Why was she being sneaky and suspicious? After all, he was the one that rejected her.

Then again, was it really a rejection? It had certainly felt like one.

It'd been two weeks.

She knew Yato had been hiding at Kofuku's, so she avoided visiting. And in return, Yato hadn't visited her.

The message was quite clear. Or rather, it should've been, but now, there he is. Back once again.

However, Hiyori got quite a surprise on her way home when she turned the corner to find the god there. They both staggered back, avoiding colliding into each other. What did he want now? Was he ready to break her heart again?

No. Unfortunately, the only person who would be breaking a heart was Hiyori. This pain would be mutual. Although, Hiyori knew there was no pleasant way to tell him off. She had to be straightforward.

"Hiyori, let me talk to you."

"Don't do this now. I need to get home, y'know."

Hiyori spun around on her heel to face him. She didn't know what expression was on her face, but in all fairness, she didn't know exactly how she was feeling inside ayways.

Just as well, she didn't know what to expect - that was until she found him before her with a single pink rose. Hiyori noticed immediately, her hand clasping over her mouth in the form of a gasp.


Yato's face was the same shade of red as said flower in his hand. "Let me explain. Please."

Is he... apologizing…?

No, it couldn't be. But then again…-

Hiyori didn't respond in her moment of sheer shock, so Yato cleared his throat and continued nervously.

"What I said - I didn't think it through, okay? I was a jerk, and an idiot."

No, don't do this.

"What I said the other day was insensitive, n' I'm sorry it took me too late to realize it-"

Stop! You're making this more difficult than it has to be.

"But Hiyori-" Yato awkwardly cleared his throat again "I lo-"

"I don't love you, Yato!"


"B-... but then...-" The god's expression fell, and he blinked in confused shock.

"Don't be sorry." Hiyori's voice cracked, tears forming in her pink eyes. "I'm the one that needs to apologize. I've been leading you on."

The arm that Yato had outstretched to hand her the rose finally pulled away and slowly dropped, agony written across his face.

"Hiyo... -ri...?"

She ignored his attempts to speak. "You're right. You're too late. Let me live my normal life. It's better this way."

Hiyori quickly turned around so that Yato wouldn't see her cry, her brown hair getting swiftly caught in the breeze. Yato, too stunned to move, watched as she left him behind. No matter how much he tried to force his limbs to move, nothing happened.

. . . .

Hiyori quickly closed her bedroom door. She set her suitcase on the chair beside her desk.

She suddenly felt solid and heavy, her chest feeling full. Her weight was immediately too much for her as she dropped to the floor, her back sliding down the door. She shriveled into herself, hugging her knees to her body. Tears streamed down her face as she replayed the scene in her head.

The one thing she'd never be able to erase from her mind was the pure pain and despair on Yato's expression, and the endless feeling of guilt and shame consuming her as they had spoken.

Fujisaki was right; Hiyori loved Yato. If he intended it to be a tease, it happened to be the truth.

But Kazuma was right not to love him. He's a god. She's just a girl - a human.

It's not supposed to be. It's not safe. It's not right.

Hiyori went to high school and studied in class while Yato killed chaotic Phantoms out in the streets. But hell - she needed Yato more than she needed normality. In fact, she didn't know she craved something so much.

And now, it was probably gone. It was over. Yato would cut her ties for sure now, and she would go back to her dull life without him.

. . . .

"Welcome back, Yatty! How'd it go? Where's Hiyorin?"

Yato scraped his teeth together, his eyes hidden under his dark hair. He gripped the rose still in his hand.

"It doesn't matter. Screw all of it!" Yato aggressively tossed the flower across the room.

It landed beside Yukine, who stepped into the room to see what all the commotion was about. He cluelessly watched as his master stomped upstairs to the attic.

"What was that about?" Yukine asked, dumbfounded.

"Aw, no…" Kofuku picked up the rose, inspecting it. "What happened to those two…?"