"Welcome to Chapter 4 ladies and gentlemen, well actually Chapter 5 if you count SMC's little Author's Note after Chapter 2. Anyhow, this chapter takes place right after chapter 2 and will show how me and Roller Brawl got our signature bikinis, and how Ninjini helped train us, especially Roller Brawl, to use our gas as a powerful defense mechanism, anyways enjoy the chapter~!"

December 3rd, 2016, 7:00 AM. Stealth Elf and Roller Brawl were both sleeping in bed together completely naked and still happily dreaming about all the sexy fun they had last night. Then Stealth Elf's alarm goes off, playing the song "Accidentally in Love" by Counting Crows, before Stealth Elf woke up and pressed the stop button. Then with both a yawn and a smile she said to Roller Brawl, "Good morning~!" Then Roller Brawl woke up as well and replied "Morning Elfie~" before she looked at the clock and gasped in shock as she exclaimed "Awwww shit! We're late for the academy-"

However, Stealth Elf then put her index finger on Roller's lips as she responded "Whoa whoa whoa Brawly~ there's no need for going to the academy today~." Roller Brawl gave a confused face before asking "What'd you mean girl?" before Elfie grinned and asked "Remember when we talked about becoming a powerful duo of gassy girls who use their gas to their advantage~?""Yeah!" Roller Brawl replied before Stealth Elf continued her statement, "Well, if we ARE gonna become one, we're gonna need someone to train us in the ways of using our farts as a defense mechanism. And I know just the person who can~"

Roller Brawl then grinned before her bubble butt ripped a wet fart. She blushed and cupped her anus as wet fart ripples out. Stealth grabbed Roller's hand and pull it away as she press her drooling tongue and lick it slowly. "Mmmmph~!" Roller held her mouth shut to keep her moan from escaping but was unable to prevent her butt from ripping a huge fart into Stealth's mouth. She swallowed the foul methane and slurp her lips. "Tasty~." She cooed."Thanks." Roller replied before she felt her belly groaning and splashing. She clutches her cheeks and spread them before squirting some poop at Stealth Elf.

Driven by lust, Stealth wiped her face off then gently pressed her flower on Roller's squirting ass, pounding her with love. "Oh~! Harder~, harder~!" begged Roller. "Shit more, baby~! Give me your morning mud~!" panted Stealth. They kept on for 5 minutes until climaxing. They exchange kisses and Roller Brawl smiled. "Let's go naked." "Oh you naughty girl~!" sneered Stealth. They first took showers to wash off love juice and scat before they both got into Stealth Elf's vehicle, The Stealth Stinger, and were on their way to meet up with Stealth Elf's friend/teacher, Ninjini.

Ninjini was wearing a purple/pinkish robe and was brushing her hair before she saw the two girls entering in butt naked and gasped before she said with so much glee, "Stealth Elf! So good to see you again. Oh and Roller Brawl, what brings you and Elfie here to my humble home?" "Well I'm glad you asked Master, because yesterday Roller Brawl discovered my bubble butt and my passion for being gassy~. However she got a little injured from falling over so I took her to my place to heal her. Then when she confessed her feelings for me, I felt so happy, like I never have before, so I cooked 50 Magma Burritos for each of us for dinner and, let's just say we both fell madly in love and had such a flatulent night~!" Stealth Elf explained to her master.

Ninjini was amazed at this story and hugged them both before she exclaimed "I'm so proud for both of you!" Before putting them down and asking "Is that why you two are here and naked?" "Why yes it is girl!" Roller exclaimed before Elfie added on to her statement "And you see, last night we also talked about becoming a duo and using our gas as a power/defense mechanism against enemies. Do you think you could train us in the ways of that?" Ninjini then grinned before she replied "I think that's a great idea Stealth Elf, but first..." as she then snapped her fingers before a puff of magic smoke appeared, giving Stealth Elf and Roller Brawl new bikinis.

As the smoke disappeared, Ninjini showed the two girls their new bikinis by pulling out a mirror and showing it on their reflection. Stealth Elf and Roller Brawl were amazed for how their bikinis looked. Stealth Elf's bikini was brown and had some green markings on it to represent the Life Element, and Roller Brawl's bikini was black and had some purple markings on it to represent the Undead Element. But best of all, both of their bikinis' panties were able to expose both their buttcheeks and buttcracks.

"I'm impressed Master, you really went all out on choosing the colors and design for these, I did have an idea to have both of our bikinis be black, but this is even more awesome!" Stealth Elf said before Ninjini replied "Yeah, the different colors and markings would make more sense. Anyways..." she then snaps her fingers again before a huge plate with tons of hot Magma Burritos appear magically on a table nearby, she then continued her statement "Fuel up girls, because we've got a ton of training to do~!" Elfie and Roller grin at each other before making a beeline to the table and gorging on all the delicious Magma Burritos so that they could have plenty of gas.

The scene shows Ninjini, Stealth Elf and Roller Brawl in a special room which was soundproof and reinforced. Ninjini opened her robe and revealed her identical bikini set except hers are blue with Magic element marking. "Whoa…" The girls blushed at the Magic Giant's tremendous assets and she smiled timidly. "Thanks. Now, here's the first technique of farting. This one is call Fart Cushion." Ninjini conjure test dummies and sexually sat on the dummy's face. "First you pin the opponent down and sit on their face. Make sure their face is in your buttcrack." She sexually shove the dummy's face further in her buttcrack. "If you felt their nose poking at your anus, you got them. Just pretend you're on a toilet and let loose~!" With a grunt, Ninjini ripped a fart bomb on the dummy, echoing the room.
"Whoa! I didn't know she can fart like that!" Stealth gasped.

"Hmm~, imagine if we whiff it." Roller grin naughtily. "I'll show you I can do in bed~." Ninjini winked at them as she ripped another bomb. "Ohh, that's good. Now you try." Ninjini watched as the couple practice the Fart Cushion. Stealth nailed it while Roller struggle to shove it right. She tried again the 3rd time and succeeded. "Next is the Booty Slam. It's not a fart attack but it's useful if you're empty. You girls need training on toughening up your butt first." On cue, Ninjini had the two do Butt Endurance Training, such as shuffling across the floor with their butt 5 laps, endure 100 spankings from Ninjini and sitting on the cactuses 10 times, all without farting. It was very hard in these 5 hours but the spanking arouse them and even climax, marking their new bikinis filled with love juice. The stomachs growls with gas as they sat the cactus a lot. Soon, their butts are tougher and resilient but still super jiggly and Extra Thicc.

"Okay. Bend over, tighten your ass and jump back." Ninjini did that and launch herself toward the dummy and smashed her ass at its face, sending it flying into the wall. "You can pair up with Fart Cushion." She did Booty Slam again, pushed the dummy down and unloaded a huge, bubbly fart. "Ahhh~. Try it now… Ugh… *blllaaarrpp* Oh my big, fat butt." She spank her huge ass with lust. Stealth and Roller practices the Booty Slam. They missed several times but eventually they nailed it and finally farted, engulfing themselves in stink.

"Next is Gas Blast. This is one is actually easy to pull off because it's basically letting out a huge fart but against enemies. Observe." Ninjini shows her huge, bubble butts at Stealth and Roller then twerks it very fast, making it bounce uncontrollably then her stomach makes a huge gurgling sound echoes the room. The girls braced themselves then Ninjini aimed her ass at 10 dummies and unleashed a massive fart that blew them away like a rocket.
"Whoa!" gasped the girls in awe and lust. Ninjini grope her butt sexually as she stood up.
"Now you try." She winked. Ninjini watched with lust as the girls began twerking as fast and sexual as they can, building up a lot of gas. Rather then aiming at the dummy, they aimed at their master and unloaded twin fart cannon. Ninjini withstood it but she whiffed deeply and moaned as she loved the smell. Her stomach gurgles and felt a sharp pain in her anus.
She moaned louder and ripped a heavy fart that stained her panties then climax it with love juice. Ninjini smiled as the girls turned to see.

"Sorry." Stealth blushed. "It's okay. It was made for that. Now Gas Flight." She said.
"Gas Flight?" asked Roller "It's a technique where you squat and fart so much to lif yourselves off the ground. You can fly with your own farts." The Magic Giantess explained. Stealth Elf and Roller Brawl practice that move and failed a bit at first, but succeeded when Ninjini showed them how to do it right. She eventually taught the two moves they already know which include Toots of Love (where they sway their butts slowly while letting out long farts that spread throughout an entire area) and Musical Toots (where they let out some music-sounding farts).

After all the training, Ninjini said "Very impressive girls, very impressive!" "We're glad you think you think so Master." Elfie said before her master replied "But there's still one more move you'll need to demonstrate, take off your bikinis and then I'll tell you what it is!" "Yes Master~!" They Both said in unison before stripping their new bikinis off and leaning in. Ninjini began whispering to them what the powerful move was, then two girls both grinned as Stealth Elf replied "I love it~" before Roller Brawl also replied "It's both sexy and seems powerful!" Then both of the girls shout in unison "Let's do it~!" Ninjini became a little excited and said "This is gonna be fun to watch." Stealth Elf and Roller Brawl began slowly swaying their huge butts side to side while repeating the phrase "Love, Warmth, Stink~!" As a few seconds were going by, the swaying and repeating kept getting faster and faster until they both stopped and pointed their thicc asses at the practice dummies before they shouted "DOUBLE MEGA GAS BLAST!" Their butts then glowed with a green light before they both let out a huge, echoing, combo fart blast that spread throughout the entire area.

Ninjini clapped her hands so much as she shouted "That's my girls! Way to go!" They both smiled as Stealth Elf said "Thank you Master! We really appreciate it~!" Ninjini replies to her, "I think you're both ready, if any force of evil stands in your way, don't just use your regular attacks, use your gas~" Roller Brawl then shouted "You know we will baby!" "Ugh!" Stealth gasped in pain as her stomach makes a huge gurgling sound and ripped deep sharts, reeking rotten smell. "Oh no… the Atomic Runs…" she cooed. "Elfie!" Roller exclaimed reaching out to her, but Stealth pushed her back as she squatted over. "Bombs away~! AAAARHHH~!" Stealth scream like she's climaxing as her anus erupted with gigantic fart for 10 seconds before long and huge, snake-like turds rapidly pushed out of her anus, each are 5 ft thick and 10 yards long, and they're bigger then her own anus. She kept pooping them into a big pile for 2 minutes. She pushed a last one out and sighed in love as she turned to see her pile.

"Ahhh~, that was good… Sorry, Mistress… I had to...to…" her stomach roars again and she readied her ass as it squirts out a huge spray of liquid turds, bigger then her ass. "POOOOOP!" She squeal like she came as she poop for another 2 minutes. Roller Brawl and Ninjini were in awe and played their flowers and tits in love. Once Stealth finished, Roller grabbed her cheeks and smooch her lips passionately. "That was beautiful." Roller cooed."Thanks." Stealth smiled before continuing her statement "Although I don't think I'm finished yet...looks like Ninjini's Magma Burritos are taking a HUGE advantage to me..."

Roller's stomach began gurgling as well before she replied "Me too girl...how about we both poop together as we kiss~" Stealth Elf snickered and replied "Oh you dirty girl~" before turning to her master and asking "You don't mind if our poop floods the training room do you master?" "Oh I don't mind at all girls, I will admit, it was really hot seeing you poop like that Eflie, and I'd love to see you and Roller Brawl do what she said you're about to do~" Ninjini replies as she winks. Stealth and Roller hold hands as they gaze into each other's eyes as both of their stomachs grumble loudly before Stealth Elf says "Alright on the count of 3..."

Then they both say in a lusty tone "1...2...3~!" Before they immediatley pressed against each other's lips and began french-kissing as their thicc booties began squirting out huge, liquid turds that began spreading throughout the training room. As Ninjini was watching this, she began playing with her flower and boobs again as she was turned on by what she was seeing. After pooping and making out for 2 hours, Stealth Elf and Roller Brawl take a shower to clean themselves off and put their new bikinis back on as Ninjini is back in her robe. Stealth Elf programmed her Stealth Stinger to go on autopilot mode and fly back to their home because she and Roller Brawl now know that they can use their gas to fly anywhere they want. Elfie bows to Ninjini and says "Goodbye Master Ninjini, we'll see you next time~"

Ninjini smiled and replied, you too girls!" The two girls then hold hands and grunt before they began farting so much, it lifts them off the ground as they start flying back home. In the front yard of their home, the two girls were relaxing in Stealth Elf's huge mud pit (actual mud this time) and were sighing in relief as they were letting out tons of flatulent bubbles. Roller looks over at Stealth and asks "Are you sure using our gas and shit as powers isn't gonna make us a laughin' stock Elfie?" Stealth Elf then wraps her arms around her and replies "No need to worry Brawly, even if the guys DID laugh at us, we will keep going and be ourselves~" Roller Brawl felt better before they both began making out again as they each felt their stomachs rumbling. "I think I'm gonna fart~" Stealth cooed as Roller quietly replied in a lusty tone "Me too~" as their butts rose out of the mud a bit before they both grunted and began farting endlessly while still kissing each other as their foggy green gas clouds began spreading throughout Stealth Elf's front yard

We now cut back to Stealth Elf narrating on the couch

"Such an interesting origin story huh, anyhow there will be a quest that Roller Brawl and I will go on, but who knows when that will be posted, anyhow see you next time fellas~"