"Did you get that thing I sent ya?" Peter Potamus asked as he walked by in Witchyworld, eating the disgusting burger and fries he got from the stands.

Banjo rubbed his chin. "Hmm... something tells me we saw that hippo before."

"What gives it away?" Kazooie squawked while flapping her wings, causing her red feathers to fall out.

"Hey that's no way to react to a member of society!" Peter snapped as he turned to the animals running the concessions. "Am I right or what?"

"Err, maybe if no one's looking?" Big Al stated as he proceeded to sneeze on the burgers he had around him.

"Eh, whatever I guess..." Salty Joe stated as he glared at the limp fries that surrounded him.

Suddenly Mr. Patch popped his huge colorful balloon dinosaur head from the tent in the middle of the theme park, with Harvey Birdman being on top of his green head.

"Is this a bad time to say that I'll take the case?" Birdman commented with a nervous chuckle.

"The only case I need is to find out how to cure my bad cough!" Mr. Patch bellowed as he coughed up a bunch of beach balls that caused damage to the twisted amusement park, with everyone running away from them.