Hello Everybody. This is the first fanfic I have published in a while. This is actually going to be the first of a series of fanfics centering around Laura and Ruth Powers, two Simpsons characters who I felt were underutilized. But I was not the only one who felt that way.

An anonymous artist from DeviantArt drew wonderful pictures of the Powers family, and created an interesting headcanon.

I intend to use that headcanon to create a series of fanfics around the Powers Family, as well as their interactions with the Simpsons family. I hope to not only write an excellent series, but create Simpsons stories good enough to be comparable to the Golden Years of the Simpsons.

So here we go!

The Simpsons (c) Matt Groening. The picture is credited to ABSimpsons, who had give me permission to use for this story.

"And they all died," Kent Brockman said with some laughter. "On a more somber note-,"

Laura Powers sat in her living room watching the Channel 6 news, with Kent Brockman. It was a lazy Saturday. Her friends all had plans, so she decided to pass the time in front of the boob tube.

Laura heard footsteps behind her, and saw her mother, dressed up in a leather jacket and sunglasses.

"Wow," said Laura, "since when did you join the Hell's Angels?"

"They offered me a one-month free trial," Ruth quipped. "Try and be responsible while I'm gone, OK?"

"Don't worry," Laura said with the wave of her hand, "when I throw that party I wasn't gonna tell you about, I'll make sure the beer and pot are distributed equally."

"Glad to see I'm raising you right," Ruth replied with a sly smile.

"Have fun with Mrs. S," replied Laura.

"I will," Ruth said, before stepping out the door. Laura briefly pulled her attention away from the TV to watch her mom pull out. She felt uneasy for some reason, seeing her mom in the new classic she somehow got. It looked vaguely familiar.

Her mind was taken away by the news report.

"Our top story at this hour," Brockman said , "stuffed animals. Adorable toy or secretly possessed by serial killers?"

Hours passed by, night fell, and Laura came out of her TV-induced stupor to glance at the clock.

11:30 PM.

Mom said she would be back by now.

Laura's worries were pushed away by the call of opportunity. Her mom wasn't home yet. She could do things her mom wouldn't be able to stop.

Using the remote, she turned the channel over to Jerry Springer.

"Paul here would like to make a confession to his wife," Jerry said, pointing to a party clown with a silly disposition.

"I've been lying to you this whole-time honey," the clown said in a peppy voice. The clown removed his mask and colorful suit, revealing a frank and sober man.

"I am actually an insurance salesman," the former clown said in a very flat voice. The crowd started gasping and booing.

"Oh Jason," the faux-clown's said with grief, "I never knew."

"What you don't know could fill a warehouse," shouted a man from the audience. The fake clown threw his fake red nose at the man in the audience, knocking another man over, who jumped into the fight.

"JERRY, JERRY, JERRY!" the audience shouting, Laura watching with a manic smile and a clenched fist at the carnage.

The time passed to seven thirty in the morning. Laura woke up with a jolt, realizing she had fallen asleep in her chair in front of the TV.

"Oh God," Laura said with horror, standing up from her chair, "Mom must have known I overslept!" Laura noticed her Mom wasn't awake and timidly wandered over to the door to her Mom's bedroom, knocked slightly, and eventually discovered her Mom wasn't there.

She glanced over to the couch, and saw her mom wasn't sleeping there either.

She looked over the Simpson house.

Maybe she was so tired, she stayed with the Simpsons?

Laura nervously wandered over to the Simpsons' house, and knocked on the door. The door opened, and outstepped Bart.

"Hey Laura, what's happening," Bart said casually, in a smooth player voice.

"Did my mom stay at your house," Laura said, unusually stern in her questioning.

"No," Bart said, taken aback, rubbing the back of his head, "Our mom isn't home either."

"Can I talk to your dad?"

"Homer isn't home either," Bart said.

Laura's eyes narrowed in frustration.

"Then who the hell's watching you," Laura asked.

"Our lawyer," Bart said, opening the door so Laura could come in.

"Well, why didn't you ask me to babysit," Laura asked with some annoyance.

"Short notice thing," Bart said. Laura entered the Simpsons house, and walked over to the living room. To her shock, she saw some red-headed hobo sleeping in the middle of the living room, surrounded by wrappers and liquor bottles. Lisa was looking worriedly at the man, carrying Maggie in her arms.

"Who the hell is that," Laura asked, with some disgust.

"Lionel-uh, Miguel Sanchez," Lisa said sheepishly, "He's our attorney/babysitter."

Laura stepped over to the sleeping man, and prodded the guy awake with his foot.

"Wha-," the man asked, as he was jolted awake into a sitting position. He saw Laura, and let out a horrific scream. He smashed one of the liquor bottles on the ground, and he held it toured Laura, who stepped back in shock and fear.

"I told Don Largo that the money would be in the mail by next century I swear," the man said, his face oozing with crazed desperation.

"Who the hell is Don Largo," Laura asked, in fear and shock.

The man gave her a good look, and chuckled nervously, and dropped the shiv.

"Sorry," the man said, trying (and failing) to sound casual, "I thought you were from the Mob." He casually got up, and wandered into the kitchen, chugging one of the whisky bottles.

"Uh, Laura," Lisa asked nervously, "could you stay with-,"

"Sure," said Laura. She liked Bart and Lisa, and didn't trust that nut one bit.

Several hours later

Bart, Lisa, Laura, Maggie, and Hutz sat in front of the TV. Per Laura's request, they were watching some chick flick.

"Oh Sandra, I can't believe you survived an abusive husband, your boss sexually harassing you, and your lover dying in a blimp disaster," one of the actresses said in a highly dramatic tone.

"Because I am a woman," said the other actress, even more dramatically, "and a survivor-ah, a murmivor, if you will."

"You go sister," Lisa shouted at the screen.

"That's some righteousness," Laura said. Bart groaned in boredom.

"Come on Laura," Bart said with exasperation, "can't we watch something more educational like… demolition derby."

"Sorry Bart," Laura said with smugness, "As the babysitter, I get to decide what we watch."

"Yeah Bart," Lisa said, rubbing it in, giving Laura a high five.

"Actually," Hutz intoned, "as the only adult in the room, I believe I am legally entitled to have full jurisdiction over remote…" He stopped speaking as he saw Laura giving him a particularly fierce glare.

"Asserting my right to remain silent now," Sanchez said. Laura leaned back and smiled. The Powers Glare could put any creep in their place.

Suddenly, the chick flick cut out, replaced with a news report from Kent Brockman.

"We just received word of a high-speed chase," uttered Kent Brockman.

"Cool," Bart said on the TV.

"Yeah," said Laura, getting excited, "I can't wait til' the cops catch that bum, and throw his butt in hail!"

"The suspects are identified as Marge Simpsons and Ruth Powers," Brockman finished.

Laura's smug smile was replaced with a look of shock, and she unknowingly dropped the remote in shock. As she looked at the TV, she realized why the car was so familiar.

Mom didn't win that car. She stole it from Max.

"D'oh," Laura grunted, facepalming, ignoring Bart and Lisa's shocked expressions.

Marge and Ruth stepped out of the car, running over the cliff where Homer and Chief Wiggum drove into.

"Homie!" Marge shouted. "Are you OK?!"

"Don't worry Marge," Homer yelled pleasantly. "Patty and Selma always said I would end up in a pile of filth. For once, I am glad they were right." He continued to kiss the filth.

As Ruth and Marge looked on in confusion, they heard a bunch of police sirens surround them, and saw a bunch of police cars come toward them.

"Damnit," Ruth said.

"Ms. Powers and Mrs. Simpson, you are completely surrounded," said the state policeman, yelling into a microphone from behind one of the cars, "surrender now or-."

"OK," Ruth shouted, resignation in her voice, putting her hands in the air.

"You too, Mrs. Simpson," the policeman shouted.

"No, I bullied Marge into doing this. I forced her to go along with it," Ruth said. "You want to send someone to jail, let it be me."

"OK boys," the officer said. "Arrest her." Two of the cops cuffed Ruth behind her back, and removed her glasses, while Marge looked on sadly. Ruth was forced into the back of the police cruiser, unable to meet Marge's eyes as she was driven away.

Marge was broken from her sad observation by Homer running up to Marge and hugging her.

"Marge why was Ruth driving away from the cops," Homer asked.

"She stole the car from her ex-husband," Marge said, her voice full of tears.

"What-," Homer replied, his face in shock.

"Apparently she had issues with her ex and," Marge said, her face full of concern, "but-," she paused with shock. "Wait, if you're here," she surmised, "who is watching the kids?!"

"Don't worry Marge," Homer said confidently, "I was able to find somehow I know who is good with kids."

Cut to the Simpson house:

Maggie was squealing like crazy, unable to sleep in her crib.

"Kids," Hutz asked Bart and Lisa timidly, "how can you get that…thing to shut off."

"Maggie's hungry, Mr. Hutz," Lisa said sternly.

"She needs her bottle, or else she won't get any sleep," intoned Bart.

"Alright," Hutz said, pulling up two bottles of liquor. "What does she prefer, Scotch or bourbon?"

Bart and Lisa looked at each other nervously, and back to Hutz.

"Actually Mr. Hutz," Lisa said, a nervous smile, "uh…"

"Maggie actually likes Squishies," Bart interrupted. "The ones from the Kwik-E-Mart."

"Yeah," Lisa said, "why don't you leave now and go get some."

"Very well," Hutz said. "Hutz, the super-babysitter to the rescue!" Hutz shouted, running out of the room. As soon as he ran out, Bart and Lisa put up a chair to the door.

"Quick," Lisa said, "find more things to barricade the door so he can't come back!"

"On it," Bart said, running off.

"Laura," Lisa said to the teenager, still on the couch, "the baby formula is on the high shelf, can you-" she trailed off as she saw Laura on the couch, staring at the TV.

"Why did you do it," Laura asked quietly. Lisa was concerned, thinking she was talking to the TV. "We left him".

"Laura," Lisa asked, her face full of concern. She stared at the TV, and saw Ruth being put into the back of the police car. Lisa realized that Laura was talking to her mom.

Laura lost all composure, shutting off the TV and threw the remote against the screen in a rage, before breaking down in tears, with her face in her hands.

"We left him, Mom," Laura said, tears falling down her face, and ignoring Lisa's comforting hand on her shoulder. "Why did you go back, mom? Why?!"