AN: So some of you may remember this as one of my deleted stories from 2016. (Or maybe not considering it was only up for fourteen hours and I'm pretty sure it only had twelve views or something like that.) After two years I finally feel ready to share this story again, though I have revamped it as it really needed it.

~Breaking Down~

"Ungh... wha?"

Those were the first words out of Sonic's mouth as he woke, eyes opening and being greeted by blurriness. Groaning he attempted to sit up before his head swam and he collapsed back onto the pillow, eyes closing again and head throbbing from the very apparent hangover.

What the hell had happened last night? He remembered something about a party, and Captain Falcon was the bartender... okay, things were beginning to add up now. Captain Falcon always made his drinks too strong and Sonic had had a bit too much to drink. Oops. Well hey, he was twenty-one. May as well live it up a little, right?

He struggled to remember anything else but it was all fuzzy, like trying to see through static on an old TV set. At least he was in a bed and not passed out underneath the table naked like Falco had done a month ago. Poor guy still hadn't heard the end of it.

Something Sonic couldn't understand was how sore he felt. His whole body ached and he couldn't quite remember why. Had he fallen down a flight of stairs at some point during the night? It wouldn't be the first time someone had done so when completely drunk off their ass. Wasn't Master Hand going to install that elevator at some point? Sighing, Sonic once again opened his eyes and reached up to wipe away the blurriness. When his vision was clear he felt he thought he felt his heart stop.

This wasn't his room.

He internally panicked for a moment before relaxing considerably as he realized he was in Mario's room. A dull memory flickered in the back of his mind - right, he'd been hanging around Mario at some point during the night. Satisfied with the answer Sonic felt his eyelids getting heavy again and he closed them briefly beginning to fall back into slumber...

...until something clicked in his brain. Several things, actually. Wide awake now he analyzed the situation he was in, waking up in Mario's bed in Mario's room and how... how he wasn't sure if he was alone in the bed or not. Sonic swallowed heavily before he slowly turned over, hoping his worst fears wouldn't be confirmed.

But they were. Sleeping next to him was none other than his rival-turned-friend Mario, and a quick check under the blankets was enough to make Sonic cover his mouth to stifle his cry of shock.

When the hell had this happened?!

Maybe... maybe it wasn't what it looked like. Tossing the covers aside Sonic got out of bed, shivering in the cold air. To his dismay he discovered he had a slight limp but prayed it was just because he was still a bit disoriented. Scanning the floor he found one of his discarded gloves followed by one of his shoes, their mates lying in a heap with what Mario had apparently been wearing the night before. What really sealed the deal though was the bottle of lubricant by the chair, looking as though it had been haphazardly tossed in the heat of the moment. As much as he'd desperately tried to deny it that was the final piece of evidence - he'd slept with Mario.

"Shit." Sonic hissed, running a hand through his quills as he quickly dressed himself and sat down on the edge of the bed. Another blurry memory came back to him, they were rather sloppily making out on this very bed, he could remember pushing Mario into the mattress. He'd asked Mario something - he mulled on it for a minute before remembering he'd asked him if he really wanted to do this. Obviously the answer had been yes as well...

Sonic buried his face in his hands. He desperately wanted to blame the alcohol for his actions but he knew that alcohol didn't change your morals. If you did something while drunk you were already thinking about doing it when you were sober. And Sonic wasn't going to lie - his crush on Mario had caused him to think some things that he'd always feel ashamed about. But that just begged the question, since Mario was drunk as well did that mean he'd also been thinking about this? After all, Mario wasn't the type to just hop into bed with someone.


Sonic froze, turning towards Mario. Their eyes locked and Sonic could clearly see the confusion and guilt in Mario's eyes as he assessed the situation. Mario made a move to get out of bed before he stopped himself, his face red in embarrassment. "Um... m-my clothes..." he stammered.

Sonic held back the sarcastic remark he felt coming up that they'd obviously already seen each other naked and gathered up the pile of clothes, tossing it towards Mario and turning away, anxiety clawing at his stomach. After a moment he felt a hand on his shoulder and he whirled around, his eyes meeting Mario's.

"Look, I don't remember what happened last night," Mario babbled. "But if I was responsible for... this... then I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry."

Sonic clicked his tongue. His memory was a little fuzzy on who had exactly initiated since they were in Mario's room but he clearly remembered asking Mario before they... "I don't think it was you." Sonic admitted.

Awkward silence followed before Sonic stared at the floor, avoiding eye contact with Mario. He knew that they should at least attempt to talk about what had happened, but he just couldn't make his voice work. Eventually he sighed and glanced at the door. "...I should go." he quietly said.

"Wait-" Mario mumbled, but Sonic shook his head.

"I've messed things up enough as it is. Just let me go." he muttered, though his mind screamed the complete opposite. And he could see it in Mario's eyes, that he needed closure of some sort, but Sonic just couldn't. Even if they did talk, everything between them had been changed permanently. There was no taking it back. He could feel Mario's eyes on him as he slowly walked to the door, hesitating as he went to grab the knob. "I'm sorry." he managed to say, but if it was for the previous night, the lack of a talk or maybe the fact that he could feel their friendship crumbling from this he couldn't exactly tell. Maybe it was all three.

Mario said nothing as Sonic exited the room and slowly began stumbling back to his room, still in pain and head still throbbing from his hangover. His stomach felt hollow and his heart felt heavy.

What have I done?

AN: I'll mark this as complete as now, but if I feel inspired I may add another chapter or two.