"I should try to find Madison." Zoe said to Kyle. It had been a while since she'd last seen her and although she knew that Madison was very capable to fend for herself, Zoe already felt very protective towards the blonde she'd met only a few hours ago.

"Do you want me to help you?" Kyle kindly asked. He was a really good person and Zoe couldn't really think of anything she didn't like about him. But she knew she could never be with him. Not after what happened to Charlie. She couldn't do this to anyone else. She knew she couldn't get attached to the boy and that it would only make things worse for both of them. Yet, she couldn't bring herself to reject him.

"Sure, if you don't mind." she replied with a small smile which only brightened Kyle's.

"Let's go then! I'll go check upstairs" he offered and made his way towards the staircase.

Zoe checked the kitchen, the backyard, the lounge, aven the bathroom and the garage. But there was no sign of the blonde. The newfound witch was about to make her way upstairs when the frat boys rushed down, almost making her lose her balance. Kyle was racing behind them and shouting. As he passe Zoe, he only had time to tell her "Second door on the right" before he was out the door.

Zoe stood there for a few seconds, taking it all in. What the fuck had just happened?! She followed Kyle's directions and what she saw when she entered the room broke her heart "Shit!"

She rushed towards the bed where Madison was lying, almost lifelessly. "Hey, Madison. Hey" she called softly while trying to remove the girl's hair from her face. "Did they give you something?" It was quite obvious that the older witch was not in her normal state but Zoe genuinely did not know what she was expected to do in such a situation.

Madison only manage to groan something unintelligible before passing out again. Zoe rose up from the bed in search of a blanket to cover Madison's shivering frame. She seemed to have regained consciousness and was now tossing and whining on the bed. Zoe covered her and took her hand reassuringly. "Stay here. I'm not gonna let them get away with this!"

She made a move to leave but Madison managed to catch her wrist. Her eyes were barely open but you could see how broken and desperate she was. "I promise I'll be right back. I just can't let them leave." she explained.

Madison's grip tightened around Zoe's wrist. The taller girl glanced towards the door then to Madison, debating her options. She could easily break Madison's weak grip but when she saw her pleading eyes and still shaking frame, she knew she could not leave her there like this. So she climbed on the bed next to her, careful not to touch the blonde, not being sure of how comfortable she was with physical contact right now.

As soon as her legs were propped on the bed though, Madison was clutching onto her as if her life depended on it, which maybe it did. Zoe settled on wrapping her arms around the now sobbing girl, running her hand through her blond tresses with the hope of calming her down. "I'm here" she whispered, though she was not sure that the actress could hear her through her sobs. Whether she did or not, Madison's crying became even more violent. Her head was tucked against Zoe's stomach, her left arm was thrown over the other girl's waist, bringing her impossibly closer while her right hand was clinging onto the material of the younger witch's borrowed dress. Zoe kept on running her hand through her hair while whispering reassuring words against the top of her head.

Madison eventually seemed to calm down, and soon enough, she was fast asleep against her new found friend. That did not stop Zoe from continuing her ministrations though. It had been a few minutes before Kyle came in barging through the door, out of breath and looking quite disorientated. Zoe, who had almost fallen asleep herself, shot up from to a sitting position. Luckily enough, Madison didn't even flinch and seemed to still be sleeping, which was a huge relief.

"What happened? Are you okay?" the brunette asked, careful not to do anything that could wake her roomate up.

"I'm alright, I guess. I just-" he looked at his hands and when Zoe followed his line of sight, she had to hold back a scream. They were all bloody and covered with some sort of black substance. What the hell happened outside?!

"Is that yours? Are you hurt? What did they do to you? Did you-"

"Zoe." Kyle stopped her. "I'm okay. Really. I followed them cause they had video proof of what they did to her. But they threw me off the bus and left. But then they… the bus… a car crossed the road and the bus flipped at the impact" he managed.

"Oh my god!" Zoe was horrified "Are they okay?"

"I tried to help but I… I'm pretty sure they're all dead."

"I'm sorry Kyle, I know they were your frat brothers" Despite what they had done to Madison, Zoe couldn't bring herself to be happy that they were dead.

"I'm not." he replied calmly "Not after what they did to her" he pointed to the girl who was still curled against Zoe. "Is she okay?"

"I don't really know. She seemed pretty upset but knowing her, she should get over it pretty quickly." she attempted a smile. Her hand was now rubbing small circles on Madison's back, both to let her know that she wasn't alone, but also to calm Zoe down. She still hadn't wrapped her head around what had just happened to her roomate.

"Do you need help bringing her home? How did you get here?" Kyle asked.

"She drove us here. And yes, that'd be great. I don't have my driver's licence yet." Zoe replied shyly.

"Do you want me to carry her to the car so you don't have to wake her up?" he walked around to Madison's side of the bed. When Zoe nodded, he tried to lift her up as gently as possible but as soon as he touched her, Madison clung to Zoe even harder and whined.

"It's okay Mads, we're just taking you home. I'm right here with you. Kye is going to carry you to the car, is that okay?" Zoe spoke quietly, her hand still rubbing the blonde's back.

Madison gave the tiniest nod possible and released her grip on Zoe slightly, blindly looking for her hand instead. Zoe helped her out by bringing her own hand up and intertwining it with Madison's wandering one. She looked up to Kyle and nodded, signaling that he could try again. This time, he lifted her without any problems and carried her to the car with Zoe right next to him, holding onto Madison's hand tightly.

When they got to the car, Zoe slid into the backseat, releasing the smaller girl's hand for a few seconds while Kyle put her in the backseat as well. As soon as Madison's body hit the seat, she curled against Zoe and found her hand again. Her head was on Zoe's lap, facing towards her stomach, and Zoe resumed what she was doing earlier with the blond hair.

"Where to?" Kyle inquired once he was settled in the front seat. Zoe gave him the address and tried to help him as well as she could. After all, she had only been there for less than 24 hours.

They eventually got there after a few detours, and Kyle carried Madison up to her room. Luckily, everyone was already sleeping and they did not have to explain the whole situation.

"Thanks Kyle" Zoe said once Madison was lying on her bed. She got up to walk Kyle out but Madison wouldn't let go of her hand.

"That's okay" Kyle smiled when he saw their still intertwined hand "I'll find my way out" Zoe smiled thankfully at him. He really was a great guy.

"Maybe we could see each other again sometimes?" he looked down and brought his hands up to scratch the back of his neck nervously.

"Sure" Zoe laughed lightly at how shy he looked "Give me your phone, I'll put my number in" she extended her free hand towards him. He gave her his phone and she quickly typed her number and returned the phone.

Kyle looked down at her contact name : Zoe ;) and smiled "I should go now. Take care or yourselves."

"We will. Thank you for everything Kyle!" Zoe smiled.

"Don't worry about it. Let me know if you need anything" he wiggled his phone. "Goodnight" he turned towards the door and left. Zoe could only hope no one saw him leave the house, or else, she would have some explaining to do in the morning.

She then turned her attention to Madison, whose grip on her hand was too strong for her to be asleep. "Let's get you changed" she got up and managed to free her hand. Madison however, made no attempt to move. Hearing no complaints from the other girl, Zoe went to her dresser and took out a loose T-shirt and some yoga pants. She returned to Madison's side and unzipped her dress. "Is that okay?" she was not sure how comfortable Madison was with Zoe undressing her after what happened tonight. Or Zoe undressing her at all for that matter.

Madison nodded weakly, keeping her eyes shut tight. Zoe didn't think she had opened them at all since she found her in that bedroom. She tried not to think about it too much and slipped the dress off Madison's body. She wasn't wearing a bra and Zoe tried not to look but was quickly distracted by the bruises all over Madison's thighs and abdomen. She was quite glad that those boys were dead after all. They deserved nothing less.

Zoe did not say anything though, hoping that they would be gone by morning so that Madison wouldn't have to relieve the agression all over again. She dressed the blonde with what she'd found and then changer her own clothes as well, getting ready for bed.

"Is there anything else I can do?" the brunette asked after having brushed her teeth. Madison did not say anything or moved anything other than her hand. Trying to reach for Zoe almost desperately. The younger witch walked towards the bed and gripped Madison's hand.

"Do you want me to sleep here with you?" she tried to guess what Madison wanted. Once again, there was no answer from the blonde but she shifted slightly to make room for Zoe. She took it as a yes and lied down next to her roomate, who immediately wrapped her arm over the taller girl's stomach and tucked her head against her side.

"Hold up. Wait a minute" Zoe retrieved the covers by their feet. Madison was not one to make her bed and she forbade Spalding from entering her room after she'd found him sniffing her underwear once. Zoe did not know if any of it was truc but that's what she'd been told.

"All good. Come here." Zoe whispered after covering them both with the duvet. Madison retrieved her position, using Zoe's left arm as a pillow and bringing her as close as humanly possible. Zoe responded by draping her right arm over Madison's left one and drawing small shapes on the blonde's upper back with her left hand.

Madison's breathing slowed down after a while, signaling that she had fallen asleep. Zoe couldn't stop thinking about what had happened to her in the last few days though. Charlie's death, her parents sending her away like it was nothing, her arrival in the Coven, meeting Madison, and then tonight.

She eventually managed to fall asleep after a few hours, exhaustion taking over her small body.