If there was one word Sonic could use to describe his feelings right now, it would be shame. He lay with his back to Mario, blankly staring at the framed photo Mario had on his nightstand of them from the Rio Olympics. They had their arms around each other, flashing the peace sign at the camera with their free hands. They looked so happy...

Mario hadn't made a single sound since they'd finished. Sonic assumed he was feeling the same way right now, considering they didn't have alcohol to blame this time. No, it was built on Sonic's impulsiveness and Mario's inability to say no. Like he would have though, Sonic saw the hint of lust in his eyes as he roughly shoved Sonic onto the bed, the faintest hint of a smirk as his hands travelled down between his thighs, eyes hungrily eyeing the prize that waited there.

Sonic decided that it was probably a good time to leave before they unintentionally ended up in Round Three. He got out of bed and gathered his gloves and shoes, eyeing the pile of Mario's clothes and the condom wrapper that had been haphazardly tossed. At least they'd been smart enough to use one this time, not that it mattered. They'd both been virgins and there was no risk of pregnancy, but better to be safe than sorry. He went to open the door before Mario's quiet voice came from the bed.


Sonic glanced towards Mario who was still in the same position he was in, though Sonic could see thin tears streaking his face. "We should discuss this."

Sonic hesitated. "There's nothin' to discuss," he mumbled, defeated. "We got drunk an' slept together, then I got horny an' we did it again. An' our entire relationship has gone to shit because of it. I messed up, so there's nothin' to discuss."

With that Sonic twisted the doorknob and began the trek back to his room, not particularly caring if anyone saw his disheveled self at the moment. He didn't have enough energy to care and he just wanted to rest considering he was in even more pain than he was.

And he thought those six months trapped by Eggman was the lowest part of his life.


Mario slowly sat up, tears still rolling down his cheeks as he went to pick up his clothes and throw out the condom. What had he been thinking allowing Sonic to sleep with him again despite not fixing the fact that sleeping together was what got them into their current situation? Was he an idiot?

Yes. The answer was yes. He long since knew Sonic was a bad influence on him, but he'd hoped that it wouldn't lead to something stupid. Of course he was wrong though. He was always wrong.

Mario didn't want to leave his room to throw his clothes in the laundry room in case he ran into another Smasher who would question him about why it looked like he'd been crying. It was bad enough Mega Man and Pac-Man had noticed something was off. Instead he shoved them into a dresser and stepped into the adjoining bathroom to shower.

He felt awful. And he knew he wouldn't be okay for a very long time.

AN: I personally like stories where there is no conclusion to the conflict. Which is why I am officially deciding (again) to mark this as complete.