Stealth Elf, an elven ninja warrior, was sitting on a couch until she sees the audience (or in this case, the readers)

"Greetings, I am Stealth Elf, one of the most well known heroes in Skylands, if not the fictional universe, and today I'm here to tell you a tale about how I gained new 'abilities' and started a brand new, sweet life. Just a little warning for you readers, chapters of this story will contain some fetish material, so if you don't like it don't read this at all costs. Anyways, let's begin this story with how I became the new me!"

A flashback then starts showing, it was a flashback of when she and the rest of the Skylanders celebrating their victory against the Doom Raiders and Kaos (a.k.a the events of Skylanders Trap Team). Then it shows Stealth Elf in the academy's kitchen, doing something she wanted to do since she defeated and trapped Chef Pepper Jack"

"You see, after defeating and trapping the Doom Raiders, as well as Kaos, I wanted to put Chef Pepper Jack's evil ingredients to some good use. In case you guys don't know, Chef Pepper Jack can make recipes that'll literally make your stomach burn on the inside, so I decided to make a recipe that'll prevent that from ever happening again, I called it 'The Magma Burrito.' My Magma Burritos, were burritos that did contain the beans from Chef Pepper Jack's chili, but fortunately I added melted cheese to cool the beans off a little and to prevent it from burning anyone's stomach."

It then shows that her first 6 Magma Burritos were ready for a test

"Since I created these new kinds of burritos I decided to test them by eating the first 6 that I successfully cooked, however instead of burning in my stomach, I began feeling a warm sensation in my butt, in fact my butt started to grow a little bigger thanks to those burritos."

She went to the mirror to see how big her butt has gotten and and began to admire her new butt-size.

"When I saw how big my butt has gotten, I thought it actually seemed pretty neat and sexy, but then..."

Stealth Elf then farted a little for the first time and felt both scared and ashamed.

"I then realized that the Magma Burritos I created gave me a crazy amount of gas. I was scared and felt ashamed of my gas, so I decided to talk to one of my closest friends and my helpful ninja trainer/teacher, Ninjini!"

She walks into Ninjini's home in the forest and sees Ninjini playing the piano. While playing, Ninjini saw Stealth Elf and stopped playing.

"Oh oh, hi Stealth Elf, I didn't expect to see you late this evening!" She said as Stealth Elf replies "Ninjini, I need your help with something."

"What is it Elfie?" She asked her most faithful student. "Earlier today I created a new recipe called Magma Burritos, and look at what it gave me..." she said as she turned around and revealed her huge butt to her master.

"Wow, that's a pretty neat butt you've got there Elfie, I'm impressed, did those burritos also give you gas?" She asked with a smile. " fact an incredible amount of it, even I don't know how long it will do I keep this from happening master?" She asked in so much worry.

"Stealth Elf, don't feel bad about having a bigger butt and being gassy, it's natural for a girl to let loose!" Ninjini said, trying to cheer her student up. "Really?" The elven ninja asked in curiosity, "Yeah, in fact as your close friend/teacher, I shall teach you how to use your gas to your advantage and to take pride in it!" She said with glee before Stealth Elf replied "Okay..."

A montage begins that shows different clips of Ninjini training Stealth Elf in the ways of gassiness

"Thanks to Ninjini's helpful advice and training, I started to take pride in my both my gas, and my sexy looking booty. And thanks to some movies I've watched, I decided to redecorate the front yard of my house to make it like a swamp, of course my fellow elf neighbors in the Enchanted Elven Forest helped out in remaking my front yard. Now let's go to an early morning of a day that would make my life even better!"

December 2nd 2016, it was early in the morning and Stealth Elf was fast asleep in her comfy bed, ever since she changed her ways, she'd always sleep nude. Her alarm clock began ringing before she woke up and punched it off the side table. As she woke up she stretched her bubble butt in the air before she got out of bed. As she yawns she then looks at the clock, it was 6:00 AM, but she usually gets up this early, because it's just enough time for her morning routine.

She goes to the mirror, and turns around with her butt facing the mirror as she smiles passionately and says to her reflection,"Good morning Elfie, your butt is looking sexy today!" before she jiggled her butt a little before sighing with relief. "Well I'd better make myself some breakfast!" She said as she walked to the kitchen with her butt jiggling at each step she took. She cooked herself 20 Magma Burritos and blended up a chocolate milkshake that she poured into a huge jug.

She took her meal to the table and started devouring her breakfast. "Mmmm this is sooo good!" She said as she continued finishing her breakfast for 7 minuets. She was all fueled up for the day, because every day she has to fuel up in order to keep her gas going. "Now for the rest of my routine~" she cooed as she went to her newly improved front yard while the sun began slowly rising from the sky. She was still nude, but she didn't mind, because she likes being naked in her home during the morning, evening, and night.

She pulls out a yoga mat and steps on it before she said "Let the yoga begin!" As she began doing many different yoga poses. You see, in order to keep her butt at the bubbly and plump size that it's at, she always has to do yoga every morning and evening. After several poses she finished it off with a pose she called 'Bottoms Up' where she'd bend down with her butt in the air and let out a toot.

She giggled a little bit before she got off the yoga mat and stood up before she said "Time to get stinky~" She then began slowly swaying her bubble butt side to side while humming as she began farting. Her green gas clouds began spreading throughout her front yard, she was enjoying every second of what she was doing, swaying her butt and farting to her heart's desire.

Then she stopped for a moment and began walking to the mud pit for the last of her morning routine. She slowly stepped into the warm, bubbly mud as she sighed in so much relief. "How I love a morning mud bath~" she said as she farted to start making some big bubbles before she continued her statement, "Especially when I eat 20 Magma Burritos and get gas from it, then the real fun begins~" As she continued making huge bubbles in the mud with her gas she then said "If only there was someone who'd join me and shared my passion..." After feeling a little sad, she continued enjoying herself while wallowing in the mud and still farting.

We now cut back to Stealth Elf on the couch

"Even though that morning was a great morning, later in that day would be so much better for me, it was the start of a duo that included me and my girlfriend Roller Brawl. How did we fall in love? Well that's what happens later in the day of my great morning, but it's also a chapter for another day!"