Sedond chances

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Chapter 1

So far my life was... I don't want to say troubled, because my parents never beat me and I never hungered. So I never suffered in this way... But a lot had happened in my 22 years of life.

I grew up from a little toddler to an almost grown up woman, I went to school, I had my share of parties, I gratuated, I had my own apartment, I fell in and out of love, I've been married, I've got pregnant and gave birth and I've lost mymy baby boy and I had to bury him forever... and I've lost my husband, but in a different way.

So you can say I've been through a lot. A lot of joy. A lot of pain. A lot of life, although I still have a lot of life ahead of me.

It all started when I was 17. I know it's a little young to find the one person that you want to spend the rest of your life with, but it did happened to me. I met the most amazing guy I've ever known and fell in love.

His name was Dimitri Belikov. He was 2 years older than I was.

We were very happy and at my 18th birthday we had sex for the first time, the first time at all for me. In my opinion it was a wonderful night. Everything seemed to be perfect.

At my gratulation we danced the whole night and had fun and had what we thought of as the time of our lives. Just the way it is when you are completely in love for the first time...

But then, a half year later, almost just two years after we've got together, it happened.

I've got pregnant. A complete shock for all of us. Never had we thought this could happen.

As responsible as you can be as a teenager, we always used protectioprotection, both of us. But what we didn't knew was that the medication I took at this time, made my pill invalidate. So one time when we didn't used a condom, because we thought I was on the pill so nothing would happen, it happened.

At the time I found out I was pregnant, it was already to late to think of an abortion. But to be honest, I don't think that I could have ever done this, not that I judge people who are able to do this.

However, I was pregnant, so we decided it was the best thing to get married.

I became his wife and changed my name from Rose Hathaway to Rose Belikov. We were in love and although we never planned a child this early in our lives, we loved him from the beginning, no matter what.

Together with our baby boy, we moved into a small apartment and while Dimitri got work, I took care of our baby and our home.

While the time passed by, we found our rhythm and had a good way of life, although the whole "married-with-a-child-at-19" thing wasn't planned, we were happy and lucky to have our little family.

A year later we celebrated our baby's first birthday. Our whole family gathered together and we sat around, talking and laughing.

Neither of us thought that 2 weeks later, our whole world would crush.

Our little baby boy of 1 year died. Diagnose: SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome, or crib death.

With that event in our live, I would say this is where everything changed. Together we had to bury our little baby boy... Something we never imagined would happen to us, but it did, because live is not fair.

After that we weren't the same anymore... and almost 6 month after the funeral we decided to break up and try to get over this, even though we both knew, that it was impossible to get over something like this.

Well, actually he wanted to have space and I just hadn't had the power to do anything but feel numb inside, because I just lost my baby boy and was about to lose my husband as well.

He moved away and I decided that after several weeks of therapy it would be time to try and start creating a new life as well. The next month I started college and everything seemed to get well.

Although I was still sad and always will be because of the lost I've been through, I had new hope and new friends.