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B. and I'd debated where we should set this story and it all brought us to this scene, BUT! From now on we don't look at season 5, 6 or 7 at all. We create a totally separate story. There's a slight change in that very scene as well. Write in the reviews if you notice the obvious :P In the next chapter we will start the story a few weeks after Emma gets rid of the darkness. We will occasionally add the flashback, explaining some things.
I saw this picture on facebook or tumblr that someone had made in which Emma is an idiot not realizing Regina has feelings for her. I just wanted to write something like this and B did as well! So that's how the idea came. We, of course, won't make it exactly like it, but yes, something of the sorts so credit for the creator!
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Everything happened so fast. They all stood side by side – Emma, David and Mary Margaret with Killian and Regina alongside them. There was a strong gust of wind that made Emma's hair messy and the locks dance around her face when suddenly there was a gasp and then her friend had been sucked into a vortex of a dark tornado – the very darkness they had been chasing just seconds ago. Emma could feel her heart stop before jumping right to her to her throat, and for a moment she was paralyzed. She only heard Mary Margaret screaming, "Regina! What's it doing?"

"What darkness does," Emma said weakly, "It's snuffing out the light…"

The darkness would kill Regina – her son's other mother, her friend… Just a couple of hours before, Emma had seen blood all over Regina's chest, her heavy eyelids closing… How many times had she seen Regina so close to death? Emma could never stand the thought; Henry couldn't lose his mother, and Regina deserved so much more from life...

"The Apprentice told me we have to do what the Sorcerer did," she screamed through the sound of the wind, holding the dagger tightly in her hand. "We have to tether it to a person to contain it!"

Without any further hesitation, she rushed towards Regina, ready to bury the dagger in that dark mass if not for that desperate scream that made her stop. For once she had listened to Regina, for a second.

"Emma! No! There has to be another way!"

"There isn't," Emma shook her head. Tears appeared in her eyes before she even realized it. She couldn't let this happen. For some reason, she felt that if she could do something to save this woman, she'd do it. Anything. No matter the price. She didn't think about most of it, she just knew…

"You've worked too hard to have your happiness destroyed!"

"Emma!" David screamed.

"You figured out how to take the darkness out of me once. You need to do it again," Emma said, turning to her parents. "As heroes."

"Emma, no!" Killian rushed to her, grabbing her arm. "Please, don't do this."

How could he ask her that? Regina would die. This had to be done without question, no matter the price she might pay: either with the darkness in her mind and heart or by paying the price with her own life. Henry needed Regina… Emma knew, though, that Killian couldn't stand losing her; his happy ending. He wouldn't understand that it was about Henry. But, it was about her as well… She swallowed hard, suddenly feeling that it would be the last time she saw them all and the last time she saw Killian.

Somehow it made her lips move. "I love you."

Not thinking twice about it, Emma turned around and pushed the dagger into the vortex with Hook's scream of "No!" She felt then the darkness, wrapping around her with its tentacles. She felt it moving inside of her, and she felt weaker, groaning at the feeling. Through the swirls, she could barely see Regina's face. The evil she felt was pushing the air out of her lungs, soon making her feel numb, and no longer able to fight. Her eyes tried to catch Regina's gaze just before she felt herself being dragged into the air that had grown impossibly thick.

Suddenly there was light, and then… never-ending darkness. And pain. Lots of pain.