Regina hooked her bare feet over Emma's hips tilting her head back as they climbed up the stairs. It took a lot from her not to moan when Emma started sucking her pulse. Her body was screaming with the need. A gasp left her closing throat when her back hit the door.

Emma's head spun a little bit then. Not wanting to risk losing the balance she broke the kiss to take a deep breath and let Regina stand on her feet. Their lips still brushed together and Emma was going to press them tight together again when pain shot through her head, making her groan, closing her eyes tight.


The blonde took a step back, bending ever so softly as pain shot through her brain. Regina instantly bent down to help the blonde, touching her back.

"Come here."

Regna helped her walk to the bed, worried. Was it supposed to be the way the potion worked? What if they had done something wrong... She prayed to Gods for that not to happen.

Everything was blurry whenever Emma tried to open her eyes. The pain coming through her head didn't really let her eyes to open. For a second everything seemed so confusing, her mind was a chaos and she didn't really hear what was going on around her. She felt some comfort, though, not even knowing it was Regina's touch.

And then… it all stopped at once.

The ache didn't go away entirely, her head was pounding much like yesterday. All her energy seemed to be sucked out of her. Breathing in deeply she was grounded, hearing Regina's voice, "Emma?"

"Regina?" she asked, opening her eyes. "Oh God, what happened?"

Emma blinked in confusion. Last thing she remembered was… working. When was it? How did she get in here? It all seemed blurry. She finally felt a taste of alcohol on her tongue.

"Did I… get drunk again or something?" That would explain it all.

"Um… You may say that… You've kinda been poisoned and you were staying here for a day. I'm so glad the potion worked..." Regina breathed out in relief.

She was alright.

The brunette smiled wide, waving her hand to send all Emma's things back to her place. She sat by her side on the bed.

"What?" Emma asked in shock.

Poisoned? A day? Potion? What potion? How poisoned? She now missed a day of her memories?

"How are you feeling? Do you want anything? I'll go prepare the guest room for you..." Regina found herself rambling, not giving the time for Emma to even answer.

She just patted the younger woman's shoulder, standing up again. Her heart sank and it didn't make sense. She should've been happy since the potion worked and it seemed Emma didn't remember anything. That was what she wanted, right? She thought it was but just now she knew she just wanted that all to be real but an effect of a potion.

Emma had so many questions but before any logical sentence could come through her mouth, Regina was gone. She looked around and rubbed her temples. Something felt really strange. She couldn't really put her finger on it, though. Everything seemed like behind the mist as she tried to think about it. It was hard, though, when her head was pounding like this. She decided not to fight against it. Whatever had happened, it took all of her energy. They could talk about this tomorrow.

Regina prepared the guest room for Emma and soon were back in her master bedroom.

"Hey… Are you okay? What's it? Do you have a headache? We had a glass of wine, I can't give you medication but I can help you if you want," Regina smiled at the blonde a bit.

Emma nodded gently with a grateful smile. It would be wonderful if it could go away. It felt like a migraine, nothing at all pleasurable.

"Lay back…"

Regina crawled on the bed as Emma settled. She pulled her head over her lap then and started massaging her temples, letting her magic float into Emma. Her thumbs moved in a tight circles over her skin. Emma swallowed as her mouth suddenly went dry when she looked up at Regina. Those eyes soon closed, though. Her lips parted in a soft sigh as she could feel the magic spreading over her skull.

"I prepared the bed. You should stay here tonight. I'm sorry, it was my fault. I was preparing some potion and the vial broke. I don't know how it got to you but it did," The Queen whispered slowly.

"Damn…" Emma muttered softly. "It's okay… Thank you for taking care of me. And for this. It feels good…" she sighed again as Regina's fingers and magic worked wonders, her touch impossibly relaxing. "Everything in my head seems blurry. I don't really feel strong enough to think of it. Maybe I will get something out of my head tomorrow…"

Regina nodded slowly, focusing on the magic. It was her fault, all of this. If she wasn't falling for Emma, none of it would happen.

"Yes, maybe."

She still wasn't sure if she wanted Emma to remember their encounter in the shower or how Emma carried her up the stairs just fifteen minutes ago...

"Do you feel better?" she murmured, staring down at the blonde goddess.

She brushed away the hair from Emma's face smiling as those eyes opened. How she craved to lean down and kiss her.

"Mm, yes much. Thank you," Emma whispered.

It seemed that only a shadow of this headache was left. She didn't feel drums in her skull anymore.

"I'll get you something to wear for the night," Regina added in a whisper but couldn't move away, her eyes just locked against emerald ones.

"I feel quite too lazy to even move. I guess I could use magic to dress… I don't do it often, but well, from time to time it wouldn't hurt." Emma smiled gently up at the other woman. She reached to softly caress her wrist. "You still look worried." It seemed clear it was about what had happened. "Don't be. Everything's fine now."

Regina nodded slowly but leant down and pressed a kiss right on Emma's forehead. Emma's eyes fell closed again. Another wave of calmness and warmth went through her chest. The blonde didn't want Regina to worry, but it was sweet to see her so caring and affectionate. Somehow Regina made her crave closeness. It was one thing she never really let herself have.

"You can stay here if you are too lazy to go to the guest room. I don't mind at all," the brunette offered, moving from under Emma.

"Yeah?" her smile widened without a control.

As if Regina was reading her mind. Not only she felt too lazy and tired to move, but… she didn't really want to.


Regina grabbed her nightgown and headed to bathroom. She brushed her teeth and cleaned her make-up. Her lipstick was already gone and she was sure some of it was on Emma's lips. She dressed in her gown and disposed of her clothes, throwing them into the basket before returning to the bedroom.

Emma had her eyes closed and a second later a grey smoke appear around her so she could find herself in clean pyjamas. Only then she moved to get under the covers and rest her head onto the pillow. Breathing in she felt vanilla scent, much like her shampoo. Perhaps I passed out in here last night as well…

Regina slipped by Emma, to her side of the bed. This, she could get used to. Cuddling Emma and falling asleep. The night before, she fell into her arms so easily. It wasn't their first time sleeping in the same bed but it was different. They fell asleep after exchanging the three words.

'I love you .'

"Come here."

She smiled at Emma, encouraging her to scoot closer, she closed her eyes moving her face between Emma's arm and head, burying her face into her hair. She didn't want to stay away from this woman when they were going to sleep side by side. She mouthed before inhaling deeply ; I love you.

Emma didn't need to be told twice. She instantly wiggled closer and loosely let her arm wrap around Regina's middle. She was unable to be stunned how amazing it felt. How peaceful. Emma found herself reaching then to gently stroke Regina's hair.

"Goodnight," she whispered and now herself placed a soft kiss against the top of Regina's head in another thank you .

Their eyes soon closed and holding each other close , they drifted off in a matter of a short moment.


Regina rubbed her eyes, slowly sitting before sliding her legs off the bed. Her nightgown had driven over her groin. Then Regina noticed the note on the nightstand, with Emma's childish handwriting.

'My alarm clock told me I had an early shift today. Thank you for everything again. We could have dinner today if you'd like :) Text me what you think when you wake. xo!'

Regina smiled a bit more, walking to bathroom with the note. She washed her face, grabbed her robe and walked to prepare breakfast for two. She texted Emma while she was waiting for coffee machine.

I'd like that, just two of us or a family dinner? She hit send then poured herself cup of coffee.

Emma had been sitting on the paperwork, wanting to just get this down before doing something more pleasurable. Like the patrol. The chance of being called during the first half of the day in this town was very low. But pike in any other, endings of the second shift and the night ones were the most busy.

Regina had looked too peaceful to wake her up. It was her day off after all and she seemed like she really needed this rest. That's why she wrote the note and left it on the nightstand after getting ready with help of the magic.

Seemed like sleep was all she needed to get rid of those supposed side effects of the potions. It made her relaxed, knowing she could calmly go to get her duties done. Her mind got too occupied to even stop for a second and try to think of the missing time. Just the ping of her phone brought smile on the blonde's face.

I was right you needed your sleep :p Good morning, btw. However you want. Henry usually spends his Saturdays out recently after all.

Emma had a feeling he was even more eager to leave since she and Regina began to spend more time together. Perhaps he felt better that neither of them wanted to be alone.

Mmm yes… Thanks for not waking me, Sheriff. Good morning you too. So are we going out or stay inside?

Regina didn't hear her son entering, nor she noticed him drinking orange juice from the cartoon. Her eyes were fixed on Emma's reply.

There's not that many options in here now, is there? :( We really need to plan this trip to Boston some time. I'd say 'now' but I'm not sure if we would be able to return today…

Henry leaned against the counter with eyes constantly on his mother. He decided to wait a minute more, slowly sipping the juice.

"Alright, I have no idea what to think right now," he said finally to get his mother's attention.

She was smiling like… a teenage? Perhaps. She could only smile like that when it had something to do with Emma.

"What happened last night?"

Did it work? Did it not work? Did it work and Emma finally admitted her feelings? Henry couldn't really tell although his mother looked happy and he couldn't help but hope for that last option.

Regina shot her head up and placed the mobile on the counter.

"It worked, she doesn't remember anything," she shrugged, taking her phone back as she realised she never texted the blonde back. She started typing without saying him to use a glass.

Henry frowned deeply at that. It didn't make much sense if Emma didn't remember a thing. What made his mother so happy then?

Plus I hate leaving him alone. He'd really love to join that trip too. So your place or mine? She clicked send, then slid the phone on her back pocket. She took a sip.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" She raised a brow, hiding her smile behind the mug.

"Well," he started, stopping to get a sip of juice, "Firstly, you don't care I'm not using a glass."

The mobile pinged.Unless he wanted to stay at his friend's. Anyway, I can promise that I'll get you both for a whole day or few days trips whenever we will be able to :p. Talk to him and then let's decide ;)

"Secondly, you're smiling like– well, if it would be Emma, you'd say 'you're smiling like an idiot.' That's why. What aren't you telling me?" he insisted as he was too eager to know.

Yes, I'll ask him as soon as he stops being a teen. Can't wait for the upcoming five years. Regina texted as soon as her phone went off.

"Why can't I just have a good night's sleep? Isn't it a reason to be happy?" She rolled her eyes, then added, "and yes, use a glass young man." She walked to the fridge taking out eggs to make an omelette. "Do you want ham in it?"

"If you weren't smiling at your phone like that, then yes, I'd say it's all about you beauty sleep," the boy giggled. He had some of his mother's sass. It's was the Mills thing after all.

He reached then for the glass, but muttering, "what's the point if I drank from it already, anyway?" he shrugged. "Sure, can be. But you're texting with her, aren't you?" He grabbed two tomatoes and went to wash them up.

He's fifteen, Regina *eye roll*

Still no answer Sheriff, yours or mine? She texted once more as she waited to roll the omelette.

Mm, yours. I bet my place is messy.

"Actually it's none of your business young man." Regina shook her head texting back.

Good, I'm not cooking though. We still have some of the food you cooked last night.

Henry couldn't help but roll his eyes at that. He knew he was being quite noisy about it, but he just wanted help. Besides it considered noth of his mothers – of course he was curious!

Regina took a sip more, rolling the omelette off the pan into the plate. She stole one slice of tomato, humming some song under her breath. She took a seat in front of her son sipping slowly until it was halfway empty.

"Soo, what are you planning for tonight?"

Oh, I cooked? Woah. Perhaps I'll get some pizza or other take out on a way to you, then? XD

"Dunno. I guess it depends on your plans. I thought I could see with somebody to catch up on school stuff from yesterday," he shrugged softly. "But we could spend the day together againtoo."

Regina smiled at the screen then turned to Henry.

"Oh no, do as you planned," she muttered taking a forkful as she texted Emma.

I assure you it wasn't as poisonous as I thought it would be. After all we are all alive right?

Regina turned to her son again.

"Why are you looking at me like that again?" she placed the phone on the table placed her hand over it as Henry made a move to grab it. "No no no."

Henry groaned. It was frustrating how suddenly his mother wasn't saying anything. From being so stressed out yesterday she went back to having her head in the clouds. He took a piece of his own omelette into his mouth.

"I respect your privacy, you'll do mine." She took a forkful again, starting humming to herself again. "Emma had been talking about a trip to Boston…" she said offhandedly.

Still ;p We might end up having a movie night most likely so some snack would be in order.

"See! It wasn't that hard to say you've been talking with Emma, was it?"

Who else could it be, right? His mother had never been a type of person who just kept texting. Now she acted much like him, never letting go of her phone.

"I didn't say it was Emma, she has really been talking about it for a week now." Regina rolled her eyes

"God, mom," he rolled his eyes again. "Since when you have to pretend around me, hm?" he shook his head. "Anyway… What kind of trip? Like a date?"

"No, you, me and her; a family trip of sorts," she shrugged.

Yes, we can do that. Bring your beer. I've got nothing of sorts. Just wine and cider.

"She found it weird for me not to visit Boston before," Regina said, chewing slowly. "But I'll tell her if you don't want to join us, we'll arrange something for you to stay at your friend's or Snow's."

The boy snorted then, "Sure thing."

Henry reached for his own phone then and in a matter of seconds he texted to Emma: Ma, r u texting w/ mom? He put it back on the table then.

"I could stay with Gramps or with one of my friends as other times if it's weekend. I could even try to torture aunt Z," he chuckled and saw the screen lighting. The text said: yea, why?The boy shook his head and didn't reply.

"You two can go. Maybe Emma would see it as a date or something," he couldn't help but grin. "Anyway, I know you're texting with her. Got the info."

Oh, I love your cider… But is pizza good? Or prefer something else? I'll get anything you wish.

Regina rolled her eyes at everything Henry said, then replied Emma without saying anything more to her son: He says we could go for that trip alone, and pizza's just fine. Thanks for ratting me on to our son. She finished her cup fast then her breakfast. She just wanted to leave the house and maybe deal with the flowers in the backyard.

"So you are out tonight?" Regina asked again to make sure.

Yes, she loved spending time with both her song and his other mother, but she liked being with Emma alone too.

"You are making me suspicious, mom," the boy chuckled.

For him it looked like she really wanted to stay alone with Emma, but she wouldn't ever kick him out to do that. Of course, he didn't mind as long as it meant his mothers could bond.

"I'll text with my guys and ask about a sleepover. If they can't take me in then I'm sure gramps won't mind once more. Just tell me. Pleaseee!" he made puppy eyes much like Emma. "Is it a girls' night or a date night?"

"Oh God, c'mon, I was just asking for dinner. I don't want you staying elsewhere," Regina reasoned. She didn't really think it like that. She rolled her eyes at him picking up the dishes. "If you must know, we are not going out, it'll probably be something like a movie night."

And the last part, she doubted it would be a date. Emma had no memories and it was clear she wasn't asking her on a date; it was something they did for a while now, enjoying each other's company.

"Anyway," he muttered with amusement, "I'll let you have your privacy. It's not like when you two will be finally together, you wouldn't prefer for me to be elsewhere. I am good with getting used to spending some night outside the house too, for time to time."

He was fifteen, of course he knew what he was talking about. He knew Regina wasn't really taking well him growing up fast, he could see it. But he did have to show her that wasn't a little boy anymore, unaware of some many things. He, of course, tried not to think of those things, especially when it came to his mothers. So he just stated he wanted to give them time for themselves, where they wouldn't worry about being mothers for a bit.

Regina smiled at his words, ruffling his hair. She was well aware he was not a little boy anymore but it wasn't easy to get used to it. She was used to taking care of him for almost sixteen years now and finally he could do it himself, think for himself and live for himself. She felt like in a way she was losing him but on the other hand she knew it was not possible. Their bond was so strong.

"I love you, Henry," she said fondly. "Finish up, it'll get cold," she pointed at his plate and took the dishes back to kitchen, of course, with her phone in her pocket.

"I love youtoo, mom!"

He knew she had worried about certain things and he wanted to make sure his mother would see that they won't come true. He, of course, wouldn't be living with her forever. Moresoever, it would be wonderful if his moms had each other. They were bonded and linked together in so many ways already.

Oh! Cool. Whenever you want then, Gina. And what are you talking about? He just asked… Maybe he's annoyed with it as much as you should be annoyed with me not doing my work xD

Yes, Sheriff, you should not text with– Regina thought for a moment what she was for the blonde. Then typed again. –people on duty. I'll see ya tonight.

The boy finished his breakfast and then went upstairs to get ready and make plans for the rest of the day. Around 1PM he updated his mother on everything and was ready to leave with a big hug and kiss on her cheek.

After Henry left, Regina had a calming bath then dressed up in her most casual clothes. She cleaned her kitchen and placed a wine bottle in the fridge to get cool. She was a bit excited about tonight. It was finally back to normal, even though it barely took two days to figure the problem out and fix it, it felt way too long. Those moments gave her new hope, maybe Emma really felt the same way and they had a slice of their future within those two days.

Emma had done everything in the office and was ready to leave for the patrol. Just one hour and she would be free.

Getting up, she paused for a moment. She didn't remember anything from being here in her office. It had to be where that potion accidentally hit her. She as if remembered feeling quite like yesterday. With headache, tiredness and dizziness. Perhaps she had went to search help at Regina's? The flash gave her hoped for getting those memories back…

Emma leaned against the white column, waiting to the door to open. She'd got vegetarian pizza as it had more vegetables than any other. She expected that it was why Regina liked it. Healthier option of the fast food.

For a second the blonde frowned as next flashed came to her mind. Just random images without any context. She pushed them away as she heart the door open and a wide smile appeared on her face.

"Hi," she muttered softly. She saw Regina's eyes were glowing. The worry was gone. "Vegetarian's good?"

"Hi." Regina smiled a bit taking the pizza box so Emma could take of her jacket. "Mm, yes, I like it," the brunette smiled a bit wider. "I put wine in the fridge, having a glass meanwhile. You want some?"

She let the blonde inside closing the door behind.

"Yeah, sure. Wine is great," Emma nodded, hanging her jacket on the hook.

"Make yourself at home, I'll just get the glass and the bottle, be right there."

The brunette disappeared behind kitchen door and Emma walked then to the living room. Strangely she began to feel more at home here than at her own house. They said home is not a place, but people in it…

She sat on the couch in front if the fireplace. They were talking here, didn't they? With Henry. With a glass of wine. Regina did mention the had one. It had to be yesterday evening-

"So what do you wanna do?"

"Um," Regina's voice brought her back, "I'm starving actually. Still wanna eat the questionable dinner I made?"

"It wasn't bad, Emma," Regina chuckled, "it was rather surprisingly good."

"I'm glad then. Always trying to do better," Emma grinned gently.

The brunette took a seat by the blonde. She placed the pizza box and the sauces on the coffee table to open the bottle. She filled up her glass, then poured into Emma's. She took a sip, smiling a bit.

"Dig in, Emma, you look like you might eat anything in front of you," Regina said slowly and took one more sip.

"Oh, God," Emma gasped before snorting and looking away.

Was Regina teasing her she might– eat her? Emma cleared her throat, feeling some warmth spreading over her skin, turning it pinkish. She reached for a slice of pizza and got some ketchup on top.

"Oh, Henry said he's going to stay at his friend's tonight."

Regina took a piece and had a small bite on the edge of the slice.

"I'm really happy he goes out so much these days. He's far from a loner now," Emma said before taking a bite. "I guess that in a way… we all have been alone. And now it all changed."

Her green eyes turned to Regina then, a soft smile reappearing on her lips. Her eyes saying that they had each other now as well. That blush on Emma's cheeks made Regina feel butterflies in her stomach move. The brunette took a slow bite again, watching the blonde.


It was mainly her fault for Henry being a lonely child. People were scared of her and they stayed away from Henry as well. But now he had friends, even a girlfriend maybe- she wasn't sure. She took a sip. Their eyes met and she couldn't move her eyes off of Emma's. She remembered how Emma took her on her lap just last night. Her cheeks started burning as she imagined what would happen if it wasn't for the potion working...

"I can't really imagine how that can be like with going through the same day every day…" Emma said suddenly; she was stunned neither Regina nor Henry went nuts… "Sorry, I didn't want to darken the mood. I'm just glad with how things had sorted out. For all of us," Emma apologized sipping the wine.

The taste made her hum lowly and her eyes to close. At first her heart skipped a beat and then she could almost feel a touch on her cheek. It made her snap her eyes open. Regina's hands were occupied, she saw. But the feeling was so vivid…

What the hell was that?

Taking another sip a drop fell on her lip and she licked it off slowly. As if some pressure were against them, she felt the delicate skin of her lips vibrate slightly, making Emma touch them.

"Are you okay, Emma?" Regina murmured, touching Emma's thigh. She turned to her side licking her lips.

The brown eyes fell to the fingertips touching Emma's lips. She wanted to kiss her, kiss her deeply. Sit on her lap and let Emma take her to her bedroom. Feel those lips back on her throat. They were all alone and nobody would know about any of it...

"I'm fine…" Emma muttered and dropped her hand and grabbed the pizza again.

"Do–do you want to watch anything maybe?" The Queen offered, taking new slice.

This feelings were strange and not really explainable. Her lips felt quite swollen. She had almost forgot the feeling as there was a time even before the broke up that she didn't kiss Killian deep enough to feel it.

"Sure. Um, in here? Or would we crush upstairs?" Emma asked, trying to shake it off.

"However you like, better you don't drop crumbles to my bed, though," Regina chuckled a bit, shaking her head.

"No worries. We ate there before after all," Emma rolled her eyes playfully.

They picked up the pizza box and the bottle with their glasses to head to the master bedroom.

It wasn't like Emma tried to remember, no. She didn't think it was the most important thing right now. She really just wanted to have a good evening with her friend. It wasn't even exactly flashes of images it was more like… unexplainable symptoms. Her body reacted in a strange way that had nothing to do with the situation.

"Um, you can pick something and I'll just hit the bathroom, okay?"

Regina nodded in agreement, leaving the box on bed, her glass and the bottle on the nightstand.

Emma put the wine glass on the nightstand and got into the bathroom. Her body felt heated and… bothered. No way it was happening right now out of sudden… after such a long time. Then things began to fill her mind. Things that really didn't make any sense. She had a sense she was living there and sharing Regina's bed… Every night. She knew none of this was true, yet it felt like it.

It made her think hard, trying to find the source of this feeling. Washing her hands, she looked into the mirror and tried to go back to the Sheriff's office and what had happened since then. For a second she couldn't breath at it all washed over her.

"Oh, God…"


A freaking marriage?!

Why didn't Regina tell her?

Those false memories… She remembered now going to Regina because she thought she was living there! She remembered Regina's confusion that made sense to her but didn't make any sense for who she was at the moment. She remembered them being close, sharing a kiss, her things were even there…

Regina had to make it look real before she could do something about it. Emma took a seat at the edge of the tub, moving fingers through her hair. She jumped hearing Regina's voice.

"Emma, is everything okay?"

"Just a second!" she called back, a bit shakily.

The blonde looked at the shower cabin and her heart began to pound like crazy. It seemed all to be too much… God, what Regina had to go through… What she did there… God, how she was kissing Regina… Emma touched her lips again.

"Do you need a pyjama?" Regina called again, yawning a bit midway.

She had to get her shit together. As much as she wished to just… forget about it for the best, she knew she wouldn't. She wasn't sure if she actually wanted to. She wouldn't ever admit it to herself. And she wished to run away; as always when things got hard for her.

But no.

She couldn't do this again. She couldn't lose Regina over… whatever that was. She had to get her shit together… She had to face it.

Emma slowly opened the door and slipped into the bedroom. Regina was changing and she almost stumbled against her own feet.

"Oh, God, I didn't hear you," Regina gasped and moved her arms across her chest, biting her lower lip.

Emma swallowed, looking at Regina's exposed skin. The images reappeared, the drops of water over the olive skin… The other woman right away noticed that the way Emma was looking at her was different. This look was almost coming from... yesterday…

Emma shook her head then. No, she couldn't think of Regina like this right now.

"Why– why didn't you tell me? How the potion worked," she muttered finally.

It didn't all come back just yet. But she could fill the gasps with a good guess.

"Wh–what?" Regina's brows shot up as she stared at the blonde. It didn't took her much time to understand, though. "Oh–" she bit her lower lip. "You remember…"


Regina immediately grabbed a loose shirt and pulled it over her head to turn around and face the other woman.

"How much do you remember?"

Regina let her tongue roll over her lower lip as she crossed her arms again right on her chest. She didn't know what to say. If Emma remembered she must've known about her feelings too.

God, is she mad? Does she hate me now? The dark thoughts haunted the Queen's mind. She wanted to say she could explain but she didn't know where to start.

"Most of it, I guess…" Emma took a deep breath and walked to seat at the foot of the bed. She was still processing it and trying to make sense out of it "You had to pretend we were married…" she muttered, as if more to herself. "God, I know I wasn't really myself, but– either way, I'm sorry. It– it all had to be hard to handle…"

Emma remembered it… how Regina kept stopping her in the shower. She said 'Tonight', but it was clear she would figure something out until then. She had "woken up" in here, which means… It was right about time.

Tears immediately appeared in the brunette's eyes. She blinked desperately not to let them drop.

"No, it was okay." Regina shook her head. "I was my fault. I should've been more careful with my potions."

A hand moved to the back of the neck to rub it. Regina was really feeling ashamed. Emma knew her feelings and this was so... so… She really thought it was something mutual and after the potion worked like this, all those things Zelena said and Henry said… She really thought they were meant to be.

"Oh boy…" She turned her back to Emma and grabbed some shorts. "I'll go change," she muttered, bypassing the other woman.

Regina's tone of voice made Emma look up again, but the woman was soon behind those doors. It sounded… weak. It was so unlike Regina… And she had been smiling only moments ago. It made Emma's stomach tight. Her eyes roamed over the room and then… she paused, staring at the entrance.

The legs holding onto her waist, hands over her neck and hair… '…go upstairs,' she heard Regina's voice in her mind. The couch, the stairs… It filled in the blank spots and made her gasp. Regina didn't stop her, not then. She didn't try to hold her back, but… pulled her closer instead.

It wasn't impossible, was it?

Not thinking much about it, not realising her eyes were teary, she got to the bathroom door and knocked on them three times.


"I'll be there in a minute, Emma, you start the movie," Regina said, wiping the unshed tears before pulling the shorts on.

The brunette washed her face and cleaned the make-up; she had put it to look good for Emma. She didn't brush her teeth but gargled her mouth before coming back to her bedroom.

"Regina…" Emma started again as Regina just bypassed her.

"Pick anything to wear."

Regina walked to her bed to slide under the duvets. She grabbed a slice of pizza and started the movie like nothing, nothing happened.

Oh god, what did I do? Emma thought.

The brunette looked hurt .

That was the last thing she could run away from.

There was no way in the world she would pretend she doesn't see it. To pretend she didn't realize–

"Don't," Emma said, sitting on the edge of the bed and shutting down the laptop. She found herself placing her hand on top of Regina's. "Talk to me," she softly pleaded with her heart wanting to jump out of her chest.

God, was it possible? she wondered.

Talk to her about what? Regina would probably start crying if she opened her mouth. She just shook her head then pulled her hand away to take a bite of the slice. She chewed on it, emptily escaping Emma's eyes.

"There is nothing to talk about," Regina muttered, taking one more bite despite her stomach turning.

She had told Emma she loved her, before last night too and Emma… It seemed she didn't understand but now Regina thought Emma just acted as if she didn't. It just broke her heart not being wanted by the woman she fell in love with.

Emma couldn't wrap her mind around the fact Regina could feel anything like that for her. They fought so hard to barely be friends… Regina was terribly flirting, yes, but she couldn't bring herself to think it would have been intended. Regina had always been very sensual woman, bold about her beauty… She needed Regina to say it…

"There is… You– you wanted this?" she asked softly, staring at the brunette's face, her hand rested on her lap as if saying 'I am here now. I will listen this time.'

Regina placed her half eaten slice in the box, looking at Emma's face.

"What do you want me to say, ha? That I, the fucking Evil Queen, fell stupidly, idiotically, foolishly in love with you? Are you satisfied now, Swan? Now you can go around, brag about it to people," she threw her hands in the air.

'…in love with you.' It was the only thing that kept drumming in her head. The feeling that appeared in her chest– it felt like everything. All the feelings coming to the right place, hitting her heart. Perhaps slapping it to finally wake up. To knock down the bricks, the whole wall she kept those feelings behind.

She heard Regina then but her words didn't really get to her.

"I've told you... I've tried to tell you and I actually thought maybe… just fucking maybe it was possible but not once I thought you would lower yourself to–" she pointed at the blonde, "–this. Now just get out–"

Emma just found herself leaning to be able to take Regina's face in her hands and press their lips together.

She felt— at home . At the right place. Her body didn't seem to take it so well. All of this? It wasn't exactly anything she was used to… something do deep.

Their lips melted together, like ocean meeting the shore. She moved her hand immediately to Emma's cheek. They were kissing… Emma and herself were kissing.

Regina couldn't let her mind work. It was so irrational. Until minutes ago she somehow knew, eventually they would end up together but when Emma told her she remembered, all the hope had drained out of her. She wanted this to be real for so long.

Her lips parted, licking Emma's lower lip. The blonde wanted to savour every little passing second. Even though it could seem as if the time had stopped. She wanted to memories the shape she felt, the texture, this softness, the taste…

Emma practically didn't remember kissing Regina at the bar. Those memories… They seemed so vivid and yet so hidden behind the clouds. It wasn't her , though.

This… this was like a first kiss for her and she was getting so breathless… Her lips parted as well, her tongue ever so slightly moved against Regina's before she had to part for the sake of her lungs. She didn't go far, though. Her forehead rested against Regina's as her heavy breathing melted with the other woman's. Her fingers began to gently caress Regina's soft cheeks.

"You were right… I am an idiot."

Regina moved her thumb against Emma's cheek bone, rolling her eyes.

"Finally something we can agree on..." The small woman brushed her nose with Emma's, breathing lightly, hotly against those delicious lips and Emma giggled softly.

It wasn't her first time kissing Emma, but it was all a new sensation, as if it was their first kiss. She couldn't stop smiling even though Emma didn't say anything more. She wasn't sure what this kiss meant and actually she wasn't rushing to know. It was what she had been craving for so long so why rush and let this slip away if it meant nothing?

It wasn't exactly the most comfortable position for Emma's whole body, but she didn't dare to move now. To break this contact. This connection… This closeness…

Regina was in love with her…

It was so hard to take in. It seemed like something out of this world. Not only that… Regina did say those words. She didn't have to question if she felt the same. Of course she did… She knew but tried to bury it whenever she felt she wouldn't care for her own life as long as Regina and Henry would stay safe. Both of them.

"I love youtoo," she whispered finally, at first not even realising that she said it aloud.

Regina's lips curled into an impossibly large smile.

"You should tell her then, just like this," Regina rolled her eyes, sassing about the time she literally told Emma she loved her and it just didn't get passed Emma's thick head.

"Can't help it. You're impossible…"

The brunette leant in to capture Emma's lower lip, sucking slightly.

Emma loved her…

Henry was right, Zelena was right.

Emma loved her and Regina could not ask for anything more. This was all she wanted. And it was something Emma didn't even dare to imagine. Too impossible to get the hopes up. But now? She felt free.

Regina cupped Emma's cheeks, pulling her over herself. The pizza box rolled somewhere in between them, all the remaining slices dropping down on the bed, but even the refined Queen couldn't care less at the moment.

Never before could Emma this easily admit her feelings to another. Regina wasn't just anyone, though.

After all there were unique . Maybe even special .