I Put A Spell on You

Rifiuto: Non Miriena

Summary: Over three hundred and twenty years have passed, but when a case the weekend of Halloween takes the team up to Salem, Massachusetts, Tim's coworkers discover that though the Sanderson Sisters are dead and the curse 'gone', some curses- no matter how old- are hard to break. Post Somalia. A/N: Written: 2014. - Licia

"It's been three hundred years, right down to the day.

Now the witch is back, and there's Hell to pay."

- I Put A Spell on You,

Winifred Sanderson, Hocus Pocus

He stretched, glancing down to the lithe, sun-kissed body curled into his side. Her long dark curls were wild about her face, some tickling his chest, and after a moment, he reached up, gently brushing a curl off her cheek. Her eyes fluttered at the movement and slowly opened; those dark orbs he loved so much met his, sleep fleeing as she laid her eyes on his face. "Boker Tov." She whispered, reaching up and gently trailing her fingers over his cheek.

"Maidin Mhaith." He whispered back; the soft Irish lilt sending happy chills up her spine as his vocal chords caressed the early morning greeting. Slowly, he leaned down, capturing her lips in a deep kiss. Since returning from Somalia, Tim and Ziva's relationship had flourished quietly; late night drinks at a small hole-in-the-wall bar near his apartment, weekends off rotation spent going for drives or picnics or walks on the beach at Cape May, and early mornings at their favorite coffee shop had soon turned into a budding relationship based on more than just the mindless sex Tony had been trying to get from Ziva the moment she joined the team. The Israeli wanted someone that cared for her, that loved her and respected her, and had been surprised that he had been standing in front of her for so many years without her noticing. Somehow, someway, Timothy McGee had staked his claim on her heart, and she, without realizing it, had claimed his.

When they broke the kiss, Tim sat up, grabbing his phone and checking the time. "What time is it?"

"Just after three." He replied, as she sat up herself, climbing into his lap.

"On October twenty-ninth." She thought a moment. "Isn't there some sort of... holiday that comes before Halloween? Like... Dia de los Muertos, but Irish instead?" Tim chuckled.

"Devil's Night. But that's tomorrow night, and then Halloween- or as the Irish call it, Samhain- on the thirty-first, and then the Feast of all Saints is on the first."

"Samhain. That's what it is. That's the day when the two worlds cross, ken?" Tim chuckled, running his hands up her back.

"Kind of. It's the one day out of the year that the veil between the two worlds lifts, allowing the dead to walk with the living." He met her gaze, tangling his fingers in her dark hair. "And we have the weekend off so-" Their lips met, and for several minutes, they became lost in each others' tastes, hands roaming and finding every familiar nook and cranny of each other, grasping at skin and tangling in hair.

Tim's phone rang, and he reluctantly pulled away, groaning softly. Ziva sighed, resting her head against his shoulder as he grabbed his cell and checked the messages. "Gibbs. Murder of a petty officer. We're to pack a suitcase and meet him at the Navy Yard."

"Did he say why?" Ziva asked as she climbed off his lap. Tim shook his head.

"No clue."

Tony looked up as Tim and Ziva quickly joined him and the rest of the team. One quick glance told him all he needed to know. "How long have you been with Ziva, McLover?" Tim rolled his eyes, brushing Tony off, even as the older agent followed at his heels as they boarded the plane. He stopped, jumping as Ziva smacked him on the back of the head.

"That is none of your business, Tony." Ziva hissed, brushing past the man and squeezing Tim's hand as she went to her seat. Once they were settled and the plane had taken off, Abby turned to Gibbs, bouncing in her seat.

"Where are we going, Gibbs? Did they say?"

"Abby, calm down." Tony said, settling back in his seat beside her. "So where are we going, Boss?"

Gibbs sighed, realizing that Tony and Abby were one in the same; a small part of him found it funny, that, of all his agents, his two oldest were the juveniles, while his two youngest were the adults. Funny, how he didn't need to reign in McGee and Ziva. Then again, both of them had had to pretty much grow up before either Tony or Abby ever had to, so it didn't really surprise him much. "Salem."

"Salem? As in Salem-where-the-witch-trials-were-held Salem? As in mass-hysteria-Salem? Really?" Abby cried, bouncing harder in her seat. Gibbs nodded.

"Wait, in Massachusetts?" Tony asked. "Like, where Hocus Pocus was set?"

"What's Hocus Pocus?" Ziva turned to Tim. He sighed.

"It was this Disney movie made in the early nineties, about three witches who come back to life on Halloween eve in Salem, Massachusetts. It dealt with curses and talking cats and cheesy music." Ziva nodded. "It's usually played all October long until Halloween."

"And the actor that plays Thackery Binx looks a lot like our Timmy." Tony said, reaching over and ruffling Tim's hair, even as the younger agent pulled away with a glare. Ziva took Tim's hand, squeezing gently.

"Shove it, Tony." Tim replied.