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After climbing for hours, they finally reach the gates everyone is skeptical, but Selena encourages them to move onward. Refusing to die by stupidity or frostbite, she helps her sister coral their lost friends towards the gate.

Chapter five

The air was vastly different once Kendra pushed those massive gates open, Selena rushed into the warm air with the others while untying the rope from her waist. Suddenly a large animal landed in front of the group. A dragon! Selena squealed happily at the sight if hearts or stars could show up in a humans pupil she does not doubt that they would shine brightly in hers. Her eyes remained locked onto the beast as Gavin took the lead. "Welcome to Wyrmost I am glad you have found your way safely to the gates we have been expecting you." She caught her breath in shock she could understand dragon. "Thank you for your warm welcome. We are honored to be here and to meet you. My name is Gavin Rose, and these are my companions. I trust you know the reason why we are here?" "Yes we of Wyrmost have been informed of your mission, and though we can not ensure your safety, we do wish you well on your journey."

Gavin gave simple introductions of the team, and then he laid a hand on her shoulder. "This is my friend Selena. She has a love for dragons." To her, it felt like the whole world had stopped, a weight had been placed on her chest. She couldn't tear her eyes away from his, and she ended up swooning a bright blush lay on her cheeks the longer she made eye contact with the beast the more flustered she felt, unable to move yet her thoughts remained in motion. "It is an honor to meet you, young shadow charmer. We were not aware that your kind still existed; it has been far too long since we have laid eyes upon one of you." Unconsciously she leaned towards him, straining against Gavin's grip on her shoulder. "Selena," Gavin whispered. She snapped back and glared at him. "Don't ruin the moment! This is my very first dragon! I am allowed to gush over my first ever dragon!" Hissing at him, she glanced back at the dragon hopefully.

The beast chuckled and carefully leaned forward slowly. "I would be honored to keep you here if you so wished young one. After all, rarities like you should be protected, especially since female shadow charmers are even rarer than males." Gavin tugged her behind him and bared his teeth snarling. "She's not interested." "Oh my do I sense a spark of jealousy? How amusing, I wonder how long she will remain ignorant to your true self? Surely she would rather honesty that deception." 'Deception? What are you hiding Gavin? Will you betray us?' Her face became guarded as Gavin growled. "I was planning on telling her later, but not now." Selena, despite her curiosity, reached out and wrapped her arms around Gavin's waist. She tugged him slightly so that he was no longer in his protective stance. "Gavin, you are in between me and one of the coolest things to ever roam the earth. You better have a damn good reason or else." Her voice was as cold as ice as she snapped harshly at him.

Gavin's face tensed but his eyes never left the majestic giant. Kendra's voice broke the cold atmosphere. "We should probably get started soon, we-we don't want to waste any more time." Glancing at her sister Selena's eyes widened in shock, while it was warmer now that they were past the gates Kendra looked like she was close to turning into a popsicle. Extending her arm, she quickly pulled her older sister closer for any warmth she could provide. "Gavin...please, she's freezing." "By all means rest for I'm sure you will have a tiring journey ahead, packs with more supplies are waiting for you just past that hill, courtesy of the caretaker here, I am sure that they have extra blankets for warmth as well." The dragon said before taking off into the air.

Gavin helped lead the others to the small hill where supplies did wait for them, and it was all agreed that they would start fresh in the morning. As they sat gathered around a small fire, Selena gasped in realization and then groaned in defeat as the others eyed her questioningly. "What's wrong buddy?" Warren asked, looking more amused as if he already knew the answer to his question next to him Tanu shook his head and struggled not to laugh. "I Never got the dragons NAME!" Huffing in irritation as she covered her face with her gloved fingers. Kendra smacked her as some of the adults laughed, Gavin gave her a smirk and said. "Don't go changing on us anytime soon, alright, milady." His teasing only made her feel more embarrassed. "I liked you better when you didn't talk as much." She snapped back before snatching her sleeping bag and rolling it out next to him.

He raised a silent eyebrow at this, and she scoffed. "Don't get the wrong idea; it's just that out of everyone here you've dealt with dragons the most ergo the safest place to be is by your side." Crawling into the bag, she gave him a pointed look. "If you let anything eat me I'll haunt you as a ghost for the rest of your life." "Your too small and thin to even be considered a snack, they'd be more likely to take Tanu or Trask first. Those two have more meat on them." "All the more reason not to sleep next to those two then, thank you for the information." Pulling the bag over her head, she let the darkness consume her. After all, Gavin never disagreed with her about him being the safest person to be around right now. And even though she was still at war with herself on whether to trust him or not at least, she could test him to see how far he was willing to go for that trust.