One day, on the edge of a cliffside, a great battle took place. On one side, standing with their backs against the cliff's staggering height, fought five members of a police force called the Jaegers. There was a muscular man in a white mask who wielded a flamethrower, a petite girl with a cursed katana, a man in a blue suit of armor, a young woman with metal arms and a green jacket, and a monstrously sized dog. Opposite of them stood an eight-member team of assassins called Night Raid. Their leader, a tall woman dressed in black named Najenda stepped forward and pointed at the Jaegers.

"You are outnumbered and surrounded. Your comrades are too far away to help you. Surrender to the Revolutionary Army, and you may receive leniency," Najenda called out.

The woman in green, named Seryu, shouted back, "It doesn't matter how many of you there are! Justice always prevails! Justice never surrenders!"

"If that's the way you see it, so be it. Night Raid, attack!"

The armored Jaeger, Wave, drew his sword and said, "Don't worry guys, we can take-oof!" Before he could finish his encouragement, a swift blow from a mace held by Night Raid member Susanoo sent Wave flying off the edge of the cliff.

"Everyone, get behind me!" shouted the masked Jaeger, Bols, before shooting an arc of flame at the assassins. The intensity of the fire forced Night Raid to pull back, giving the swordswoman Kurome time to summon undead puppets with her weapon. As soon as Bols's fire died down, Kurome gestured towards Night Raid. "All right, my precious little dolls," she told her puppets, "kill them!"

As her comrades fought the assassins, Seryu set her sight on one enemy in particular. Her target was a pink haired sniper named Mine, who was the Night Raid member she knew best.

"Koro, equip me with numbers one and three!" Seryu shouted at her dog. Koro quickly attached a large flail to his master's left arm, and a long blade to her right. "For justice!" cried the Jaeger as she and her dog charged the sniper. Koro lunged at Mine, but the pink assassin quickly jumped away. However, this dodge left her open to Seryu, who struck her with the flail. Mine went flying into a nearby tree, where she gasped in pain caused by what was most likely a few broken ribs. Mine looked up, where she saw Seryu and Koro approaching her with a murderous gleam in their eyes.

"Face my Sung Dynasty Blade!" cried Seryu as she charged Mine, preparing to skewer the sniper with her great sword. Behind Seryu ran Koro, never far from his master.

"Crap, crap, crap!" exclaimed Mine as she dove for her rifle. "Pumpkin, don't fail me now." At this point, Seryu and Koro were nearly on top of her. Aiming her teigu at her assailants, Mine took a deep breath. "This is for Sheele!" Mine screamed, firing Pumpkin. The danger of Mine's situation made Pumpkin's blast all the more potent, resulting in a wide beam that shot towards Seryu and Koro.

A bright light engulfing their vision was the last thing the two Jaegers saw before everything went dark.