The screen turns on and you can see Stitch looking in the camera. "Isa on?" he whispered. "Okeytaka! Isa me! Stitch! So, Lilo isa being ika patooka lately. Shega been playing with other ika patookas. Look" he said. The camera peered around a tree to see Lilo playing dolls with a few other girls. One of them with red hair was pouting a few feet away, a sad look of hurt on her face. Stitch turns the camera back onto himself. "So, Stitch going to scare Lilo with this mask meega make!" He whispered evilly, pulling out what looked like a ghoul mask covered in slime and leafs.

Stitch covered his mouth in attempt to conceal his laughter, but the camera picked it up anyways. "This isa gonna be fun!". The camera cuts to a point of view higher than the girls, a few leafs and twigs sticking up, hinting the camera was in a tree. You could see Stitch creep around a wooden building and almost get caught by the redhead. She does see him, but he shushes her and holds up the mask, pointing to the group behind her. Her eyes grew a little evil and she walked over to them.

Stitch face palmed until he heard what the girl was saying. "Well, I'm going to get out of here before I start to become weird like Weird-lo here! Or before…." she leans in close, covering one side of her mouth "...the Bush Crawler gets me!". Lilo looked on weird and Stitch silently fisted the air, continuing around the building until he was out of the camera's view. "The Bush Crawler?" Lilo asked. Another girl with two blond pigtails asked "What's that?".

"Wait, you've never heard of the Bush Crawler before? Ha! I should've guessed you losers wouldn't know! It's a legendary animal, said to kidnap children left unsupervised!" the redhead spoke ominously, waving her hands around in a slow manner. "Come on Myrtle! There's no such thing as a Bush Crawler" another girl with curly brown hair pulled back in a purple headband. "Yeah, you're starting to sound weird" the final girl spoke up, with short, flat brown hair.

"Whatever! Just remember the day you didn't heed my warnings. It'll come for you! It always does! Hahahaha!" the girl Myrtle laughed as she walked away. The other three girls looked unsure, but Lilo spoke up to reassure them. "Come on guys, she's just trying to scare us". But before any of them could react, a nearby bush began to shake. The four girls stood up and huddled close to each other, Lilo being pushed in front of them as protection.

"It's the Bush Crawler! It's come for us!" One of the girls screamed. The suspense grew as the bush shook harder and louder, until….a bunny rabbit hopped out. The girls relaxed. "See? What'd I tell you? It was just Myrtle trying to scare us" Lilo spoke up, taking a few breaths of her own. But then out of nowhere, Stitch jumped out from the shadows behind the girls, roaring. All the girls screamed.

"It's the Bush Crawler!" one of them cried. "Ahhhh!" another screamed. One of the girls fainted. After the initial scare, Stitch fell on his back laughing, Myrtle coming out from behind a tree laughing too. Lilo saw the blue fur and called out. "S..Stitch?". Still dying of laughter, he pulled up his mask and high-fived Myrtle. "Stitch!" Lilo shouted, now angry. He laughed harder as Lilo stomped over to him, punching his arms and head. This didn't hurt him in the slightest, and he just continued laughing, and running away from his best friend.

The other girls recovered, even the one who fainted and just looked on confused. "Uhhh! Get back here you overgrown fur ball!" Lilo shouted. Stitch jumped on the tree the camera was hiding at and pulled it out, revealing what he caught on camera. "Yugga just got PRANKED!" He shouted, pointing down at all of them. "You were recording!?" Both Lilo and Myrtle shouted at the same time. "He can talk?" the girl with short hair, and who also fainted piped up. Myrtle laughed even harder and Lilo glared daggers at both the camera and Stitch.

Stitch, holding the camera, jumped down from the tree, pointing the camera in Lilo's face. "That's what yugga get for being ika patooka to Stitch!". Lilo shoved Stitch who laughed. She crossed her arms and pouted, much like Myrtle was before. Stitch just laughed and tackled Lilo an a backwards hug. She began laughing too. "Stitch get off me!" She yelled between laughs. The other girls began laughing too. The camera cut to a later scene, back at the house. The two had just walked back in the house.

"Okeytaka! Hope yugga liked prank! Was fun to do..for meega at least" he chuckled. Lilo shoved him and spoke to the camera. "Don't get too full of yourself fur ball! I'll get you back for this!" She said with a lighthearted threat. "Sure...Anyways, like and sub...subscribe! Comment below! #TeamCuteandFluffy, weega off to great start!" "But don't worry guys! Team Lilo will be coming back five times as strong!". Lilo walked off as Stitch did the outro.

"Until Next time, please subscribe! If yugga do, then yugga Ohana! Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten! Please come back for more! Aloha Ohana!" The camera shuts off.