This is an AU. I had a dream about this and I just had to come up with a story for it. Anyways, I'm with the story. Enjoy ~

It hadn't been sudden, like how most stories start.

They all hadn't come one day, their large ship just appearing above us, then dropping down and attacking.


It was slow and subtle, how they came.

At first, they had integrated themselves into our society, disguising themselves as normal human beings, entering our caf├ęs, our stores, our schools, as people we knew.

We hadn't noticed, how our loved ones changed, how odd they were being. All we noticed was that they weren't there at home last night, how they weren't at the party a few days ago.

They invaded our homes, though we hadn't known it.

Then, they began to pop up, slowly. The bodies.

The bodies of our loved ones, left out in the middle of nowhere, with not a scratch on them. Just left there. Lifeless.

Next, the actual creatures started to show up, slowly. One by one. Appearing in public places, no more disguises. No more hiding. Walking around, frightening people. With their terrifying appearances. Skin, brown and burnt-looking. Eyes, large dark orbs. Their mouths, pincher-like things, that vibrated every time they shrilly clicked.

Then, came the ships. Carrying hundreds, thousands of these things.

When their armies, large in number, came, that was when they started to wipe out our species. Hundreds and hundreds of humans, slaughtered.

They came to our planet, looking to take our homes, our towns, our cities, and shape them to their own design. To make our planet their new home...

The few of us that are left call them scavengers.

When this all started, I was a terrified little girl, hoping that maybe, this was some prank.

And then when I realized this was real, I grew up. All I wanted to do was protect my parents and my best friends.

At first, that was all I wanted to do. But then everything changed...

I hope you like the prologue. Just so y'all know, I have a vague idea of where this story is going, seeing as how my brain didn't feel like going into detail on how it started and how it ended. I'm currently working on the outline. Also, I don't have any wifi, I usually use my aunts or my friend's for this won't be updated weekly.

Anywho, I hope you guys will enjoy the story and drop like, throw a review my way.

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