A Dasey Love Story

Chapter 27

Disclaimer: I Do Not own life with Derek, and materials are not my own. This show life with Derek is one of my favorites and loved watching it when it was on Disney Channel. At the time 2005-2009, you could see yourself in one of the characters, and Things are going to change. The story is my version of life with Derek and hopes you enjoy Dasey Love Story Fanfiction!

Returns the senior back to school.

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Senior year is fantastic as a high school, almost stepping into the adult world figuring out to college sending deadlines into years study career and life outside the comfort zone of parent's home. We ambition and scared on failing jump of shark and fish discovery in yourself deep inside friend company enjoy last year treasure the memories. Summer break felt hot and vacation of the student creation memory with love one in demands more day of good life relaxing by the pool or sleep in every day. You are waking up on the first day of school excited to see pals again in the mix of everything walking back into hallways normal sense of learning and accomplishment almost made it another year left. The locker opens in a month, forgetting code or turns number right to the left automatic thing that high school taught them. Popular students walk on air in everyone stares gossip and turn away, pretend not to notice happy face perfectly contain in life with other dreams of alternate high school world fly away for halls haunted memories.

"Hey, Beautiful." Greet Derek

"Hey, Handsome." Greet Casey

"You guys are a sick loving couple that perfect not argument." Teases April

"Who said couple maybe have the different options at the time on each other better half." Comment Casey

"I love her sassy and stubborn in every way who deal with me kicking into gear at time misplaced speak the wrong things." Said, Derek

"Cavemen and princess at it again speak each other sentence." Blunt Emily

"We go to the same school in childish behavior and try acting civil around never find true happiness need to make everyone miserable." Replied Casey

"Good rite on daddy, rich girl." Shouts Emily

"She is afraid of parent living separately at anger to anyone get in her way." Said Casey

"How did you know about my parent?" Demands Emily

"Watch that tongue on secret ruin high school experiment." Whispers Casey

"Are you going moving away with daddy or stay?" Asked Casey

"It is none of your business about my family." Said Emily

"I am not afraid of girls like you eat for breakfast and one day nicest spare a heartache karma." Say, Casey

"I hate you on walking in my school think of controlling me and rule like taking the crown." Said Emily

"Newbie in fire born fighter that always bold victory no one ever has seen." Replied April

"They never leave the side of leader protecting the queen." Say, Emily

"I know all the secret that in skeleton closet wish nicest spare more embarrassment on the family name or yourself." Said Casey

"I believe she is the tiger does not need to protect anyone; in conclusion, completely false." Replied Finn

"Do you have someone else day to ruin?" Asked Sam

Poor things could not get a response on coming back and left angry, causing attention with laughing peers who enjoy drama display show her different light.

Casey loves showdown watch enemy underestimate firepower on playing them like flute predictable know next move in second conquer win between word and playbook tricks. The whole school student witness brat Emily display stunned on deliver blow deceit felt great not letting her talk down ever again. The secret is a six-letter word on knowledge and deadly in wrong hands ruins people like favorite movie Mafia. They happy at locker talking friend ignores shadow figure acting noses and loud craving attention. I watch her storm off, murmurs word into breath hope fall on the floor embarrassment expression.

"How was the summer break?" Asked Sam

"Summer job horrible." Blunt Ralph

"You made money for college or build a car." Replied Derek

"I am buying a drum set to rock out." Answer Ralph

"How the girlfriend is Sally doing?" Asked Finn

"We hook up the occasion in not string or make out living on the edge." Answer Ralph

"Band could the hurt dating scene on good girl available or another player scoring easy laid." Comment Casey

"Few ladies that available will not ever date like Emily or Kendra yucky." Said, Ralph

"Nice tan in a new haircut." Say, Derek

"Thx." Answer Sam

"Sam and I went trip to islands enjoying tropical weather." Answer April

"I went to vacation separate my girl visiting family members during summer." Answer Derek

"Normal things first musical in the big apple and few weeks at camp into managing dance studio classes." Answer Casey

"Wow." Blunt Sam

"How do you spread yourself thin on multiple projects without tiredness?" Asked Ralph

"She is superman in teenage body fight crime help people unique perfection way." Said April

"I won't ask my boyfriend to meet my father's informal setting or too soon?" Question Casey

"What?" Asked Derek

"Do not worry about it pushing you into uncomfortable fires with father and brother." Said Casey

"Please ask me again." Begging Derek

"Can you meet my family as boyfriend next weekend, official?" Asked Casey

"I love to meet them unless family dinner at my house hangout with mine too." Say, Derek

"Whipped into ball and chain." Comment Ralph

"Deal." Answer Casey

"No present or anything big already impresses my family." Said, Derek

"Okay." Answer Casey

"What does that mean, no present, or anything big?" Question April

"It is a long story on telling later tonight." Said Casey

They learned to give and take on the relationship better communion between solving problems as it couples behind everything smart women by his side building a future together matching tattoo with teasing on friend stock bad boy into boyfriend material. The agreement meeting family as an official couple did have a challenge between her brother archenemy, and coach daughter is the apple of joy; not one ever take away.

"Are you guys going to makeup kiss already?" Asked Ralph

"We are not fighting right now in communion." Said, Derek

"Big Softie." Teases Sam

"Cute couple." Said April

"Stop the jokes aside need to respect their love, not bad-boy behavior." Replied April in hitting him into the arm.

"I am sorry for my behavior to understand the point of view." Sincere Sam

"Another one lost lovesick romantic department." Comments Ralph

"Matching tattoo interest choose state love of Casey and Derek." Comment Finn

"Lock and heart of our love bonding distance falling helpless like fate into the night returning my guy." Explains Casey

"We want on a sailboat as many dates saw lock and heartfelt right get a tattoo with parents approve." Explains Derek

"Why not music notes on falling in love with her voice than beauty." Suggest Sam

"Voice of an angel falling off earth meets beauty and brains." Teases Finn

"How the working aside with Simon?" Question April

"I do enjoy working in helping hand on daily thing choreograph or summer camp of six weeks." Said Casey

"Video chat or long-distance felt incomplete in finally see my girl again." Say, Derek

"Does the dancer need experiment or school volunteer on those thing activities?" Question Finn

"Simon is doing the double master program in dance and business about taking over dance studio." Explains Casey

"That is a cousin of her huge dancer into the making as a golden egg." Blunts April

"You going to continue work for them or another studio?" Question Finn

"Depend on the opportunities or guest choreograph in occasion back at the big apple." Answer Casey

"Do you go to college and high school balancing degree too?" Asked Sam

"Yes." Answer Casey

"How many degrees have you completed?" Asked Ralph

"Fifteen degrees on planning, adding a few more in the upcoming five months." Answer Casey

"Smart, wise women perfect throw a fire under that belt challenge him into natural competition outside of finish school." Said, Sam

"She seems not real in staying high school with the choice to finish early or nuts." Blunt Ralph

"Genius child with high IQ against all odd want enjoy high school by my friend and family as a normal teenager." Said Casey

"Do you play any instrument or other special talents?" Asked Derek

"Both." Answer Casey

"What the first class today, sweetheart?" Asked Derek

"Economics social study." Said Casey

"Me too." Comment April

"Psychology." Say, Derek

"That's sweet on trying to learn the human mind can have challenging class in return help hand if needed." Replied Casey

"You promise to take a class together on Zoology to withdraw the agreement." Blunt Ralph

"Our schedule almost the same in different times between interest each other trying new things mate." Said, Sam

"I will meet in class girly." Replied Casey

"I saw a seat for my best friend in the back." Said April

"Are you ready to go walk my girlfriend her class?" Asked Derek

"Of course." Answer Casey

They are walking, holding hands happily in their own bubble through the hallway as power couple dividing and conquer against all the odds a perfect match. You could see the tension between Ralph and Derek felt let behind calling out traitor walking away misunderstood as pals interest changed dynamic group. Poor thing never finds love in high school; the three wheels always or scared chicken commute a leap of faith. Thomson High School is golden years counting down in the thought of getting old and married with kid or career. Let just say enjoying a carefree day on the last time of reliability thing life taught us nothing as it is does seen between work and paying bills too.