Banjo and Kazooie were collecting the yellow items that were jigsaw pieces and musical notes, the bear and bird going through the Isle O' Hags as they were about to head into Chuffy the train at the cliff side when they stopped to see a small yellow bird flapping its wings between various pillars identical to that of the entrance leading into the Hailfire Peaks.

"Hey Kazooie, look at that bird just flapping between those pillars!" Banjo exclaimed as he pointed forward.

Kazooie scoffed as she shook her head. "Just because it's a bird like me doesn't mean we have much in common. Besides, where did those pillars come from?"

Banjo rubbed his chin as he pondered. "Beats me. You think he might be related to Canary Mary?"

"Good lord, I hope not. Tedious button mashing is the last thing we ever need." Kazooie squawked as she ducked into the backpack.

The Flappy Bird bumped into a pillar, falling into the endless gorge beneath the cliff side. Banjo and Kazooie looked over the cliff to see where the bird went, only to spot the flappy bird spawning back at the start of the pillars and proceeding to resume its flapping, with Banjo confused as Kazooie squinted her eyes.