Renfurry chapter 1 . Sep 27

I'm confused, is this just a rewrite of the original A Change of Hearts? Like the one from over 2 years ago? Because I don't understand the point of that, why not just keep writing the sequel?

I did this redux for a number of reasons, but mainly, I did it because this story was written years ago. When I read it again to try and get more ideas for the sequel, I felt that what was posted was terribly written and I noticed it had a lot of errors that needed to be fixed, especially when the way we wrote it back then is different from how we write now. This is a story I really care about and I will see to it that it is much better written.

A week later...

Stitch tried helping Jumba with his inventions, but he was so out of it that, on more than one occasion, he almost destroyed Jumba, himself, and the ship because of mixing the wrong chemicals together. Jumba thought it would be better if Stitch tagged along with Pleakley for a bit to try and relieve the stress he had been under since he said goodbye to Lilo and Angel. The blue alien decided to not test Jumba's patience any further than he already had and agreed, which led him to try out yoga in the living room with Pleakley.

"Now release all of the tension that has been building up inside of you," Pleakley speaks calmly as he stretches and Stitch copies him. They had been at it for thirty minutes, which was an impressive feat for someone like 6-2-6 to achieve considering the amount of patience it was demanding of him. However, Stitch found it difficult at times to keep up with the flexible ex-galactic agent turned friend.

"Let go of all of your burdens. Free your mind from those things that hurt you," Pleakley continues as Stitch slowly breathes the air in through his nose is and blows it out through his mouth. He became a bit wobbly while standing on one leg, despite doing his best to keep himself balanced. He wondered just how much more of himself needed to be exerted just to keep his posture still.

"Feel the negative energy leave you and being replaced with positive energy," he comments as his body moves into a warrior one pose. Putting one foot forward to keep his balance and arms as he could reach, Pleakley pulled his other two feet behind him to keep his posture still he stretched out his back. His yoga companion altered his movement to mirror the model being set for him and continued breathing slowly. Stitch was becoming more serene.

"Feel the good, positive energy coming into your being as you breathe in through the nose," Pleakley instructs as he breathes in which Stitch copied him, "and all the bad, negative energy leaving your being as you breathe out of the mouth."

He does so and Stitch mimics him. "That's it," Pleakley smiles as he turns to Stitch, signaling the end of the session. "So how do you feel?"

"I still feel the same," Stitch said as he looks down at the ground. "Thanks though. I know both you and Jumba as well as Nani and David did your best, but nothing seems to be working. Not one thing has made me feel any better," he adds with his ears drooping.

Pleakley sighed to him, placing a hand on Stitch's shoulder. "It's okay Little Blue Monster. It will all work out. You will see."

Some time later, Nani found Stitch laying on the living room floor and felt a pang in her chest. She smiled as she had gotten another idea to help him, offering Stitch to be her assistant in the house. While in theory it was a good idea, the job was poorly done; since Stitch didn't pay attention to the stove and almost burnt down the house. This accident made him distance himself mentally from everyone, fearing he would destroy something else and would harm others in the process, even if he didn't mean to do it.

Nani called David to see if he had any new ideas. He then suggested going to the beach.

"Stitch will go," Stitch says flatly, much to the surprise of his family.

So David took him down to the beach, where Stitch can surf and build sand castles, but even this didn't seem to break through the feelings Stitch harbored inside. After the miserable time at the beach, he left without saying a word to David and walked back home. As he approaches his abode, his doopy ears perked up at a sound. Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! He immediately hears the familiar sound and runs to the house, climbs the outside of it and into his room. He pounced on his bed and searched for the space cell, throwing pillows and blankets off of the mattress. Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring!

"Where did I put it?" he asks himself as he looks around.

Then he snapped his fingers and remembered, "That's right, let me check the living room."

So he rushes out of the messy bedroom and quickly climbs down the tube, and bolts to the living room. He rummages around the place in an effort to find the space cell. He looks into the couch and smiles as his fingers touch something.

"Ah ha! Here we go!" he exclaims as he pulls the device and flips it open.

He sees the familiar face appears on the screen waving happily and smiles, "Boojiboo!"

"Hi boojiboo!" she responds back to Stitch, "Sorry for not being able to stay in touch for a long time. My vacation had to be postponed because..." She stops and Stitch was impatient, "Because? Because what? Tell me?" He sits on the couch as Angel thinks of how to say what was on her mind, "I think it is best if you take a seat?"

"Um... No, offense but I'm already sitting down," Stitch comments and both laugh.

"So seriously, what is it?" he asks her.

"I was just accepted for a movie deal," Angel stated.

Stitch congratulates her, "You did! Wow! That's good. No, it's great! Awesome even! When you come back, we can throw you a party; maybe even invite Lilo and all of the Ohana. I bet they'll be happy to hear the news about you getting a part."

Stitch ecstatically bounces up on the couch with a wide grin on his face. "So...when do you go away to make the movie?"

She looks away as her ears droop and Stitch asks her, "Angel? Angel, what is it?"

"Just..." she holds back a sad sigh, "They want me to go Friday."

"What..." Stitch's voice shrunk, almost inaudible, but repeated the statement much louder the second time. "What? Wait... What? As in this Friday? This coming one?"

"Yes. The producer asked my manager and they were talking, which soon turned into the beginning of a deal to then an already made deal," she explains as she sniffles, " is ultimately my choice."

"Then...when you come back we'll throw you a party," Stitch replies and Angel shakes her head, "No. This is a one time offer and my manager is telling me to go for it."

"Then why not go for it?" Stitch asks as he felt his heart sink further the longer this conversation went on.

"I know it'll help my career," she remarks, "but at the same time I'll be further from you."

"Really?" Stitch questions.

"Yeah, I've to go to a distant planet that requires two Hyperdrives and I'm going to be there for 6 years to record the movie," Angel adds with a sob.

"But... You were supposed to be back here," Stitch said sadly, "You said you'd be back and we could be together."

"Don't you think I know that!" Angel cries, "I know what I said. Stitch, I fully trust you. What do you think I should do?"

"I...I don't know, I'm still in shock over everything. Um… g-give me a few minutes," Stitch says as Angel nodded.

'I...I don't want her to go away because I'll miss her too much, but... I shouldn't keep her either just because I'm selfish. If she goes though, I'll be crushed... No, devastated. But, if I make her her stay; she'll be sad and miserable and may even resent me. ...I need help,' Stitch thinks deeply as he leaves the room.

"Nani! Nani, where are you! I need help!" Stitch calls out as he hears Nani rushing to him.

She replies while panting, "Yes, Stitch! What is it!?"

He walks out of the living room and finds her coming through the backdoor of the kitchen, "What? What do you need? What happened?" She quickly, but carefully sets the food on the table and walks over to Stitch.

She examines him and places her hand on his forehead, "Are you okay?"

"Nani... I need help with a decision," he admits as he averts his eyes onto the floor..

Nani nods as she retracts her hand, "Oh good then."

She adds as she stands back up, "Okay...What is it?"

"Angel has been offered a spot in a movie," he begins and Nani smiles, "Oh really, good for her!"

Stitch softly smiles, "I know right."

The smile fades into a frown as his eyes look up to Nani. "But...if she accepts it, she'll have to go this Friday, which is three days away, and stay on the planet for a long time; however, if she doesn't, she'll be back here and that might not be good for her down the road."

Nani pulls up a chair as she listens to Stitch's query "She asked for my opinion on the predicament and I don't know what to tell her. Nani, what should I do?"

"Stitch... I think it is best if you think about it real hard," Nani offers with a wise and knowing smile.

"That doesn't help," Stitch retorts with a sigh.

"Stitch, I can't make the choice for you. You have to do it yourself," Nani offers with a small smile, "In the end, only you can decide what you think is best. I can't force you to choose."

"Oh, fine. I get it," Stitch says disappointingly as he walks back to the living room and speaks on the cell.

Both him and Angel say in unison, "Hey, I've something to tell you."

Both lightly laugh and Angel speaks, "You go first, Stitch."

"Okay," Stitch sighs, "I-I think it is best if you take the deal."

"Oh..." Angel comments and Stitch asks confused, "What?"

"Well... I-I just thought... I was leaning not to taking the deal," Angel confesses as she looks down and away from Stitch.

"Really, why?" Stitch asks her surprised.

"Because... I don't want to leave you. I don't think I can do it," she admits as she returns her gaze at Stitch.

"Angel...this is a great opportunity for you. You should take it. It will help you in the long run and if you don't take this chance, you'll regret it for the rest of your life. Come on Angel, do it. It's the right thing," Stitch counters with a sad smile.

"Yeah...but there are other deals I can make out there that are closer to where you are. I can wait, really. I just want to be close to you," she comments.

"No Angel, you've got to take the deal. You have to do it. Think about how many people have actually been given the opportunity to go somewhere they have never been before." Stitch insists..

"Yeah, but boojiboo... What about us?" she asks him.

"Well...there is still an 'us' now with our current long distance relationship. I think we'd be okay with a longer distance," he explains to her as he softly chuckles.

"I suppose so...Do you really think we can make that work?" she asks him concernedly.

"Ih, nothing is too far away. We can send hologram messages to one another," Stitch answers happily, "Boojiboo... It's going to be okay. Everything is going to okay."

"Ih, of course. Yeah, you're right," she nods with a smile.

Stitch asks her, "When you get there, will you call me?"

Angel answers with a big smile, "Yeah. Bye boojiboo."

She blows him a kiss as he blows one back to her, "Bye."

He closes the space cell and sighs as he looks around the messy living room. He begins cleaning the clutter he made as he loses himself in deep thought.

Friday Evening...

Stitch was holding the cell intently in his paws. He brought it everywhere with him, like EVERYWHERE with him. Just waiting for the ringing to happen.

He stares at it on the hammock begging, "Come on and ring. Ring now. How about you ring now?"

The machine stays quiet through the starry night. The still slick design and shiny red coat of paint made it look like he had gotten it new; however, he had always had this object. He noted the slight wear on the machine, but knew of its importance. Yet, the one job it was made to do wasn't happening and it was trying on Stitch's diminishing patience.

"I'm gonna count to five and if you don't ring," Stitch threatens the machinery.

"1…. 2… 3… 4…...," Stitch pauses as he looks at the item. The space cell seemed to be mocking its owner for the empty threats being sent its way. Stitch growled in frustration at the phone's refusal to heed the warnings.

"Don't make me say it," he speaks seriously," or so help me I'll end you."

His frustration died down into sadness and his ears drooped again with a sigh releasing from his mouth, setting the object aside from his view. He knew he was only talking to an emotionless piece of equipment and felt more like an idiot for thinking that threats would suddenly cause it to become obedient. The loneliness he felt from the realization made his heart ache in sorrow, thinking that he might never hear from Angel again. Just when he was about to lose hope on getting the call. Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring!

He jumps jovially and tries to connect, "Come on, come on. Connect already!"

He sees his beautiful girlfriend on the screen and speaks excitedly, "Hi boojiboo! Oh, I missed you so much."

"I miss you too," Angel comments happily, "And sorry... The producer had so many problems

and everything. That is why I couldn't call you before."

Stitch smiles, "It's okay, it's okay. I know, I get it. I'm just happy to be talking to you now. So how is it?"

"Stormy," she states with a nervous laugh, "Really stormy here."

"Just be careful," Stitch comments worryingly.

"Yeah, I will I'm worried that the storm might-" Angel's picture froze and Stitch knew what just happened. He angrily sighs as he falls back onto the hammock. They lost connection because of the storm. He sits back up and tries to beat the device to make it work. He did everything he could to see if he could get a better signal, even as far as going on top of the house and pointing the cell to the sky. However, all of his attempts were futile.


"How is long distance relationship working out?" Jumba asks as he sees Stitch slumping on the couch.

"Not good. Not good at all. We both have different schedules and not to mention she has a storm on her end... We barely got to talk," Stitch admits while clenching onto the space cell.

He jumps up off the couch, "I know it has only been a couple of days, but I miss her so much. I just wish I could see her, just one more time."

He paces as he looks at the phone while Jumba took note of the damages done to the phone. Shaking his head, Jumba turned away from Stitch. '6-2-6 having first world problems.' The big alien man thought to himself as he left the living room. He believed it was best to give Stitch some alone time.

Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring!

He immediately answers it, "Hello?"

"Boojiboo! Sorry I lost you for a moment," Angel explains.

"It's okay, we can at least talk to each other. Right boojiboo?" Stitch asks her.

"Yeah...for only 5-7 minutes," Angel answers with a nervous chuckle.

"What?" Stitch asks shocked about Angel's statement.

"Yeah... We still have to do certain movies scenes that can only be achieved with what we have," Angel comments annoyed.

Stitch starts to tear up, "Great... Just great, now I've to wait until you're on break to see you again?"

Angel turns her head and Stitch knows she is talking, but can't hear her say anything. He concludes that she must've muted herself and just waited for her to speak up again.

"Oh...I-I can't. The producer doesn't want any other electronic equipment running while we're

recording the scenes," Angel speaks as her eyes start to water.

"Wait... So, we've only a few minutes now to talk to each other?" Stitch comments hurt

"Angel... What are we going to do?"

"I-I don't know. I didn't know it would be this hard," she admits to him.

"Yeah, same for me. I didn't think it would be this hard either," Stitch confesses to her.

"Stitch... I... I can't spend all of that time without thinking about you. I'll make myself crazy," she lightly sobs.

"I know how you feel Angel. I feel the same," Stitch replies as he fights back the tears. He looks down as he inhales and then back at the screen, "Angel... Boojiboo, what do we do? What do we do now?"

Angel responses as she tries not to cry, "Well... There's nothing we can really do except... except...I don't want to say. I-I can't say it."

Stitch replies sadly, "Yeah... I-I can't say it either. I don't ever want to say it."

Stitch and Angel both look down as Stitch speaks, "I love you... I love you so much."

Angel cries, feeling her heart break in two, "Oh...Boojiboo... I-I love you too."

Tears escape her obsidian eyes and roll off her pink furred face as she sends him kisses and he sends a few to her. He struggles to keep his composure, but seeing how hurt Angel was just makes the pain in his chest more evident. The pressure of the pain was building and he did everything he could to keep it under control.

Angel's voice cracks, "I-I'm going to miss you so much. I really, really am."

Stitch suppresses a sob, "I'm going to miss you a lot as well."

"I-I don't want to say goodbye to you Stitch," Angel states with more tears cascading down her face, "It is really hard for me to do."

"I don't want to say goodbye either," Stitch speaks as he gulps.

He struggles to continue feeling a knot in his throat,, " about instead of that, we say hello. I-I think I can do that, how about you?"

"Yeah...I think it would be easier than saying goodbye," Angel states as she looks at Stitch with a sad smile and tears glistening, "Hello, Stitch."

Stitch sadly waves, "Hi, Angel."

Both send kisses as Angel ends the call and Stitch numbly leaves. He walks pass Jumba, who could only watch in sympathy, as he climbs up the tube and goes into his room to try to sleep; even though, he knew he wasn't going to get any sleep tonight.

Up in Deep Space...

Unbeknownst to anyone on Earth, in the deep reaches of space beyond the Milky Way star system; commotion was running amuck in a gigantic spaceship. The ship teetered back and forth followed by the sounds of many booming explosions. The echoes rocked the ship and the lights flickered at various points as voices were shouted in apprehension during the chaotic event that went underway for those stuck in its crosshairs. The guards on the ship were unprepared for the fugitive that roamed the darken ship.

"Stop him!" The Grand Councilwoman shouts.

Guards left and right tried to surround the fugitive, but the figure slipped through their line of sight each time with unbelievable ease.

"He's moving too fast," One exclaims as the being outmaneuver the guards.

Then, one by one, guards were "disappearing" off the screens.

She asks while watching the different monitors, "Locate him and contain him! We can't afford to lose him!"

One guard replies, "We're trying ma'am, but... He's movements are even more unpredictable than 6-2-6 himself."

"I don't want excuses! I want results!" She yells through the intercom. Suddenly. the power cuts off completely and the screens and communications went dead.

She falls back onto her chair and massages her forehead, 'Not again...'

"Damn, How do we stop this thing?" One guard asks in the door.

"Hey, I saw it go that way," Another guard pointed. When the others left, the guard that pointed them in the direction looks to see if anybody was watching.

When no one was around, he looked up and says with a smile. "Alright, coast is clear. You can come out, now."

The banging of a vent echo until there was a loud Clang! The fugitive jumps from the vent and lands beside the guard. The being looks at the guard resembling to be an exact duplicate of Stitch with rougher red fur, his canine fangs sticking out of his closed mouth, frilly ears with light purple inside, a seemingly small haircut with spiked tips, and wearing a black prison jumpsuit.

"You know, you are much more different than they make you out to be," The guard speaks as he helps Leroy to the garage, "I'll stall them long enough for you to get out without being noticed. Be careful out there, Leroy."

"I'm gonna miss you," The guard tells him.

Leroy turns to the guard and speaks, "Thank you, Sam. Thanks for everything you're doing. I do appreciate it, but aren't you worried about the consequences?"

Sam shakes his head in dismissal of the idea, "Of course I'm not worry about that."

He smiles and presses the button to open the garage. They found a ship and both look to each other.

"I guess this is goodbye," Leroy speaks as he enters the ship, "Goodbye Sam."

The door of the ship begins to close as they wave to each other.

"Hope I get to see you again someday," Leroy calls out.

"Don't worry..." Sam states back. "...I'm sure you will."

The door closes and Leroy starts the launch sequence. Sam sees the guards and rushes towards to them.

When he reaches the group, one points to him and says. "Have you seen the fugitive?"

"No," Sam replies as he prays Leroy departs soon.

The leader of the group suggests, "We should probably do a second sweep here."

"Aye!" the other four guards; excluding Sam, cheer in unison.

They seperate amd search the area as best as they could with their limited resources. The guards look around the place bewildered as to where the prisoner was. All of a sudden, a rumble shook the ship.

"One of the space crafts!" One of the guards yells.

They start running towards the sound, but by the time they arrive; it was too late. Leroy and the ship were gone and Sam stood there, watching the ship leave the premises with the other guards.

"Well, what do we do, now?" asked another guard.

"We wait for the Grand Councilwoman's command. Until then, we will have to hope and pray that he doesn't land in an area filled with life forms or total destruction will rise on that planet," Sam states seriously as the guards leave the room.

"We've to first repair the power so we can relay the information to the Grand Councilwoman," another speaks as he walks off to the power main frame. In a matter of minutes, the lights and communications were back on and the Grand Councilwoman pages them. "So what happened? Where is the fugitive?"

"He got away, ma'am. What do you want us to do?" asked one of the guards, as if they didn't already know what it was.

"Sam, since you were his keeper here on the ship, you will track down the fugitive and bring him back here. The rest of you will stay here and make sure everyone on the ship is safe. Is that understood?" The Grand Councilwoman ordered.

"Yes ma'am," they all chorus together and she nods to them.

The transmission ended and the guards scatter to do their jobs.

"Good luck, Sam," One hollers at him.

"Be careful, Sam," Another one shouts.

"Will do," Sam replies as he opens the door to the police spaceship he was about to take, but stop for a minute to think about what he was about to do.

If he takes the police car and Leroy notices it; either he will get scare and run away or throw something at him to keep him from landing. So basically a police chase or death, and he was not in the mood for either of those; especially, since not only does he get to see his friend again, this could also be a chance to show the Galactic Alliance that Leroy is not a bad experiment. Instead, he was mistaken as one, and a police chase or death would hinder rather than help the cause.

"Although," Sam speaks as he gazes around, "If he took a regular spaceship… Maybe I should follow suit."

His eyes land on a nice decently size craft and smiles as he decides to ride in the ship. He quickly walks over to it and starts the ship. Before Leroy left, Sam places a tracking device in the ship, unbeknownst to Leroy, as a way to easily find him. He activates the tracker and reads it as a smile forms on his face. He sees the red dot showing on the map as it travels to a planet. The same planet in which fugitive 6-2-6, now known as Stitch, had escaped to, Earth.

Sam pulls on the leverage and launches the ship out of the garage.

'Hang on, Leroy,' Sam thinks to himself, 'You're about to have your wish come true because I'm on my way to you.'

He pushes the button and the spaceship speeds away in the pursuit of Leroy.