Scream 2.5: Puzzle Pieces

Summary: During the summer of 1998, another series of murders shakes the town of Woodsboro and reunites Gale and Dewey whose relationship is at present a little rocky. As Gale and Dewey try to solve the case while having difficulty communicating with each other, the sadistic killings continue and escalate. The killer seems to have a specific target in mind, and this time, it isn't Sidney.

Important Plot Details: This is a sort of sequel to my story "Scream 2, Take 2," but it's very easy to follow even if you haven't read that one. (If you do want to read that one first, stop right here and go read it. I'm about to spoil various plot points of "Scream 2, Take 2"... so if you don't want to know who lives or dies and who is the killer in my version, now's the time to turn around.)

This story is basically what comes after my version of Scream 2 - which isn't so far removed from the movie Scream 2, except that Randy's sister Martha and Sidney's dad Neil were killed in my version and Randy lived. Gale's camera man (an original character I created) was the killer. His motive was wanting attention and fame, more or less. This story mentions parts of that one, but not really that much. It can fairly easily be a stand-alone story. You've just got to remember that Randy isn't dead and the killer last time was Gale's camera man. That's basically all that remains very relevant for this story.

Takes place the summer after the events of "Scream 2, Take 2." (So probably no more than nine months later.) The events in that story are assumed to have taken place, but won't be heavily relevant to this story. The only sort of important characters I killed in my previous story are Martha Meeks and Neil Prescott. Neither of them played a large role in any film, so this story should be very easy to follow even if you didn't read my other. Events from "Scream 2, Take 2" will be lightly referenced, but nobody changed or grew too much in that story - they're all still the characters we know from Scream and Scream 2. Again - this focuses mostly on Gale and Dewey. I'd say Randy is the third biggest of the canonical characters in this story, but his role isn't that big and happens near the end. If you're Sidney or Cotton's biggest fan, I'm sorry to say their roles are very small. They're in here, but not much. This story isn't really about them. I know that might kinda suck... Cotton's actually one of my very favorites of the Scream characters, but he just doesn't fit in well here. I tried to fit him and Sidney in more when I was outlining what I wanted to happen, but this story already almost has too many plot points. Finding a way to involve them much more than they already are might destroy the story by making it way too bloated and difficult to follow. With the necessary original characters I've created to make this plot work, Sidney, Cotton, and Randy just don't fit into it that well. I found a way to include Randy in a way that I actually ended up really liking, but the others just couldn't work.

I have a definite plan here - Twenty chapters (might get slightly longer or shorter in the editing process - as chapters sometimes merge or break in half depending on how that goes,) but this story is much more mapped out than my previous one. I know exactly what I'm doing this time. It's actually finished besides editing as I write this - so there won't be any multiple-year gap in publishing like I did last time. I don't know how many people are still reading Scream stories anymore... but I mostly write just to entertain myself, so I guess if no one reads this, that's okay. I hope people do, but if not, I'll have it published for myself, so I can go back and read it in a couple years when I forget about it a little.

Sorry for all of that. I have a habit of over-explaining.. Anyway here you go. Enjoy:


Chapter 1


Skylar sighed as she stared up at the ceiling in her boyfriend's bedroom. She had been spending a lot of time at his house lately, mostly because her sister had become insufferable. It wasn't really Amy's fault. Her life had kind of spiraled into a mess lately, but that didn't make being around her any less terrible. Skylar was as empathetic as she could be, but sometimes she just needed to get away.

"What's wrong, Sky?" Her boyfriend asked, looking up at her from his position on the floor.

Skylar shook her head. "Nothing. You just need to get a better selection of CDs. We've listened to all these like fifty times. And they aren't even that good the first time."

Tyson laughed. "Sorry. You could have brought some of yours over."

"Maybe next time. I'm not about to go back now. Not with Mom and Dad bitching at Amy all night. Once they get started, it doesn't stop."

Tyson offered a tight, sympathetic smile. "How's she doing?"

Skylar shrugged. "Okay, I guess. She's never happy anymore. Maybe she's just never going to be again." Skylar didn't like to think about her sister. Amy just wasn't the same person she used to be. She was always stressed and angry and bitter. "Let's talk about something else." Skylar suggested.

"Have you chosen your book for English?" Tyson changed the subject to seemingly the very first thing he thought of.

Skylar smirked. "You're such a nerd."

Tyson gave her a cute puppy-dog pout. "You wanted to talk about something else..."

"It's summer break, Ty. We don't have to have our books read until school starts. Of course I haven't chosen it yet. I'm literally going to read it the day before the first day... If I even read it at all. We don't have to write anything, so I can probably just skim it real quick at the last minute." Skylar told him.

"Fair enough." Tyson laughed. "So what should we do tonight? Order a pizza? Watch movies?"

Skylar shrugged. "That's so boring."

"Well... What do you suggest? There's not really much else to do around here." Tyson frowned.

Skylar swallowed. She'd been wanting to make this suggestion all evening, but wasn't sure what Tyson would think of it. His parents were gone for the night - something relating to his mom's job. They weren't going to be back until the morning... So for once, Tyson and Skylar had the whole house to themselves - for the entire night.

Turning over on his bed so that she was on her stomach facing her boyfriend on the floor, she smiled. "How about we have a few drinks?" She raised an eyebrow and looked down at him.

Tyson looked hesitant.

"Just a couple. I don't want to get plastered or anything." Skylar went on. "We're the only ones here. All night. Maybe after a couple drinks I might even be willing to skinny dip with you." She added. He'd been trying to get her to do that forever, always suggesting that they try to sneak and do so while his parents were home... No way... But with them gone all night, and a couple drinks, maybe it could be fun.

"Really?" Tyson grinned.

Skylar nodded and smiled back. "Really."

"Okay! Like... right now?" Tyson sounded so excited.

"Sure." Skylar laughed. "But you've gotta let me get into the pool first. I don't want you to see me naked yet... We'll build up to it..."

"Yeah. Okay..." Tyson nodded.

"Meet me out there in ten minutes." Skylar suggested, climbing off his bed and pulling her hair up into a ponytail. "With drinks." She added.

"Sounds good." Tyson smiled.

Skylar grinned to herself as she made her way downstairs. Her sister warned her not to make the same stupid mistakes she had - regarding alcohol and boys... but Skylar was smarter than Amy. She trusted Tyson. Things would be fine for her. She also wasn't going to get nearly as drunk as Amy had gotten into the habit of becoming.

She made her way out onto the patio. The pool was illuminated by dim solar lights placed around the deck. It was light enough to see, but also dark enough so that her body wouldn't be too visible to Tyson once he joined her. It was the perfect amount of lighting for what they were doing - so they could see enough of each other without seeing too much all at once and feeling totally on display and embarrassed.

Once she was by the pool, she looked up toward Tyson's bedroom window, just to make sure he wasn't trying to peek. He wasn't. His curtains were closed. Keeping her eyes on his window, Skylar pulled her shirt up over her head and stepped out of her skirt. She tossed the garments onto the deck and turned toward the pool, sticking her foot in. The water felt nice and cool compared to the heavy, sticky summer air.

She looked down at herself in her bra and panties, wondering if she should take them off too. She didn't want this to progress too quickly, and certainly didn't want Tyson to get the wrong idea. Skylar had never seen Tyson naked, and he hadn't seen her naked either. They hadn't had any kind of sex yet - just kissing and over-the-clothes stuff. She wasn't sure she was ready for sex... So she kept her undergarments on and slid into the pool. She could always take them off later if she wanted.

Skylar looked up at Tyson's window as the light behind the curtain flipped off. She imagined he was making his way downstairs and toward his parents' liquor cabinet.

She leaned back slightly, dunking her hair under water and then straightening herself back up, running her hands down over her soaked ponytail. Then she leaned back again and floated on her back as she stared up at the night sky. There were so many stars out tonight. That was one good thing about living outside any large cities. The stars were always so bright.

With a sigh, Skylar straightened herself up again, frowning as she looked toward the house. Tyson sure was taking a long time. Did he think she meant she wanted him to literally wait ten actual minutes?

Skylar twirled herself around in the water and then dove under, swimming as far as she could before coming up for air. She looked around herself. She'd made it pretty far. Maybe her sister was right when she'd suggested Skylar try out for the swim team. She hadn't done so her freshman or sophomore year, but she had two years left to give it a go.

Skylar gasped and turned toward the house when she heard what sounded like glass breaking. She swallowed nervously and stared toward the glass door leading into the kitchen. Tyson must have dropped a bottle.

"Ty... you okay?" She called out as she paddled toward the edge of the pool.

There was no answer.

"Tyson!" She yelled again. He still didn't answer. With an exasperated sigh, Skylar pulled herself up out of the pool. If she had known she was going to have to go search for her boyfriend, she'd have brought a towel out here. She figured he'd take care of that.

She shrugged into her t-shirt, which clung uncomfortably to her wet skin. She decided to just leave her skirt on the deck. Tyson had probably just broken a bottle. She could help him clean up and then they'd be back out here in no time.

She turned toward the door and headed toward it, only stopping when a much louder, much closer sound of shattering glass filled the air around her. She gasped and shrunk down as small bits of glass rained down around her followed by a heavy thud.

Looking toward the sound of the thud, Skylar inhaled and whimpered. Tyson was lying on the ground, utterly surrounded by tiny shards of glass. "Tyson!" Skylar gasped, rushing toward him.

Before she could reach him, however, somebody grabbed her arm from behind, yanking her backward so that she stumbled onto the wooden deck. She turned toward whomever it was in time to see dark clothes, a ghost-face mask, and the glint of a knife, already stained red with someone else's blood.

Skylar gasped and stumbled away. That was the exact costume worn by the killers who had terrorized this town before. She hoped this was a joke, but it certainly didn't seem like one.

As she scrambled to her feet, she hesitated, wanting desperately to check on Tyson, to see if he was okay... but she couldn't. The masked, dark-clad stranger was too close. She couldn't afford to spend her precious time doing anything but running.

So she did just that, sprinting away from the killer, past Tyson's limp, unconscious body and toward the gate leading from the pool deck to the front yard. She reached the gate, grabbing out at the latch only to feel herself grabbed and pulled harshly back.

"No!" Skylar screamed, elbowing the stranger in the chest and clamoring for the gate again. Within seconds, she felt something cold and sharp biting into her flesh through the back of her shoulder, tearing past her skin and muscles and scraping her collarbone.

Skylar whimpered in pain and fear as she stumbled against the wooden gate and attempted to bypass her attacker. She groaned and sobbed as another piercing stab radiated through her, this time further down, but still through her back.

She sunk to the ground, gasping for breaths as she crawled through broken glass and toward her boyfriend. Tyson still hadn't moved a muscle.

"Help me!" Skylar whimpered, using only one arm as she crawled. The other was in too much pain. She screamed a loud, unintelligible shriek as she felt a large hand wrap around her ankle and pull her backward. Glass dug into her palm and knees as she struggled to remain in place and fell down against the ground.

She felt a hard hand grasp around her ponytail and yank her head back sharply. She reached her own hands up toward the back of her head, trying to dislodge her attacker's hands. Skylar could barely even register each aspect of pain shooting through her being by the time the cold blade of the knife was pressed against her neck and dragged across her throat. She was allowed to fall down against the deck as she gripped her hands around her neck. Blood seeped out between her fingers as she coughed and sputtered, no longer able to force words past the blood collecting in her throat.

She stared up at the night sky, at the bright, burning stars and blinked as the killer's ghost-mask came into her view. She inhaled a labored, shaking breath and turned her head to the side, hoping to see the stars rather than more of the horrifying mask.

Skylar wasn't even sure she felt it when the knife was plunged into her stomach. She felt cold all over, and the feeling of wet, sticky blood... but not so much pain at this point. She choked out an attempt at words, but her voice wasn't working. So she blinked back her pain and inhaled one last shaking breath. Finally, she closed her eyes for good.