Jamie was running through the house, trying to find a good hiding spot. The poor child was scared out of her mind, and just wanted this all to end. The windows were all boared up, so there was no way of climbing out of one. She ran into one of the rooms, and found the closet door locked. It wouldn't matter, anyway. The closet would be one of the first places her uncle would look for her. Spotting the laundry chute, she climbed inside of it, hoping he wouldn't be able to find her in there. She heard him come into the room and said a silent prayer for him not to find her. Just his footsteps, alone, was enough to send someone into a panic. Unfortunately, Michael Myers was smarter than she thought. He didn't even look in the closet. He opened the laundry chute, and reached for her. Jamie slid down the chute, screaming in fear, as Michael tried to catch her. She landed all the way at the bottom of the chute. The bottom half where the laundry would come out was chained up, so she was stuck at the bottom until either Michael got her, or somebody, hopefully, saved her.

It wasn't long before Michael came downstairs to the basement, and used his knife to break the chains on the door and ripped it off, causing Jamie to scream again. He reached in and tried to grab her, but Jamie climbed back up. He cut through the chute with his knife and managed to get Jamie's leg, causing her to wince in pain. It hurt like hell, but she knew she needed to keep climbing back up if she was going to get out of there. She managed to make it out of the laundry chute, and limped out of the room.

Jamie soon found herself in the attic, and it was a pretty eerie scene. There were lit candles, a child-sized coffin in the corner with a picture of her next to it. Having the body of Tina's boyfriend hanging in the room certainly didn't help, either. Hearing the dreaded footsteps, Jamie climbed into the coffin. Not necessarily to hide, but really, she had no choice. She was doomed and there was no other way out of the attic.

Michael approached the coffin where the child lay, and raised the knife slowly, getting ready to stab her. Jamie decided to try something.


Michael stopped, his arm in midair.


Michaer lowered his arm. Jamie pointed to her face.

"Let me see."

Michael sat the knife down on the floor and removed his mask. There were burns after that fire years ago, but other than that, he had been a normal looking guy.

"You're just like me," Jamie said. To her surprise, Michael started to cry. He didn't make any sounds or anything like that, it was a single tear.

Jamie felt sorry for the man at this moment. Before anything else could be said, however, Michael's head went flying off of his body and onto the floor. Jamie screamed in both shock and horror. Dr. Loomis was standing behind her, holding an ax.

"You did it, Jamie. You broke through his evil. I was able to kill him just in time."

Jamie was horrified! She certainly didn't expect that.

"I know what you're thinking, Jamie. It wouldn't have lasted. The second you tried to touch him, the evil would come back. You and your loved ones wouldn't be safe until he was gone. For good."

Jamie nodded her head, as Dr. Loomis pulled her out of the coffin, and they both walked downstairs and out the front door, where both Tommy and Rachel were standing.

"Jamie," Rachel said, running to embrace her foster sister.

"Oh, Rachel," Jamie said, bursting into tears.


It was true. Michael Myers was dead. Jamie made a full recovery and was back living with her foster parents and sister. Jamie's boyfriend, Billy, was just fine, and Tommy and Rachel started dating. Dr. Loomis was able to retire in peace and enjoy the rest of his life.

Tina, made a full recovery, and she along with Rachel and Rachel's parents, took Jamie trick or treating. This Halloween was wonderful and nothing went wrong.

Jamie and her family were finally at peace.