There will be some chapters will be rated for fifteen years old or older, for strong language, violence, and some blood gore. Don't say I didn't warn ya loyal readers! ;)

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Percy Jackson and the Olympus: The Missing Hero Returns

:|: Prologue :|:

Annabeth stunned what she just saw, just now.

The room went bloody chaos.

Apollo turned back to his original form for temporary since he need to heal the missing hero.

"APOLLO HEAL HIM IMMEDIATELY!" Zeus and Poseidon yelled as loud as they could.

"I'm doing right now my lord!" Apollo yelled back and begun to heal him as fast as he could do.

My Gods…Those injuries…How he survived these critically injures? He should be dead a long time ago… Apollo thought in a bombshell; he couldn't believe what he just seen.

After some time later Apollo healed Percy, but not his scar all around his body.

Apollo walked out from Olympus infirmary room.

Everyone stood up and walked (or run) to Apollo to hear the news.

Apollo look at them grimly.

"Good news that he's in critical, but stable condition, but for the bad news…He should be dead a long time ago and almost every bone is broken...My best guess that he'll be temporary in coma for a week or a few days." Apollo said; unsure that when he'll wake up.

Annabeth suddenly gasped at what she just heard from God of Healing.

"Seaweed Brain…" She folded her hands in her lap in uncomfortable way. "His face…He seemed like he haven't been aged since Giant War…Could it be…?!"

Annabeth's eyes grew wide in realization.

"I see! He's immortal by the curse of Gaea!" Annabeth said loudly.

Everyone stared at her in shock.

"That bastard cursed my son?!" Poseidon said in rage; wanting to seek a sweet revenge.

"I think so. His face haven't been aged after ten years since Giant War. I believe that it's the curse from Gaea." Annabeth explained carefully.

"If that so…That also explained why his scar and his body injuries!" Apollo looked at her in outrage. "He should be dead a long time ago!"

Athena look worried.

"His scar and injuries?" Athena asked agitatedly.

Apollo nodded, at the point when Apollo nodded it confirmed Athena's fear.

"If Gaea cursed him to be immortal...Annabeth, tell me what did you see when Perseus, at the moment he defeated Gaea?" Athena asked quickly.

"Um, he no longer have seen..But his sword; Riptide is thrusted into the ground..." Annabeth explained to her past mother.

Athena stunned.

It couldn't be…Athena thought.

"Impossible…" Athena muttered in a breathtaking. "There is no way in hell…"

Poseidon look concerned at Athena's strange expression.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Poseidon asked.



"Perseus got cursed by Gaea and sent to darkest piece of Void for eternity. How in the hell he's here?!" Athena admitted frustratedly, she haven't figured out why that he's here.

The color drained out of Poseidon's face and so others.

"H-how..?" Zeus stammered. "H-how could he possibly…"

Hera's jaw tightened.

Poseidon is furious.

Everyone is almost stunned in shock at unexpected revelation.

"What?! That little son of a motherfucker!" Annabeth roared angrily. "How dare she?!"

Almost everyone gave Annabeth a sympathetic look.


"Annabeth C-calm down please!" Jason said nervously.

"OH HELL NO YOU PIECE OF SHI–!" Annabeth snapped.

Suddenly there were groaning loudly in the Percy's temporary 'room'.

"Percy?!" Annabeth said in a worried tone.

"A-Annabeth?" Said a weak voice.

"Oh my gods, Percy!" Annabeth panicked and rushed into the room.

"O-o-o-h Wise Girl…Y-your here.." Percy said weakly and stuttered.

"Shh..You are alright Percy..I promise you." Annabeth promised and then cradled his hands.

Percy moaned quietly.

"W-where am I?" Percy asked quietly.

"The past."

Percy give a weird look.

"…Excuse me?"

"Well...Uh, um...I will tell you about that later."

"No!" Percy said stubbornly. "I demand to know the truth at this instant!"

Annabeth snorted.

"You are still a stubborn bastard as I remember Seaweed Brain."


"THEN WHY THE ACTUAL HELL YOU LEFT ME FOR TEN YEARS!?" Annabeth vociferated with two hands in the air.

"…What did you say?" He asked in outrage.

"Ten years Seaweed Brain."

"What?! That is impossible! I was only gone for ten months!" Percy protected loudly that everyone could hear.

Hey dear readers! It been forever! I know it almost been one months, but in my world it like it's been two years! I know that this chapter is damn short...But it just a prologue! For this story might be fifteen or twenty chapters...Or longer! I really don't know...Jesus Christ, I'm 'talking' too much. *shrug* Maybe I missed you all...Okay I was kidding I MOTHERFUCKING MISS YOU ALL!

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