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The JOVAN Saga – A Collection of One-Shots

(7/4/20 - Have a great day everyone and stay safe out there!)

(Fair warning this might get a bit steamy.)

Chapter 22 What we know is true

He has not touched her in over two years. That's not to say that he hasn't desired to feel her in his arms again but that was not possible. He was with someone else and he was not a cheater, but, isn't lusting after someone a form of cheating? It doesn't matter because he's here with her now.

So many things had to happen for them to come to this point in time. So many words were said and not said, so many things were done and not done, so many hurts were felt but now in this moment the truth is revealed. Letting go, surrendering, realizing that all along the one thing that mattered was the very thing that he avoided. In an effort not to feel that searing pain of loss again he gave up on claiming the love that was there waiting for him. How does he justify such a decision that caused cataclysmic damage to all those involved? One felt rejected, one felt betrayed and one felt utterly lost. There was no victor in that triangle of emotions, wants and demands. Did this stroke his ego to have two wanting him so badly? Did he sit back and gloat? No, he didn't but that did not change anything. So time grew tired of waiting for him to 'clean up his act' and forced him to react appropriately and finally, finally he does. And now he finds himself just where he is supposed to be.

In this room away from the noise of the city, away from interruptions that always seem to derail any progress that they might make, these two slowly, thoughtfully, and with such determination peel back those layers that have accumulated to protect themselves from each other. Like a burning candle those things that would separate them dissolve away leaving a virgin landscape waiting for their imprint.

No words can express all that they feel so they use none. They leave on the lights so that they can see clearly everything that happens. They move as one to remove the remaining barriers that separate them. Hands and lips move over the expanse of skin that reveals itself as their clothing falls away. They take their time savoring the feel of never forgotten skin, never forgotten smells but also relishing the new things that they find with each other.

Her fingers trace his lips as his fingers trace her collarbone. Her lips tease his nipples as his fingers flow through her hair. Slowly they recline on the bed facing each other, hands joined, finger entwined not wanting to lose contact. Eyes on each other not wanting to lose sight of the other for even one second. He kisses her as only he can with his lips 'devouring' hers, pulling every tiny morsel of pleasure out of it. The kiss goes on and on and only stopping when their lungs scream for air but in no way diminishing the pleasure. She kisses his eyelids, his nose, his cheeks, his chin, his nipples at which point he stops her. He senses where she is headed and knows that he will not last if she continues her path. Without him saying a word she understands and returns her attention to his lips. Her kisses are just as all-consuming as his are and after 'coming up for air' again he rolls on top of her.

Still maintaining eye contact they both know what comes next. Gently with his knee he nudges open her legs and she complies by opening them wider. With full body contact, lips joined, hands joined and now he enters her slowly and deeply. They both close their eyes in that moment as the sensations are so intense that it feels as if the stars are exploding behind their eyelids and the utter sweetness of the sensation of making love to each other is overwhelming them. They find a rhythm and just flow with it. Just feeling, just floating, just being one is beyond words. She can feel that boiling growing and spreading and her moans signal her impending release. He feels his also as his hips begin to piston and then he's lost in the sensation of her. Together they reach the pinnacle and like fireworks they explode. Once the eruption subsides he tries to move fearing that he is too heavy on top of her but she holds him fast. She does not want him to move nor does she want to move. This is where they should be, together, connected, emotionally and physically. They luxuriate in the moment and it feels good. After a few minutes he does roll off of her but does not release her from his hold. They remain enclosed in each other arms. Blue eyes looking into brown eyes tell the story of what they know is true. They know without words that they have found their place and nothing and no one will ever take that away from them.