The Legendary Fisherman Part 2

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"It won't be long before I take your two Locator Cards straight to the finals." Mako told Daisuke, the crowd around them cheering as the Orca jumped out of the water once again.

"Those are some pretty big words for a guy with no monsters on the field to protect himself, now I can attack you directly." She replied with a grin.

"Remember I've covered the playing field in ocean water giving me the upper hand." Mako said.

"It's going to take a lot more than a few drops of water to scare me Mako, it's my turn." Daisuke said, she drew her card and grinned on seeing she had drawn Polymerisation. "Get ready Mako, because I'm about to take a serious chunk out of your life-points."

"I'd like to see you try landlubber." Mako said.

"Don't say I didn't warn ya. I summon Red Eyes Baby Dragon to the field in Attack mode." Daisuke said, the young dragon appeared on the field beside Alligator Sword.

"A baby, you might want to give it a life preserver." Mako quipped with a grin.

"He may be weak on his own, but once I use the magic card Polymerisation, he'll be stronger." Daisuke replied. She played the magic card and her two monsters combined into a new monster. "Say hello to Red Eyes Alligator Sword Dragon." The fusion monster appeared floating above the water below.

Alligator Sword now was wearing black armour with red designs, his sword gained a black sheen and his eyes were glowing red while he sat on the back of Red Eyes Baby Dragon who growled at Mako and the fusion's Attack points were 1700 and its Defence points were 1600.

"Battle City rules state that fusion monsters must wait one turn before attacking." Mako reminded her.

"I know that Mako, which is why I'll attack you next turn. Think you can wait?" She asked with a smile which he returned.

"Mako Tsunami waits for no one. Now the tides shall turn." He said, drawing a card before he set another one on his duel disk. "I set one monster on the field, hidden beneath the waves and end my turn."

Daisuke looked at the water around her, seeing a brief flash of light showing the monster had been summoned but otherwise she could not see what it was. "This is not good, I can't tell if it's in attack or defence mode, or what kind of monster it is." She thought.

"Fear what you cannot see. The ocean hides all." Mako said.

Daisuke frowned and drew her next card before looking at her fusion monster. "Since your monster is hiding beneath the water, I suppose my monster will just need to fly over it." She said and her monster did just that taking flight high above the water below. "And now they'll take a chunk out of your life-points, attack!" She shouted. Mako's eyes widened as Daisuke's fusion monster dived down towards him and Alligator Sword swung his blade cutting into Mako who grunted in pain as his life-points fell from 3150 to 1450.

"If you think that's all it'll take to beat me, you're mistaken. There is one thing I've learned in all my years of sailing the world's oceans, never underestimate the strength of the ocean." He told her with a determined glare, he then drew a card. "And now I set another card face down, deep below the ocean."

"Alright." Daisuke replied. "I'll first set a card face down." She said, setting a card which floated on the water in front of her. "Now it's time for me to wipe out the rest of your life-points and win this duel. Attack Mako directly!" She commanded her fusion monster, the dragon diving towards Mako with a roar.

"Daisuke wins if this attack hits!" Joey said to Hatori.

"Let's cross our fingers." He told his son with a small, concerned expression.

"I'm afraid that won't work twice. I activate my trap card, Tornado Wall, the ocean's power will protect me." Mako said, the water surrounding their feet began to get sucked towards Mako's side of the field before it formed into several high pillars of spiralling water.

"My attack's been stopped!" Daisuke gasped, watching as her fusion monster hovered in front of the wall of water tornados.

"That's right, my trap card has created typhoons of water that'll protect me from every one of your attacks. Nice try Daisuke." Mako said.

"Well there goes winning this duel easily, looks like I'll have to figure out another way to beat him." Daisuke thought, Mako then dismissed the water tornados returning the field to being flooded with water.

"Remember that the ocean's depths still hide one of my monsters beneath its surface." Mako told her, drawing a card as his turn began. "Now I sacrifice it to summon an even greater monster."

Daisuke saw a flash of light beneath the waves before it faded, and she gulped. "Oh great, just when I thought it was safe to go back in the water." She said, noticing something circling her side of the field like a hungry predator.

"Meet my rarest monster, The Legendary Fisherman." Mako said, a large wave of water rose up and the new monster revealed itself to be a man with long blueish hair and many tattoos over his upper body and arms, riding a giant shark while wielding a harpoon in his hand. Daisuke noted it had 1850 Attack points and 1600 Defence points.

"He won't be around for long; I activate Energy Drain. This magic card allows me to draw one card from my deck, and if I do so successfully I get to empower my Red Eyes Alligator Sword Dragon with the power to sap your fisherman's attack points to zero." she explained, drawing a card and her monster's sword glowed green before firing a beam at The Legendary Fisherman only for a wave of water to rise up protecting it from the energy beam.

"Not with the mighty sea on my side. As long as the Field Spell card Umi is on the field, my Legendary Fisherman is unaffected by the effects of magic cards, so your magic card has no effect on him." Mako explained. His monster then threw its harpoon at Daisuke's monster, piercing the dragon's chest destroying the fusion in a flash of light and her life-points fell to 3050.

"Oh man, does every monster in your deck get protected by the ocean?" She questioned, frowning at Mako who chuckled.

"Indeed, they do, The Legendary Fisherman is a long-time friend of the sea, it will shield him from everything you do to try and destroy him."

"We'll just see about that, I set my own mystery monster to keep you guessing." She replied, drawing a card before setting a monster.

"I won't be guessing for long, Legendary Fisherman attack now!" Mako commanded, Daisuke looked around waiting for the monster's attack.

"Uh I don't think he heard you." She said.

"A true fisherman bides his time before striking." Mako told her, just as a harpoon flew past her head from behind striking her monster which was revealed for a split second before it was destroyed.

"No!" she cried out. "So is your giant fish gonna hide like a frightened shrimp?"

"My fisherman is brave; he has more nerve than the mighty whale and more strength than the great white shark. Rise to the surface." Mako said, his fisherman surfacing in front of Daisuke who got a good look at the monster.

"He looks just like you, only older and…." Daisuke stopped herself and looked at Mako. "He reminds you of your father, doesn't he?"

"Yes. A courageous fisherman who loves the sea as much as I do. The very sea that took him from me when I was a child." Mako answered.

"I know the story when the storm past the lifeboat your ship had was gone. That's why you think your father survived." Daisuke said softly, remembering the tale from when Mako had dueled against Yugi at Duelist Kingdom.

Mako nodded. "I built a monument overlooking the sea to guide my father home, I waited day after day until he returned, years past and still I kept watch. My father taught me never to give up, no matter how hopeless things may seem. Rain or shine, I kept waiting until one day the sea would bring him home to me, and then it happened I received an anonymous letter from someone along with The Legendary Fisherman card, that is why I continue to duel. Because I know my father is out there waiting for me, and I duel in the name of my father. His memory gives me strength and determination, and my Legendary Fisherman reminds me never to give up and I promise you all that I will not lose this duel."

"I've got a lot of respect for you Mako, and I truly hope you find your father someday. But I'll be the one going to the finals." Daisuke told him.

"Then make your move little minnow." Mako said. Daisuke nodded, drawing another card, and looking at her hand.

"I set a card face down and then summon a monster in defence mode." She said, the two cards appearing in front of her.

"My ocean assault will continue because this next monster cannot be stopped. Now I'll play my Fortress Whale's Oath card, this Ritual card allows me to tribute two monsters from my hand in order to summon the most powerful card in my entire deck. Arise Fortress Whale!" Mako shouted, his two monsters he was sacrificing to summon the ritual monster appeared briefly before they vanished and a bright glow appeared beneath the ocean.

"Whoa this can't be good." Joey said on worry as Tea, Solomon and Tristan watched on also as a giant whale emerged from the ocean with a fortress on its back armed with several heavy turrets.

"Well hello Moby Dick…" Daisuke whispered, looking up at the giant monster which had 2350 Attack points and 2150 Defence points.

Meanwhile in the alleyway where Marik and Bakura were still speaking, the duo were surrounded by dark energy brought about by their Millennium Items. "So, tell me, what is it you need me to do in order to receive the Millennium Items from you Marik?" Bakura asked him.

"It's quite simple actually." He answered.

"Alright, I'm listening." Bakura told him.

"First I need to find out how strong your dueling skills are." Marik replied.

"They're extremely strong. You should know that I have dueled in many Shadow Games throughout history." Bakura said with a smirk.

"It all makes sense now." Marik said as Bakura leaned against the wall of the alleyway.

"I've returned for the sole purpose of obtaining the seven Millennium Items and the power they possess. Now I'll ask you again, what do you want from me?" he questioned.

"I need you to duel on my behalf. Then I will deliver the items to you." Marik told him.

"I'll duel whoever you want me to, as long as I receive my payment once I'm done. But tell me what it is you expect to gain from this battle I duel?" Bakura asked again.

"I told you I'm a collector. Win me the cards I want, and the items are yours." Marik promised him.

Back at the aquarium, Daisuke looked up at the giant monster Mako had just summoned and gulped. "That's a whale of a monster right there."

"And the ocean's power gives it even more strength." Mako told her, the Fortress Whale gave out a long cry as its Attack points climbed to 2550 and its Defence points climbed to 2350.

"Oh, I'm in trouble." Daisuke said.

"You don't even know the half of it, first I will destroy your defence monster." Mako said. "Legendary Fisherman attack!"

"Watch out Dai!" Joey shouted as Mako's monster threw its harpoon from under the water hitting her defence monster which revealed itself to be Rocket Warrior which was quickly destroyed.

"And now that you have no monsters left to defend you, Fortress Whale, attack her life-points directly!" Mako commanded, the turrets on Fortress Whale's back all turned to aim directly at Daisuke before firing, covering her in a barrage of smoke and flame.

"Oh no, her life-points!" Tea and Tristan shouted in worry. The smoke cleared to show Daisuke barely standing grimacing in pain as her life-points plummeted to 500.

"Don't give up Dai, this duel isn't over yet. You're one step away from the Battle City Finals!" Tea shouted, cheering her friend on.

"Your life-points are almost depleted, one more attack and you're sunk. To end my turn, I set one card face down." Mako told her, the face down card appearing in front of him.

"In order to defeat Mako, I need to summon a strong enough monster and attack him, but his whale is too powerful, and his Legendary Fisherman is hidden somewhere under the water." Daisuke thought, narrowing her eyes when she heard a noise and saw the Orca jumping out of the water behind her and diving again and swimming off. "That's the aquarium's killer whale, that means the other shadow over there is Mako's Legendary Fisherman!" she thought, her eyes widening before her turn began as she drew her next card.

"Make your move Daisuke so I can end this duel, with my Fortress Whale above and Legendary Fisherman below you're finished." Mako told her as she looked at her card.

"Not for much longer, I activate the magic card Red Eyes Fusion!" Daisuke said, showing the magic card before playing it. "This card allows me to fusion summon a monster that lists Red Eyes Black Dragon as a fusion material, so I'll use my dragon along with Meteor Impact Dragon in my deck to summon Meteor Black Comet Dragon."

The entire crowd watching the duel felt a wave of heat wash over them as in a flash of fire and light, her fusion monster appeared, it resembled the Red Eyes Black Dragon only its wings were made of fire, as was its tail, claws and feet and it let off a tremendous roar. "Holy cow, that thing's got 3500 Attack points!" Joey exclaimed, dropping his soda as he stood up in awe.

"Since fusion monsters cannot attack the turn they are summoned, I'll activate my dragon's special ability. I tribute a Red Eyes monster from my deck sending it to the Graveyard to deal half of its Attack points as direct damage to you, Mako." Daisuke said.

"Oh no." Mako said.

"The monster I tribute is Red Eyes Wyvern, meaning you'll be taking 900 points of damage." Daisuke said, she discarded the selected monster and Meteor Black Comet Dragon flapped its wings sending a wave of fire at Mako striking him and he cried out as his life-points fell from 1600 to 700. "Looks like the duel is turning around in my favour, not even your mighty Fortress Whale can top my dragon."

"Never underestimate the sea, especially when facing against me." Mako replied.

"Oh, believe me I won't be, which is why I play the magic card Scapegoat to end my turn." Daisuke said, the four fluffy sheep appearing in front of her.

"A smart move, she doesn't know what else Mako's deck can do so if he somehow defeats her dragon, she has a line of defence, even if it's only temporary." Hatori muttered.

"Come on Dai, you can beat this guy!" Joey cheered.

"It's my turn." Mako said, drawing a card before he looked at Daisuke. "I activate my face down card Sea Stealth Attack!"

"What does that do?" Daisuke questioned, Mako grinned as his Legendary Fishermen surfaced.

"With this trap card if a monster of mine whose level is 5 or higher attacks an opponents' monster, your monster will be destroyed regardless of its attack points." He said.

"That means Daisuke's dragon's in big trouble." Tristan said in worry.

"Legendary Fisherman attack!" Mako commanded, his monster rushing through the water before leaping into the air and throwing its harpoon directly at Daisuke's Meteor Black Comet Dragon piercing its chest and destroying it in a flash of light. "Now Fortress Whale destroy one of her Scapegoats!" he shouted, his ritual monster firing its turrets down at one of her Scapegoats destroying it in an explosion.

"Only three more Scapegoats left, and now I just lost my best monster." Daisuke thought.

"This truly has been a grand duel Daisuke, but I'm afraid the end has come for you." Mako told her with respect.

"I won't give up Mako, not as long as I still have life-points and cards in my deck. Also, my little brother is here watching me duel, I won't let him down." Daisuke replied, glancing over to Joey who was cheering her on.

"Then make your move, I'd expect nothing less from you my friend." Mako told her with a smile.

"Alright, here goes." She said drawing a card and her eyes widened. "I play the magic card I just drew Giant Trunade, this card returns all magic and traps cards on both sides of the field to our hands." She said activating the magic card and a giant hole opened in the sky creating a great suction of air draining all the water on the playing field away and every magic and trap card on the field returned to their respective players hands.

"She's drained away the water, that means Mako's Legendary Fisherman is vulnerable to attack." Solomon said, as he said that The Legendary Fisherman appeared in front of Mako.

"It's been a real honour dueling you Mako, now I play Monster Reborn to revive a monster from my Graveyard. Come to me, Red Eyes Black Dragon!" Daisuke shouted, raising her hand to the sky as her treasured dragon appeared in front of her with a brilliant roar. "Next, the magic card Inferno Fire Blast, this magic card allows my Red Eyes Black Dragon to deal direct damage to you equal to its original attack points."

"That means…" Mako whispered, his eyes slowly widening as he realised, he had just lost the duel and he began tearing up. "Get it over with, Daisuke." He pleaded.

"Of course." She whispered softly, looking to her dragon she took a deep breath. "Red Eyes Black Dragon, Inferno Fire Blast!" she shouted. Her dragon roared loudly and unleashed a powerful wave of dark fire towards Mako who took one last look at his Legendary Fisherman.

"I'll never give up father." He promised, the attack struck him, and he grunted in pain as a bright flash of light consumed his field and when the light faded his monsters were gone and his life-points fell to 0.

"Are you alright Mako?" Daisuke asked, walking over to her friend noticing he was shedding a few tears before he wiped them away.

"Yes, that was a spectacular duel, congratulations." He said with a smile.

"Thank you." She replied.

"Here are my two Locator Cards along with my rarest cards." Mako said, handing the two Locator cards along with his Fortress Whale and Legendary Fisherman.

"Hold on, you don't need to give me your fisherman." She told him gently.

"Yes, I do, you earned these cards with your victory. And I know now I no longer need a card to remember my father, his memory and all he taught me will live on in my heart." Mako replied.

Daisuke smiled and she took the four cards from her friend and nodded. "I'll be sure to look after your cards, I'll treat them with respect." She promised.

"You better." Mako replied, both shaking hands as the audience cheered for them both. "Good luck in the finals."

"Thanks, and I hope to see you again soon." Daisuke replied.

The three Rare Hunters stood from their seats and walked off together before turning to look down at Daisuke as she approached her friends and Joey ran over to her and hugged her and the three men slunk away into the shadows waiting for their moment to strike.

Meanwhile, with Kaiba and Yami both were walking through Battle City searching for Yami's friends when the emblem on Kaiba's collar beeped. "Mr Kaiba, Daisuke Wheeler's duel disk was recently active in Sector 0-7-5." The voice of one of his employees informed him.

"Good work." He replied before turning to Yami. "My satellite tracking software found Daisuke and the rest of your friends, follow me." He told him both walking off heading in a new direction.

"I only hope we're not too late." Yami replied in concern.

The end of the chapter

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