of time required to journey close and accurately scan the world decreases the possibility of arriving in another dimension in time to render aid before it is too late."

The Slayer considered VEGA's words, then nodded once in agreement, gesturing to the hellhound as he did so.

The hound immediately understood and warped close enough for the Slayer to make contact with its fur, and as soon as the armored man grabbed hold, he raised his right gauntlet and activated the tether.

There was a flash of blue light, but there was no loud bang due to the vacuum of space. In total, the trio spent less than one minute in the dimension before warping away, never to return.



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