Selena the shadow charmer

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Selena is a gender bend of Seth Sorenson.


I was told that I was to young. I was told that I didn't have enough control over the powers I was given, I was too reckless. All I wanted was to prove that I belonged. That I could help, and that I was just as important as... as she was. When she was praised I was scolded. She is light and I am dark, but I thought that we were still the same... we were sisters before this after all.

Chapter One

Selena was not happy with her family at the moment. They were always questioning her, scolding her for helping. And now that she was at the Knights of the dawns meeting, they had told her to be silent and not cause any trouble. She was bored, to say the least. She didn't know anyone there, there was nothing to do, and she was not willing to be around the fairies like her older sister was. She had wrinkled her face in disgust at the thought. Of course, it also didn't help that the mask that she was required to wear was itchy.

Here she was watching the party goers in own itchy mask's who were also eyeing and speaking to others. She set herself, in one of the corners of the room, as still as a statue. She was unmovable, someone would notice her, not that she minded. It wasn't as if she was the poster girl for normal. Not that she would ever want to be normal. That would be boring. No, she found that her silver hair to be the most dazzling item in the room and judging by the looks that she was receiving from others most would agree.

Soon she spotted a young man who stood in the corner opposite of hers, wearing a mask like her own. Their eyes locked onto each other for a brief moment. He seemed to have decided that she was interesting enough for him to make his way over. Making his way across the room and standing beside her as she still resided in her chair, he leaned against the wall with an air of ease about him.

"Forgive me for asking you this, but are you perhaps not human?" He questioned with an amused smile. That triggered a flood of laughter to erupt uncontrollably from her lips as she shook her head in dismissal. When she was able to speak again, she replied with an almost matching amused look. "No... I'm human; it's merely because I'm a special kind of breed."

"I can tell, you are radiant." She took notice of how his eyes shined. They were so gray that the color almost appeared to be silver. "How flattering of you to say." She teased, hoping that he would be willing to play her game. He indeed seemed to be a willing participant to this game that they now played. "Flattery? No, I can speak of the truth of you at best.

"Rolling her eyes, she motioned for him to take a seat in the chair beside her own. "You must be powerful indeed, you look far too young to be here." He inquired. A smirk crept onto her face as she eased back into her chair more. "I can tend to be most resourceful when I want to be." He leaned down slightly so that he could whisper genitally into her ear. "I believe you." He raised his body and eased his way around her again to lower himself again into the chair beside hers. To her surprise, he offered his hand to her a silent question was placed in that outstretched hand. Placing her own hand in his, they sat together in peaceful silence.

Regretfully, that silence was not for long. Catching a small glimpse out of the corner of her eye, she could see her sister Kendra marching her way over to them from across the room. "Remember no names." Selena rushed reminded her in a sing-song tone. Making sure that she wouldn't slip up and somehow have them both be killed by those who might be double agents. Kendra glared darkly at her before using a commanding tone of imperialism. "Come on, we're needed." Selena would not tolerate that. Not from her, They were supposed to be equals, but everyone referred to her as a child compared to Kendra.

Selena gave a long-suffering sigh before she stood up from her comfy chair, releasing the hand of her new companion in the process. She raised her head high and locked her own gaze with her sister's dark glare. "No, you're needed. People don't trust or think that I can be on my own for more than a couple of minutes. Or trust that I can take care of myself fine without running my mouth or breaking anything expensive." Selena's voice remained flat and deprived of emotion as she spoke.

Kendra's eyes softened for a moment before she decided to switch her tactics. "That's not true. You're just as important as me. If you could merely be a bit more-" "Like you?" Selena harshly cut off her sister's next words." That's never going to happen. You follow the rules as much as possible, but when you do happen to break them, you don't receive the punishment that I would if I had done it. I'm the irresponsible one, I'm reckless, and I now have dark powers that I can't understand because nobody wants me to use them, but because of those powers I can be tempted and corrupted. I can be EVIL! Right? Even though every action that I have taken is so that I can learn more about the world that we are a part of and about the creatures that we may face who live in that world. I don't want to stay ignorant SISTER, but if you do then who am I to stop your choices. Every reckless action that I take is for the sake of helping our family!"

All eyes had turned towards the source of the argument. Making Selena realize that her little safe corner was ruined. She saw the guilt and horror in her sister's eyes as her words were processed in her head. "But now is not the time for disputes, we are as you said before NEEDED." Stressing the last word firmly as she turned her head slightly back to gaze at her newest companion who surprisingly was standing now just a step behind her.

He reached down and grasped her hand gently like he had earlier in the evening. Keeping direct eye contact with her, he kissed the hand he possessed in his grip. "Until we meet again, my silver-haired maiden." He whispered against her skin. "Goodbye, my silent knight." Was her own soft reply. Upon releasing her hand, she raised her head up high and glided across the floor towards the door that her sister had entered from. A shocked Kendra following in her wake.