The Springfield Courthouse.

On the defendant side, sat Ruth Powers and her lawyer. On the plantiff's side, sat her ex-husband, Max Nichols. He had clean-shaven appearance, but that stupid smug smile. In the gallery was the Simpsons family, and Laura.

Ruth was giving her ex-husband very dirty looks, who responded with smug smiles of his own. Strangely enough, his attorney wasn't here yet.

"All rise," the bailiff said, "for the Honorable Judge Roy Snyder." Judge Snyder walked into court.

"Mr. Nichols," Snyder asked Max. "Where is your counsel?"

"He said he would be-," Nichols paused as he saw the courtroom doors burst open, and saw Hutz running into the courtroom in a panic.

"Sorry I am late," Hutz said, panting, "this stupid dog was fighting with me over some tasty garbage in the street." Hutz pulled out some chicken bone, and nibbled on it like some hungry dog.

Cut to:

Max on the witness stand.

"Mr. Nichols," Snyder asked Max. "Is it true you willingly withheld child support from your ex-wife?"

"Well, Ruth never understood how much I struggled to put food on her table, spending all her money on shopping trips we could never afford," Max said, almost too sadly. Ruth clenched her fist, while Laura gritted her teeth in anger.

"I would love to provide for my daughter," Nichols said with fake sympathy, obviously giving a nasty glare at Ruth "my budget was cut short."

"Your honor," Hutz said, pulling up a bunch of photos, "these pictures show the impoverished conditions my client lives in." Snyder looked at the photos, while Hutz was giving a thumbs up to Max.

"Mr. Hutz," Snyder said with exasperation, "these are pictures of your client's trip to Cancun."

Hutz stared at the pictures, and at a dismayed Max.

"Well, we all know a vacation to Mexico is a sign of want," Hutz said desperately. "It is the armpit of North America, well next to Camden, New Jersey. If my client were well off, he would be in Boca Raton."

"Thank you, Mr. Hutz," Snyder said, with forced politeness. "Mr. Nichols, you may leave the stand."

Cut to:

Ruth on the bench.

"Ms. Powers," Snyder asked. "Surely you are aware that larceny is a serious offense?"

"Well," Ruth said. "For years, the law failed me and my daughter. I felt the need to take the law into my hands, not only for my sake, but", she paused, letting tears fall down her eyes, "but my daughter's sake." Just as her act was about to sell, a bunch of chopped onions fell out of her pocket. Lester James facepalmed at that.

"Ms. Powers, did you stuff onions into your short to induce crying," Snyder asked.

"No," Ruth said unconvincingly, "I was, uh, using my body heat to…ferment the onions," she chuckled nervously.

"You may leave the stand, Ms. Powers," Snyder said, pinching the bridge of his nose.

Cut to:

Synder reaching his verdict.

"I rule that Max Nichols be ordered to pay his delayed child support to Ruth Powers," Snyder ruled.

Max, angrily shoved the papers of off the plaintiff desk and stormed out, while Laura, Ruth, and the Simpsons family cheered.

"I also sentence Ruth Powers to six months' probation, and 200 hundred hours of community service," the cheering abruptly stopped.

"Mr. Snyder," James said. "My client…"

"Mr. James," Snyder said firmly, "I can sympathize with a woman who suffered hideous affronts at the hands of her spouse." He turned to glare at Ruth. "However, my sympathy ends when the law is violated. Your client behaved as if she were above the law, and that is something I cannot tolerate. I am lenient because Ms. Powers, until today, never committed such a serious larceny. But she must learn that if she violates the law, she must be held accountable." She looked directly at Ruth. "You think of yourself as a mother, Ms. Powers. Ask yourself, what example are you setting for your daughter? Do you want her to think theft is OK?" Ruth looked down in shame. He banged his gavel. "Case dismissed."

"Hey," Ruth told James with small smile, "It is better than nothing." Laura ran up to Ruth, and hugged her, tears falling down her face.

"He's right, you know," Ruth said Laura. "Laura, I don't want you doing what I did. Sitting in that cell, and worrying about losing you just wasn't worth it." She hugged her daughter tighter. "Please don't do what I did," she said, tears running down her face.

"I won't mom," Laura said, her own tears falling down her face. "I won't."

Cut to:

Ruth on the payphone.

"Mr. Powell," Ruth said. "I don't know how to thank you for helping me out."

"Just live a straight life," Herb said, his gruff voice coming in through the phone.

"But why would you help out a total stranger," Ruth asked.

"Well, the total stranger is the best friend of the wife of my brother, then how I could I not help," Herb replied.

"Wait," Ruth replied, looking at Homer, who gave her a dopey smile. "Your Homer's brother."

"Yes," Herb replied. "Homer never, ever asks me for a dime, so the fact that he begged me convinced me I had to help."

"I could never be more thankful," Ruth said.

"He also told me you were looking for work as an auto mechanic," Herb asked.

"Yes," Ruth said with some embarrassment. "Wait, you can offer me-,"

"I was a car company head, Ms. Powers, thus I still have contacts in the industry," Herb said. "I can get you a top job at the Komatsu Service Center in Springfield, if you want."

"Thank you, so much," Ruth said, in quiet gratitude, "I won't-,"

"I want to talk to Herb. I wanna," Homer said excitedly, pushing Ruth away from the phone. "He's my brother, I get to talk to him."

"Hello, Herb," Homer said. "Thanks for your help."

"Don't mention it, Homer," Herb said.

"Anyways, I got some new ideas that I believe could make serious money, and they need are your-," he paused, hearing dial tone. "Hello? Hello? The line must have gone dead," Homer said, hanging up the phone.

Suddenly, he felt himself being hugged by both Ruth and Laura who were saying thank you repeatedly. Soon, his own family were giving them hugs.

"What are neighbors for," Homer said.