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Agent Puerto Rico

Summary: Raven was told that she was a soldier. A soldier, by their definition, followed orders to the letter. There was nothing else to do but to follow it. So, she did. Sure, she wanted to offer resistance, but she wanted to avoid getting a bullet in her skull for insubordination. Then again, this amnesia felt pretty unnatural. [artistry by DeviantArt user arusuzuki]

Character(s): Raven B., Agent Carolina, David/Agent Washington/Wash, Sarge

Genre(s): Angst, Drama, slight Romance between Sarge and Raven because the voice actors are married but ultimately tai/raven because the ORIGINAL SHIPS ARE BEST.

Rating: T

Language(s): English : English; English, Rumination languages (written in gibberish, maybe), French, Spanish.

Warnings: Gore (lots of blood and intestines), sexual content (maybe mild, unless I can get a beta), and inappropriate language (if you're not about that life). Also personal opinions may cloud issues, just ignore those.

Beta(s): N/A

Crossover(s): RWBY: Eyes of Odin AU, Arc Scion/Head AU, Dragons AU, MAIDEN Suit AU. | RvB

End Notes: N/A

Season #1: "Many Years Ago" | Act #1: "Rooky"


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Journal Section #1: "Hostile"

Journal Entry: third, limited, Counselor Aiden Price, unknown age

Electronic Journal Entry: ****

Password: ********

User: Price, Aiden Gerald

Agent Puerto Rico. Abducted from independent planet Remnant. Plan: Superior Super Soldier program.

Name: -dashed.

Age: unknown.

Recently awoken, appear suspicious. Recommend watch plan 17a. Allow personal communication with fellow agents to determine hostility levels. Will be streaming surveillance data after clipping.

End Journal Entry.

Non-electronic Journal Entry: 1,054.

Personal Entry.

Raven Branwen. That's her name. I've written it to prevent it from being permanently removed from existence. Already suspicious of the Director and appears to be slightly piteous of me after seeing me rather vulnerable earlier. Likely very attuned to body language, no matter how minute. The show of trust with the journal was well received, likely she will find me an ally in what may appear to be a dark and confusing world.

I was not allowed to view the process in removing her memories, so I am unable to aid her. She will likely find companionship in Matthew Hughesmann - aka Agent Maine - for similar circumstsances.

The likelihood of hostility with other Freelancers given her brain scans are 78.3%.


This may have been a bad idea.

Journal Entry: third, limited, Raven Branwen, unknown age

Electronic Journal Entry: *

Password: Chickenbooty223

User: Agent Puerto Rico

I hate everyone here.

End Entry

Day One

I guess this is day one...not much to see recently. Got into a fight with South Dakota, also known as Sarah, if I want to be condescending.

Met South Carolina, too...we didn't hit it off too well. Mostly an unspoken "don't look or talk to one another" thing. Also, she's called "The Best of the Best of the Best." Wish I could take that title, but I'm not looking for attention.

Anyway, I guess I should write down something a little more professional...I'll be looking back on this one day, I goes.

North and South Dakota are twins and are extremely dissimilar. Elder twin North displays no signs of hostility towards his fellow agents and is deeply understanding of individuals; and on the contrary, South displays belligerent pride of her own skills, however low she will end up on the scale. Either is to be avoided to prevent dealing with the other.

Agent Carolina is the most competitive of the Freelancers and has earned her position as the best of the best of the best (although, I do not pander to the list at all, and only perform the minimal required). According to Mr Price - whom I met after the food fight - she is more than half likely to neglect teammates mid-mission if a competitive scenario is introduced. If I am left to die, do not investigate. Childish ambition to suck up to the Director is already known.

Agent Wyoming. What a dick.

End Journal Entry 1.

End of Journal Section 1

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