The Heart of the Cards

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"Joey, wake up. It's almost time for school and you haven't had breakfast yet." The gentle voice of a female called out from the kitchen in a decent sized apartment. "Joey?" the girl asked again poking her head out of the kitchen but saw nobody else and she sighed. "Honestly, he spends way too much time at night playing video games." She turned the stove off and walked to one of the bedrooms, opening the door she smiled slightly upon seeing a young boy with blonde hair still in his bed snoring loudly.

"Hey…that's my cheeseburger, get ya hands off it." the boy muttered throwing a punch in his sleep making the girl chuckle, quietly she walked through the bedroom to the bed and took a deep breath in.

"Wake up!" she shouted making the boy leap in the air and land on the floor with a thud. "Good morning," she chirped making her brother glare up at her.

"Ya know, I hate it when ya do that." He said in a slightly Brooklyn accent.

"Then you should learn to not stay up all night playing that video game," his sister replied with a smug grin.

"I was about to beat the boss, Dai. But he kept using that move that wipes out my whole team in one shot." Joey whined before he gulped as his sister raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, so you'd rather get in trouble for being late to school and then hearing about it from dad when he gets home?" she asked sternly, Joey shook his head and she grinned. "Then move it buster, breakfast, shower, brush your teeth and get dressed or no video games for a week."

"I'm going!" Joey shouted running out of the bedroom making Dai laugh. She walked out of the bedroom and saw her younger brother eating his breakfast quickly before guzzling down a glass of orange juice.

"Slow down or you'll choke." She warned before walking into her bedroom. She opened the wardrobe and pulled out her school uniform and as she grabbed her shoes a cardboard box fell out and the lid came off spilling the contents on the floor. She sighed and kneeled picking up a small device that had a white body, black buttons and what used to be bright blue grips only now the grips had become cobalt blue and the screen was dull, she frowned and put the device back in the box before grabbing the other two things that fell out of the box.

One was a rectangular shaped device which she tossed it right away, the second was an old photograph of her and several other people her age or a bit older and several creatures in front of them or in the younger kids' arms and Dai felt a tear fall down her cheek before she wiped it away quickly.

"Don't think about it, it's all in the past." She whispered scrunching up the photograph and tossing it in the box before she put the lid back on, she then shoved the cardboard box into the wardrobe and covered it with an old blanket.

"Daisuke, you okay big sis?" Joey asked knocking on the door gently worry in his voice.

"I'm ok Joey, I'll be out in a minute." She answered taking off her tank top and tossing it onto the bed followed by her boxers, she then put on her school's uniform which consisted of a pink coat, a white oxford shirt and a blue tie for the top part of the uniform while she put on a pair of blue pants and sneakers.

She looked in the mirror and did her orange hair up in a blue ribbon and nodded. "Dai come on, you tell me off for being late." Her younger brother whined, she rolled her honey brown eyes and grabbed her schoolbag.

"Hey, I only took five minutes, Mr fight over a cheeseburger in my dreams." She said walking out of her bedroom smiling at Joey who was wearing a blue shirt and brown shorts and red sneakers and had an embarrassed blush on his face. "Come on let's go." She said ruffling his dirty blonde hair. Both siblings left their apartment and headed down to the garage of the complex, Daisuke climbed on her blue motorbike and Joey climbed on behind her and she put her helmet on and handed Joey his. "Hold on," she said revving the bike before speeding out of the garage through the streets of Domino City towards Joey's school.

"Thanks for the ride Dai," Joey said jumping off the motorbike once they made it to Joey's school and Daisuke smiled watching her brother run into the school, checking her watch she saw she had time and sped off to Domino High School.

She walked into her classroom before class and most of the students were chatting about random things, she looked around and noticed one of her friends sitting alone and she walked over. She grabbed the chair in front of the boy and turned it around and sat down. "Hey Yugi." She greeted the boy who looked up at her with his amethyst eyes sparkling with happiness.

"Hey Dai," he greeted, Yugi was shorter then most of the students in the school resulting in several students bullying him for it until Daisuke stepped up and she broke the nose of one of the bullies, since then nobody dared make fun of Yugi Moto. He had black hair that spiked up wildly, his bangs were blond that were spikes in his face and parted to the side and some of his hair was magenta, also around his neck was an upside down pyramid with a weird eye symbol on the front of it which Yugi called the Millennium Puzzle.

"How about a quick duel before class starts?" Dai asked pulling out a deck of cards from her pocket, Dai was new to the game Duel Monsters, she had only first got into the game around two months ago, her deck while not perfect, was enough for her to win some of her duels, but against an expert like Yugi she rarely won if at all.

"Sure," Yugi answered pulling out his own deck and a few minutes later the two were in the middle of a game with some of the other students gathered around them. "It's your move Daisuke." Yugi told her with a smile, Daisuke raised an eyebrow as she looked at her hand before a student wrapped his arm around her shoulders.

"Aw, isn't it cute when she's thinking." He said with a grin.

"Hey Tristan, if you don't mind Yugi and I are in the middle of a Duel Monsters game." Daisuke said pushing him away and the girl beside him chuckled "Tea can you keep an eye on him?" she asked the girl known as Tea nodded. Daisuke smiled and went back to the duel. "Alright, it's my turn. I summon Dark Blade in attack mode." She said placing her card on the duel mat, Dark Blade was a warrior type monster with 1800 Attack Points and 1500 Defence Points.

"Nice move Daisuke, but it's not good enough for my Dark Magician." Yugi chirped playing his card which was a Spellcaster type monster with 2500 Attack Points and 2100 Defence Points.

"Aw come on, that card takes out the rest of my life-points." Daisuke said playfully glaring at Yugi. "One of these days I'm gonna beat you. You gotta tell me where you get all these strong cards."

"My grandpa owns a game shop and I get all my best cards from him." Yugi explained with a smile.

"Your own game shop?" Daisuke asked jumping from her seat. "Let's go there after school." She suggested, and her friends nodded.

"Sounds great, maybe I can get my grandpa to show you this super rare card he's got." Yugi said, unknown to them another student had overheard their conversation.

"Rare card? Could they be talking about the card I've been searching for?" he thought looking up from the book he was reading.

Soon school had ended and Yugi, Tea and Tristan were standing outside the Kame Game shop Yugi's grandfather owned. "I wonder where Dai got off too," Tea said looking around for her friend before they heard a motorcycle as one pulled up in front of them.

"Hey, sorry I'm late. I had to pick up Joey." The driver of the bike explained removing the helmet and they saw it was Daisuke as Joey got off the bike and removed his helmet and waved.

"Yo." He greeted, the other three waved and they walked into the game shop.

"Grandpa, I'm home!" Yugi said.

"And I can see you've brought alone some guests." The old man standing behind the counter said with a gentle smile.

"Nice to meet you Mr Moto, I'm Daisuke Wheeler and this is my brother Joey Wheeler." Daisuke said bowing in respect to the old man and Joey did the same.

"Nice to meet you as well young lady, Yugi's told me much about his friends. And please call me Solomon or Grandpa, everyone does." He told her.

"Grandpa can you show my friends the super rare card you've got?" Yugi asked making the old man look at him.

"Rare card? You mean my special card?" he asked before scratching his chin in thought.

"Please, please." Yugi begged clapping his hands together.

"Pretty please with sugar and cherries on top." Joey said bowing again with a big grin, Solomon looked at the kids before he chuckled.

"How could I refuse, I don't take this care out often." He said grabbing a small box from under the counter and he opened it and pulled out a card. "Here it is, the Blue Eyes White Dragon, so rare, so powerful I never let it leave my hands." He explained.

"Incredible." Dai whispered looking at the card before Tristan grabbed it.

"Doesn't look so special to me," he said as the others sweat-dropped before Solomon snatched the card back.

"This card is priceless, there are only four of them in all the world." he explained frustrated at Tristan's lack of respect for such a rare card.

"Speaking of priceless I'm ready to trade," Daisuke said and Solomon frowned. "Not for that card, but I mean some other cards to help me bolster my deck." She explained, the bell over the door rung as it opened, everyone turned to face the newcomer and gasped at who it was.

"Seto Kaiba?" Yugi asked looking at Kaiba who was a student in their class and held a briefcase in one hand.

"Kaiba!?" Joey shouted.

"Doesn't he have a big company to run? What's he doing here?" Tristan asked curiously. Kaiba smirked and walked towards them.

"Not that it's any of your concern but I came to see the card." He explained, the group exchanged looks of disbelief until Daisuke stepped forward.

"So you like Duel Monsters huh? Why don't we hang out sometime and duel?" she asked holding her hand out only for Kaiba to glance at her hand and scoff.

"Me duel with you? You aren't worth the time." he said arrogantly. "I am the number one ranked duelist in the country, and the favourite to win the Duel Monsters Championship, you wouldn't last two seconds in a duel against me." Daisuke frowned and lowered her hand.

"Suit yourself." She said resisting the urge to wipe the arrogant smirk off Kaiba's face.

"Now does this place have any worthwhile cards or should I go somewhere else?" Kaiba asked before he saw the box on the counter and gasped, pushing past Tea, Tristan, Yugi and Daisuke he looked at the Blue Eyes White Dragon card. "Can it be, the Blue Eyes White Dragon in a dump like this?" he asked himself.

"Well that's enough window-shopping, is there anything else I can help you with?" Solomon asked closing the box and putting it away, Kaiba was silent until he slammed his briefcase on the counter before opening it and turning it around and Solomon's eyes widened as he saw the briefcase held valuable rare and powerful cards.

"Listen to me old man, give me your Blue Eyes White Dragon card and I'll give you all of these." Kaiba bargained as Yugi, Daisuke, Tristan, Tea and Joey gasped and looked at the cards.

"How nice, but no thanks." Solomon said making the others all gasp while Kaiba grit his teeth.

"Fine, if you won't trade for it then I'll buy it off you, name your price I'll give you any amount of money you ask for." He promised.

"He really wants that card, I wonder why. Solomon did say there are only four in the world, but is Kaiba really that desperate for it?" Daisuke thought looking at Kaiba who had desperation in his eyes.

"I'm sure you could, but this card is worth more to me then you could ever offer, not because of its power, or because it's so rare but because of what it means to me. This card was given to me by a dear friend, so I treasure this card as I do that friend. So, parting with it is simply out of the question." Solomon told Kaiba who clenched his fist in anger.

"You'd feel the same if it was any normal card right grandpa?" Yugi asked with a smile.

"Exactly, this card has bonded with my heart." Solomon said fondly, Kaiba frowned and slammed his briefcase shut and stormed out of the shop seething.

"Well…that was tense." Daisuke commented, she then looked at the clock on the wall and turned to her younger brother. "It's getting late, we should get going."

"Do we have ta?" Joey asked with a pout.

"We'll come back tomorrow after school, don't worry little bro." she answered ruffling his hair. "See ya guys later." She said waving to her friends and Solomon as they walked out of the shop.

Meanwhile at the KaibaCorp building, Kaiba was in his office still furious at being denied the Blue Eyes White Dragon card as three men walked into his office. "Ah, gentlemen. There's something I need you to pick up for me down at the game shop." He told them with a smirk.

"Glady master Kaiba." The shortest of the three men said with a cruel smile. The next morning, the three men stood outside the Kame Game shop and walked inside to find Solomon cleaning the counter with his back to them.

"Good morning…" Solomon said turning to face who he thought were customers before he frowned.

"My master Seto Kaiba challenges you to a duel, you will come with us now." The short man told him.

"And if I were to decline?" Solomon asked.

"I'm afraid I must insist." The short man answered as the two thugs behind him stepped forward menacingly.

"Young Kaiba has much to learn, I'll teach him a thing or two about the Heart of the Cards." Solomon thought.

Soon school was over, and Daisuke and Joey pulled up in front of the Kame Game shop and walked into the store. "Hello, Mr Solomon? I'm here to get some cards." She called out into the empty shop.

"Hey gramps!" Joey called out, but nobody answered, the door opened again as Yugi, Tea and Tristan entered the shop and they were surprised to find the shop empty.

"Grandpa? I'm home." Yugi said.

"What's going on?" Tristan asked Daisuke and Joey.

"I don't know, we just got here, and the door was unlocked and nobody was here." Daisuke answered walking to the counter looking for any sign of Solomon as the phone rang and Yugi answered it.

"Kaiba!" he suddenly exclaimed making the others look at him concerned. "Kaiba!? What have you done Kaiba!?" Yugi shouted into the phone before hanging up.

"What's going on?" Daisuke asked her friend who ran out of the shop. "Yugi, wait up!" she shouted running after him with Tristan, Joey and Tea behind her.

"My Grandpa's at KaibaCorp, something's happened." Yugi told them as they kept running towards the KaibaCorp building, once they arrived at the building they ran to the elevator and took it to the top floor and the door opened to reveal Solomon laying on the floor.

"Oh no!" Daisuke shouted running over to Solomon with Yugi to help the old man.

"Grandpa, what's wrong?" Yugi asked his grandfather who looked up at him weakly.

"Yugi, I failed. I tried to teach Kaiba a lesson about the Heart of the Cards, but I lost." Solomon explained before collapsing in pain.

"How's the old man feeling?' everyone looked up at Kaiba who stood by an open door with a smug expression.

"What did you do to Yugi's grandfather you jerk?!" Daisuke demanded glaring at Kaiba.

"We had a duel that's all, each of us putting our most valuable card on the line, and look at the sweet prize I won." Kaiba answered holding up Solomon's Blue Eyes White Dragon card before he ripped it in two making everyone gasp in shock.

"Grandpa's most treasured card!" Yugi exclaimed in shock.

"Yes, the Blue Eyes White Dragon is a rare and powerful card. And this one will never be used against me." Kaiba said with a smirk.

"My Blue Eyes White Dragon…my treasure…" Solomon whispered before holding his chest in pain.

"Grandpa!" Yugi exclaimed in worry before glaring at Kaiba with tears in his eyes. "How could you do such a thing?"

"Yugi, here…take this." Solomon said handing Yugi his deck of Duel Monsters Cards.

"Grandpa?" Yugi asked.

"I build this deck, I put my soul in these cards, and I taught you everything I know. Please take them, take them and show Kaiba the Heart of the Cards." Solomon told his grandson.

"But grandpa, you're hurt I have to get you to a doctor." Yugi said.

"Sounds to me like an excuse." Kaiba said walking towards Yugi. "Your friends can handle your pathetic grandfather, while you and I duel, or are you too scared to face me?"

"Take him Yugi." Daisuke said making her friend look at her in surprise. "We can take care of your grandfather while you teach Kaiba a lesson, trust me you're the best duelist I know, you can beat Kaiba. I know you can." She said confidently.

"We all believe in you," Tea said and Yugi nodded. "Everyone put your hands together and I'll mark us with a special sign." She added taking out a marker and Daisuke, Yugi and Tristan shared a confused look but did so as Tea drew a symbol on their hands.

"What is that?" Joey asked looking at the part of the symbol on Daisuke's hand as his sister smiled.

"A symbol of friendship," she answered and Tea smiled seeing she got it right. "So that no matter who Yugi is duelling he knows we'll always be there for him."

"That's right," Tea said.

"How sickening," Kaiba said making the friends glare at him. "Friends are for the weak, they won't help you in our duel so come along runt." He told Yugi walking off and Yugi followed as Tristan helped Solomon onto his back.

"You guys take care of Solomon, I'll go cheer Yugi on." Daisuke said before running off after Yugi and Kaiba.

"Don't worry we'll take care of him," Joey told his sister as they headed for the elevator. Daisuke ran out and saw Yugi and Kaiba standing either side of a large duelling platform and she ran over.

"I designed this duelling arena myself, impressive don't you think. We each begin with 2000 life-points, first player to hit 0 loses." Kaiba explained. "Are you ready to play runt?"

"Playtime is over Kaiba!" Yugi said as the Millennium Puzzle began to glow and Yugi was covered in a bright light.

"Yu-Gi-Oh!" he shouted as the light died down and Kaiba saw he had grown taller, the blonde part of his hair spiked up and his eyes had a different look to them.

"Whoa…he changed again…the last time that happened was when…" Daisuke whispered as she began thinking back to the first time she saw Yugi change like this.

Flashback Start

The school day had just ended, and Daisuke was walking out of the school to her motorbike to pick up Joey when a hand grabbed her shoulder and she stopped and spun around and frowned at who had grabbed her. "Ushio, what do you want?" she asked the older student calmly.

"I just would like to ask you a few questions," Ushio answered with a smile before he walked off pulling Daisuke by the arm gently and soon they were school on the basketball court.

"Look I told you before that nobody is bullying Yugi, so you can stop trying to force people to admit to things that don't happen. Even if they did I doubt Yugi would pay you to be his bodyguard." Daisuke told him turning to walk off before Ushio grabbed her and pushed her into the basketball post.

"I wasn't going to ask you about that Daisuke. But since we're talking about bodyguards, I'm willing to be yours. For the right price of course." Ushio said with a lecherous smirk as he placed his hand on her waist. "A girl like you can attract unwanted attention." Daisuke frowned and drove her knee into Ushio's privates making his eyes bulge in pain, Daisuke tried to run off, but her hair was grabbed by Ushio. "Listen girl, you may have just moved back from Odaiba and think you know how things work here but you don't. I'm the kind of guy who gets what I want, and if people stand in my way, well I just make their life a living hell."

"You're a sick freak. Sooner or later somebody is going to stand up to you." Daisuke growled out spitting in his face before kicking him in the stomach forcing him to release her and she landed on the ground, before she could stand Ushio kicked her in the stomach making her shout in pain.

"And who do you think that will be? Everyone in this school is too afraid to do anything." He said kicking her in the stomach again. "You should learn your place in this school, maybe I should teach you."

"Daisuke!" a voice cried out, both looked up to see Yugi running over. "What's going on?" he asked looking at Daisuke then at Ushio.

"Isn't it obvious? I'm teaching Wheeler a lesson, now get lost Yugi." Ushio growled at the younger boy stepping towards him menacingly before Daisuke jumped on his back and held on tight.

"Yugi run, get help!" she shouted as Ushio swung his arm wildly to try and knock her off until he grabbed her and tossed her away and she landed hard and groaned.

"Stay down, I'll deal with you in a minute." Ushio growled at her before turning to Yugi who stood his ground against him. "Run on home Yugi, you don't want to see this."

"I won't let you hurt one of my friends." Yugi told him as the Millennium Puzzle around his neck began glowing shocking Ushio and Daisuke. "Yu-Gi-Oh!" he shouted as the glow consumed him and when the light faded he had clearly changed.

"Yugi?" Daisuke whispered as the new Yugi looked at her and nodded.

"Don't worry Daisuke, I will handle this." He said confidently, Ushio gulped and began backing away from Yugi as he walked towards him. "For threatening my friend, and preying on those weaker then you to make yourself feel strong, I cannot allow you to get away with this." Ushio smirked before he laughed.

"You? You're going to be the one to stop me?!" he asked in disbelief still laughing before he stopped. "That's not a funny joke, now you're gonna pay for getting in my business!" he shouted running towards Yugi with his fist clenched, Yugi stayed still as a strange glowing eye appeared on his forehead.

"No Ushio, you'll pay for your crimes. Begone!" he shouted holding his hand out at Ushio who suddenly stopped running as an invisible force seemed to hit him making him scream before his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he collapsed, Daisuke gasped and crawled over to Ushio and checked for pulse and felt one.

"What did you do?" she asked Yugi softly as he helped her stand.

"I simply purged the evil in his soul, don't worry he'll be fine when he wakes up." He explained, the Millennium Puzzle then glowed as did Yugi and he turned back to his regular self and blinked.

"Yugi?" Daisuke asked softly as her friend looked around and saw the unconscious Ushio.

"Daisuke? What happened to Ushio?" he asked her confused and Dai smiled.

"I kicked his butt, when he came towards you after tossing me to the ground I tried again and managed to knock him off his feet and he hit his head and knocked himself out. Let's go and tell the principal so he can call the nurse." She said and Yugi nodded seeming to buy her story and the two friends ran back to the school.

Flashback End

"Virtual systems ready, now for my first move I attack with the Hitotsu-Me Giant." Daisuke was brought out of her memories at Kaiba's words as he made his move and one of the squares on the field began glowing. "Brace yourself Yugi, you've never played Duel Monsters like this before." Kaiba said as a giant lifelike version of his card appeared on the field and roared.

"He's brought the monster on the card to life!" Yugi exclaimed in shock.

"It's my virtual simulator, it creates lifelike holograms of every monster." Kaiba explained.

"So, this is how you beat my grandfather!" Yugi shouted before drawing a card. "Well now it's my turn, I call on the Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress!" he shouted playing a monster and a blue winged dragon appeared on the field with an Attack of 1400 and a Defence of 1200 compared to Kaiba's monster's Attack of 1200 and Defence of 1000.

"I can't believe this, monsters…well considering what I've seen when I was in Odaiba I am not as surprised as I should be." Daisuke thought with a small frown as she looked at Yugi's monster and felt sadness as the dragon reminded her of someone. "Oh Vee…"

Kaiba's monster roared and attacked Yugi's dragon. "Fireball attack!" Yugi shouted and his monster launched a fireball which hit the Hitotsu-Me Giant and destroyed it making Kaiba's life-points go from 2000 to 1800.

"Big brother! Are you alright!?" Daisuke heard someone call out in concern and she looked across to see a young boy the same age as Joey looking up at Kaiba in concern. Kaiba shook off the destruction of his monster with a smirk and drew a card.

"Well played Yugi, for a beginner. But let's see how you can handle this." He said playing another monster and a clown appeared on the field and cackled.

"Saggi the Dark Clown? But that monster has barely any attack points." Yugi said confused on what Kaiba's plan was.

"True my monster's attack has only 600 Attack points compared to your Winged Dragon's 1400 Attack points, but if I combine it with this card." Kaiba said playing another card making Yugi gasp.

"A magic card." He exclaimed and Kaiba nodded.

"Exactly, the Negative Energy Generator. It multiplies my monster's attack by three." He explained as Saggi the Dark Clown was surrounded by black lightning bolts as it's attack points went up to 1800. "Dark Clown attack with Dark Light!" Kaiba commanded and his monster raised its arms gathering dark energy and it tossed the attack at Yugi's monster destroying it and Yugi's life-points fell to 1600. "As you can see combining cards can be very effective."

"He's good, he knows every aspect of this game. But my grandpa put his whole heart into this deck, I have to believe it holds a secret strategy." Yugi thought drawing a card and saw he had drawn a weak monster that looked like a right leg. "This card is useless, I can't defeat the Dark Clown with this, so I'll play another monster in defence mode. The monster will be destroyed but I won't lose any more life-points." He set a monster face down in defence mode.

"Dark Light Attack!" Kaiba shouted and his clown attacked Yugi's monster and destroyed it, this continued for two more turns as Yugi had no monster strong enough to defeat Kaiba's Dark Clown.

"Yugi hang in there, I know you can beat him." Daisuke shouted cheering him on.

"Cheer on all you want, but Yugi is faring just as good as his old man did. His deck is just as weak and feeble as his grandfather." Kaiba said making Daisuke glare at him.

"My grandfather is a great man and a better duelist then you'll ever be. He entrusted me with these cards and I can feel his soul in this deck. I doubt you have such faith in your cards, Kaiba." Yugi said drawing his next card and he smiled. "And my faith rewards me with Gaia the Fierce Knight, with a destructive power of 2300." He summoned his monster and an armoured knight riding a horse appeared on the field and charged Saggi the Dark Clown and Gaia struck with one of his lances destroying Saggi and Kaiba's life-points dropped to 1300.

"Nice work Yugi!" Daisuke cheered and Yugi gave her a thumb up and she returned it.

"Enjoy that small victory for now Yugi, this duel will be over sooner then you think." Kaiba said drawing a card. "I call on the Blues Eyes White Dragon!" he said making Daisuke and Yugi gasp as they saw a magnificent white dragon with blue eyes appear on the field and it roared.

"Impossible, Kaiba tore that card in half…unless…you had a Blue Eyes White Dragon already. That's why you wanted Solomon's, so nobody else could use it against you!" Daisuke shouted at Kaiba who simply smirked and she growled.

"You didn't think that a champion like me wouldn't have such a rare card in my deck, did you?" Kaiba asked before his dragon roared and fired a blue energy blast at Gaia and destroyed him and Yugi's life-points dropped to 900. "Faith or no faith, you'll soon fall to my superior monsters." He told Yugi.

The duel continued with Yugi on the defence again, for two turns he could do nothing but set a monster which was destroyed instantly by Kaiba's Blue Eyes White Dragon. "This is really bad." Daisuke thought watching as Kaiba's dragon destroyed another monster.

"In your entire deck there's not a single card that can stop my dragon Yugi, so what hope will you have against two?" Kaiba asked as he summoned another Blue Eyes White Dragon to the field. "Just admit defeat Yugi."

Meanwhile at the hospital, Tea, Tristan and Joey were running beside some doctors as they rushed Solomon through the hospital as he had an oxygen mask on his face. "Don't give up…Yugi." He whispered and as if hearing his grandfather's voice Yugi drew his next card.

"I won't give up; my grandfather is counting on me. Now for my magic card, Swords of Revealing Light, it stops all monsters on your side of the field for three turns."

"How pointless, what good will a three-turn delay do you?" Kaiba asked amused at Yugi's seemingly futile efforts. Yugi frowned as he looked at his hand which held now both arms and the right leg of something which only confused him.

"How can I beat Kaiba with these pieces? It makes no sense." He thought.

"For someone who claims to have faith in his deck, you're giving up to easily Yugi." A voice said from behind and he turned to see a vision of Solomon standing behind him. "You see Yugi, sometimes the cards are like a puzzle, you have to put the pieces in their proper place."

"Like my Millennium Puzzle?" Yugi asked and his grandfather nodded.

"Correct. Each piece helps build a greater entity, like the pieces of the puzzle Yugi, remember." He said as he disappeared.

"A puzzle? When are the cards like a puzzle?" Yugi thought before he remembered a conversation he and his grandfather had one day. "Wait he once told me of a monster that required five special cards to summon it. Five separate pieces, does this deck have those five pieces in it?"

"Quit your stalling Yugi! Or do you forfeit the match!?" Kaiba shouted breaking him from his thoughts.

"I never forfeit." Yugi said drawing another card and he saw it was the other arm and his eyes widened. "Another piece of the puzzle." He thought before setting another monster.

"Draw any card you want, it won't change a thing. My dragons may be frozen for two more turns, but my new monster is under no such spell. The Judge Man, with an attack power of 2200." Kaiba said summoning another monster which wore a red cape, a crown and armour and wielded two clubs and his monster slammed its clubs down on Yugi's monster and destroyed it.

"Come on Yugi, I believe in you." Daisuke thought as she saw Yugi draw another card and he summoned it and her eyes widened and who it was. "The Dark Magician, alright!" she cheered.

"Dark Magician, attack!" Yugi commanded and his magician struck with a blast of magic from his hand which destroyed the Judge Man causing Kaiba's life-points to drop to 1000 but Kaiba smirked and drew his next card.

"A loss that doesn't faze me, and though neither of my dragons can move for one more turn, my next card can. The Third Blue Eyes White Dragon!" he said making Yugi and Daisuke gasp as a third dragon appeared on the field and obliterated Yugi's Dark Magician with its attack and Yugi's life-points dropped to 400. "And next turn, my three monsters will be free to attack you all at once."

"Kaiba had the other three Blue Eyes White Dragons all along, he wanted grandpa's card, so it couldn't be used against him. My only chance now is to draw the last piece of Exodia, but the odds are against me. I don't know if I can do it." Yugi thought reaching for his deck when it suddenly moved out of reach making him gasp. "The deck it senses my doubt." He whispered in shock before a hand reached for the deck and pushed it back towards Yugi as two more hands joined the other hand forming three quarters of the friendship symbol Tea had drawn and Yugi looked up to see Daisuke, Tea and Tristan.

"We're right here for you Yugi," Tea told him.

"You've got to believe in yourself, Yugi." Tristan said.

"You can do this, now kick Kaiba's butt." Daisuke told him with a smile and he smiled back.

"They're right, I've got to believe in my cards like my friends believe in me." He said drawing his next card.

"Play your next pathetic card so I can end this Yugi." Kaiba told him.

"My grandpa's deck has no pathetic cards, Kaiba." Yugi replied turning the card he just drew to face Kaiba. "But it does contain the unstoppable Exodia!"

"Argh! Impossible!" Kaiba shouted.

"I've assembled all five special cards, all five pieces of the puzzle." Yugi told him setting down all five cards and a pentagram appeared in front of Kaiba's dragons, two fists soon emerged followed by the rest of Exodia and he towered above the dragons.

"Exodia…it's not possible…no one has ever been able to call him." Kaiba said in terror.

"Exodia obliterate!" Yugi commanded as Exodia held its hands up and charged an orange energy sphere before firing the sphere as a blast which destroyed all three of Kaiba's dragons in a brilliant flash of light, one the light died down Kaiba's life-points hit 0 and Exodia vanished signalling the end of the duel.

"Alright! Nice going Yugi!" Daisuke said in awe of her friend's victory.

"This can't be, my brother never loses." Mokuba said shocked.

"You play only for power Kaiba and that is why you lost, but if you put your heart in the game there is nothing you can't do." Yugi told Kaiba.

"But…but how, how could I have lost to him?" Kaiba whispered looking down at his cards that were all over his duelling platform.

"Kaiba, if you truly want to know then open your mind!" Yugi shouted the strange eye appearing on his forehead and he thrust his hand out at Kaiba who was hit by an invisible force and he fell to his knees. "Perhaps now Kaiba you will begin to see." He told him before stepping down from the platform and walking over to Daisuke who smiled and hugged her friend.

"That was awesome Yugi, I can't believe you summoned such a powerful monster." Daisuke said as they headed to the elevator.

"I believed in my grandfather's cards, and I had you, Tea and Tristan believing in me." Yugi told her as his puzzle glowed and he returned to normal. "Now let's go check on my grandpa." Daisuke nodded as both stepped into the elevator.

Meanwhile somewhere else a man walked into a room and bowed slightly to someone sitting in a chair. "Mr Pegasus sir, we've just received word that Seto Kaiba, our uncontested champion has been beaten in a duel sir. By someone named Yugi." The man informed, and the other man now known as Pegasus chuckled as one of his eyes gave off a gold glow.

The end of the chapter

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